4 Surefire Tricks To Make A Girl Chase YOU

Here’s 4 surefire techniques to make a girl chase you down. And it’s only when the girl is chasing you that you’ll actually end up sleeping with her.

So the key is to get the girl to do all the work of the seduction. You want to get the girl to invest in the interaction as much as possible. And there’s a number of ways to do that.

Tactic #1. Get the girl to qualify herself to you

Like asking the girl, “What makes you unique?”

Or telling her, “You look young for me. What else do you have going for you that would make up for that?”

She’ll start giving you reasons that she’s unique – in effect, she’s trying to make you LIKE her MORE. She’s gaming YOU by qualifying herself to you.

And the hotter the chick, the more you’ll want to qualify her. On an extremely hot girl, don’t be afraid to pummel her with qualifying criteria. Qualify her HARD. Really make her work to game you hard. Make her work hard to win you.

And the funny thing about hot women is, that they are so used to being chased by the guy, that when she does start gaming you, by asking you questions and qualifying herself to you, she’ll fall for you even HARDER – because it’s so rare for her to do that, so rare for her to actually game the guy. That’s why in their own way, extremely beautiful women can fall HARDER for you than you’re typical woman.

Also qualify the girl based on your personal standards. Maybe you don’t like girls that smoke. Qualify her on that. Be open and authentic about it, challenge her on it, tease her about it, don’t hide it just to try to impress her. Be a challenge based on your personal standards and challenge her. Speak your mind. Have the balls to the show the girl what you like and what you dislike. And stand behind what you say.

She’ll be chasing you in no time.

Tactic #2. Use open and closed body positioning

Often when you first start talking to a girl she’s not facing you. You’re fully open, talking to her, facing her, but she is completely sideways to you.

And you’ve got this feeling that you’re grasping to talk to her and have her pay attention to you.

Well, you can create the same effect with the girl to make her chase you. When you first go in, you don’t have to fully face her immediately, you can have a slightly sideways position. And when the girl says something that you like, you can open up your body language to her more. And when she says something that you don’t like you, you can close it off or turn away more.

And what that does is get her constantly working for your attention and your approval. She ends up being the one that is grasping, that is chasing, again getting her to invest in you.

Tactic #3. Use breaking rapport tonality

A girl will never chase you if you use seeking rapport tonality like, “Hey how are you???” where your sentences rise in pitch at the end, like you’re asking her a question, it sounds grasping, it sounds needy, and it will turn the girl off.

But if you use breaking rapport tonality on the girl, like “Hey! Come here! How are you!” it sounds more like you’re barking orders and commands.

And what the girl naturally does in response to your breaking rapport tonality is she herself goes into seeking rapport tonality, and qualifying herself to you.

She’ll say, “Ah, my name’s Rachael?” in a seeking approval voice.

So if you tell her, “Hey, what’s your deal!?” in breaking rapport, she’ll say back…

“Um, actually I’m a student, I’ve been studying psychology for a year… and…”

See she’s qualifying to you by explaining herself, just in response to the type of voice you’re using.

Tactic #4. Create Space (push, don’t always pull)

When you’re talking to a girl, you don’t want to be suffocating the conversation, instead you need to take moments where you lean back and let the conversation breathe. You allow there to be silences. You allow there to be slower moments. And you lean back and you give the girl the chance to lean into you and to work for your attention.

So get the girl to invest in you as much as possible, and then you’ll find the girl HELPING you through the interaction.

She’ll be happy to give you her number because she’s chasing you.

She’ll be happy to meet you on that second date because she’s chasing you.

And she won’t give you nearly as much last minute resistance in the bedroom because she’s chasing you.

36 thoughts on “4 Surefire Tricks To Make A Girl Chase YOU”

  1. Listen.
    I am not a dog for you to tame or an item for you to buy.
    I don’t need to “qualify” myself to anyone to be “worthy” of your attention. It is unacceptable for you to “bark orders” at me like I’m a fucking animal.
    I’m sick of hearing “men lead” in a relationship. You can’t “let women chase and do what they do best.” How about this radical idea: Both. Partners. Have. Equal. Parts. In. The. Relationship.
    I don’t understand how people can deny the fact that our society is patriarchal.
    I know the only possible way you would conceivably be able to get a girlfriend is by buying one, but unfortunately for you, love can’t be purchased or tamed or domesticated no matter what your fucking power complex wants you to think so get off your damn high horse, act like a fucking human being, and treat us like human beings too because – wow who knew – we are.ible way you would conceivably be able to get a girlfriend is by buying one, but unfortunately for you, love can’t be purchased or tamed or domesticated no matter what your fucking power complex wants you to think so get off your damn high horse, act like a fucking human being, and treat us like human beings too because – wow who knew – we are.

    1. Meh.. I hear what your saying.. But no. Women love assholes, always have, always will. They love to chase. Men -try- to chase, but suck at it. This article is basically just teaching awkward guys -how- to interact with girls as normal-normal. It’s teaching them how certain body language / interaction can be seen as desperate, which triggers fear in women who have had stalkers, etc.. I know tons of great guys who cannot get a girl to like them, and it’s because they -try-. This article is basically saying what I tell guys, treat women like they have a penis. Like you don’t care about having sex with them, as if they are just guy friends. You’ll make tons of friends who are girls, you’ll learn about them, and no longer be intimidated by someone being the opposite sex. Learn to fish with a net, not a line. Girls don’t like to feel like they’ve been ‘targeted’. They -always- make the first move, which is the invitation. Be it smile, eyebrow raise, whatever, a girl will let you know that she wants to meet you, or is interested. Otherwise, treat them like they have dicks and a hairy chest. Everybody. Penises everywhere.

    2. Think you missed the point dollface, it’s about women being different to men and how to get them interested in you. Equal rights, no problem but you can’t deny that men and women are wired differently. I’m off to get on my giant horse elsewhere, have fun burning your underwear sweetcheeks ?

    3. Someone’s either horny, or doesn’t get spanked enough. Drop the BS feminazi. You can’t honestly tell us that you don’t make it easier for a man if you’re attracted to him. I feel badly for people like yourself that are afraid to be vulnerable enough to connect with like minded people. Everyone should have standards. You don’t like it, there’s the door.

    4. :Facepalm Oh Brother, the replies to this comment. Ladies, aim higher. The losers that actually believe this bs, too funny..no sad! ? This level of depth is real fulfilling, I’m sure! ?

  2. Haha.absolute crap.
    The best way to pull chicks (and most successful way) is to just be normal..
    As you would. not rocket science here.
    Surprisingly easy…and it’s meant to be easy..after all God made them with desires just like men. When you approach it with that mentality, it works nicely and you don’t have to any work at all…not supposed to be work anyway.

  3. None of you girls realize that the conversation or argument held above was exactly what the article describes. They used the material to lure you in and you took it and ran. If you want to knock people for using something like this then do it but for a reason not because it works.

  4. Hey guys, do what i did. Don’t chase woman. Let them chase you. Woman in the end do all the work anyways.

    Only woman get to do the choosing and chasing for woman is 80% easier for them anyways. Let them have the power. It always was to begin with. Men need to let go of they’re ego thinking the the alpha gets it all.

    Men lead, but this does not mean men have absolute power either. Relationships are one of woman’s strong points. So let them chase and do what they do best.

    Men make it easier on yourselves. It really is that easy.

    1. Lol. Tried that… 32 beta and virgin. Doesnt work. You have to put yourself out there, interact and thats going to mean getting rejected and learning from your mistakes. Sure, be yourself, but dont just wait for someone to come along. Otherwise its long time no love. And you WILL regret that lost time.

  5. Goodevening everybody,

    My english isen’t that strong but I will try to share my side of the story on this topic.

    There are many different opinions on how to woo a lady.
    If you take for example a disco, club or some sort. Its fun too play these kind of games. It has nothing to do with disrespecting a lady or even be plain old mean. Its about confidence , Leadership, representing a high social status that other people respect. That is wat attract people, and woman see that. They want to know what is so intriging about this guy!

    Why do” nice guys finish last”? Because woman see these man as insecure. They don’t attract, they don’t challenge. They are just blend. Its like playing a video game with 1 difficult setting.
    I am not saying they are bad, only they get stepped over ( cruel world) and people ( expecially woman) see that.

    But when they come across a real man ( i am not reffering to a bad boy but you get the picture) they get interested, they get attracted, almost like a magnet. When that person is not qualifing with here she will do the opposite. Its kinda like reverse phychology.

    So concluding my story there are in my opinion 3 kinda men.
    Mr nice guy
    The douchebags ( bad boys)
    Real man

  6. This would only work for girls with low self-esteem. Any woman worth her salt isn’t going to work to make YOU like HER. Good-looking, charming women have men vying for their attention ALL THE TIME.

    This asinine behavior would not even “qualify” a man for the friend zone. Young ladies, if a guy tries to make you feel that you are less than you are — run and don’t look back.

    Guys, when you approach a woman. Remember that YOU are the uninvited guest. Do not be a pest. Use this approach and you are guaranteed to get (1) low-hanging fruit, (2) neurotics, or (3) a woman who is toying with you and plans to dump you when the game becomes bores her.

    1. Actually, the -only- women you’ll not get are low hanging fruit. They’ll give up. High fruit -only- goes for guys they can chase. Those guys stand out in a crowd of desperate chasers. It’s why assholes always have the best girls. Sorry, but your theory has to match reality, and it does not. Inductive reasoning is the deal breaker here. Guys who chase give girls the impression they’ve been ‘scoped out’ by the guy. Like he is tunnel visioning her, and it freaks them out, they shut off every time. Unless they are low hanging fruit themselves and desperate for any attention.

      1. your comment makes me laugh! I’m not sure how old are you but you sound pretty young to me lol
        I played these head games when I was a teenager but I don’t have to anymore. In my experience, high end women won’t be interested with guys playing this kind of childish games, they are more intersted with confident, mature and independent guys especially those guys are successful. Leave these games to teenagers or those who have confidence issues.

  7. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this site
    before but after looking at a few of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely pleased I discovered
    it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

  8. Every Relationship we’ve ever had with the Opposite Sex has given us lessons and taught us Many things. So we carry on and on and on… woman after woman… until we find one that Accepts Who we really Are. The Problem is..we all learn things about Women from Women we KNOW. The 4 methods to make a woman chase you Definitely Work. Different steps work better or worse on different types of women, but I have been applying these same methods in my everyday Life and my phone is rarely quiet. My Day Game is pretty Strong..always has been… but having a few Aces up your sleeve never hurts. To all you women on here condemning his methods or advice or any of the othermen’s comments… Please Understand Not all Guys are Bad Guys and Not all Girls are Good Girls. If you got Played, you probably set yourself up for it by not looking any deeper into the man you became attracted to. It’s not a mans fault if a woman quits being a challenge, a prize, or a Goal… or stops being exciting or rewarding to be around. Women leave men out of boredom all the time and you don’t hear us crying about it?? You see a bunch of guys on here trying to Impress and Attract Women. I would have to say that in and of itself should give you an indication that some of us actually LIKE WOMEN. (I happen to be One of those Guys) So relax and understand… we don’t have Cosmopolitan, Vogue, or Seventeen giving us tips on How to Cheat and Get away with it..or 20 things Men don’t want you to know..LOL.. we’re all part of the same society that built us, cut from the same dysfunctional cloth… and Dyed in various Colors. Life’s too good to be bitter over a breakup, just go nail his best friend and brag about it on FB like other women..they’re all Happy as Pigs in Poop!!??..LOL

  9. Wow most of the guys above sound bitter and want to seek out vengeance………..as quoted from above. Vengeance does not make you feel better!!!! Working through the pain and realising that the other person had issues and you invited them in and you deserve better so you start again but this time wiser is the way of happiness and growth. You see most of you don’t want to take responsibility for your part in the relationship. Stop blaming others for your pain and grow up!!!

  10. Building a house is NOT a game. Building a house requires building plans, foundations, inspections, co-ordination and materials. Does that sound like a game to you. That’s how relationships work too.

  11. arlan villariza

    you said: use breaking rapport tonality on the girl
    and you said on the top : tease her about it, don’t hide it just to try to impress her.
    it sounds a little contradicted to me,
    should i be funny about teasing her all the time? right?


    im a little bit confuse, IM A FILIPINO, this ” article helps a lot of men” especially me, seeking for vengence, beacause all of my girlfriends treating me somekind of a trash………MORE POWER BRO…..

  12. Act uninterested, but be a gentlemen and be kind. Don’t be a pussy though. then pull out your wang and slap her in the face with it.

  13. I’m in total agreement with the men on this page. In general women think they are unique, and special, and la-di-da-da-bling-blong. But in reality, they all suffer from pretty much the same weaknesses when it comes in men in varying degrees.

    I myself have been exploring these approaches for the last few years, and I guarantee you they WORK….because…I’m in a WHEELCHAIR. If I can get a girl’s attention anyone can

    1. LoL, you don’t think that being in a wheelchair might actually give you an advantage with some girls?

      My sister dated a guy who had a brother who was literally paralyzed from the neck down. The dude literally couldn’t move any part of his body. They wheeled him around, flat on his back. He needed a tube to breath.

      When she told me that about the guy she was dating and about his brother, I immediately thought that she’d ditch her guy for his paralyzed boyfriend. Our mother had the same thought, completely independent of me.

      My mom and I knew my sister, you see.

      And she did, and she married him.

      Pity sets some girls’ clits on fire. The drive to nurture does the same for other girls. Some girls desperately want to prove to you — and to black guys, or Asian guys, or lesbians — that they are not prejudiced.

      So dude, make your wheelchair or your hairlip or your stutter into your mojo. The world is against you, but you’re recruiting a limited number of friends to your team, and make her feel that she can be one of them!

  14. This is absolutely outrageous! Just be yourself and don’t play games with women. I decided to date my average looking friend, thinking I was safe.. Turned out he was a game player and wanted to play about. You will lose her in the end and she’ll never want to see you again. Being manipulated will unveil itself the end.

    1. from experience, you women don’t appreciate “who we really are” u already have a picture in ur head of what u want, so we give it to you. you females make being ourselves so hard cos u too play games…..u fall back waiting for us to make the first move, and so on…….building a relationship is like building a house, it needs a solid and intelligent foundation, it’s a game.

  15. Young audience? Different thing work more on different women. But, Jesse’s post is simple & all you need. But good luck, Carter.

  16. Hmm..Your tips and tricks are way to vague first of all, mostly seem to be targeted very young male audience.
    You have to tell more about:
    1) Eye contact
    2) Body language
    3) Topic of conversation
    4) How to make someone to pay attention to you etc etc

    1. Hey guys, how about being yourself and actually talk normally to a girl and don’t try to expect that the girl likes you. I know that every man struggles but I try to find out and learn what happens when you make your move to a girl.

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