Feel Awesome With Girls With This State Pump Exercise!

Here’s an exercise to get into state, pump your state, and develop self-narcissism and entitlement to have beautiful women.

Basically, you have rituals that can put you into state, and you have rituals that put you out of state.

Most of our daily rituals cause is to think random and negatively.

Typical Thinking Is Random And Negative

You’re at the bookstore for example on the hunt to find a cute girl, and thoughts go through your head like, “I’m not good enough, I’m too old, I’m nervous, I’m not wearing my lucky shirt, I should lose 10 pounds, I’m not in state, what am I going to say, what if someone sees me,” and so on and so on.

Or it can start really subtely. Your out to meet girls, there are no girls around and you start thinking to yourself, “Gee, I’m actually pretty tired. Maybe this isn’t worth it. I left a message with that girl and she hasn’t gotten back to me yet, she’ll probably flake, I hope she doesn’t,” and your thoughts just spiral downward, pulling you out of state.

It’s like one long train of low-level negativity and doubtful self-talk that just keeps looping through your head like a broken record. Random and negative.

And we want to replace that. Because how you talk to yourself again and again and again throughout the day affects your core beliefs and identity. And if it’s negative, your self-talk will continually pull you out of state and make you feel unworthy of having a beautiful woman.

And the thing is, you CAN control your emotions, you can control your state, you can pump your state, you CAN control the self-talk in your head from random and negative to a voice that’s focused, productive, and positive in a way that cultivates happiness, enthusiasm and entitlement.

So how this state pumping works is your going to follow a specific formula.

State Pumping Step 1: Inward Thoughts

First are your thoughts.

You’re going to create positive thoughts, inside your head, so that the thoughts in turn create positive emotions that you FEEL.

And the thoughts are…

# 1. is delusional self-narcissism. “I am the coolest mother fucker in the world.”

Variations on that: “I am the fucking BOSS! Everything I say fucking ROCKS! My shoes are so COOL because I make them cool! My hair is so COOL because I make it cool! I am the coolest mother fucker in the world!” And so on.

You also want have delusional self-narcissism about your weaknesses as well.

Like if you’re short, think to yourself, “Yeah I’m short, that’s why girls like me because I make shortness awesome. Yeah, I’m dressed like shirt, I make being dressed like shit sexy and bad boy. Yeah, I’m skinny, I make skinny sexy!” So turn all of your “flaws” into features in your mind. Delusional narcissism about everything and what an awesome, sexy guy you are.

# 2. is Assume Attraction. “Every girl is a nymphomaniac and wants to fuck me.”

Variations on that: “Oh yeah, that girl wants to fuck me. She’s only pretending to be bored so that I go after her. She’s only bitchy because I haven’t talked to her yet. She’s a nympho and just wants to bent over. All girls are horny as fuck.”

“I’m handsome as fuck. All women want me. I’m a magnet. I’m a famous celebrities from movies so all women stare at me when they see me. They’re all thinking, holy shit, Jesse is here.”

#3. is absolute CERTAINTY.

Where you know, there is no question in your mind, that you’re going to achieve what you’re thinking about, where you expect it to happen. Where you assume with totally certainty and it’s taken for granted that you’re the coolest mother fucker I the world and every girl is a nymphomaniac and wants to fuck you.


Where you think of everything that is really awesome in your life. After all, how much do we take for granted? 100 years ago, you would have had to farm your own food, you didn’t have movies and entertainment, 100 years ago a common cold could kill you, you didn’t have air conditioning and heating was very expensive and dirty with smoke. Today, you can meet dozens of girls every week, your life is far easier and more leisurely in many ways. You have time to grow and develop yourself. For a few hundred dollars you can travel thousands of miles to an exotic place. There’s a lot to be grateful for.

State Pumping Step 2: Inward Physiology

Now step 2. Once you’ve cycled through those thoughts, whether it’s all of them or only the ones you decide to think, next up is to leave those thoughts and now focus on your physiology.

Physiology is how do you carry yourself? How do you walk? How do you stand straight and tall? How to you speak, how do you breath, how do you gesture with your hands?

For example your mind should be thinking, “I’m superman. How would superman walk, how would superman look at people, how would superman gesture?”

Or you can think, “How would I walk and carry myself if I just won $1 million dollars?”

Or you can think, “I’m the most attractive man in the world. How do I carry myself? How does that guy look at girls? How would I walk up to a girl and how would I execute it?”

So you’re basically visualizing how you would move if you were Superman, if you just won the lottery, or if you were the most attractive man in the world – or all three!!

So your voice can be powerful, meaning loud, deep, and resonant and SLOW. You can charge up your eyes with energy so that it looks like you’re shooting energy straight from your pupils. You can beathe more slowly and relaxed. You can tighten your stomach and lift your chest so that you’re standing tall.

And begin walking and moving and using your physiology like you are the man.

State Pumping Step 3: Inward Energy

For step 3, forget your physiology and focus on creating internal energy through visualization.

Imagine an energy in your belly. You should start to feel a tingle throughout your body. Now move the energy to the tips of your fingers. Now move the energy the tip of your nose. Notice how the energy flows wherever your attention goes, and you can focus the energy to any point in your body.

When you focus your attention on your finger, and visualize the energy going there, the energy will go there. And that’s how we control energy, through our intention.

State Pumping Step 4: Outward Extroversion & Projection

The fourth step is to outward focus and project that energy from yourself to the environment, which we’ll call extroversion or energy projection.

So whereas the first three steps were inwards, thoughts, physiology, and energy, energy projection is outward.

Here you focus the energy outward outside yourself, extroverting, and there are no thoughts or attention inside your head. Your intention is completely present on the outside.

So what you were feeling inside between your thoughts and visualization, is translated completely and unaltered outward to others.

It’s gushing, it is flowing out like a flood, holding nothing back.

State Pumping Step 5: Cycle Them

Now that you’re projecting outward, that’s great. On the other hand, it can’t last indefinitely.

When you feel your extroverting wavering and you’re losing it, dip back inside your head, and cycle back to stage 1 where you focus again on your positive thoughts, to put yourself back into state and creative the positive emotions. Then you let go of the thoughts, and you focus outward again, projecting the energy outward, in a cycle, in a loop.

So this exercise will allow you to get into state and develop self-narcissism and entitlement to have beautiful girls.

And again, there are rituals that can put you into state, and you have rituals that put you out of state. Most of our daily rituals cause us to think random and negatively.

But what this exercise does is create a ritual to narrow your focus on feeling positive feelings and projecting them outward.

It’s an awesome exercise and I encourage you to use it for 30 minutes each day in a public place where you’ll find women, and do it daily for a week.

Warning Tip: Don’t Be Reacting Seeking

Now is a word of warning, do be careful, because you don’t want to fall into looking for feedback and approval or positive indicators of interest from women as you do this.

For example, you feel good by inwardly thinking and feeling, then you “extrovert” the energy out.

And then you start looking for girls to give you eye contact, and you start thinking to yourself, “Uh, what’s wrong with me?” And then your state crashes.

This is for YOU to feel good, and NOT to “impress” the girls. It doesn’t matter what kinds of reactions you get from women while you do this, it’s only purpose is to pull you into state and make you feel good.

Warning Tip: Don’t Have State Dependence

ALSO remember, that you don’t need to be in an awesome state and be state pumped to approach women.

In fact, I encourage you to approach women even while you’re OUT of state or feeling crappy!

You can be in a bad state and still get good reactions from women!

Because if you only approach women when you’re “in the zone” and feeling awesome, and you DON’T approach women when you feel relaxed and normal, then you’re state dependent. You’re dependent on feeling awesome before you feel allowed to take any action.

And you don’t want that!

After all, not every day is going to be your best day. Even if your state is kind of shitty, you should still be able to meet girls and being consistent with it.

This exercise is just to make you feel good and pump your state, but don’t become state dependent for taking action.

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  1. Hey Jesse.Great article! I felt this sort of shitty mood today at school,but during my break time me and a friend of mine went to talk to a girl friend of his and I got extremely good reactions from her and a great eye contact.One of the most intenses I’ve ever gotten by the way…Anyway,what you said is totally true.Keep it pimpin’ and I’ll keep you posted!

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