3 Easy Ways To Get Her Clothes Off And Overcome Last Minute Resistance

Once a girl is back at your place, have her sit down on your bed and watch a movie together. You can place the television in front of your bed so that you have an excuse to be on the bed together.

Next, start smelling her, touching her face, and then start kissing her. This is where touch escalation is important. Begin by touching her legs, arms, neck, and face as you kiss her. Next, you can move to more erogenous zones like the outsides and insides of her thighs. You’ll also want to pass your hands down over her breasts to see how she’ll respond. Don’t grab her breasts, just pass your hands over them and keep going.

Pretty soon, the girl will become increasingly turned on the more you touch her. Lean her back on the bed and keep making out. You can further proceed by slipping your hand under her shirt and bra and cupping her breasts and slipping your hand down her pants to massage the area around her pussy.

Continue to proceed to sex.

But if she give you last minutes resistance here’s what to do…

What NOT to do – start begging her for sex

You’re sitting with girl on your bed. She’s making out with your tongue, playing field hockey with your tonsils. You kiss her neck while you pass your palm over her breasts through her shirt and with the other hand stroke her thigh. You slip one of your hands down her jeans and start massaging her lips with your fingers.

Then she speaks those pesky words you prayed you wouldn’t hear.

“No… stop… we shouldn’t be doing this…” she says.

You feel that disappointing feeling of frustration. Most guys unfortunately either 1) stop moving forward, 2) start begging for sex, or 3) start arguing with the girl as to why she should continue.

With all three strategies however, you’re playing with matches on a wooden boat. Most likely they’ll backfire and the ship will sink.

If you stop moving forward with the hopes that you’ll show her that you’re sensitive to her feelings and a swell guy, she may just come to the conclusion that you’re another “nice guy” who folded at the very first sign of resistance – not very sexy.

In any case, if you stop she’ll most likely pop out of state and you’ll have a lot of backtracking to do.

If you start begging like, “Please… girl… just let me take this bra off… come on baby… please baby…” you’ll come across as needy and desperate to get into her pants. Begging also engages the woman’s neocortex which is responsible for reasoning and critical judgment – and frames sexual escalation into a yes/no choice for the woman.

In other words, you’re placing all the power of sexual escalation into the woman’s hands – specifically into the hands of her critical mind that’s responsible for acceptance or rejection – which is exactly where you DON’T want the power to be.

For example, imagine you’re at a car dealership and you’re on the fence about buying this new car. You’ve just met the salesman that afternoon – so naturally you don’t know if he’s completely trustworthy, even though he may seem to be.

You hesitate whether you should buy the car or not and suddenly the salesman starts pleading with you to buy the car. He begs of you, “Come on… please buy this car… do it for me… I really need this commission…”

In fact, if you want to learn how to make women chase YOU from the first moment of meeting her, I highly suggest watching my Girlfriend Express video here.  It shows you the tricks to get women calling you, meeting up with you, and getting “down and dirty”.

Tactic #1. Be Understanding

Sometimes, despite all of your efforts to turn a woman on, when it comes down to the moment of sex, a woman still shuts herself down mentally.

Don’t take it personally. Most likely the woman has legitimate concerns that worry her, preventing her from sleeping with you – even if she otherwise wants to.

Some women are extremely worried about the word getting out to their friends or family that they had sex and being labeled a “slut”. Other women are worried about catching a disease or getting pregnant… but they don’t want to ask you to wear a condom for fear of being a “slut”. Or they don’t even think to ask.

Or they really like you and they’re afraid that after sleeping with you, you’ll disappear from their lives. They fear that by sleeping with you, they’ll lose their power over you and they don’t want to give up that leverage.

Or the girl might be a virgin – and is simply scared of the whole unknown experience in general.

Although you can’t know specifically what her particular fear is, you can preemptively address and allay her possible fears with some heart-to-heart talk to get her into bed.

Simply hold her in your arms and tell her that you always wear a condom when making love to a woman so that she trusts she won’t catch anything or get pregnant. And tell her that you look forward to waking up with her tomorrow and that you don’t want her to look back on the experience with any regrets – implying that you won’t think of her as a slut for sleeping with you and that you won’t ditch her the very next day.

Again, you’re doing some “mind reading” here in the hopes of addressing her particular fears to get her into bed.

But guess what – it works. A little understanding and addressing a woman’s most common fears is often enough to make her comfortable enough to continue.

Tactic #2. Ignore Token Resistance

Now, if you have a girl isolated, sitting on your bed, and kissing you – there’s a 99% chance she *IS* willing to sleep with you. However, a lot of women have intense emotional feelings when it comes to having sex with a new guy for the first time.

When it comes down to the moment when she realizes that sex is inevitable – or at least once she realizes she’s become so turned on that if she doesn’t stop things NOW, she’ll lose control over herself and surrender to her urges – she’ll attempt to put up a final resistance. “No… this is happening so fast… please…” she’ll say.

Her body and limbic brain responsible for lust and sex (also referred to as the unconscious mind) is telling her to GO, but her neocortex (the conscious mind), full of societal programming, is telling her to hold out. Christina Aguilera sums up the female dilemma nicely in the song Genie in a Bottle – “My body’s saying let’s go… but my heart is saying no.”

However, the primal, older limbic brain will always win out over the thinking, rational, newer neocortex.

Her limbic brain telling her to have sex has the force of a tsunami wave while the neocortex telling her to stop has the force of a whisper. So don’t let a woman’s final resistance to sex phase you. Most of the time it can be overcome with some simply strategies I’m about to show you.

Instead of stopping, begging, or arguing with a woman, follow these simple guidelines below.

First, simply ignore what she’s saying and keep moving forward.

Many times a woman will verbally say one thing, but with her body say something completely different. She may say, “No please…” verbally but give you no physical resistance whatsoever. In fact, I had a girl telling me, “We shouldn’t be doing this,” while she was unfastening her bra!

So in many cases you can just IGNORE her token resistance and keep going. She crumbles in no time flat.

If she keeps saying, “We shouldn’t really be doing this…” and you sense the situation calls for you to say something, simply start talking SEXY to her.

Her: “Oh god… we shouldn’t be doing this…”

You: “You’re right… we shouldn’t do this… it’s so bad…”

And keep going.

You may have heard the advice “agree with what she’s saying” before. Indeed, agreeing with her disengages her logical, rational mind which is the source of all mental resistance. After all, how can she argue with someone who’s agreeing with her?

But it’s more than that. Think of it as SEXY talk to get her WET and speak it like that – with a husky, sex voice.

Tactic #3. Make your bedroom sexy

Your home is your love castle.

And you need to set it up with a minimal level of standards to help put women into the mood.

Candles, incense, big fluffy pillows, a large bed, and sexy low level lightning all set the mood for hot sex.

What’s more important however are what emotional anchors you’ve associated to the bedroom.

Is the bedroom exclusively reserved for passion, experimentation, and fantasy, or do you have negative anchors and emotions linked to the bedroom?

Is the bedroom a place that you fight in? Is the bedroom a place that you play cold war mind games and power plays with each other? Does your bedroom double as a work office? Does your bedroom have a television that you associate passive entertainment to?

What do you have anchored to that bedroom of yours… negative draining experiences or positive passionate ones?

Clear Out All The CRAP!

The bedroom must be reserved exclusively for passion, lovemaking, and fantasy.

It should be a Tantric temple of comfort and sex. Don’t clutter it up with crap that has nothing to do with sleep or lovemaking.

Get the dirty pile of laundry off the floor.

Put that exercise gear in the closet.

Put the laptop in the main room.

And yes, the television too– get that television out of there.

When you bring work, stress, and a mess into the bedroom, you begin to associate your bedroom with all kinds of negative emotions such as work, stress, and mess.

Likewise, if you ever fight with a woman, work it out first and don’t let those negative feelings get attached to the bed. Don’t go to sleep together angry at one another or else you’ll anchor negative feelings directly to the bedroom.

If too much negativity and mess is associated to the bedroom, she’ll feel the negative energy from the past whenever she steps into the room.

Even a stripped down bare room with a twin bed can carry incredibly good anchors and set your woman into the right frame. Whereas if you fight all the time, a luxurious room with candles, incense, a grand bed, and big fluffy pillows will not feel like a safe place.

So keep your crap out of the bedroom and keep your bedroom a pure and true playpen.

Replace the television with candles.

Replace the dirty laundry with a rich oriental carpet.

Put a collection of incense where the computer was.

Over time, you and the woman will begin to associate only good times and good sex with the bedroom. If the bedroom is free of negative anchors, a woman will go into an automatic “sex trance” as soon as she walks in.

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  4. when i was 19.a girl came to my home.i chatted with he some time.and i saw her t shirt cam down bit.i saw her boobs a bit.suddenly her books fell down.she bend and took the books.i saw her niples fully.then i said her that i saw your niples.however can we have sex.she jumped and said ok.i invited her to my bedroom.she was wearing sleeveless.she lifted her arms and said me to smelll her ampits.i went near her.i removed her t shots.i also removed her skirt.she was in bra and panty.a pressed her boobs and suck her nipels.she pressed my penis.i enjoyed by touching her whole body and the day passed

  5. Ignoring a woman or girl when she says stop or no is called rape. Rape is forced penetration. Some girls/women freeze when frightened or become paralized which may explain why girls you have seemingly forced to have sex with you didn’t show resistance even though they asked you to stop.

    If anyone is reading these articles and instinctively feels they are wrong, that’s because they are.

    1. He’s not saying to go all the way there. He’s talking about carrying on past what he described as TOKEN RESISTANCE–not “Oh my God, stop right now!” If everyone froze up at the words “Awww…no…we really shouldn’t…” there would be no babies in the world.

      1. Token Resistance? I think you just mean Resistance. Clearly you’ve never been raped, because you’d know that some people stop resisting when they feel their fate is imminent. Donald Trump thanks you for your vote.

    2. That’s not necessarily true. I’ve been with plenty of girls who said no. We continued on and had sex. we had a great time. They come back for more. there have been girls who have said no and they were firm in their resolve. We stopped. It’s not simply the speech, it’s the tenor, its the tone, its the whole context. some girls just test you. if they say no and you respond by stopping, or slowing down, you build some trust. they know that you’re responding to their desires. if they open the door again by either saying it’s okay or they just give up resisting and embrace you then you’re on your way. it’s important to realize that this isnt automatic. you gotta pay attention to what’s going on. I mean it’s a sexual relationship between two people however brief it is. there are two bodies and two minds. when both of you want to have sex that’s great. Each one makes their own decisions and you’ve got to respect the decision of the other person. There’s 7 billion people on this planet and over half of them women. That’s a lot of girls to fuck. So if you’re not making it with one try one of the other three and a half billion. Just make it a numbers game and keep on trying. But if you think you’re going to be stealing pussy cause you arent getting the results you want, well, yeah that’s rape, and like 10 years in the penn. She aint worth that, dude. And the legal system preys on meal tickets like dumb, horney guys who lose their cool with chicks. They get paid to bank you.

  6. but sometimes girls do not like to take off bra so you can ask her for removing her panty .maybe she would like that you are playing with her vagina.

  7. this is a story that I have to tell on here it is a friend that was at bowling and his name is Kalbe his last name not need to know anyway he came up the stairway and said I fell like getting naked and then after bowling was done he started getting naked but didn’t in the car on the way home then I said I got to Kalbe naked so I took his shoes socks off and he took his shorts and underwear off and then I said take your t-shirt off and he did and Kalbe was playing with himself and I said Kalbe who naked and he said I am again I said Kalbe who naked I am then I said Kalbe you got to say I’m naked and he said I’m naked again he said I’m naked then I said Kalbe I’m naked with no clothes on me and he said I’m naked with no clothes on me again he said I’m naked with no clothes on me and then I said hide yourself and he did then I said Kalbe where your underwear here and then he was almost home and Kalbe was still completely naked and then he put on his underwear shorts t-shirt socks shoes and then went in his house but should I take Kalbe clothes with me so he can be completely naked for ever cause I loved him completely naked in the car so please tell me what do you think I should do to him cause I want Kalbe completely naked and pictures of Kalbe completely naked loved it for me that’s all for now on here

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  9. This is actually the most disgusting article. It completely de-values anything the woman is saying. If you respect her saying no, she won’t categorize you as a nice guy, you’ll be a good person. Ugh.

  10. i had agirl in my room ikissed her touch her body bt she removed her bra and top cloth off bt something made me wonder she refused to remove her trouser off i pleaded alot bt she refused idecided to sleep imagn now where was the problem (she was ahigh sch girl islept wid her dat nyt the folowin day she was support to go to sch help plz)

  11. i had sex n im 11 how do i tell my parenta n there realy other protected cause im the only child he took off my clothes n i did the same n we stareted getting horny i was there for help in my homework n he was alone so yea HELP

    1. Young one, it’s not just about getting some of that, you need to ask what you’re gonna be doing for fun at 18 with all this experience. You’ll be like one of those gross old people with their creeper ways.

    2. Sex at 11..?? wats in the world is going on .?? When i was 11 i had no idea wat a sex even is bt me had a really serious crush on mini mouse lol….kind of wanted to cuddle with her some day lol …

  12. Is it really safe to ignore a “NO”? I guess you gotta check laws in your specific country.
    Some say:
    ““Stop” means stop. “No” means no. You can try again later or you can try something else, but you can’t
    barrel through. You can’t know for sure what’s in her head. Even if you could, you can’t know what she’s
    going to do the next day. Maybe she has fantasies of being overpowered – not that rare, really – and enjoys
    having sex with her despite objecting verbally. Then she kisses you goodbye, goes home, and feels badly
    about herself and wishes she hadn’t had sex. She tells her roommate. It comes out that she did tell you no
    and you ignored it. Well, if what just happened was actually rape, it’s not really her fault is it? Her roommate
    goes to the police. Welcome to hell.”
    Others even say that you should try to get her verbal consent to be even safer, with lines like:
    “Do you want me put a condom on?”
    If she says YES, that can be interpreted as verbal consent, if she says NO, that’s still not resistance, plus you get a good chance to say “I always wear a condom” and thus dismiss one of her possible fears preventing her from having sex with you – Win/Win

  13. this girl agrees

    Jesse – I love it all! I’m a woman who actually agrees with all of this, and I’m speaking from experience prior to finding your genius. I want to be controlled, dominated, and destroyed in the bedroom. I want to be taken like an animal by my man without giving permission, because that is the way we are made. We wouldn’t have the urges and desires we do if they didn’t have a purpose. I love when I am told what to do, how to do, when to do and where to do everything my man wants sexually. He is more of a man to me when he just takes what is his. People on here complaining or throwing date rape around don’t get it. Its not about hurting. Its about, fundamentally, survival of the fittest, and showing her you are in charge of everything and everyone around you. That gets women off.


  14. This is freaking funny….none of this worked she just laughed at my attempts to smell her. clearly smelling doesn’t work…just get her drunk. that always works 🙂

  15. Geez dis gino guy’s pussy whipped, if ur out there my man do urself a favour buy some of these programs u gonna need it later in life
    . Now let me tell u a little story

    Kandi’s line from the E-40 song…”What you gonna do, with this p*ssy?”…sums up the active test perfectly.
    “You want me? You think you’re good enough to handle me? You’ve got me. Now what’re you gonna do??”

    Most of the artificial “game” preached in communities like this one focuses on how to GET the girl. The entire series of passive tests and how to disarm them is focused on GETTING the girl. But the one test she has that you CANNOT plan for or defy is giving you what you’re after…then seeing what you DO with it once you HAVE it.
    In essence, you’ve been given your title-shot. You’ve shown enough in training sessions and lesser fights that she’s finally decided it’s worth it to stick your ass in the octagon with some REAL fighters. You can’t front any more…it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.
    Or its GAME OVER

  16. if anyone out there that can help me with my girlfriend Kristin Miller of how do I unhook her bra and get her completely naked with me where nobody can see us completely naked together cause we need to do this so if anyone or anybody out there that can help me then please reply back on here right now cause we still kiss on the lips-hug each other while her bra stripes are down her arms and she wears a white bra on her so please come on here right now to help us out on here cause we are boyfriend-girlfriend forever

    1. can you help me out here if so please reply back on here to it do you know how I can get Kristin Miller bra off and get her completely naked with me with nobody see us if so please reply back on here right now we love each other I need help right now

  17. I have a girlfriend named Kristin Miller and she came over and I showed her my garden and then I said do you want to kiss on the lips and so we went behind our barn and Kristin remove her jacket and I said where your bra and she left her shirt up and showed me her bra and then we just can’t take our clothes off so I said pulled your bra down your arms and we kiss-huge each other and then I said what are you tell your parents about what we did and she said no and your mom and she said nothing so we kiss to not tell anyone then we went to my room and talked and I said do you want me take your bra off and she said if you want to so I tryed to but didn’t get it unhook so we kissed again to not tell anyone and then we were at a dace and we kissed on the lips to not tell anyone and Kristin had her bra on then we were in a parade and she had her bra on and after we kissed again to not tell anyone but how do I get her completely naked with me and her bra off when nobody see us please reply if you can help me I love her sooooooooo much were boyfriend and girlfriend together

  18. I have sex just for fun I’m 19 girl and I sleep naked with anygirl that comes past me u jnow what I mean but anyway I like sex it is realy fun it makes u exspress your self to some one

    What we did is he tied me to the bed and had sex with my vigina and took of my glothes and uncliped my bra and went over and over my boobs like it was a sweet and then we just made out the other guguy brought he’s friend with and I had sex with 2guys at once …..each one had a half of by body and they kinda thougt over my BIG boobs….

    Any one want some sex………here’s my bbm pin:2948B891

    Plz invite me….then we can Chat and then make out….

  19. I’m a girl in my late 20s, and I was making out with a guy last night. I’ve set firm limits for myself. I’m a virgin who has given and received oral but never been penetrated.

    I still like to have fun and both give and receive pleasure, but I have a couple of benchmarks that a guy has to pass before I’m going to get totally naked with him.

    A big one for me is whether the guy has been tested for STDs, recently. It amazes me how naïve some people are about sexually transmitted diseases. Some guys I’ve made out with think that if they wear a condom, they are okay. They’ve given and received oral sex without protection during one night stands with partners who haven’t been tested, but apparently they don’t know or care about things like chlamydia and genital herpes.

    The guy last night told me that he didn’t need to get tested because he “never felt sick” and added “that would be an awkward conversation to have my doctor.”

    The guy last night wanted to perform oral on me, and wanted me to touch him, but there is no way I was getting near his hard on or letting his mouth near me if he’s been sexually active without being regularly tested.

    I intend to live a long life and have healthy babies one day, so no momentary pleasure is worth risking that. A guy who refuses to respect my benchmarks is isn’t worth my time. Most smart women feel the same way.

    1. I need to say this because you talk about how naive others are to STD’s but so are you. Yes it is great to be cautious around STD’s but as for herpes (based off the population) you probably have Simplex 1 or Simplex 2 (usually you have one or the other, but it’s generally 2 (oral) people have). Also infection of STDs like herpes and even HIV, the infection rate is pretty low (even unprotected and some people don’t even become infected through blood contact).
      Also if you have an STD the chances of your baby getting it (even it being HIV) is minimum, there is a higher chance of your baby having a serious birth defect rather than getting an STD you have (just don’t breast feed, you’ll increase the chances).
      I understand your caution and hope you do protect yourself, but please learn more about STDs before preaching that others understand nothing

  20. Or how about just stopping.. =/

    If she says no why cant you just take it? why not end it where she feels comfortable?
    and no, its not because you care. If you cared you wouldnt go through all this trouble to “mindread” and talk her into having sex.

    Just cut your loses for fuck sake and have sex another day.

    Wait until your both ready then its worth having..

    Doing this.. is just plain fucking sick and disgraceful. You dont deserve a woman.
    Its guy like you that give ALL guys the sterotypical impression
    “ohh they only want one thing” Because no doubt. Youd Use her and move onto the next tommorow if having sex is so much more important than her feelings..


    1. And incase anyone thinks otherwise.

      I do realise there is a difference between a firm no, and a playful no.

      Only the third method even hints at the playful no. The rest are Manipulation.

      Further more. Dont begin to argue the case woman arnt just object to you.

      Sexual MIND CONTROL
      “By HIJACKING a “GLITCH” in the female brain”
      Youve just generalised all woman. Treat them as individuals. Like they are. Because I am sure as hell nothing like you.
      I dont want to use them.

      1. Amen to this post-Jesse u r an asshole 👿 remove all of this cus this is gonna make women hats u later

      2. Typical feminist overlord follower disguised with the nickname “Kev”. Must be Keveena or something.

    2. lol, if a woman ends up in ma bed, agrees to make out with me, even lets me touch her in private spots, is undoing her dress and saying “we shouldn’t be doing this” i wont stop. that is not an order…..that is a “i’ll just say we shouldn’t do this so i don’t look easy, but i swear if u stop, i’ll break ur head”
      No one become successful without a strategy…..a relationship, whether sexual or emotional will not be successful without some form of strategy.

    3. a retired sex kitten says

      Thank you, Kev. You’re the guy who’s going to get a great woman, because you are a man who likes women. Sure, one can manipulate a women. Statistically, it’s easier to seduce a higher iq’d woman than a lower one… something about arguing. But you stand out, and strong smart women like men like you for the long haul. Thank you for being you.

  21. I am 18 year old girl . I really like to sleep without clothes . I feel very comfort by this . But its good or not by doing like this

  22. Pushing past token resistance is fine… but if she says “Stop” firmly and means it, pushing her is absolutely NOT acceptable. In the end, “no” can really mean no, and if you push her at best you’re an asshole and at worst you’re a rapist.

    1. I know, right? I’ve given playful ‘no’s before, and half the time the guy stops! But the worst was this one time when I gave a serious no and he still tried to take my shirt off. I ended up running out of there like a chicken with my head cut off, but not before he slapped me several times. Yeah I never should have went on that blind date.

  23. it’s not a how to date rape, i’ve had girls tell me to stop and they didn’t mean it in the slightest way. it just builds sexual tension, “you want what you can’t have”. now if the girl starts screaming at you to stop and is on the verge of crying, you should stop.

    1. Daddy didittomomma

      Rape is a crime of violence, not sexual remorse.

      Women have to man up and take responsibility for their own sexual decisions and stop blaming the guy for having sex that she later regrets.

      Takes two to tango, but only one to stop the music.

    1. There is a fine line between “No” and rape so men would have to be careful. If the girl is giggling and smiles than keep going but if she is not than stop. Men are screwed either ways here: if they make a move than they are pigs but if they don’t make a move and are complete gentlemen’s than “whats wrong with them?”. The guy has to make the move and be the aggresser.

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