Getting Far Younger Girls: How To Be Cool And Not “Creepy”

There’s a common belief in our culture that older gentlemen talking to younger girls is somehow “creepy.”

And this negative social pressure is exactly what keeps 99% of the older men AWAY from younger women.

Most older guys are afraid of what “other people may think”, and they’re afraid of being seen as “creepy”. So they stay far away from bars and campuses.

But that is to your *advantage*!

Because 99% of your competition has already eliminated itself.  99% of your competition is not even in the game!

Don’t believe me? Just go to any college bar or campus, and you’ll be the ONLY older gentlemen there.

And when you’re the only older guy there, you stand out.

And because 50% of young girls are LOOKING to meet an older guy, you’ll be the ONLY one that fits their fantasy.

So what if some flake out there thinks it’s “creepy”??

YOU are the one getting laid with all these young women.  Screw them!

Listen, you’ve got to be okay being seen as the “older guy that’s getting sex with younger girls”.  Who cares what other people think?  Wear it as a badge of honor!

That’s one of the golden rules of pickup – not giving a *fuck* what other people think!

And that creepy label isn’t fair anyway.

After all, YOUNG guys can be plenty creepy.

A young man that sits in the corner of the bar nursing a beer, staring some girl intensely down… that’s creepy.

“Creepy” is just another way of saying “socially mis-calibrated”.

In other words, girls aren’t freaked out by “creepy old men” hitting on them any more than they are by “creepy *young* men” hitting on them.

It’s the “creepiness” that’s the problem, NOT the age!

Men get BETTER with age!  Despite all the ageism propaganda, young women WANT an older guy, at least in secret!

And as long as you feel ENTITLED to have far younger women, then you’ll give off a good vibe that comes across as “normal”.

Your attitude should be, “I’m older. I’m mature. I can give these girls so much more value than a younger guy. I’m so much cooler than these younger people that it’s a joke. I’m comfortable with myself and I just have my shit together more than they do. So yeah, I’ll just go for it and date her.”

That’s the attitude that you want to have – entitlement!

That you *deserve* these younger women and that age is to your *advantage*.

Because the girl is going to feel what YOU feel.

If you’re unfazed by the age difference, a younger girl won’t care either. It won’t matter to her… if it doesn’t matter to you.

So immediately drop this fear of being “creepy” and go for those far younger girls. You deserve a young girl on your arm. Let everyone else be jealous!

And that’s why I created Girlfriend Express. It teaches you WHERE to meet far younger girls, and HOW to attract them without facing rejection… even if you’re 20 or 30 years older.

And it’s quite simple really… just a few easy “tweaks” makes all the difference between being a “creep” and being a “cool older guy” young girls want to date.

Just click on THIS link to download the program!

46 thoughts on “Getting Far Younger Girls: How To Be Cool And Not “Creepy””

  1. lol got to add my 5 cents. I’m an older 36 year old guy, recently divorced. Im not great looking, not tall at juat 5’6 but I stay in shape, play rugby etc. I’m a lawyer and dress well and have the talk/game. Number one I’m confident, without being arrogant, and well read and travelled. A tip too ~ I never hit hard on a girl. If she is keen she will ler me know ~ otherwise it can be creepy or desperate.

    So in short, I’ve been with 35 younger girls in the past 12 months. Apps like tinder make it so easy. Youngest was 18 and best was a 20 year old who told me she had to teach Sunday school to s bunch of kids the next day lol. I’ve settled down now with a nice 26 year old but it is so possible. Many girls are not interested but enough are to satisfy men like me.

    I might add it’s not different for older women wanting younger men.

  2. I just met a 67 yo retired man who was interested in becoming my roommate and he showed me a pic of his 27 yo girlfriend of 1.5 years and she was kind of cute and normal. Wow, I had to google how and why this happens. HE HAS NO MONEY! She has a kid, but she is on fixed income, so she doesn’t need his sorry ass!. I guess this must be VERY RARE as I hardly have ever heard of this. But I guarantee that it does sometimes. So even if it is 1%, it’s like fishing for the rare catch. Maybe you’ll get lucky!!!

  3. Yeah your so right mate I do deserve on of those honeys on my arm and who cares if I’m a creep,because I am one and so are you

  4. Hello, My name is Ibrahim from Saudi Arabia but I live in US. My question, do teenager girls interesting in older guys like in 30’s? I’m asking this question here because I haven’t get any mail from u for the free book yet

  5. This girl is obsessed with me. I suspect with high probability that she’s a hooker. I have no direct evidence but I’m a good observer and I’m not a fool. The problem is though I got very attracted to her I dumped her before we had sex for she insisted it must be under her terms and I couldn’t accept it. She’s very emotional even more than it’s acceptable for me. She’s high 8, almost 9, very handsome, tall, beautiful but unstable to the utmost. She hangs around with kick boxers and like. What should I do? Help please

  6. Belive me, 50 % of young girls DO NOT want older guys. Just go and check reddit, where girls are asked if they are hit on by older men and you will see hundreds and hundreds of responses and upvotes, girl after girl saying how utterly disgusting it is. Men start to smell stale after 40 and by 50 there is a really cheesy smell. Girls who are young and fresh do not want your liver spotted hands crawling over their bodies and don’t want to open their eyes during sex to see dad’s or grandad’s face looking at them. 50% what a joke. Actually, plenty of older women don’t want you either. Luckily for us, there is no shortage of younger men, because, contrary to all that nonsense about men aging better, these days, better health and beauty care is keeping women looking good. If a young girl gets with you it is for your money only and believe me, she is gritting her teeth during sex. I have seen young girls with older men, and I always make a ‘ewww’ face at them and they always make it back to me and then make that little finger-and-thumb money gesture.

    1. so jenny i guess you wouldn’t want to be with a geogre clooney
      or someone who is financially set and have you enjoy traveling instead of working your young self to death , again while your entitled to your opinion its men like me who served this nation for 20+ yrs who can and do run circles around young men and your quoting reddit , wow such a reliable source perhaps those that are responding and yourself just haven’t met the proper GENTLEMAN

    2. Exactly! Also it’s possible to be 60 and still act like an immature prick, and on the opposite end of the spectrum it’s possible for younger men to be wise beyond their years (it’s where the term “old soul” comes from)

    3. Jenny u are ugly on the inside for posting such a mean spirited jaded post. I’m older 34 and I have 21-26 yr old girls barking up my tree constantly. I’m in great shape great job and I’m not bad on the eyes. It’s WAY easier for an older guy like me to meet and get girls ten years younger then it is for a girl on the wrong side of 30. It’s the way of life. If a younger guy is hitting on a girl 30+ the vast majority it simply is to get laid and leave. They aren’t actually “interested” in these women. For older guys there are a ton of young women21-26 that love a guy in his 30s and even 40s if he has his stuff together and is ahead of the curve; in great shape good looking and finically stable. Sadly for u this is just the way of the world and it is tough on women.
      Not all older guys can pull this off but the ones who are well kept like I described it’s as easy as breathing.

    4. Your post is full of shit. I’m a young man and have always been single and happy without a girlfriend in my life. When I am older, I will only date women under 30 and will have more life experience than the younger guys & I will run circles round them because of experience. I don’t give a flying shit out of my ass if you thinks that’s creepy. Maybe your a old woman with your cat litter & cats which is why your writing this post. You look ugly with your hair and look like man. This place is not for you, go somewhere else.

    5. This is clearly a younger girl, still stupid enough to think every other girl her age thinks and feels the way she does. There’s plenty of differences out there under the sun, and you truly are moldable like clay – what you may not realize is, you were molded already by your own father and mother and the experiences you had by observing their relationship, or lack thereof. And nobody’s talking about liver spots little miss. I’m hitting 50 this year and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, no lie. Not only that, I’m not some dumb inexperienced immature kid anymore. If I want something, I get it. Don’t worry, though – I’ll steer clear of you honey. You sound like a drag.

  7. Im 32 look more like 25 and find high school grls far more attractive.. You can have sex with a 16 yr old as long as she agreed to .. Doesnt have to be 16 but how do i get an 18 yr old even .. Dont wana go to cuba

  8. i was with a guy 20 years older im 32 and he is 52 we shouldnt have taken things as far as we did because of our morals and waited to get to know eachother but the main point is ive been thru a lot of problems with horrible men and used and this man is so kind and gentle and patient he is more mature but the most important thing is he has a CONSCIENCE and genuinely doesnt want to hurt people, nor do I, so we have a similar moral mindset and respect the Bible. Since i am 32 Ive been around the block and experienced things now i have my eyes wide open and our relationship is based on mutual respect caring HONESTY AND TELLING THE TRUTH , Im not some 15 – 19 year old “Little Girl” (LG) jailbait with daddy issues who some GOOF sexual predator old man wants to just USE me and get in my pants or I see him as some “conquest” and some ego trip bragging rights, nor am i some gold digger either i have my OWN money and life. WE ARE EQUALS so the point is the age difference isnt a big deal as long as BOTH people have the right MOTIVES AND INTENTIONS, though i will say THE OLDER MAN HAS MORE RESPONSIBILITY FALLING TO HIM SINCE HE IS OLDER AND MORE EXPEREINCED AND CAN EXPLOIT THE SITUATION AND GIRLS NEED FOR AFFECTIONS MORE. so, DONT! DO THIS FOR THE RIGHT REASONS, AND MAKE SURE THE GIRL IS MATURE WITH LOTS OF LIFE EXPEREINCE, U WILL RARELY FIND THAT AT AGE 18 UP, WAIT TIL SHE IS OUT OF SCHOOL AT LEAST, NEVER LET ALCOHOL OR DRUGS ENTER THE PICTURE OR JUST USE MONEY ETC (or is that how u like to get laid? basically by date rape tactics or bribery/prostitution?) or that its just for sex, the girl especially will feel USED if she is really seeking protection and security, which most are, not just “a good time”, you have a large capacity to hurt someone , dont toy with their feelings!

  9. Hi Jesse
    I am 57 and I do not have a problem meeting Ladies 35 years younger than me. I would like to tell Anonmous girl that it is OK for you to feel this way. When a woman can find a man any age to be the kind of partner at any age that satisfy’s you in more ways that you knew there were and have the respect you deserve. That’s what it is about! Look at all of Jesse’s program and you will see him as a promoter of this.
    Jesse now I will get this program so the twenty and thirty somethings can enjoy a better me!

  10. I’M a man that is 48 yr’s old & have been with a 26 yr’s old girl for the last 2 1/2 yr’s . but we both have other fuck’s 2 . but she is my main girl and i’m her main guy 2 . we are cool with that . she has really love for me & i have the best love for her . we have lot’s of fun & good time’s . when time’s are bad we work them out . and when other’s see us out where ever some have come up 2 us and toll us how cool we look as a couple . fuck we both love it when someone has did that . and it has happen a lot . LOVEING LIFE IN HAVASU CITY . az, ( it work’s see )

  11. Spent a nice evening with a woman who spent her first 30 years of dating as a lesbian. . . Because of the jerks she met as a young woman. Now, she is starting to like men, because at 45, they are finally mature enough for her.

  12. Hey Uncle Jesse,

    I will give you $20 Australian for your course, if OR when I get laid a couple of times I will give you the balance…

    We got a deal or what???

    Your sales will spike, hahaha

    Aussie Freak!!!

  13. Hey i am a girl and i read this article and i have to say this is really fucking disgusting if you are an old person and are reading this NO YOUNG GIRL WANTS TO GO OUT WITH YOUR OLD ASS. I have a bunch of ugly ass old people always looking at me thinking they can get a chance and it is websites like this that make them think that hitting on a girl that is twenty or thirty years younger than you is okay, when it is disgusting beyond belief. For your own good stay dating people your own age. No one in their right mind likes older people. FYI

      1. DaddysPrincess

        I agree with Marcos. As I happily married 24 girl to a 44 year man, when I became of legal age to date older men I went for it in full force. It depends on what a girl wants in life. I wanted to settle down with someone who lived on their own and who had that been there done that tshirt. We both work and our relationship is built on love.

        ANONMous while you are entitled to your opinion I’ve seen you a lot of your nasty post and believe you are a troll looking for drama. You need a life.

      2. I once met a girl who was so perfect for me. We had so many common interests, she was beautiful, she was attracted to me. We both felt our personalities matched so well. But then I found out that she’s 24 and I’m 25 so I had to break it off. It’s true that you should find someone only of your own age.

      3. That was stupid, brian. I don’t mean, “I believe you, what a stupid thing to do,” I mean, that was a stupid troll of a joke

    1. I would rather wank all my life & die alone and forgotten than date a woman my own age. Women over 30 are damaged goods like you. No one care if you think that’s disgusting. I will still pursue regardless of what you think. Maybe you a old hog with cats and nobody wants you. Your so wrong, younger women love older guys.

  14. Does this website have any helpful advice on how to actually build and nurture a relationship as opposed to narcissistically screwing every young woman you can get your hands on?

  15. Very good point! And I’m pretty sure older guys out there are silently giving you the thumbs up you in droves. This weekend I banged this cute chick 18 years younger than myself. Now, she’s asking ME if we can “date”.

    1. Im a 60 year old man who doesnt look or feel any older than 40 infact my hight and weight are the same as it was when i graduated highschool. the fact that I spent 14 years of my life in the U.S.M.C. very well may be the reason why my body is unchanged with the exception of gray in my hair and I am dating a 40 year old mother of 5 and we are together because we love each other where she is weak I am strong and where I am weak she is strong So dont believe the hype age only matter if you let it get the best of you and dont take care of your body.

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