How Ugly Guys Get Pretty Girls – The 4 Trust Principles

Most guys get nervous around pretty girls because they don’t trust in themselves to say or do “the right thing”.

They don’t trust their own words, so they memorize routines.

They don’t trust their own actions, so they freeze up, immobilized.

They second guess and calculate their every move.

And the result is they come across as unnatural, stiff, and supplicating.

Good Game Comes Down To ONE Thing…

Good game comes down to ONE thing – having SELF TRUST.

Pretty girls DO like ugly animals, including men!

Think of the difference between a swimmer and a non-swimmer.

When the non-swimmer falls into the river, doubt arises. He starts feeling afraid that the river is going to drown him.

And of course then, the river DOES drown him.

But the non-swimmer is drowning himself in his own doubt. The river itself really isn’t doing anything.

The swimmer, on the other hand, swims because he trusts that he won’t drown. He’s not afraid, so he simply floats.

The difference between the swimmer and non-swimmer isn’t much.

The swimmer has learned how to trust, while the non-swimmer has not yet learned how to trust.

Likewise, speaking with certainty and conviction requires trust in your words. And taking action without hesitation requires trust in your own actions.

And when you’ve got that self-trust, you become naturally attractive as a confident “man of action”.

Here are my 4 principles for getting it,

Principle #1. Trust That Whatever You Say Has Value

Whatever you say has value because it’s coming from YOU.

If you’re talking about your pet dog, women will listen and be attracted because it’s coming from YOU.

If you like talking about computer programming, women will listen and be attracted because it’s coming from YOU.

Whatever you say has value, and whatever you say is always the most important and cool thing that can be said!

Principle #2. Trust That You Can’t Make Mistakes

You cannot make a mistake because everything you do is just fucking cool because it’s coming from YOU.

You’re just showing the girl who you are, and whatever you say will be fascinating because it’s coming from such an attractive guy.

And you trust it’s those little imperfections that makes what you say REAL. So no matter what you say, it’s the correct thing to say, always.

Delusional?  Yes.  Confident and attractive?  YES!

Principle #3. Trust That You’re Glorious

Indulging oneself in delusional glory

All you need is to remain positive, smile, and stand like a champ. All you need is to speak with certainty and trust in your actions.

That’s all you need to be attractive. You don’t need to add anything new to yourself or build yourself into some glorious guy. You don’t need money, a great body, or be a great conversationalist.

Trust that you don’t need any “game”, because everything you do, no matter how “lame”, IS good game. Complete self-acceptance of all your “flaws” and the belief that women will think all your “flaws” are sexy.

Principle #4. Trust To Let Go Of All Game

Trust to let go of goals and outcomes.

Trust to let go of all thoughts and thinking.

Trust to let go of controlling her reactions.

Trust to lower your standards of “what to say”.

Trust to let your mind go blank before taking action.

Trust to let go of all game.

After all, self-trust is another way of saying self CONFIDENCE.

A confident man is a man who trusts in his own actions, trusts that whatever he says is “the right thing to say” and whatever he does “is awesome”.

Combine that delusional James Bond confidence and self-trust with positivity, a smile, and champ posture, and right there you have ALL you need to be massively attractive to beautiful women.

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75 thoughts on “How Ugly Guys Get Pretty Girls – The 4 Trust Principles”

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  2. I am highly attracted to beautiful woman but the problem is I’m a very shy a person on first encounters. How do I get over my shyness when it come to approaching women?

  3. hii my name is abhi and i m 17 year old. I like a pretty girl who lives next to my house and i want to make relationship with her. But i never talk to her because i am average looking boy . So please tell me how to impress that girl and start convertation with her. But the major problem is that i m a shy guy and my self confidence is very low.

    1. first of all .. as it is gir next door and it is you that knows best about your situation than enyone else.. i d say .. you are the one to help your self.. i can only tell youhow to make things go right.. so cheer up first ..because what you r feeling is only because of your brain acting that way . while even talking to someone new .. for the other person. we are someone they have a lttle idea about .. so you got to think .. in your case it should be a normal guy..(probably) but you got to decide that.. and then act according to that.. see if she has a bad impression on you .. then you must turn it right first.. if its normal then its good to go .. remember oppurtunities dont come often .. we have to create some.. but dont do something tht will get you caught .. depending upon girl .. way of approach should also be different .. the importatnt thing is being confident .. if not you will often loose oppurtunities (rare) .. try to be yourself .. dress nice .. formal.. not to worry about looks .. but do take care of it.:) . buddy ..every girl is different .. every human is.. and i m sure the only person that can help you best is you .. be confident and you ll soon realise tat… stop asking.. i think i ve told you enough of what not to do .. and you ll see tht .. spending time wisely will definitely increase your confidence.. time is related to everything.. so start acting responsible and mature.. and even if you take excuse from situation once.. the next time it would be harder to come back.. a single excuse is definitely your way back.. so trust your self. and show genuine love.. and make no mistake presenting it.. but i d also advice to realise that she has equal right to not accept your proposal .. start with that. or take a leap of faith .. either you get a jackpot .. or loose life FOR A WHILE..

  4. If the gal disses you on your opener, Jesse, you say stand tall and act like nothing happened, dont react. The Master PUA guy’s pages you send say, if she does that you should turn and walk away just like girls do to guys, and that will make her chase.
    I have been standing tall, trying to go beyond being tongue tied, seeking approval, but those moments can feel challenging. No matter what the outcome, I always feel better than if I didnt try at all, so I keep approaching, failing and getting over it. Do you ever just walk away? That could show confidence too. It might feel good, and then go on to the next girl.

  5. I am a pretty good looking guy. I have noticed many times that I need more confidence in approaching girls. One of my friends told me that your goal should be to strike out with women to begin with. This way you get the practice you need and build up your knowledge of how women think. Put this strategy along with having confidence in yourself and everything you say and you can get very attractive women

  6. If you are just trying to get love from outside then something is missing. True confidence, safety, security and trust comes from having a strong connection to your soul essence and purpose. Who you are is love.
    What is it you want just a one night stand or a life partner? If you want a life partner then strengthening the relationship with your Soul and purpose would be pretty important don’t you think guys?
    Have you heard of the Twin Flame Relationship? You have to become what you want. Be a loving soul on track with purpose
    and you will attract a loving soul that is a complement to your purpose with her life purpose. 😉

  7. fantastic advice for positive thought patterns, but it’s not for everyone imo. not everyone should trust that what they say is always right or interesting. one thing you should advise people to do is to learn to keep their ego in check, because let that ego flare out too much and you end up becoming just another piece of trash thinking too highly of himself. say what you want about confidence but if you’re a shithead that always thinks he’s right even when he’s wrong then you’re going to end up just like every other dysfunctional degenerate out there. either way this advice works wonders for me thanks 🙂

  8. Sorry, but I can’t buy this.

    There are too many women who:

    1) Claim to want confident guys, then

    2) Get their rocks off destroying a guy’s confidence, and

    3) Complain that they can’t find any confident guys.

    It’s all crap.

    Ironic, ain’t it???

  9. I’m an average looking guy but I’ve got a big personality, however, in the past instead of coming across as confident I would appear arrogant, and this I found was a big turn off to most women, so staying grounded and true is so important.

    I’ve learned to tone it down a bit, keep it real and don’t stress if the girl doesn’t jump all over you! lets face facts, you can’t be every girls cup of tea 😆

    Great article

  10. that is right…it is matter of self confidence,once i had a friend that had no problem to attract any girl that he saw right away and i was wondering how he did it,even that he slept with her…

  11. Sir, i am very ugly and i love a girl who is very cute but due to my ugliness i dont have confidence to tell her about my feelings. so my question is whether a guy like me who is very very very ugly have right to love a cute girl or any girl

  12. Everything you say is true. I’m old and overweight. I’ve gotten beautiful women in the past. It’s all about self confidence.

  13. i cant act cool or smooth near girls i freeze up get tense even if i know they like me but im just the little chubby guy in the corner that nobody talks to so women dont usally like me

  14. How about ugly guys leave pretty girls alone since no pretty girl actually wants to date an ugly guy (unless she has like no confidence). Women are visual too!!! Plus unattractive women need love too!!!!

  15. Nick, confidence means everything in attraction! Most of the guys even not approach a girls. Confidence and emotions are the most expensive currency in the world.

    I agree with you that many PUAs are manipulative and indirect crap. Jesse is not PUA. He tell the truth and He is the Man! Thanks for all of you are doing Jesse! It is very inspiring!

  16. Jesse I don’t know I just can’t seem to ever, no matter what circumstance to even try to approach a cute girl. I’ve been disavowed so many times it almost makes me sick when I try again. I understand what you’re saying but what happens if you feel like you honestly are going to waste your time and get hurt on top of that, how could I mature from the stage I’m in?

    1. Nick – youre going to fail with that mentality. Your attitude is “i need this girl to approve of me and if she doesnt, i wont be happy and my value goes down”. Reread the article until you understand the point jesse has made and youve driven it into your head. You will be good!

  17. I have a better suggestion, get off the lounge and go to the gym. Done! Chicks galore…plus that way I get more eye candy

  18. If you are a good conversationalist and know how to lead a woman and can give women incredible sex then it doesn`t matter if you are a goodlooking hunk or ugly guy.

  19. This is brilliant ! Without sounding too harsh, my best mate isn’t very good looking yet gets loads of girls. yet without blowing my own trumpet , I am reasonably good looking yet barely get a sniff except for girls who throw themselves at me (normally insecure or unattractive), this article explains it all and I now know what I have to do 🙂 thanks

  20. Goodlooking guys rely on their looks to attract beautifull women.Ugly guys know they have to use their brains and personality and be a strong confident man to have success with women.Ugly guys also work harder at attracting beautifull women and pleasing them that is why they get sexual favors from women.

    1. This is the greatest sentence (lie) that ugly guys like me use to console themselves. I am high level engineer at a good company; but any girl never ever jumped on me that’s why they think that I am clever

  21. Ugly guys ain’t supposed to be near pretty girls. It is dysgenic and over time it will produce less pretty girls and more ugly guys in the future. Think biology folks.

  22. How to Become Attractive if your Teeth are slightly out And you want to impress a Very Beautiful girl. PLEASE Tell Me Sir…..

    1. Teeth are relatively easy to correct in this day and age. It’s more important to smile than have perfect teeth, but if you’re self-concious about your teeth then you need to INVEST in yourself and get them corrected !!

  23. i bought your program andthis stood the most so converted this and made up narcississtic incantions of my own …i have struck diamonds thank you

  24. Why do men take the thoughts and words of one girl to impress another? I caught the guy I was seeing texting a girl he was sleeping with that happens to be dating another guy–yah, pretty pathetic right? What’s the catch?

  25. This is way to complicated and to the point where a guy will get really confused. I know I was a bit but I understand what you are saying here.

    I mean, this stuff might work but why would a really pretty girl go for any of this? I mean lets say you are in a bar or setting where there are a number of good looking guys around who hit on a pretty girl and you do as well as the ugly guy. Why would she pick you? I mean its not a good investment for her is it? why would she date an ugly guy if she can date “hotter” guys?

    1. Brett, go to any club or bar and you’ll find that 95% of the guys are NOT hitting on any girls. Most good looking guys that try to ride on their looks generally do NOT approach women, because they get freebies here and there. So you are imagining a fictional competition.

      If you go up to a girl with confidence – meaning your voice tonality is loud and commanding and positive, and you make eye contact, and you’re playful about it, and ride past her initial coldness, you WILL be massively attractive to the girl because NO guy does that. NONE. And it instantly pegs you as the most alpha dude in the room.

      The ability to do any of that comes down to SELF-TRUST, which is a more accurate way to describe what one would call “confidence”

      1. “go to any club or bar and you’ll find that 95% of the guys are NOT hitting on any girls” this is so true!

      2. What you said is all TRUE!! I’m a woman and couldn’t agree more with your comment. And that’s why I don’t date handsome men because most of them have that attitude, okay I said most, not all!

        Any men can get beautiful women even if they’re ugly and not rich at all. It’s true, men only need to believe in themselves, be confident, be hardworking, and be gentleman-like oh trust me women are going to love you to death!

  26. Hi, Jessie. Yes, sometimes it works. I saw an ugly guy in a bar, embracing a pretty girl, massaging her buttocks. She really enjoyed it and had fun. That man was about 50 yrs old, bold, with fat belly, thin arms. His face expression was “I’m such an animal, I just cannot behave in another way”. I told him “Oh, I admire you, how easily you can attract chicks” . His comment was “Oh, I’m nothing special at all, I can play guitar, I love to be drunk and have fun. I don’t know why chicks like me…” He naturally followed these 4 principles, without knowing them — because he had such kind of personality. But if your personality is different, just knowing these 4 principles will not help. In this case you have to modify your personality radically, it takes much time and efforts.

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