How To Learn Game Fast, Cheap, AND Well! The Magic Triangle

Let’s talk about…

(1) Learning how to get good with women FAST.

(2) Learning how to get good with women CHEAP.

(3) And learning how to get good with women WELL.

It’s the FAST – CHEAP – GOOD triangle.

Now the general rule of the triangle is that you only have the luxury of 2 of the 3 of those factors working for you in learning to swoop girls.

Fast and Cheap!  But not Good…

New guys who come into this, go for fast and cheap.  But that means he doesn’t learn game well.

He discovers pickup, and of course, he wants to get some results FAST and as quick as he can.

And he wants to get the information for dirt cheap, or free.

So what does he do.  Internet search.  Pickup lines.  Magic bullets.  Maybe he reads some tips off a forum for a few hours.

And from this fast and cheap method, he’s *expecting* that he’ll also learn to swoop girls WELL, and that he’s going to get some phone numbers, and dates and lays from that fast, cheap magic bullet solution.

Well, if you go for fast and cheap, your training isn’t going to be good.  You don’t get real results.

Because some pickup lines or some theory doesn’t change the guy’s deeper, inner issues like not speaking loudly enough, or emotionally reacting to every response that women give him.

So he learns for free some quick tips, he goes out there, and in 99% of the cases, he has approach anxiety or talks to the girl and he instantly crashes and burns.

Remember our triangle of learning that you can only have two points; FAST and CHEAP, but at the expense of being GOOD.

Cheap and Good!  But Not Fast…

Or you can pick a different two points, learning game CHEAPLY, but also learning it WELL.

Here you’re getting free tips off the Internet and going out into the field, meeting real girls, and testing for yourself what works.

And you quickly realize this can take you YEARS to get handled, and that’s IF you got out 4 nights a week.

Learning by yourself for free and if you put in the sweat and grit and consistency and determination, then you can learn it well.

But boy, it’s a long, slow process that you can take YEARS.

So learning CHEAP and GOOD also comes with a price – you don’t learn it FAST that way!!

Good and Fast!  But Not Cheap…

So of course you want to learn to meet women WELL.

But say you also want to learn to meet women FAST.

In other words, you don’t want to spend YEARS figuring it out on your own.  NO, you want to get a big jumpstart in a single weekend.

If you want FAST but GOOD training, and get real results, real fast, and you don’t want to wade through the mountains of crap out there, the best way to learn well *and* fast is with one-on-one personal training from a professional instructor.

Someone who gets results making fast personal transformations.

That will typically cost you $20 to $50 dollars an HOUR for an instructor’s time, or a thousand or more dollars for a weekend.

Yes EXPENSIVE, but very FAST and EFFECTIVE.  You can get handled in a weekend what may have taken you months or even YEARS on your own.

That’s why I created Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control, so that it’s just like having me as your personal instructor with you, WITHOUT having to pay the sky-high prices.

It’s 15 hours of my instruction for as “near-to-free” price you can get.  Just click THIS link to grab it.

So reading “magic bullet” freebies off the Internet… fast and cheap, but it’s NOT good and it’s not effective overall.

Spending years in the field, figuring it for yourself with freebie tips… cheap and good, but it’s NOT fast.

Or training with professional instructors who correct you in-field… fast and good, but it’s NOT cheap.

See the choices?  You have the luxury of choosing only TWO out of the THREE, in general.

The Movies Analogy

You can apply this principle to most tasks in life.  Let’s say you’re producing a movie and you need to cast the actors for it.

Why not just cast your own friends or family as the actors in your movie?  After all, the casting process is fast, it’s instant, and your friends will work for free.

But your friends and family are not professional actors and the movie is going to suck like a bad porno flick.  Casting fast and cheap comes with a price… it won’t be good.

Or, you can just hire Brad Pitt as the lead actor by paying him a huge sum of millions of dollars.

If you have enough money – say $20 million – he’ll jump at the chance and the acting will be good.  It’s fast and it’s good.  But it’s not cheap.  Paying a top actor with name recognition his full worth is expensive!

But let’s say you’re on a tight budget and you need your actors to work for free, BUT you also want GOOD actors.

Well, now you’ve got to go about finding professional actors that will work for free.  Now you’ve got to personally research all the actors out there with good reputations, start making phone calls, sweet talk the actors into working for no salary, and face a lot of dead ends and rejections.

Eventually you could put together a great cast for free, but the process could take you MONTHS, if not YEARS to get a great acting cast together to work for free.

So What’s Your Pick?

If you learn game FAST and CHEAP, it won’t be GOOD.

If you learn game CHEAP and GOOD, it won’t be FAST.

And if you want to learn game FAST and GOOD, it won’t be CHEAP.

Now what I’ve done with Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control is strike a balance with the FAST-CHEAP-GOOD triangle.

The program is very affordable, it’s a quick way to learn just exactly what you need to succeed, AND it’s effective.

Just something to keep in mind when you pick your study medium.  Click THIS link here to get instant access to the program.

22 thoughts on “How To Learn Game Fast, Cheap, AND Well! The Magic Triangle”

  1. Hey Jess
    I have a real problem. I girl I’m horny about hangs out with trashy, violent, probably even armed guys. She’s into me up to here, she gets wet the moment she sees my but, to be honest with you, I’m afraid of their friends. She’s pure 9 and narcissistic. Should I start avoiding here, or… what. It’s not easy. I’m horny too. Help

  2. Hi Jesse,

    I’m confident about my self. The only problem I have is with conversation. When I talk to a person ( especially a girl), I’d quickly run out of things to say, then awkward silence comes. Is your program designed to help people on this part of the game? According to your letters, the program seems to be focused on the inner confident only.

  3. Liked your program.
    Would have loved the program more if transcripts of your audio files were also given. Not all buyers are comfortable with audio format. I am an addict of written material. Where are PDF files?

    1. Thanks… yes, I don’t give out PDF files or transcripts because all of my courses are spoken. Reading from a script can sound stiff and unnatural, and I’ve found that the proper emotional emphasis can’t be conveyed so well through reading text… audio almost always gives better results

  4. Jesse,

    and how about married men? They dont have all the time in the world to practise game. How can some one married make the best of running game?

  5. Thanks Jesse. I always love the way you put your articles together. I’ll have a look into your sexaul mind control pack… I’m a fast and good man 🙂

  6. Do you have any recommendations on where to stay in Barranquilla? I am from US and want to live there for 2 months on my passport. This is true I can stay here for 60 days right? Just on passport? Any recommendations please let me know, looking for something descently nice, not necessarily in the ghetto I can pay more for higher quality.
    willing to pay cash.

    1. Yes, you can stay up to 90 days on just your passport if you’re from the US. I was there some years ago and paid $40 for a decent hotel in a good area, but prices may be slightly up since then. will have some recommendations for different budgets.

    1. Hey i have a question, how do i respond to a woman that ask me why did i approach her or why am i talking to her out of all women?

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