Why When You Roll In Shit, You Hump The Hotties!

A lot of guys have this habit that, when they become uncomfortable, they feel that’s justification enough to just stop whatever they’re doing.

For instance, they go to a bar for the first time in years, and they feel uncomfortable and out of place.  So they decide that, “Bars just aren’t for me right now”, and they stop going all together.

Or they decide to start a business, and the first moment they get bored or it feels hard, they give up.

Or they want to write a book, until they meet resistance from writer’s block.  It feels uncomfortable, and they just let it drop.

But having some fleeting negative feelings is NOT a good reason to give up on something big.

Do you think that’s an attractive trait to women?

Imagine if it were caveman days ten thousand years ago, and you’re a young caveman trying to prove yourself to be sex-worthy to the other women in the tribe.

Argh, me so sexy to the ladies!

It’s cold in Ice Age Europe, and you’ve got to go out and HUNT some wild game.

So you step outside and it’s fucking COLD.


This is going to be a fucking CHALLENGE.

So instead, you turn tail.  You go back into your cave at the first hint of discomfort.

You’re quick to give up to protect your “feelings”.

Instead, the rest of the cavemen go out without you to brave the elements and bring back meat to the women.

That’s how it’s done, caveman style.

You might FEEL comfortable this way, but you’re not going to get LAID this way.

What makes a MAN is that he *PERSISTS* in the face of physical and emotional discomfort.

He’s on a MISSION and NOTHING will stop him, not even his own fears and foibles!

He might not succeed, but he never stops and nothing holds him back.

Bars and clubs feel *uncomfortable*???

If that’s your excuse for not following through, you’ll never accomplish anything BIG… like have a smokin’ hottie on your arm.

Smokin’ hottie getting busy.

Because everything worth getting WILL feel uncomfortable at times accomplishing it.  That means boring and uncomfortable, with fear, uncertainty, and all the rest.

But following through in the face of a hurricane of SHIT is called being a MAN.

You can’t argue with the raw maniless of the Bear-Man

Because women want a guy who will stop at NOTHING to get what he wants.

Women want a man who doesn’t give up.

Women want a man who persists in the face of bad feelings and in the face of total shit.

That’s the kind of man that can provide her with strong children and spread her genes, even when the going gets tough.

Your Feelings Are Being Coddled and Pussyfied

Part of the problem is that we men are conditioned by modern conveniences for easy pleasures.

I used to program video games back in the day, so I know the deal.

That’s me, before Seduction Science.  On the right.

It’s called, “Easy payoff with zero risk.”

Turn on Call of Duty and you get the thrill of warfare victory and a sense of accomplishment with ZERO of the risk and ZERO of the discomfort… except maybe a sleepy leg.

You can press a button on the remote and instantly get good feelings and laughs watching Comedy Central or being entertained by television dramas.

Or fuzz out on the sofa watching silly videos on the Internet.  Again, zero effort.

We’re coddled by modern technology to have easy payoffs and easy feelings.

So when we meet anything that’s REAL and a fucking, hard-ass CHALLENGE – like starting our own business, writing our dream novel, or blowing up the bars and clubs approaching women – we GIVE UP at the slightest discomfort and resistance!

That’s why 90% of the Maxim readers out there are just looking for a “magic bullet” pickup line.

They want an easy “trick” that they can learn in 5 minutes that will magically make a woman spread her legs.

This magic-pill body deoderant will take you to “Paladin Level” with horny girls!!

It’s the same reason so many people buy “abdominal blasters” and diet detox shakes instead of just eating a sensible diet rich in vegetables and hitting up the gym three times a week.  They’re conditioned to seek easy feelings and magic bullets.

But to grow into a MAN, you have to let go of this idea that a feeling of discomfort is enough reason to stop something big and worthwhile.

Because it’s not.  Anything worth fighting for WILL make you feel a massive level of discomfort at first.

Hmmmm… yeah, it’s worth fighting for.

But you’ve got to blast through that wall, dedicate yourself to the long-haul, have dogged persistence, be consistent, and never give up!

And particularly never give up over “your feelings”.

Bad feelings will come and go.  You’ll have highs, and you’ll have lows.

But your mantra needs to be consistency, persistence, and dedication in the face of all adversity and resistance.

So are you going out and meeting women, despite internal resistance that you might feel?

Are you exercising and hitting the gym to stay fit healthy?

Yes, it’s fucking tough.

Yes, it’s a bitch.

And yes, it feels uncomfortable at first.

But that’s life man.  And that’s what brings success and reaps the REAL rewards in life – persistence in the face of those feelings and adversity.

So step up, follow through, be persistent, and NEVER fucking give up!!

139 thoughts on “Why When You Roll In Shit, You Hump The Hotties!”

  1. tnx Jesse.though it is exelent to never give up,but some women might see you as a stalker,that’s one thing we dont want.

  2. We need more wing-men in the world like you. I ready to take this challenge and it should work. I admit I’m not a coffee shop and bar person, (I hate coffee and new to drinking), but I will say bring it on. I personally hope this system works for me.

  3. Thank you for the advise on this post

    I noticed I get high by myself or look for advice on the internet to escape any feeling of discomfort.

    Is there anything I can do to toughen up with my escape of comfort so I can set my priorities to be more of a man?

  4. Thank you for this open honesty. You mentioned TV or video games for easy comfort.

    I noticed that my escapes are 2 things. Getting stoned by myself instead of socially, and also I browsing the internet looking for “how to” stuff how to “find a girlfriend”, “make money”, “find balance”, basically stuff like this, for my comfort zone… also Facebook sometimes

    Do you have any advise on what I can do to to get my priorities straight and toughen up to be more of a man?

    I like yours because your just sharing your opinion. not some book to sell or anything which I appreciate.

  5. I’m a 52-y.o. man who tries to live this principle, but haven’t applied it to all areas; e.g. I work out like a demon, but then use the resulting negative aspects of it (like massively perspiring and perhaps not smelling very fresh) as an EXCUSE to not approach women because of potential rejection. But after reading this post, not anymore! I’m going to just get in the game with confidence and absolute positivity.

  6. WAIT A SEXOND so your telling me all i have to do is roll around the dirt infront of the girl i wana have sex with while shes watching and ill get laid? rolling on dirt makes a girl horny??? WTF BEST WEB EVER!!!

  7. nice your right we really need to man up a little
    and then a little more and then more and them more and ….
    untill we get into the ultimate shit its going to be tough but when we look back we see what we have done and what we can do again with less hardship

  8. No doubt that persistence is a key factor in anything that we wind up accomplishing in life in any catagory.

  9. Well it all sounds good but does it work.I been working on this girl for I don’t know how long. I haven’t given up but I haven’t gone none either. Prove me wrong please

  10. I am a 22year old student in Nigeria.well I don’t think it will work for me because our girls do not open up because of societal laws e.t.c

  11. I’m a 22 year old student and I live in Nigeria.I tink our girls are different well because of societal laws and sh*t so I dont. Think its gonna work for me.

  12. Well , I just wanted to say I found your page by my little “stumbleupon” button , I have been with the same wonderful woman for 30+ years now , and thats no easy trick. I have always made our love a priority , we share like best friends , and what I love is to find some new twist to keep the flame hot.

  13. You are right it’s tough but if you sit on your ass and don’t something about it the guys at the club feel you don’t got the goods to deliver

  14. It’s all phsycology and how you perceive things. It’s also how women perceive things.. your right about the technology. It’s a excuse for pleasure that could fuck you over. All you gotta do is try.

  15. I know I m a attractive fit older man who stays in shape, but still feel attracted to younger hot women in late twenties and thirties,
    ok I m fifty went through a divorce but still have these desires for younger women and don t know how to seduce younger women and maybe feel wrong I do. I feel I still have the look but know skills to attract them, I m lost I what to do or what to say to get them interested or maybe I wasting my time. hmmm just confused and lost jesse and maybe you can give me some advice.

  16. Yes..Thank you Mr.Jessie charger… You rock!..Thank you once again..& hoping to learn more from you.

    Adam from Papua New Guinea

  17. Well thanks jesse charger but i did not understand the book it all worthless in reading it again i had only requested on how to make a girl laugh. But i guess i asked the wrong person i will be glad if u sent me that book.

  18. Pshemek Janovich

    Good that some people still inspire men how to be real MEN! Great article. Keep it up! Not many of us left these days anyway..

  19. Thanks man…I need help gettin back into the game. ..its been awhile for me…im going through a break up that caught me off guard and I wanna make her regret it

  20. I love this man. I’m all about motivational shit. I’m going to try and watch this every morning and every night.. just have it engrained in my consciousness

  21. I have hooked up with the most gorgeous lady whom I have been courting for almost 6 months but she is too shy and freezing when we are together but over the phone she is comfortable.How can I make her hooked into me and comfortable when we are together?

  22. I agree with Sydney girl.I know this guy that has this cute girlfriend and tells me he still whacks to porn.I have heard that you have to stop jerking off to get a girl.I think its bs

  23. luckily i got ur site…i feel lucky to find u….u r just awesome n provided great guidance in all sensitive topics for every young ones…n ur work s so grt..i=if i get a chance i really want to meet u some day…thank u

  24. That’s all right! we all have to get over the drama and act like men. This kind of readings and tips have the topics that all we have to keep in mind.

  25. My wife left me last month. She took my kids back to Colombia. She told me that I will never see them again. She left me because I have no job. Times have been hard here in California. I went to Colombia 11years ago, because the women there love older men. My ex-wife was 16 years younger than me. I am going to swallow my pride, get a loan, and start my own trading business. I love younger women!!!!

  26. Jesse, whether you know it or not, you are by far one of the best motivational gurus out there. This goes beyond chasing women; It applies to success in life in general. For one, I would easily re-read and revisit many of your more brilliant posts and feel very empowered by them.

    Maybe you SHOULD, as someone else suggested, put them in book form, or in some other dedicated publication outlet, website, etc…

    Thank you for 10 years of truly helpful advice. May the force… !

  27. Marvellous.
    u have the genius to show us the way to make our rod almighty. That’s what my birch cavity covets for and killed my dil as accidentally my rod turned weak.I vowed in my every cell to strip her before the whole world

  28. Thank you this helped me out a lot.I Appreciate your helpful Advice.this will help my communications. .

  29. Thanks, man.

    Been going through a tough, painful week.
    And reading your advice about persisting though discomfort gave me some strength and motivation.
    Keep it coming!

  30. Thanks for th ePeptalk. Still looking and will not settle. Pissing off lots of people until then. Glad sometimes It is about me. No long a sucker for girls. Only with those who will give as good as they get.

  31. I was married for over 14 years and I am glad I came across your site.
    I learned some things about women the hard way. Younger guys listen, try and learn from him.

  32. Jesse, in another reply, u hv said “persistence vs being needy is a state of mind. Persistence = you persist, but you don’t NEED the girl. You can walk away from her. Or, if she walks away from you, you can laugh about it. Nor are you trying to impress her.
    Neediness is completely different. You try to impress her, and if things don’t go your way, you’re devestated.
    Girls easily pick up on the difference” –
    but my Q is > being ‘out of site’ of a girl [to give her space and/or not to appear needy] can lead to you being ‘out of mind’ of her?

    1. I can answer this one from my personal experience. No out of sight does not necessarily mean out of mind, think about it this way: just because she is out of your sight is she out of your mind? Depends how you go about it. If done right you will appear on her mind more. I think his point is that even if she does “forget” about you it doesn’t bother you. You don’t need her in order to be happy or successful. She isn’t everything to you. There are others who are interested so you won’t waste your time and energy on someone who isn’t. See the difference?

  33. Hi Jesse your article about Colombian women is very informative. I am currently dating a colombian women in USA but she immigrated here 6yrs ago from Medellin. She just wants to be a good friend and nothing more than that. She is very beautiful and super nice. But I was looking for a relationship and eventually marriage so decided to visit colombia. how reliable are these online dating site like amilatino.com

  34. I found as a young guy .. when talking to a young woman .. Getting into a rather magnetic educated conversation and allowing them to as well give their views while as IF ignoring her body ( AND THAT YOU WANTED ALL OF IT ) was one way I found that the most attractive younger women (OLDER AS WELL ) were so absorbed in and sooner or later the conversation has it’s little suggestions and before too long you both are humping your brains out .. IT WORKS
    ( And way better of all on blondes .. lmao .. )

  35. A couple of years ago I opened two women who were talking on the side of the road, I jokingly teased them and one got really irate. She shouted something at me and was red in the face. Having read the pua stuff, I just calmly said “I was only joking of course, I don’t know you that well” She took two or three steps forward really quickly and grabbed me for a hug on the waist, realised what she was doing and jumped back again to her previous position. It is only then that I truly realised that if you can take their shit, they are attracted to you.

  36. hey dude,
    nice article, the pictures really help. now, i can say seducing women are easy as getting a booger on your nose.
    great job!!

  37. It’s high time we men stood up and knocked women off their pedestal of being *angels* from heaven. Time to man up guys! Your article is just inspiring Jesse cuz of the truth about it. Like the part about instant feeling good when we’re gaming and pussying down when it comes to women and feeling like shit. I was there a long time ago, now i’m on my road to success with women. Your articles really open my eyes up to many things that i overlooked and didn’t see. Thanks Jesse for your articles!!! You’re THE MAN. No bullshit about it.

  38. Woman don`t want you if you are ugly and stinky ,but they want you if you persist and never give up and work hard to create sexual attraction and love.

  39. The truth hurt! We men became so desent and boring, and special to women. The comfortzone make you leasy as hell! I’m total agree wiht Jesse! Your da men!

    Great job!!

  40. Truly inspring, man!

    You can replace ‘picking up girls’ with ‘passing an exam’, ‘building muscles’, etc. and still would be a wonderful, inspiring article!

    Great job!

  41. Hello, Jesse.

    Your articles are full of fun and wisdom. They are superb!

    Referring to your picture above, BEFORE seduction science, the one in which you appear with another fellow and a computer …..

    I didn’t know your name was Steve Wosniak (the inventor/creator of the Apple computer) in your younger days. I can see YOU there with Steve Jobs

    So after, inventing the Apple computer and founding Apple, you decided to stop inventing new computers and dedicate your life to interfacing with great looking babes. That is REAL FUN.

    In spite of your joke about Steve Wosniak’s picture being yours,
    and which most guys here have NO clue about, your web site is GREAT and very useful!!!!!

    GREAT WORK !!!

  42. You know – you could select some of the material ,the best ,funniest photos and comments ,some tricks ,add some good clues on how to get and how to keep (or loose :0) a girl …..make a book and it will be a bIG BOOM !!!
    You have fantastic sense of humour,if you cut out and rid off some most vulgar pictures and comments – it will sell like hot bread in all book shops!!!
    You could write to all – aim all adult readers ,educated ones as well -just don`t repel them with too strong language).Everyone would benefit from your knowledge about sex ,love and anatomy…I`m telling you -DO IT !!!Not only for your readers -make it WORLDWIDE !!! It will be a success -you`ll see!!!
    And I will be first to buy it 😛

      1. Love the photos! They are hilarious and hot. They are a big part of why I come back to your site. Keep it up. 😉

      2. Jesse…don’t ever, EVER stop putting in those pics…they r what make your posts UNIQUE…there’s nothing like this out there….NOTHING!

        The zany pics in your posts are what make you, YOU!

        DO NOT remove them. It would be suicide if you did.

        Rock on baby…may the FORCE be with you!

      3. And yes, I can see why those pics are time consuming to put in…they are sooooooo appropriate to the point you make! I love the pics….puhleeeeez do not remove them!

  43. Hey jesse

    Could you just throw away these dirty pictures of women.İ know we love in deep down this stuff but whenever İ come to your site, İ feel urge to masturbate and İ reaaly do but one of the pick up guru that İ cant remember his name said ”A person who masturbate cannot succeed in life’So the images confusing and make difficult to focus on your valuable post.

    1. Load of shite. I masturbate daily and I’m successful. Whoever spewed out that line was a dumb ass religious zealot.

      Masturbation makes you less needy.

  44. Hey jesse i love your stuff i was going to put this article i wrote in my journal to also help guys if that is ok. The secret of A true natural women love. The secret of a true natural women love is you have to do the work your self. The secret is you and that is it no matter what. You have to do the work to get the woman of your dreams and that is the truth. The things that are stopping you is you. Look the truth is that it is the same way like you were in school. Remember when you wanted to graduate and then you finally did. That was because of you and no one else. Listen I may not be a pick up artist but I know if I want A woman of my dreams that I have to do the work. Coifdence Look I know coifdence is hard to have or know what coifdence really is. The coifdence is in your heart. You have to look into your heart and beleave in yourself to succeed with A woman. Listen once you know how to beleave in your self women will be all over you because they will see the real you and not the fake you. Remember you have to do the work though. This is what I need you to do. You have to force yourself to approach A woman no matter what happens as quickly as possible. The choice is up to you and no one else. I know this sounds impossible but thats only because you think that way.The truth is you can do it and the reason is because you are a true natural and nothing stops you besides you. Just take action of your life already before its to late. The secret is you. You are responsible for your outcomes with women. Women love you because you do the work. The person inside of you is called the inside person people love to be around and women to. You have to be able to connect with that person inside of you just like you connect with a friend or loved one and women will love you for being that valuble guy. The secret to connect with the inside person is to trust the inside person and yourself together. Once you gain that trust with the inside person nothing can stop you besides you. I know this might sound confusing but once you realize that it was you all along it will make perfect sense to you. The secret action plan is to force yourself to take action without a plan because you are the plan. You will approach A woman no matter what and you will suceed. You will get her number. You will get a date with the woman of your dreams. Listen you will succeed. You better not give me the i cant do the work because im to shy or any of that. Say this 5 times/ I will do the work I will do the work I will do the work I will do the work I will do the work.

  45. life’s fucking tough

    life’s full of uncomfortable

    Yes, do not fucking give up over these feeling and adversity

    Jeff. P.R.C

  46. Truly inspring, man!

    You can replace ‘picking up girls’ with ‘passing an exam’, ‘building muscles’, etc. and still would be a wonderful, inspiring article!

    Great job!

  47. Can u explain the difference between being persistent and being needy especially when its about women, and meeting the resisitance? How can one project persistance without being needy/insecure??

    1. persistence vs being needy is a state of mind. Persistence = you persist, but you don’t NEED the girl. You can walk away from her. Or, if she walks away from you, you can laugh about it. Nor are you trying to impress her.

      Neediness is completely different. You try to impress her, and if things don’t go your way, you’re devestated.

      Girls easily pick up on the difference.

  48. Shadow, I believe Jessie would tell you…don’t spend all that persistence on ONE particular woman, but that HIS system will teach you how to reel in lots of fish.

    1. I’m yet to find an article that’s shit Jessie.

      You rock. I’m curious how you know this stuff?

      I don’t care what you look like, I’m all yours you sexy bastard. Intelligence is a massive turn on.

  49. Phenomenal, Jesse Charger!!!

    You are an oracle. You intimately know me.—& know what to say.

    Thanks, dear bro. Your newsletters are always stellar.

    Much love & respect,

    Madrid, Spain.

    1. luckily i got ur site…i feel lucky to find u….u r just awesome n provided great guidance in all sensitive topics for every young ones…n ur work s so grt..i=if i get a chance i really want to meet u some day…thank u

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