How To Woo Girls With Your Voice Alone – 10 Must-Have Tips

Here’s how to woo girls just by using just your voice alone.

When most guys, they go to a club or they go to a bar, they go up to a woman and her voice is very soft and apologetic. In fact their voice isn’t any louder than the surrounding music typically. Usually the girl that they’re talking to can barely hear him speaking above all the surrounding noise, and what happens then is that he can’t lead the girl or grab her interest or dominate the interaction.

You can’t hold the girl’s attention because her friends will try to distract her wanting her attention as well. And so the set will go nowhere, because she’ll quickly get bored with you, she can’t hear you very well, and you get blown out of the set because you’re not loud enough.

And this is the reason that guys don’t speak loudly enough in the club. It’s because they want the girl’s approval.

Just like if you’re going up to your boss at your job and you want something for your boss at the raise or you want your boss’s approval, you don’t go up to your boss in a loud commanding voice, louder than everyone else. No, your voice is soft and often approval seeking.

So you up to the girl, your voice is not loud enough to grab the attention the group, you come across as approval seeking and needy, and that’s what gets you blown out, that’s what gives you the back turns from the girls.

How Loud To Woo Girls?

So how loud does your voice need to be. Remember your voice is the most important tool in all of this. Your voice it has to cut over the music and has to be loud enough to boom out a few levels above everyone else who is talking and above the music.

Your voice it needs to come in like a steamroller and not everyone over.

Imagine your voice is like a Star Trek tractor beam. Essentially it attracts everyone in the vicinity, in the room, and it puts social pressure to stun the brains of every guy.

Because it’s your loud voice that gives you value. If your voice is soft and quiet it just comes across as approval seeking and needy and unattractive. But when you’re loud with your voice your mood comes across as confident as dominant, as positive, which are all the traits that you want to convey, regardless of whatever you’re saying.

And here’s why a loud voice is so attractive to women, even though it might not seem like such a big deal to us men. Women will respond the most to the most dominant man in the room. Women respond most to the most out for dominant man who is the center of attention and is leading the group.

It’s not the best looking guy. It’s not the best dressed guy. It’s not the guy with the loads of funny stories. Women respond to the man with the most booming voice, who with his voice, can open up the group, they control the conversation, just by the virtue of the loudest of his voice and the dominance of his voice. That is what turns women on the most.

The Corporate Example

Let’s take an example in a corporate board room where there’s a meeting between the boss and management. It’s the boss who’s going to be speaking in the loudest voice, at least a few levels above everyone else in the room, because the boss is leading the meeting. And his underlings will be speaking more quietly and more softly with the seeking of approval tonality.

That’s how you can always tell who the boss is, who is the most dominant alpha man in the room from everyone else. It’s the man speak the loudest everyone else. If a boss wants to take control his company, and he has a lot of other alpha middle managers in the room, he’s got to speak louder than everyone else or they’re not going to take him 100% seriously as an authority figure who is fit to lead the company.

And when you’re in a bar or club or social party you need to be the boss, the leader, who can direct and lead the girls, and that all comes down to the loudness of your voice. Your voice is your number one tool, your number one demonstration of having higher value.

Breast Implants Example

I just want to drive home the point of how important your voice is to generating hard attraction in women. How by making that one small tweak in your overall profile makes you so much more attractive.

Let’s say you’re sitting in a coffee shop at Starbucks and in walks a woman whose relatively attractive but you don’t look at it twice. This woman she’s wearing a baggy shirt nothing special and she orders her coffee. And no one else in the room seems to notice or.

But then you look up to see that she’s lifting up her sweater, up over her head. And now it’s suddenly revealed, as her sweater is removed, that she has these large voluptuous breasts underneath the Titan are a waste she takes her coffee her breasts just jiggle up and down. And all the guys in the coffee shop turned their heads to check out this woman with the fantastic breasts.

And this woman, she just went from being a 7/10 do like being a 9/10. And what was it that made the difference.

Just the change of that one curve from being flat in front, to having a big S shape is what made all the difference in how attractive she was. By making one small change in her silhouette, this woman went from no one noticing her at all, to all the men in the room drooling over and other women in the room blistering with jealousy.

It took just that one small change, that one small tweak, in her physical appearance that made all the difference.

And speaking loudly with your voice is exactly the same. It’s like growing a huge pair of tits.

And when you speak with a very loud voice you suddenly go from being a nobody and needing approval, to generating hard attraction on a primal level with women.

Capitalism Likes Quiet Workers

So the question is why aren’t we already naturally loud speaking? Well it’s the way that we been raised within the capitalist economic system.

Under capitalism, you have different classes of people. At the top you’ve got the boss, the owner of capital, and in the middle you have the managers, at the bottom you have all the workers. The bosses give orders to management who in turn give orders to the workers and the workers simply follow the orders and do what they’re told.

And in school, you are groomed, you are trained, to have a function, a place in society, as either a manager who gives orders, or as a worker who takes orders. So in school, what happens? Besides learning factoids and information and learning arithmetic, learning how to read and write, you are trained at all times to follow orders from your teacher.

They’re essentially training you to be a good worker within the capitalist system.

And to be a good worker, whose obedience and follows orders, you were taught to speak softly and quietly to your teachers, and not to speak out of place. You’re taught to be approval seeking each and every day in school to get your teacher’s approval. To get approval from authority, to get approval from teachers who will give you rewards in the forms of A’s or B’s.

As a result we’ve been consciously trained as children to speak a few levels more softly than everyone else. We’ve been trained to speak even more quietly when we want approval from someone, like approval from a hot girl.

But when we talk to girl like that, we come across as a beta male, who’s been trained to follow orders, who’s been trained to be a worker bee, whose needy and approval seeking. Speaking softly, we don’t come across as the alpha male, the kind of man that a woman wants to meet, who will take what he wants from her and dominate her.

But so that we speak softly, it’s completely understandable and completely normal, given the system that were brought up in. And we’ve been trained that way are whole lives. So getting over it is a matter of doing the exercises I’m going to give you to retrain your mind so that you speak loudly again.

Speak Slowly To Woo Girls

Now in addition to speaking loudly with enough volume to dominate the interaction, you want to slow down your speech a little bit because a lot of guys speak way too fast when they’re talking with a woman.

Because what happens is the guy starts talking to the woman and he starts talking quickly, like “oh you’re so cute, I want to tell you this story about this thing I did blah, blah, blah, blah”

Guys speed up their tempo because they’re trying to get approval or acceptance from the girl. He starts speaking fast because you’re worried that she’ll stop listening to you and your not going to get out what you have to say.

Just think of when you are chatting with an authority figure, or someone that you admire, or someone that you want to be liked by, let’s say it’s a celebrity. Your speech will change when talking to them, you’ll speed up your temple, like “ooh it’s Angelina Jolie can I have your autograph, I watch all your movies, you’re are amazing, I can’t believe I’m meeting you.” See you tend to speed up your speaking rate when you’re needy for the person’s attention and you want to be liked. And that conveys a neediness.

Take for our example the line “excuse me but I had to tell you that I find you absolutely beautiful.”

If I say that quickly it sounds like this, “excuse me but I had to tell you that I find you absolutely beautiful.”

Now this line itself is not very powerful as I just spoke it. In fact any line that you use no matter how good it supposedly is, will lose its power if you speak it too quickly.

Now imagine we slow down this line and were to speak it to a woman slowly. Slowing down with what you say gives more emotional impact and makes you sound more relaxed and confident.

So let’s slow it down. You say “excuse me but I had to tell you that I find you absolutely beautiful.”

Notice how much more powerful that sounds than when you speak too quickly like”excuse me but I just had to take the chance to tell you that I find you absolutely beautiful.”

So in addition to speaking loudly, you don’t want to race through whatever you say. You want to slow down to a normal speaking tempo.

Trying-For-Rapport Tonality

Now in addition to speaking to softly, in addition to speaking too quickly, most guys speak in a trying for rapport tonality.

Trying for rapport tonality is where you turn up your tone or your pitch at the ends of sentences. It’s where are you end your sentences with a higher pitch. Trying for rapport sounds like this,” hey my name is Jesse and I’m really trying hard to get to know you and I hope you like me because of my clever story.

See, the voice is a little higher and slopes up at the ends of my sentences.

“I hope you really like me??”

See, you sound overly friendly and overly nice, you can even give commands with his trying for rapport approval seeking tonality with upturns at the ends of your sentences. For example you’re giving someone directions and you tell them, “first take a right?” and then “take a left?”

It makes you sound like you’re apologizing for even talking. It makes you sound like you’re constantly affirming to yourself that it’s okay to continue speaking. Like you’re asking for feedback from the person that you’re talking to.

It makes it sound like you doubt yourself and what you’re saying. Like you’re trying to get a reaction from a girl, trying to get her to like you, trying to get the girl’s approval.

And this makes you sound like a beggar when you woo them, like you want something from the girl, and the girl’s auto response is to move away from you when you use trying for rapport tonality. Because you’re communicating to the girl that you have a low amount of social value compared to her, and it’s a complete giveaway to the girl. Unconsciously it just turns her off.

Neutral Rapport

so instead you want to speak with neutral rapport. With neutral rapport your voice tone and inflection stays neutral room of the ends of sentences. Meaning you don’t allow your sentences to rise in pitch.

Your tone is flat, it’s neutral, you don’t fluctuate that much. For example you say “hey my name is Jesse, welcome to my world, I’m the master of my domain, what’s up.” That’s neutral rapport.

Calm and cool, this is how you talk with your best buddies. This is how I’m talking with you right now. Neutral rapport.

Neutral rapport conveys to the girl that you’re not seeking anything from her, that your speaking normally, calm, relaxed, cool.

Breaking Rapport To Woo Girls

In addition to neutral rapport, you can also speak with breaking rapport tonality. With breaking rapport tonality, your voice slopes downwards towards the ends of sentences. With breaking rapport tonality it almost sounds like you’re interrogating someone or that you’re skeptical, or that your commanding whoever you’re talking to.

For example, “hey, where are you from?” Notice how my pitch lowers at the ends. It almost sounds like you’re testing the girl. Or you call over a girl and say, “hey you”. It sounds like you’re interrogating her or that you’re skeptical of her.

And when you speak to a girl with breaking rapport tonality, that will cause her to speak in return to you with a trying for rapport tonality, which is what you want the girl to do. You want the girl to be trying to get rapport with you.

So if you say to a girl, “where are you from”with a breaking for rapport tonality, she’s likely to respond with a trying for rapport tonality in return, where her sentences rise in pitch like, “I’m from California!”

So what you want is to generally be speaking with neutral rapport with some breaking rapport mixed in. And no trying for rapport at all. There should be absolutely no trying for rapport.

Again let’s go over the difference.

Here’s trying for rapport. “Hey my name is Jesse and I am a chump trying really hard to get to know you. I hope you like me because of my clever story.”.

And then you have neutral rapport. “Hey my name is Jesse and I am a chump trying really hard to get to know you. I hope you like me because of my clever story.”.

And then you have breaking rapport where your tonality turns downward. . “Hey my name is Jesse and I am a chump trying really hard to get to know you. I hope you like me because of my clever story.”

Why Does Voice Feel Difficult?

Now when you go out into the real world to woo girls and you start speaking a few levels louder than everyone else, you speak slowly which conveys confidence, and you speak with neutral rapport or with breaking rapport, women will instantly respond with hard attraction for you. The whole room will turn to look at you.

But speaking that way can feel incredibly uncomfortable if you’re not used to it. And having all of the attention on you can feel uncomfortable if you’re not used to it.

Because the fact is, we’ve gone around speaking our whole lives, as if were talking privately only to ourselves and to no one else, as if what we have to say isn’t all that important. Or is it were afraid we’re going to be judged or speaking up.

The thing is, being able to handle that social pressure without caring about what others think, is exactly what makes you an attractive man.

Do you think that attractive women have to deal with anything less?

Imagine a young woman walking into a social part. She has large breasts, she has fantastic legs, and she’s wearing a beautiful fancy dress. All the men turned to her to look in lost, and all of the women turned to her to look with jealousy.

Most women cannot deal with that kind of social pressure. Most women, although they may wish to be stunningly beautiful, cannot handle everyone else’s eyes on them in reality. Most women are way too concerned about what other people think of them and they don’t like the social pressure. So instead they dressed down. They prefer to wear blue jeans instead of address, they prefer to hide their breasts rather than to show them off, because they don’t want to stand out too much. Most women unconsciously, go out of their way not to be stunningly attractive.

And if you’re a man, speaking softly and with a trying for rapport tonality, does make everyone like you, does make you sound friendly, does allow you to blend in unnoticed, it doesn’t make you attractive. That won’t generate hard attraction in women.

The only way to generate hard attraction in women and woo them is to get noticed by everyone in the room, with a loud voice, breaking rapport tonality, and speaking at a normal pace. By having all of the social pressure come down on.

So you’re going to go through a period of discomfort when speaking loudly at first, until you become comfortable with the additional social pressure. It will take time for you to become comfortable with the new you, until you won’t even notice that you speak more loudly than everyone else.

Just imagine a young woman who gets big breast implants for the first time. She goes from an A cup to suddenly being a D. cup, and suddenly she gets all of this new attention from men and wandering eyes. Of course at first, she’ll enjoy the attention, but she’ll feel uncomfortable, because she’s not used to the social pressure on her. But with time the woman grows into her new self, and with time she doesn’t even notice the added social pressure anymore. She just comes to enjoy all the extra attention of generating hard attraction in men.

And it will be the same way with you. When you start speaking loudly, very loudly, at a normal temple, with neutral rapport tonality, at first the added social pressure will cause anxiety and discomfort, but with time you will acclimate to the social pressure, and it will become second nature to speak that way and woo girls.

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