How Perversion Will Lay Innocent Girls… In 4 Steps!

Here’s my 4 steps for pulling 9s and 10s, and it really is a “magic bullet”.

Last time, we talked how when you go out to a party, you’re not warmed up yet.  You’re not socially calibrated.  You’re not in positive, talkative, let-go state yet.

And when you see that top hottie there, you’ll just freeze up!

That’s why being PICKY and only approaching the hot girls will BACKFIRE on you.

It’s more effective to approach ALL the women at the party, even the ugly ones.  That way you build momentum and get into a talkative, sociable state.  And THEN the hot girls will notice you and become receptive!

If you’re picky though, the other girls won’t inspire you and you’ll stand there by yourself.  And even though you know that you SHOULD talk to everyone, you take no action and you go home alone.

So being very picky myself, here’s what I do that works!

Jesse’s Magic Bullet Solution, in 4 Steps

If you’re not inspired by the girls enough to act, here’s what you need to do.

(And normally I’d say there are no “magic bullets” in pickup, but this is indeed one of them!)

You have to become the *horniest guy in the room*, so that the women can feel your sexual intent, and so you have the drive to actually talk to ALL the women.

Even that ugly girl, you’ve got to make yourself horny for her so that you have the drive to say hello.

Machine Gun Horniness

And being horny for every girl is actually a very LIBERATING feeling.

Imagine walking into a social party where you’re HOT for ALL the girls.  Every single one of them!

They’re all Perfect “10s”!

Every single one, you’re popping boners for.  It’s like being a kid in a candy factory!

And the girls are also going to be inspired and excited by your energy.

Whereas if you’re just after the 2 or 3 top hotties, you’ll have approach anxiety and your night will be OVER.

But if EVERY girl is like a sexual fantasy come true, you will be INSPIRED.  You will start thinking that going out is the greatest thing on Earth, because you’re purely thinking perversion with your dick!

And then halfway through the night, after you’ve said hello to ALL the girls at the party, the very hottest ladies will feel your positive, sexual energy and be strongly attracted to you.

Here are my specific 4 steps,

Step #1: Cut The Shit!

Drop the idea of “9s”, “10s”, “looks and beauty”, of “getting a hot girl”.  Cut out all abstract goals.

The only thing you desire is the REAL girl that is standing in front of you RIGHT NOW.

Step #2: Picture Her In Heat

First, I picture the girl in front of me masturbating her pussy with her fingers hard, and squirting a wet orgasm.

I also picture she’s got this really beautiful, perfect-looking pussy that is piping wet and hot.

Step #3: Picture Raw Dogging Her Bareback

Then I imagine raw dogging her, NO COMDOM, bareback, total nasty perversion, no standards, really jungle sex.

And that I’m getting off on the fact that I’m doing a nasty girl.  Just pure cumming into that beautifully shaped pussy, raw dog, and cumming bareback inside her to make her PREGNANT!

Step #4: Picture Dominating Her

I’ll also picture pulling her hair and forcing her to lick her girlfriend’s pussy – total sexual domination.

Yes, it’s completely shameful, degrading, nasty, bareback sex.  It’s irresponsible, get-this-girl-pregnant-right-now sex.

But this pure perversion is what gets me hot for ANY girl in front of me, no matter WHAT she looks like, and literally pop a boner for her.

That will give me the drive to go talk to her, and she’ll feel my underlying sexual energy to FUCK and make babies.

You also need to add talkativeness and positivity to the mix.  It’s great when you can just spin-off endless conversation automatically and naturally, while you simultaneously give her those “I’m going to fuck you” nonverbal vibes.

That’s why I created the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control Program, so that you can talk to her in TRANCE, and TURN OFF her thinking brain that normally controls resistance and judgment.

It’s a sophisticated, yet very SIMPLE no-bullshit method that has very devastating effects on women.  Just click THIS link her to download the program right now.

You Also Need To Be Concrete!

And to get horny and inspired, it has to be CONCRETE.

You can’t psyche yourself just thinking about all women in general.  You need the real girl right in front of you, and start mentally fucking HER, and HER specifically.

SHE needs to feel your drive for HER, and for her alone.  That’s what will get her hot!

And you can’t just look at her face and think your way into a vague “attraction”.

You need to get very SPECIFIC in what you’re imagining… like her masturbating, squirting wet, and raw dogging her to make her pregnant.  It’s just raw, animalistic, caveman sex.

That will get you genuinely hot and drive you forward to action!

Talking to ALL the girls is KEY to building momentum and getting the hot girls to become reception to you.

So do NOT be picky, because picky will destroy your game!

Instead, rely on your raw horniness to inspire and drive you to socially interact, and you’ll feel like EVERY girl is an exciting opportunity again!

Again, check out my *massive* program Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control for my COMPLETE formula that I’ve spent the last 10 years perfecting!

31 thoughts on “How Perversion Will Lay Innocent Girls… In 4 Steps!”

  1. hey mate,
    I am clicking on the non verbal sexual mind control link but it redirects me to a different product.
    you don’t sell that one anymore?

    Ive also sent you an email, hope you got it

  2. Mate trying to send you an email. Your contact page doesn’t work.
    It asks for a verification code. But there’s no verification code showing neither in firefox, chrome, IE or opera. It would be nice if you could email me, so I’ll reply back.

  3. I am happy about this idea to talk to every girl in the room. it is not hard for me to be attracted to almost any gal or think of her sexually, unless she is really really dumpy and dull, or stinky.

  4. Hey dude what upp.
    Ok let me get right to the point there is a show comming up in a month from now and attracts some hot women and normal women. So i want to try this. Does this mean that you have to get physically horny infront of her?

  5. What the fuck are you !? I swear you’re like The Get-Laid God … One question tho’. Let’s say you can tell a chick wanna fuck you, what do you do then ? Say like you’ve known the chick for only like an hour or so ! I really fuck up there, sometimes I’d get lucky but most of the time.. Its “I won’t fuck on the first day” but you can tell the chick wants to cut

  6. Would calmly approaching each woman at the
    party and slowly ‘licking’ your eyebrow with
    your tongue get the job done? On a scale of
    1 to 10, most women’s knees begin ‘knocking’
    at the very sight and thought of it! Gene Simmons
    (KISS) knows what I mean!

  7. Jesse,
    you are the man….

    I have been reading, the kinda tips u have been providing on your website…
    and that alone, helped me win my girl back whom, i almost lost to another guy. She strayed away from me because of my insensitive behavior, laid back attitude, Insecure behavior and continuous arguments. All thanks to your advises, I nailed it well and got her back with me.

    Just, wanna thank u a tonnes!!!
    ~ Tan.

  8. Beautiful work Jess!! My only concern is that this actually works too well, and I have to worry about all the 6s and 7s getting all clingy on me, or worse, REALLY getting pregnant on me. Yikes!! lol

  9. Always value highly your sincere and outstanding advice . My trouble is if I am not attracted to a girl , I would have to fantasize about one that I am , in order to fantasize about the one I am not , and that presents an insurmountable dilemma , unless perhaps if I close my eyes , nose , etc . , which seems improbable to me .

  10. Ambassador Mwema

    Of late I have been a blast between the sheets with two different girls in their early 20s and both of them have astonished me with their bodily changes by growing goose pimples after getting heated and as we climb the top of the Mountain. I am really very happy indeed but need an explanation about these bodily changes

  11. In my experience, in general the freakiest girls in bed were NOT 9’s and 10’s. The so-called “hotties” tend to be arrogant, conceited, and totally lacking in playfulness. Not 100% of them, of course, I am generalizing here. But the point is — do not overlook the 6’s, 7’s and 8’s out there who can rock your world far better than the cold, no-fun 9’s and 10’s. But like Jesse says — the magic is here is that when you started having more, hotter sex, the FUN 9’s and 10’s just seem to become more attracted to you. They can sense that you’re a badboy lover who knows how to treat a woman in bed.

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