50 Mistakes Nice Guys Make To Get A Girl You Want

Don’t try to buy your way to a woman’s heart. The more money you spend the more she acts like a prostitute- your money for her attention

A woman will resent when you spend money on her for no reason but her looks. Only spend money on a woman to reward good behavior

“I have him wrapped around my little finger” is what a woman thinks when a man lavishes her with a lot of presents before sleeping with her

Women feel pressure to reciprocate favors you’ve done for her- but sexually. She’ll feel pressure, she’ll be uncomfortable, and she’ll dump you

Stop trying to impress a beautiful woman. You will be the only man she’s ever met who’s not begging for her approval

Compliment sparingly- compliments lose their power the more you use them

If you compliment a woman too much and buy her gifts, you’re a dork. Only needy men suck up for a woman’s attention

Being “likable” does not equal being sexually desired. Being liked is not enough. Friends are liked. You must be sexy and sexual

Jerks aren’t good for women- but beautiful women fall for jerks ‘cause jerks treat them like human beings- not putting them on a golden pedestal

Don’t bribe beautiful women for their attention, approval, or sex. Your money alone won’t make them respect you

Don’t be embarrassed by women’s desire for sex. Women want sex. Men desire feminine women and women desire masculine men

Always seduce your woman. Create sexual tension. Otherwise, it’s the mirror equivalent of your women gaining 50 pounds of weight

Talk to people in front of your woman. Be sociable- it conveys sexual choice that women find extremely attractive

Take responsibility for your actions. If you hurt her, be a man and apologize

Set the frame- the man who leads always succeeds. By leading the frame you create circumstances and a reality that gets women

Beautiful women can have sex whenever they want with needy men. Their real challenge is to find a strong man who doesn’t need them

Focus on your own self-improvement. Be your own best competition and constantly break your limitations

Women will test you. “Do you walk your talk?” It’s their way of knowing whether you’re the real deal

Putting up drama is one of a woman’s tests. Remain cool, calm, confident- women like a man who doesn’t take her drama too seriously

A woman will test you by saying how other men are interested in her. She wants to see if you’re jealous and needy. Just keep your cool

Women love a man who is stable, powerful and decisive… but chivalrous. Wussy men who always kiss ass are none of these

Compliments when said powerfully, congruently, relaxed, with eye contact, with a smile, and with no apology floor a woman off her feet

If you compliment a woman simply to win her approval, she will see you as a weak beggar. Rather, compliment from a place of personal power

Don’t compliment women on their looks- this is what every guy does. Rather, compliment a woman on her energy and how she holds herself

Don’t bring a woman flowers on the first date. After all, how has she proven herself to you besides her looks? Women don’t sleep with needy men!

Lavishing a woman with gifts is submissive behavior. Who is the dominant one, you or her? Have her be the one lavishing you with kisses

Don’t reward beautiful women for their bad behavior. If they’re acting like a spoiled brat, stand up for what’s right and say NO

Be decisive, but don’t be a dictator. You want a woman who trusts your decisions, not one who follows you out of coercion and control

Don’t chase a woman’s approval like a lost puppy. Women want a man, not a wuss

Take into account a woman’s opinions but make your own decisions. You won’t always win, but she’ll respect you

If you don’t take charge, women will take charge of you. Take into account what she says, but make decisions

Pickiness is a quality of an attractive man. Be picky about the food you eat, what you drink, the clothes you wear, and even picky of where you sit

Handle a woman’s bad moods playfully. Break her state- tickle her, spin her around, dance with her, slap her butt, hit her with a pillow, laugh

If you allow a woman to walk all over you and reward her for it, you create a spoiled monster

Treat your woman like you would a forbidden mistress. Throw her down on the bed and ravish her

When you lack purpose, a woman will direct your life, hassle, and nag you. She will attempt to give you direction since you lack it

If a woman sees you have options and are desirable to other women, she’ll work hard with good behavior to keep you happy

Women will often plea and pout and withdraw emotionally to get their way- don’t cave in. They’re testing if you have a backbone

You know you’re pussy-whipped when you become falsely agreeable

Don’t give a woman free reign to your MasterCard or feel that you have to buy her expensive dinners or nice clothes to win her love

Instead of encouraging and rewarding women’s bad behavior, encourage and reward her GOOD behavior

You wouldn’t reward your friends or family for walking all over you– so don’t treat a woman any differently just because she’s beautiful

All the money, material, and career success in the world is pointless if you can’t relax enough to be around and entertain beautiful women

Traditional dating advice demands that men kiss a woman’s ass and give women all the power- throw such advice in the garbage where it belongs

Candies, cards, flowers, and fine dining can’t cover up your nervousness. A relaxed man needs none of these and is desired for who he is

Be a gentleman- hold the door, let her walk first, take her hand. But don’t be a boring stiff who’s always worried about how to act

There’s a difference between being a good guy with a good heart and being a wet noodle of a nice guy- a backbone

The romantic hero is neither a “nice guy” nor a “jerk”- the romantic hero needs neither a woman’s approval nor put her down

Don’t profess your love for a woman until AFTER you’ve slept with her- otherwise, the pressure will drive her away

On a date, don’t lean in and fawn over a woman. Sit back, relax, and let her come to you

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  1. Actually I find these to be very true. I was a bit more submissive than I should have been with this chick I know and I felt like I was kinda led around by a leash. Than I started becoming more assertive and began “leading” metaphorically speaking. By the end of the next conversation, I could see the roles reversing.

  2. LET Gina enjoy her time in the sun, and enjoy every minute of the attention she gets from men. Sadly her looks will fade and the attention will dry up. But if she is sensible enough to get a good man before her looks go, it won’t matter so much.

  3. I am one of the beautiful ones and I have built tall walls because of it…if I had not built the walls, my bedroom would need a revolving door! I am voluptuous with long bones, a thin graceful neck, black hair/blue eyes and a stunning face. Men have kissed my ass since I was 12. I do love men; I don’t care if you are missing a little hair, or not muscular, or a little thin, or a little heavy, or older, there is something hot about each one of you (well, almost each one)! I have been stared at my whole life, eye contact IS THE NORM. Men want me to notice them, even for a moment, and I like noticing you. You follow me through grocery stores, stare in church, stumble over yourselves in restaurants and fall all over me when I walk into a place of business. I even had a guy standing in line for confession leer at me! (I’m sure he’s going to hell, that was crossing the line) 🙁 Let me ask you guys -. why do you just stand there and fumble your words? Why do you keep apologizing for some dumb thing, like making me wait a few minutes? Quit being such jellyfish and stand out from the crowd. I don’t mean for you to be mean, that is a total turn off! But man up! Don’t apologize for stuff that isn’t your fault just to make conversation – just make conversation. Don’t just stare like a hungry wolf, intense eye contact 2 or 3 times is fine, but after that you better approach or you will look like an inexperienced fool. And, nothing turns me off more than when an accomplished middle aged man (the 20somethings I can forgive) loses it and stand there staring with his mouth hanging open, letting me reduce him to an 8 year old boy, even for a moment, makes me want to vomit. If you try to approach me after that, expect to have your ass handed to you on a platter. I will reject you, mercilessly. Don’t compliment my looks, of course you like what you see, I’m eye candy, and don’t make a sexual joke, that makes me feel like you think I’m easy, and pisses me off, and whatever you do – DON’T stand there silently, expecting me to do your work for you. If you approach – T A L K. Sounding like an idiot is forgivable (maybe even cute), not speaking isn’t. Start a conversation – something interesting; ask me what I think about Poe or Plato or Da Vinci or tell me about some irony in your life or why you chose the field of work you did, or something you have always dreamed of doing. Brush my arm, if I don’t pull away put your hands on me; my shoulders, arms or face and if you really have some nerve, put your hands on my neck. Be forceful in a gentle way. Don’t let me leave, stand in my way. Take charge. Lead. Let me be bitchy from time to time, it’s not going to kill you, men have always spoiled me, just sit there and stare at me; it’ll unnerve me and I’ll stop. But don’t try to stop me from EVER being bitchy, I will find another man’s shoulder to cry on and you know what that will lead to. Know that I am capable of being true to you, I may tease and flirt but once I am “with” a man, no other man will touch me. Period. I am always aware you are bigger and stronger than I am, and there is an element of fear there…don’t scare me too much when you are angry, you can a woman’s heart through intimidation. Never, ever,ever expect me to approach you…why oh why would you think I would ever work that hard? And, remember nothing easy is worthwhile and nothing worthwhile is easy. You must stand apart from the crowd, otherwise I won’t see you. You can do this guys. I know you can. Take the risk. Beautiful women get lonely too, trust me. Love & kisses!

    1. Hi Gina and thanks for you honnest opinion.

      I do agree with many things you said about why men should learn how to recover their lost manhood. But there is something else you ought to understand about this issue. From what I can tell from your post, it is as if you believe that being a beautiful woman is being a golden prize to be won by men! But this is a very wrong thinking, because only brainwashed or immature men consider beautiful women as a price.

      After all, it all depends on which kind of men you want to have and the kind of relationship you prefer. If you just want is to get some guy who will take you to bed, then definitely your advise is appropriate (note that even uggly or less attractive women do get guys who want sex from them, although the beautiful ones get more sex requests). On the other hand, if what you want is to get a serious, mature, and balanced man, then you really need to rectify your thinking pattern, because most of those men will request the same thing from you if they are to have a long term relationship with you.

      If you are a mature and responsible woman, you must understand that it is wrong for you to expect that men should always do all the dirty works in a relationship, and you only to reap the benefits. Only spoilt brats put themselves at the judges’s bench all the time, and that is why they only get men whose sole intent is to hit and run. Should you continue with that kind of mindset, you will be setting yourself up for a life of promiscuity, and once your physical credentials have decayed due to age, you will have already counted a few dozens of men on your belt, with none of them to stick around.

      I just wanted to address that general misconception that so many women have (especially the beautiful ones) which consists of thinking that even if they badly want a man, he is the one who must still do everything and they must not even lift a finger in order to get him (other than showing some clevage).

      If you meet a guy who already know how to work around the bichness of women and play them to get laid, then what makes you think that you are the first woman he has ever used his skill on, or that you will be the last one? I strongly believe that women too must learn how to step up, built some character (spoiled brats sucks!) work on their personalities, and learn how to APPROPRIATELY approach or at least lead on the men they desire.

      There is nothing that turns me more on than meeting a girl who is not shy to indirectly let me know that she is interested in me, because that shows her sincerity and I know that I can rely on her, and that she will be a loyal girlfriend, instead of the one who is constantly judging my skill’s performance and who, when things get difficult in a relationship, “would go find another man’s shoulder to cry on” as you said.

  4. I’ve been a wussie all my life. Girls usually get attracted to me because of my looks.

    After the first stage, I find my tongue tied to the roof of my mouth. I don’t what to say to keep a conversation going.

    Now, this chic I got to know just started dissing me. She says I have a tight grip on her and I don’t behave classy.

    I know she’s right. I just don’t know how to change this.

    30 years of age and still no girlfriend. I try very hard to change this, but I can’t.

    Just help me please if you can. I’ll be eternally grateful if you can help me overcome this challenge.

    Uche from Nigeria

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