40 Tips On How To Talk To Girls Effortlessly

Talk about relationships & rumors with women- “Did you know Pamela and Tommy are back together? Do you think J-Lo will stay married this time?”

Tell stories with moments of intrigue and surprise to take women on an emotional journey- and end on a note of laughter

Relationships are what make stories interesting- not what you did. Talk about the people you met and how you interacted with them

Don’t quiz a girl by asking her 20 questions. Share your own experiences and then have her share hers

Women love to talk about torrid love affairs- read the tabloids to know what the celebrities are up to

If you don’t know what to say, ask a woman how she would spend her holiday if she were filthy rich without any limitations- let her fantasize

In conversation talk about what you like to eat and drink. Food talk is like sexual foreplay to women

Ask a woman you’re dating what makes her feel sexy. She’ll reveal valuable information on how to further seduce her

Buy a small digital camera for your back pocket. Take pics with your dates doing fun things and show the pics to future girls you meet

Women love animals- make up some funny, loving stories about your real or imaginary pets

Women like the supernatural and unknown- talk about reiki, reflexology, palm reading, spirits or ghosts and have a few stories to tell

Engage a woman’s imagination – talk about travel, the beach, your road trip, spelunking, skydiving, anyplace outside of her boring reality

Learn to read women’s palms- it’s good for 5 minutes of discussion time and a great way to touch her hands

As a brain teaser, have a girl tell you how many 9s are in 100 (by the way, the answer is 20- figure it out!)

Use Curiosity Hooks

Hook a woman in with, “I’ve noticed something interesting about you.” Stop talking and wait for her to respond with curiosity

Look at a woman’s palm and say, “Hmm, that’s really interesting.” Put her hand down & don’t tell her what you see- let her beg you with curiosity

Play on a woman’s curiosity- “You know what they say about women who are blond/brunette? – No? Oh, I can’t tell you here, maybe later”

Use curiosity to make sure a woman shows up for the next date- promise you’ll tell her a secret next time you see her

Drop the fact casually that you read palms in conversation and the woman will ask YOU to read her palm


Don’t sound monotone & bored in a conversation- if you talk about something exciting, sound excited- if something shocking, sound shocked

If you bring up sexual topics and you feel awkward or nervous, the girl will too- relax and the sex talk will flow on its own

Good conversation needs relaxed playfulness- then, there’s no such thing as a blunder

Fractionate your conversation- one moment be playful and lighthearted, another show deep insight, the next a brat. Keep the girl on her toes

Conversation is as much about the vibe you project as the words themselves- relax, be playful, and have fun no matter what happens

To tell a story effectively, involve your entire body in expressing the emotion- wave your hands and gesture your arms to emphasize words

Express Your Opinions

If a woman seems put-off by a sexual question or story, do not apologize- just make her comfortable with more light, playful conversation

Don’t agree with everything the woman says just to agree with her. Women like strong men who express their own opinions

Get Physical

Challenge her to a game of thumb wrestling or ‘rock, scissors, paper’. Yes it’s silly, and girls love it

When a girl says something you like, say “That’s so cool!” then high-five her. She’ll bond with you right on the spot

Watch Out For…

Don’t ask yes/no questions like “Can I have your number?” or “Do you like me?” Never put the power of “no” into a woman’s hands

Avoid the usual boring questions like “What do you do?”, “How many sisters do you have?” Think outside the box

Never ask a girl “Do you like me?” That’s just lame. Assume she likes you and she will because of your confidence

If the girl is insulting to you, don’t get angry, defend your ego, or call the girl names. Have the power to walk away relaxed and leave her dry

Bonus!  Some Sneaky Verbal Tricks…

Double commands like “Give me your number and meet me for lunch tomorrow,” can’t be refused- after all, which would she be refusing?

Give the girl a self-image to live up to: “Wow, you’re really fun, creative and spontaneous.” She’ll want to live up to the good image you gave her

Ask a group, “So how do you all know each other?” It gets the girls talking and you find out which ones are single

If you’re talking to a girl and a second girl enters the set, tell the first “Introduce me to your friend” so that you don’t become the third wheel

Covertly build yourself into the girl’s future- “Just imagine six months from now when we’re walking along the beach…”

If you hit an awkward silence, playfully tell the girl with a smile, “I hate you” Watch how the silence vanishes

5 thoughts on “40 Tips On How To Talk To Girls Effortlessly”

  1. This its all excellent stuff – fundamental. If you fundamentally feel good about yourself it doesn’t matter what comes out of your mouth. If you feel good about yourself and you use just some of what you said above – the girl will “feel”. That is light years ahead. Even guys like when they “feel” from a story etc. Girls live for it.When your girl won’t “play” anymore your relationship its on its way out.

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