How To KEEP A Girl Who Is “Out of Your League”

How many married women cheat on their men?

Go on, take a guess!

According to research the number is over ** 50% ** (and these are just the wives who ADMIT to cheating).


And with “causal girlfriends”, not surprisingly, the percentage rises significantly.

And you thought MEN were bad.

Know why? Shocking as it may be, most women say it’s because they get BORED.

The fact is, as lovers, most of us men suck.

Most women don’t have an orgasm most of the time.

Can you imagine how long you’d stay with a lady if she couldn’t give YOU an orgasm?

That’s one reason half of all wives, and many more girlfriends, CHEAT. (Statistically, it’s probably happened to you too, whether you know it or not.)

And A LOT of women get MORE sexual excitement from their affairs and flings than from their relationships.

For example, whenever I tried to hold a DEEPER relationship with a really hot girl, it always fell apart.

That’s partly because every man isn’t, well… a MAN.

They may look like a man. They may talk like man.

But in the BEDROOM, they fuck like a boy. And this isn’t something you can fake.

Only supreme bedroom confidence and dominance makes women get WET.

After years of research and experimentation, I found the key.

Blissnosis is all about KEEPING a relationship with a HOT girl who has her choice among men.

In the past, it was all about “getting the girl”.

But if you want to KEEP the girl, or keep a beautiful woman sexually “addicted” to you, you need a different set of skills.

Most sex advice you find in books and popular culture comes from the common misunderstanding that women become aroused mostly through physical techniques like trying different positions. But that’s not true.

Becoming a great lover isn’t how you work a woman’s body, but rather in how you work her MIND.

Think about it, good sex is mental.

Unlike men, any woman can be trained to have orgasms just through mental fantasizing. Sex for a woman at its very nature, at its very core, starts from inside her head.

Great physical technique may make you a good lover; but Blissnosis, tapping directly into her mind, will make you a God.

And when you OWN a woman’s sexual mind, you won’t have to worry about your woman cheating on you with another guy – or even THINKING about any other guy!

After all, a man who is “sexually addictive” where the girls continually squirt wet orgasms from tapping into her deepest fantasies, is a man worth more to beautiful women than his weight in gold!

She won’t get bored. She won’t be faking. She won’t want anyone else because she’s never MET another man who can give her bed-breaking orgasms like you can.

You see, every woman has TWO sides to her. She has the artificial woman she shows on the surface, and she has the sexual woman she FEELS underneath.

And once you know how to tap into the real, sexual woman underneath, she’ll be yours forever, no matter how “out of your league” she is!

The new Blissnosis, 2011 Edition is intense, graphic, and revolutionary.

Within a few days you’ll be able to sexually tap into a woman’s mind and “hijack” her own fantasies to orgasm her. And your girls will remember the rough, primal sex with you for the rest of their lives!

And once you tap into women’s minds on this deeper sexual level, no other man will even have a CHANCE with your girl.

It’s time to take your sexual destiny BACK, and KEEP the girls you deserve – and give them the man that THEY deserve.

Click on THIS link to download the program.

17 thoughts on “How To KEEP A Girl Who Is “Out of Your League””

  1. The fact is when I was young A LONG TIME AGO I would be taking out a model .. more n likely fishing .. Etc Etc . And another beautiful woman would show up soon along the way n stuff that up as she wanted to know what it was that attracted her so after a month or two of like wow relationship it’d be over n on with the other one .. but after awhile I realized the very beautiful outside often are NOT beautiful INSIDE lol ..

  2. Jesse,
    you are the man….

    I have been reading, the kinda tips u have been providing on your website…
    and that alone, helped me win my girl back whom, i almost lost to another guy. She strayed away from me because of my insensitive behavior, laid back attitude, Insecure behavior and continuous arguments. All thanks to your advises, I nailed it well and got her back with me.

    Just, wanna thank u a tonnes!!!
    ~ Tan.

  3. She loves her husband emotionally,but love her boyfriend`s dick sexually.I like the part of becoming a sexual god like superman. Women love all that fantasy and romance stuff.

  4. Women who cheat on their husbands do so because sex with her lover or lovers is so much pure heaven and pure physical pleasure and mental pleasure for her.SHe still loves her husband emotionally,but loves her boyfriends dick.YOu have to sexually fullfill your wife and make her only lust and crave you and make you feel like a man.

  5. I think women fall in love with a man who can do things to them in the bedroom that no other men can do…and they will tolerate/ignore alot of bad behaviour on his part for this too. Ive had women tell me..I wouldnt do that normally..but for you I will. Of course all of that is worthless if you can’t convince her to sleep with you in the first place!!

  6. I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of Blissnosis.

    Recent girlfriends have often texted me messages like “You’re a sex god” & “You’re the most amazing lover I’ve ever had” just by employing a few of the techniques that Jesse shares.

    And I’m still living in the same house as my soon-to-be-ex wife (and have been for the last two years) so nearly all the sex I’ve had has been in cars and hotel rooms.

    I can’t wait to finally move into my own home (only a few short weeks away now). I’m gonna have sooooo much fun.

    On second thoughts… You don’t wanna buy this product. It’s rubbish. You won’t learn anything. Especially if you live near me! 😉

  7. Hello jesse! I guess u re right, it has happened to me. Just been trying to set it right…..will still appreciate more updates.


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