Jesse’s Guide to the Mister Babilla disco, Cartagena Colombia (with Photos!)

Next time you visit Colombia in South America, party at the Mister Babilla disco in Cartagena (P.S. that’s me in the photo above on the left).

Mister Babilla caters to an upscale crowd and is packing with decently hot, upper-middle class Latina chicas.

This guide will show you what the girls look like, how friendly they are, and what it takes to hook up with them!

Now Colombian discos work differently than an American dance club, so my guide is essential to being prepared for a night of fun before you show up at the door.

Getting Inside Mister Babilla

Typical Cartagena chicas at Mister Babilla.

My friend is good pals with the owner, so our group got in free.

I don’t even know what the cover is, but I’m guessing it’s around $10 U.S. dollars, which would be quite expensive in Cartagena.  Getting inside is quick too, as they generally don’t pack the line.

You can’t get inside wearing shorts and flip flops however, and it wouldn’t make a good impression with the women anyway.  You MUST wear a nice shirt, and pants or jeans.  Err on the side of dressy rather than casual.

Once you get inside, the Mister Babilla disco consists of one really big room which is partly divided into two areas, and one area has a large bar.  The décor is colorful and energetic, and they mix up salsa music with American music.

What to do when you first get inside..

Groups initially sit down at these wooden tables and order a bottle of Rum and sodas.

Mister Babilla works very differently from an American dance club.

In an American club, you typically find a big empty dance floor with bars against the walls.

Early in the night, people stick to the bars, as gradually more people step into the middle dance floor.  As the club gets busier, more people are forced to the dance floor and the energy heats up.

It’s very different at Mister Babilla, and for Colombian discos in general.  Around 10:00, small groups start trickling into the disco.  Instead of an empty dance floor, there are wooden tables everywhere.  Each group grabs a table and orders a bottle of rum.  It almost feels more like a restaurant with dance music than anything else.

Around 11:00, a few people stand up from their tables and start dancing next to their table.

By around 12:00 Midnight, everyone is standing up from their tables and dancing in the narrow aisles.

And I mean literally * EVERYONE * is dancing.  Like 100% of everyone.

It becomes an energetic blast of a dance party, which you’ll probably find the atmosphere more enjoyable and joyous than your typical American dance club.

This goes on until at least 4:00 in the morning.

Ordering Drinks Etiquette

The girls are generally pretty and all are thin, though facial quality varies.

I suggest you arrive early while it’s still relatively quiet and settle in before things get too crowded or energetic.  10:30 is a good time to show up.

If you’re by yourself, head on over to the bar and grab a seat.  There you can drink beer or aguardiente or Rum.

It’s better though if you can go with at least one buddy, even if it’s a Colombian that you’ve met on your trip and you need to pay his way (as most Colombians are broke by U.S. standards).

In that case, grab a table instead.  The waiters will hand you a menu and expect you to buy a bottle of rum.  But don’t worry, it’s not too expensive.  You can order a bottle of rum that will be good for four people for around $50 dollars.  Order one bottle and keep it at your table all night!  And order some Sprite or Coca-Cola as well to mix the liquor.  Everything is relatively cheap.

Remember too that $50 for a bottle at a table is pretty dirt cheap, considering that a table in a South Beach or L.A. will run you around $400 dollars or more!

And if you’re in a group of four people, consider that getting a table is like paying only $15 a person for drinks at one of the most upscale discos in Cartagena.

So Jesse, What Are The *GIRLS* Like?

Here you can see the wooden table with the bottom of rum in the ice bucket.

Okay, so let’s move on to the most important part, the GIRLS!

The girls are very easy on the eyes, but like at all places quality does VARY!

There are a few beautiful girls (the 9s), while most girls are somewhere in the middle (8s and 7s).

The cool thing is that there are virtually NO ugly girls!

ALL the girls are quite doable, and with at least decent bodies.  It just comes down to differences in levels of facial cuteness.

That’s because all the women are quite young, are middle class with the money to glitter up, and Colombian women in general do a lot of walking and stay lean.

Virtually all the women in Mister Babilla are “Morenas”.  Morena means a chick who isn’t black and who isn’t white, but is instead a brown shade, varying from a very light brown to darker brown.

The ratio of men to women is pretty good too.  Just from eyeballing it, I’d say about an even 50-50 ratio the night I was there.

What I like most about the Colombian women though are their friendliness, dance energy, and rhythm which translates into a particular sensuality that you don’t really find in the U.S.

On Being a Gringo in the disco…

Some of the girls are quite young too, and will find a Gringo interesting… but bring some broken Spanish or it’s a NO GO!!!

If you’re white skinned, you’ll stand out and it’s to your advantage.

Besides myself, I only saw one other Gringo male there, out of some hundreds of partiers.

Being tall is also a big plus.  At 6 feet tall, I was maybe the tallest guy there, as Colombian men are quite short.

Having blonde, red, or light brown hair will also draw attention from women, as it’s a rarity there.

Still, visitors mistake that being a Gringo automatically means that they’ll get laid.  It doesn’t.

Yet, more girls will look in your direction (you’ll get more IOIs), but that doesn’t translate into automatic pussy.

So here’s what you have to do to make things happen…

Getting the Sexy Colombian Girls

Many Latin women have a certain “salsa sensuality” that’s hard to capture in just a photo.

At around 10:30, people are still trickling in and sitting down at the tables in their small groups, while a few go to the bar.  People basically stick with their own small groups and I saw absolutely NO inter-group mingling early in the night whatsoever.

In addition, ALL the women are chaperoned by males, as the men always pay.

So early in the night, there are nothing but MIXED sets who are ALL sitting down at TABLES, and NO ONE is mingling.

ALL the women are chaperoned by males.  Some are with boyfriends, but many of the girls are actually single, so don’t be fooled!

That’s why it’s sweet to go with your own small group and grab your own table to start things off.

Just start by getting into the party atmosphere with your own group at your own table.  Smile a lot, and girls will take notice of you and begin throwing IOIs your way.

If you walk in by yourself instead, you’ll feel out of place initially and by default find yourself making your way to the bar, which is perfectly cool too.

Your best bet if you’re by yourself is to pump your state by talking to anyone you can at the bar.

You should also do a lot of wide ear-to-ear smiling, which will allow the women to take notice of you as fun, positive person.

By the way, that’s why I created the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program, so that you can PRE-ATTRACT all the women around you BEFORE you even say a word.

Exhibit A: Fire-blooded Cartagena turbo hotties!

It’s powerful stuff, and you can even specifically target the hottie you most fancy so that she’s “primed” up for you when you bump into her later in the night.  And if you’re a foreigner to Colombia, you can literally clean up with the turbo hotties.  Click HERE for the program.

Now early in the night, a few girls will already start throwing a few IOIs your way.  Remember though that IOIs only serve to stroke your hungry ego and have nothing to do with getting actual results.

By 12:00 Midnight, just about everyone has stood up from their tables and are dancing in place to the music.  Everyone seems to genuinely be having fun, feeling the music, and partying like Colombians.

Once the girls are standing up and dancing next to their tables, this is the time you can really mingle and meet them.

Meeting The Girls Advanced Tips

Colombian women are very friendly to foreigners, which I can confirm from personal experience!!

Colombian people are very friendly in general and the girls will enjoy you practicing your Spanish with them.  In other words, the women are friendly and many will enjoy talking to a foreigner.

And even though the women are always chaperoned by other men, many of the women are single.

Now here are some ESSENTIAL tips:

Tip #1. You need to speak some basic Spanish.

Most of the women’s English is very weak and if you can’t speak any Spanish, they’ll get bored with you fast.  So before you go, do the 90 lessons of Pimpsleur Spanish.  Otherwise you’ll be spinning your wheels and going nowhere.

Tip # 2. Resist feeding off IOIs.

Hell, it’s nice to get lots of looks from cute girls.  But getting looks from girls is NOT the same as getting RESULTS.  What happens is a guy gets looks from girls, it feeds his ego, and he falls into a “comfort zone” of just getting IOIs… but taking no action.  He just sits there.  Don’t let that happen to you.

And remember, you never need an IOI to approach a girl you fancy.  Don’t look for her permission to act, just act by your own accord and be social and friendly.

That’s me again!  Dress nice, smile, say hello, be talkative, practice your Spanish… listen to my kick-ass 15 hour program 🙂 … and live the dream!

Tip #3. Your goal should be to LET GO, smile, laugh, dance, be social, and have fun.

If you’re only thinking about getting laid and you’re inside your head and very serious about it, your energy will NOT match the energy of the other Colombians.

Instead, you’ll feel very intimidated by the rollicking party atmosphere and you’ll instead withdraw into your own little cocoon.

Rather, be that fun party guy who is talkative and wants to practice his Spanish and leave your “thinking game strategy” behind you.

Tip #4. You will need to open girls who are in mixed sets.

There’s two rules with Colombian women.

They’re ALWAYS chaperoned by other guys, even if they’re single.

And a Colombian girl will NEVER open you first.

So if saying hello to a girl in a bar in your home country terrifies the shit out of you, you’ll be equally terrified of taking initiative in Colombia.  Besides getting some IOIs which will pump your ego a little, nothing REAL will happen.

So be sure that you can open girls and say hello back HOME before you come to a disco in Colombia!

I created the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program just so that you can pre-attract women and say hello with natural relaxation that’s also positive and infectious – you know, in the way that makes the girl light right up and smile!

It’s fucking potent, and a formula I’ve developed over 10 years of being in the game so I recommend you download it right away to get started.  Just click THIS LINK to get your hands on the program.

And Here’s What NOT To Do…

That night I mentioned I saw only ONE other Gringo male there, about age 25 maybe.

So you’d at least THINK that the odds would be stacked FOR him.

As everyone was dancing, he stood with his back up against the wall facing the crowd, just looking into the crowd and expressing no emotion.

So already this is bad, because the place is going crazy and he’s the only one not adding any positive feelings to the party.

Despite that, a really hot Colombian girl actually turned to face him and started dancing for him.  She was giving him an open, naked opportunity to do SOMETHING.  She obviously wanted him to make a move on her.

BUT… he just stood there.

He stood there looking at her, not even cracking a smile.  You could tell he was paralyzed and stifled, unsure whether to step up, and looking for even more permission from the girl to act.

After about 5 minutes she turned back to her group.


All he needed to do was grab her and start dancing… dancing lamely even.  Or say “Hello” into her ear.  Something…  Anything!!

Here was possibly the EASIEST opener on the planet.  And yet he chickened.

So YES, you still need some GAME!

If you’re still a “quivering puddle of approach anxiety pudding” when it comes to cold approaching girls, don’t expect anything to happen in Colombia either!  Having real game conquers all, and if you don’t have that yet, you KNOW what to do (grab my program already)!!!

Your Actual Prospects For Getting Laid FAST

Feel the dancer within you!

If you’re taking initiative and mingling, you’ll eventually find a Latina chica who is VERY interested in you.

And looking into the eyes of a sensual, salsa-dancing young hottie who is totally into making a deep sexual connection with you is… FREAKIN’ AWESOME.  Obviously!

Remember, Colombians are very social and quite friendly and many of these girls are looking to meet a cool guy.  Even better if you’re a foreigner and stand out from the crowd.  So don’t be shy!

However, one night stands and finding “bar sluts” is completely out of the question here.

This is a conservative Catholic culture, and the girls usually live with their parents.  Also, they’re being chaperoned by other male friends, and it would be the most shameful act in the known universe to leave with a Gringo on the same night.

She’d essentially be condemned as a prostitute to her group, and gossip would quickly spread to everyone she knew.  It would be a fast and ugly social execution.

So your chances of hooking up that night, no matter how good looking you are or how sublime your game is, is effectively below ZERO.

That’s why if you’re only after quick sex and not there for the party and atmosphere, you’re better off in the U.S. or Europe.

Still, Colombian women make good girlfriends and if you decide to pursue the girl over the next few WEEKS (or perhaps even months) you can eventually bed her.  THAT however opens a huge can of worms as she’ll expect you to be her steady boyfriend.  Colombian women are very tempting though 🙂

Otherwise, just enjoy the night, enjoy the party, enjoy the dancing and enjoy talking with the hot chicas.  It’s a load of fun when you live the night right.

P.S. And flights are cheap!  Check out Spirit airlines for dirt cheap flights from Miami and Ft Lauderdale, and stay in the uber cool El Viajero hostel in El Centro (within walking distance or $2 taxi ride to Mister Babillas) for just $10 dollars a night.

Have fun!

30 thoughts on “Jesse’s Guide to the Mister Babilla disco, Cartagena Colombia (with Photos!)”

  1. hey Jessie check out my video ultimate bachelor party cartegena. I know almost all the girls in your pictures after 150 plus trips to Colombia in 14 years. Thanks for the blog and by the way la doles a vita closed down after about 40 years too bad was a cool place.

  2. Jesse,
    I just got back from Cartagena and had an awesome time. I visited Mister Babilla because of this blog post.

    The place seemed pretty small. The ratio of girls to guys was decent, I’d say at least 50%. At first I felt too shy to approach anyone so rather than stand next to the wall like an awkward dude I got a beer and just started dancing by myself (mind you this was early in the night and not many people were dancing, but I wanted to have fun and not try to look cool). I noticed a couple girls looking at me and chuckling. I figured this was good, I could approach them later but for the moment I stayed put.

    Then I headed outside and started chatting with people to get my social juices flowing. I started a conversation with a few people, and I think people took notice of that. When I got back in, I met two friendly Argentinian girls. We started chatting, I bought them a few drinks, we danced, and within half an hour I was making out with the hotter one. Things actually got pretty heavy and there was some action below the waste if you know what I mean, I won’t get too specific. All in all a great time in Cartagena. My recommendation for anyone traveling there is to stay in Gethsemani, not the Old City. Gethsemani is up and coming and full of fun bars. Old City is now filled with prostitutes and street vendors and the nightlife scene is moving to Gethsemani.

  3. 58 year Old Colombia Goer

    I am surprised you treat Babilla’s as a normal disco. I admit I have never been there, but I met a group of girls on the beach who worked there, lived in a house provided by the owner and they were all pros, including one stunner I immediately took back to my apartment without needing to say hard a thing.

    Non-pros are a lot tougher especially if they are higher income types or beautiful enough to have upper class or young handsome local guys already taking care of them. Except for the hooker bars like Dolce Vita which is a sure thing, generally I found best luck just walking around until I see one I like (or a duo for a threesome) and if smiles are exchanged you are already in. They may be pros, part-time pros or girls in need of money who have never hooked but are willing to do it for the first time. In any case, if you can’t get well laid in Cartagena you have a serious problem. When I was first going there and playing the field I bedded some 20 of them (2-3 per day) without hardly needing to work on it at all, and some of these girls had apparently never sold it before, or were just beginners. And even a few pros were just marvelous. Of course like any other place, only a few percent of girls you see are stunners, so you have to hunt and not be shy. PLus you need to not worry about $100 here $100 there. Then you will have no problem. Panama City is another easy place, filled with traveling pros and semi pros in need of dinero.

    As for MEdellin you need to know where to go and how to operate. The chicas you want are all there somewhere but not so easy to find, and the upper class girls are often impossible as they simply don’t need an older gringo, nor would it look good to their friends and family, so best to avoid unless you are young and speak Spanish. But COlombia is definitely the place to go for easy-going sexcapades, including Colombianas tricking over in Panama. Just be aware, Babilla’s has a lot of pros working there, and you can probably get them for half price during the day on the beach. My two cents.

  4. How do americans that do not look like your typical gringo do with Colombian women? I am mexican-american, native spanish speaker, and do decent with the ladies from big cities.

  5. Jesse, did you hear on the news a few months about the Secret Service agents that were supposed to protect Pres. Obama on his trip to Colombia. The scandal involved a few agents who slept with prostitutes in Cartagena. One agent in particular refused to pay the prostitute he messed with and it led to an open uproar in the hotel. He and the other agents were able to get with these girls. I forgot the club they went. Did you encounter any of these “call girls” during your travel to Cartagena? Is there a way to tell the difference between regular girls and these “call girls”. I hope to visit Cartagena next year and can’t and don’t have to time to start long-term relationships as I hope to be a vacation for only a week or so. I want to cut to the chase and get laid.

  6. God what a bunch of ugly chicks. Haven’t seen a single pretty girl in all of your pics! But I also hate Latinas though so no thanks Derek. No frogging Colombia or south america for me. Although girls in Argentina Brazil and Uruguay look 10x better since they tend to be lighter skinned and have European background.

    1. I’m a colombian and I have to agree that past 25 or so colombian women tend to be ugly. They can be extremely hot from 15 to 23 or so but they get fat and ugly. There’s very few attractive women 15 to 23 on the actual streets. Also I’ve had difficulty getting laid because they’re extremely paranoid when approached on the street. They think you’re going to rob them or something.

      I’ve been disappointed at my visit to colombia. I was expecting pussy galore from a poor country but that hasn’t been my experience. By all means if you want to try it go ahead, but I’ve been disappointed.

  7. Hi jesse, are you still here in Colombia?
    Please contact me if you are. I would $ just for private lessons.
    Expecting something positive

  8. Thank you Jesse, Good reading on interesting info.

    I was in Cartagena back in 2004 and fell in love with everything about it… ever since it has been on my mind and it is just now that I really want to head back and enjoy life the way I use to.
    back in 2004 I was the type of guy that just chooses a place on the map and ends up finding myself over there few days latter. i had traveled the world that way, really from the Middle East, all over Asia, West & East Africa, Eastern Europe, North and Central America alone with out knowing a word or idea about the place i am heading traveling is living but one funny adventure had me ended up living in western Africa for the past 3 years and I had changed to a closed and lonely person. I had recently made a decision that I need a change my life soon before I really fall into a bitter place. one of the best places I visited was Colombia and it is just the thing I need. I was thinking of going there in 2 weeks -1 month and wanted to know if you can share some light and tips about fun locations or things to see and do once there.
    last time I had rented an apartment in a location called Lagito i believe the building was called the Atlantic…? I am sure things had changed ever since… hope to hear back from you…. regards

  9. Jesse:

    Your observations are spot on . Colombian women are friendly and much warmer than the typical American ice queens you meet in clubs here. But I do have one caution for guys: While gringos are popular and get noticed by “chicas”, gringos also have kind of a bad reputation. Many westerners come for the postitutes. Colombian women might be wary of your intentions. Be friendly but respectful. Do not get overly physical unless the girl shows you that she wants to get physical. Otherwise, you might have a rather unpleasant encounter with her male friends. Smile, talk with them, and be the life of the party, but don’t make a drunken fool of yourself.
    Also, if you are planning a trip to Colombia join an internet dating site that has Colombian women as members. Talk to them on-line and get to know them.

  10. I am heading to Cartagena for Memorial Day weekend. We both speak very very little English. Should we hire a translator? After some research, we can hire one for about $50.00 a night. Your thoughts?

    1. You mean that you speak very little SPANISH, right? No regular girl will want to talk to you then, because they’ll think you’re there to meet prostitutes if you need to hire a translator or can’t speak the language. You’re pretty much sunk when it comes to meeting normal girls. Check out my post on getting laid in foreign countries

      So go for the sights, it’s a nice city. But don’t expect much else otherwise. Good luck.

  11. god lol once I get the money, I will blow it on your guide. You were much like how i used to be- a computer geek. computers are cool dont get me wrong. c++ and all that great bullshit. now im going into biochemistry, its what life is lol. Anyway, keep it up Jesse. Great article. Btw, i’m starting to dislike white women. They all cheat the majority of the time. I prefer Latina women. They are the best imo.

  12. Colombian and spanish girls are nice,but what I want is beautifull east indian girls either the light skinned ones or the beautifull dark skinned ones.

  13. Approach Anxiety

    Ha ha ha – Colombia is awesome 🙂
    You should try to swing by Medellin – It is an amazing place – great climate and better nightlife…

  14. Very good write-up Jesse! I can confirm it all as I have been there myself in that place.

    I’d say the secret weapon for Colombian nightlife is good dancing skills. Good spanish is more important for dates and day game. What I didn’t like about Cartagena was that it’s full of hookers. The hottest girls in the clubs were often hookers.

    1. Excellent Jesse. I am Chilean, and I can say that you have described perfectly how colombian girls are. I have date two colombian girls before and it is like that: hot, sensual, but you have to take it easy and smooth.

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