How To Increase Your Confidence Level In 2 Minutes To Approach ANY Girl

Today I want to talk about increasing your confidence levels with an Narcissistic Incantation Loop.

When you feel entitled to being with beautiful women – when you open them up directly, when you give them full frontal eye contact without flinching, when you break out the breaking rapport, accusatory tonality with them, when you stay positive and talkative and RELAXED in the presence of a beautiful woman – a girl will hook up with you if she sees that you feel entitled to her, whether or not you’re rich or good looking or what not. A girl wants to see that you feel *entitled* to have her.

But guys don’t feel entitled. That’s why even when they’ve been given everything to do and say, they still don’t take any action. They make excuses for staying home, they make excuses for not opening, they make excuses for not touching the girl.

So you need to start cultivating a sense of entitlement. That you fucking deserve these girls. That you are fucking awesome. That you’re no longer afraid of your own greatness, that you don’t hide from your own greatness or destiny. That you deserve the glory. That you believe, deep down to the core, that you are truly deserving of the best and should have exactly what you want.

But we don’t give ourselves permission to be the cool guy. And the only stopping you to increase your confidence level, is your own sense of identity. It’s the belief of who you are, that pulls you forward, or it pulls you back.

So what we want to develop is a Narcissistic Incantation Loop.

What Are Incantations To Increase Your Confidence Level

Now you might already know what an affirmation is. An affirmation is basically positive thinking. “I am awesome. I am awesome! I am totally awesome! Girls love me.” That sort of stuff. And you just say the affirmation to yourself again and again.

An Incantation is different than affirmation though. With an affirmation, you could sit on a couch, eating potato chips, getting fat, watching re-runs of the Simpsons – and say to yourself repeatedly, “Girls love me, I am awesome.” But your body isn’t feeling it. Your inner emotions aren’t feeling it. And your inner emotions follow your physical motions. So just saying something to yourself, an affirmation, without feeling with your body, isn’t going to do jack shit for you.

An Incantation is different. An Incantation must be expressed with emotional energy, intensity, and conviction.

So it’s best to an Incantation while standing, moving, and saying them out loud inside your head.

Because when you’re physically moving, your inner state will peak and feel good, and it will ensure that the meanings of your Incantations actually begin to reprogram your beliefs and lock them deep into your subconscious mind, bringing about real lasting and power life changes.

And Narcissism refers to developing an identity that is purely awesome, of delusional aweseomness, where you are literally drunk off of your own awesomeoness and your own glory.

That’s what will allow you to feel deeply, at your core, entitled to have the very hot girls in your life.

And to do that, you want to create a LOOP. A loop is where you keep certain thought Incantations in your mind, repeating again and again.

Thus a Narcissistic Incantation Loop. Where you do Incantations, while you’re physically moving or walking, throughout your day that will cultivate that sense of entitlement to have beautiful women and make you feel delusional awesomeness.

The Incantations

Here are the Incantations to increase your confidence levels. And they break down into two main categories.

Category #1 is “I am the coolest mother fucker in the world.”

And category #2 is, “Every girl is a Nymphomaniac and wants to fuck me.”

So “I am the coolest mother fucker in the world.” Incantations can be,
– My game is a 10!
– I’m the fucking boss!
– I am enough!
– Everything that I say ROCKS!
– I am a man of Reckless Action!
– I am fucking AWESOME.

And for “Every girl is a Nymphomaniac and wants to fuck me,” incantations would be,
– Every girl is a nymphomaniac.
– Every girl who is bitchy is only bitchy because I haven’t approached her yet.
– Girls just want me to bend them over.
– Every girl wants to fuck me.
– Every girl who is bored is pretending to be bored so that I go after her.

And so on. These incantations are to cultivate that sense of positive, happy, delusional awesomeness and sense of narcissistic entitlement.

So how do you do this.

Well, these are Incantations, not affirmations, so you don’t say them to yourself while you’re at home, eating junk food in front of the television.

No, you do them while you are up and about and outside of the house. At the gym, at work, shopping, or going out to meet girls. But anytime you are out of the house you want to be running a Narcissistic Incantation Loop, reinforcing these two core beliefs.

Every time you see a girl, even ugly girls, you think out loud to yourself and with energy and with a smile on your face, “I am fucking AWESOME! And every girl wants to fuck me!” And that’s it. Again. And again. And again.

You don’t need to be screaming it in your mind like a maniac, it’s just in a matter of fact “of course” kind of way. Like, “Yeah, I am the mother fucking shit”, and “Yeah, all these chicks are nymphos”.

Stop Pinging Girls

And flip side to building your delusional identity of glorified awesomeness; no pinging.


PINGING girls will fuck all this up, pinging girls will destroy whatever you build up from the Narcissistic Incantations.

Pinging is where you look over to the girl to get feedback from her and approval from her to determine how you will feel about yourself.

So pinging looks like this. You’re walking down the street. And you pass a girl and you do the Incantations… “I am awesome, girls want to fuck me.”

And she gives you eye contact. And you think to yourself, “Wow, I AM awesome, this girl gave my eye contact, I’m the mother fucking shit!”

So the next girl comes by. But this second girl doesn’t give you eye contact. And you think, “Wait why didn’t this girl give me eye contact?? Ah, now I don’t feel as hot.”

And you walk around, looking for feedback through eye contact or whatever from every girl that passes. That’s pinging. You’re looking at how the girls react to you to determine how you feel.

So if you get good feedback, you feel good. And if you have absence of feedback, you feel shitty.

So your state goes up and down, it’s like a rollercoaster, and you have no control over how you feel because how you feel inside is being completely dictated by the reactions of other people.

And most guys are walking around constantly pinging everyone to determine their self-worth, to determine how they feel, to determine their entitlement, and so on.

So you have to cut that out completely to increase your confidence level.

Developing a Narcissistic outlook is, in contrast, completely SELF-generated good feelings of delusional awesomeness.

So even if you are wearing a mustard stained simple white T-shirt and your hair is a mess and you haven’t shaved in a week, you still walk around citing the two Incantations of “I am the coolest mother fucker in the world” and “Every girl is a Nymphomaniac and wants to fuck me.”

And you feel happy and positive with a smile on your face as you Loop those through your mind…. Regardless of what reactions girls give you because you’re not looking for their reactions, you don’t care about their reactions to you. You are self-generating positivity, you are your own source of positivity and good emotions, and in doing that, that is exactly what makes you attractive to girls because you’re always in a great state no matter what shit goes down. And you always feel entitled to bang the hottest hotties no matter what your circumstances.

So start feeding yourself that Narcissistic Incantation Loop, and conversely, stop fucking PINGING.

In effect, you are replacing your old habit of pinging everyone else to determine how you feel, and replacing that with an internally, self-generated Narcissistic Incantation Loop.

That’s it!

Now, here’s the thing. You’ve got to go out there and practice it. And more than practice it, make it your daily habit. Because it will just take a little time to rebuild your thought patterns and break your old habits of internal thoughts.

It’s not something that just because you heard me say this, viola, it’s done, you understand, you own it. Nope. You’ve got to start doing it. So make it your new habit.

P.S. Women ARE Friendly!

By the way, don’t overly worry about fear of “rejection”. Yes, women are actually friendly.

Human beings are friendly creatures, and that goes for attractive women as well.

I’m always surprised by the friendliness of responses I get from women when I approach them. Even if you approach a woman with a scowl across her face, as long as you come across as a genuinely warm, friendly, and playful person, a woman will take your lead and follow you into that state.

Don’t underestimate how hypnotizable women in general are. If you approach a woman who is upbeat and happy, and you come across as being down and sad, you’ll tend to drag her into that negative state with you. But if you come across as upbeat and fun, she’ll get a small high just from meeting you.

I’ve found that 97% of the time, average women are friendly when you approach and open them. They won’t turn their backs on you or insult you for no reason. Human beings are not like that. None of us, men or women, want to come across as total jerks.

One of the self-sabotaging beliefs a lot of guys have is this idea that beautiful women have their heads up their butts, that beautiful women are “bitches” so they’re have a fear of rejection. A lot of guys have this us-versus-them attitude, like approaching a beautiful woman is asking for a fight with someone with a bad attitude.

The fact is, women are from the same planet you’re from. They need love and acceptance just like everybody else. So don’t let your fear of rejection overwhelm you; true, some women will be friendlier than others, but in the end they’re all human beings and generally nice people!

Let that thought increase your confidence level as well!

14 thoughts on “How To Increase Your Confidence Level In 2 Minutes To Approach ANY Girl”

  1. pinging! hah! thats fucking spot on i catch myself doing that all the time and i hate that… so true though cause when im not looking for approval or an outcome and just be myself and approach girls its on way more often than not. STOP PINGING

  2. This actually helped me with my confidence as well as other articles where did you learn all this? like in my head I imagen myself doing this and I most definately take action

  3. Holy crap. The quality of your articles is immense. You deserve to be one of the top game blogs for sure.

    “I’m the fucking boss!” LOL. You know, I found that I actually do some of the stuff in this article naturally. I literally walk around and imagine I’m the shit, regardless of how I actually feel about myself. I found that over time my self conception is shifting and I’m actually walking, talking, and behaving differently.

    Making eye contact with women is not only not so scary anymore, but actually quite a lot of fun.

    Great advice!

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