How I nailed two Sisters right under their Mom’s nose…

Hey Jessse,

This is my field report of how I nailed two sisters.  Yes, sisters.

Okay, before you condemn this as pure evil or pure glory, let me explain how this shit went down.

The sex wasn’t good at first and I ended up embarrassing myself, but still this was so momentous I thought I’d write you about it.

It started when I was at this dance club that’s pretty popular and normally I just hand with my friends and of course nothing happens as usual.

But this time I’m full on doing the nonverbals  control and pretty soon had this girl come over to me.  First time ever that’s happened.

She wasn’t pretty, but nonetheless my friends were pretty amazed and I knew from that moment that this was the real deal.

Okay, onto the first sister

So I pre-attract another girl the same way, quite decent with blonde hair and about 19 (?) years old.  Let’s call her Blondie.  I grab Blondie and pull her into me.

There’s not even that much conversation, just physical connection.  She had a big butt, but otherwise she was pretty hot (for my standards anyway!!).

The number was solid and two weeks later we hooked up at her house and I fucked the shit out of her.  My third lay ever.  Fantastic.

What was cool too was she introduced me to her Mom, and then we went into her bedroom and fucked.  My finishing line was, “You need some tornado tongue,” and that did the trick.  I tried to keep it quiet, but this chick kept moaning.  I’d be surprised if her Mom didn’t know what was going down.  But she didn’t seem to care I guess… so all cool with me.

Later she introduced me to her sister.  Jesse, let me tell you what a hot one!  I popped an instant boner.  Once I started laying the nonverbals on her sis, she started giving me mad signals too.  Let’s call her Broken Foot, because her leg was in a cast.

I wanted to fuck her so bad too, but I figured it would be impossible, logistically I mean.  Not because of her cast of course, but because it’s like incest or something?

This is where things got weird…

Blondie and I were dating for a month, but I know her sis Broken Foot is really into me too.  You can tell from the undertone.  Actually, that’s the only reason I was with Blondie was to get to her hotter sis.

I’m laying the nonverbal moves like crazy and you can feel the sexual tension between us.  Sisterly rivalry doesn’t hurt either.  She wants what she can’t have, human nature right!

So I’m hanging out at the house and it’s only me and Broken Foot around and her Mom.  Thankfully Mom doesn’t seem to give a shit what her daughters do, neglectful parenting, but oh well I’ll taking full advantage of it!!

I want to make my move, I’m nervous as hell and then have to take a giant diahrreac shit.  But after my business is done I calm down and I grab Broken Foot and escalate with her physically and with the eyes.  She melts for that shit Jesse!!

You can guess the convo at this point.

Broken Foot: “We shouldn’t do this. Blah… blah…”

Me: “Yeah it’s… so… wrong… wrong… stop this…”

And I keep going.

She melts for that shit.  Pure gold.

We go into her bedroom and she puts up some gnarly last minute resistance.  I mean hard.  Finally, I just whip out my dick, and wave it in her face.  And she starts sucking it!  Well, more like licking it.  Still…. GGGLLLLOOOORRRYYYYY!  Two SISTERS…. SCORE!

But she pushes me away.  Can’t blame her, probably smelled bad from the massive shit I took just before 🙂  Okay so I admit that’s gross.

Broken Foot and I fooled around again about a dozen times (oral only) and I fucked her twice, but I eventually ended up going exclusively with Blondie after that, who’s definitely more fun in bed.  I guess the good sex trumps looks in this case.

You’d think banging two sisters one on the same day would be the most glorious thing in the world… and it was!!!

It’s not awkward when we’re all together either.  I just pretend nothing happened.  I guess it’s Broken Foot’s and my secret between us.

I am scheming now how to get both the sisters together.  I want them both on their knees fighting to take their turn.  Blondie is full-on Bi so maybe it’s a go there.  I don’t know about Broken Foot though.  I think that’s going to be a real challenge.  Any tips?  You don’t cover that in your course.

Thanks Jesse, you brought out my inner perv to full glory.


Again guys, CAREFUL HOW USE THIS STUFF.  It seems to have worked out alright in this case, but if your girlfriend finds out you were having sexual liaisons with her biological sister, the situation could get very thorny, very fast.

Girlfriend Express is effective in bar and club situations, but I didn’t mean for it to be used to bring sisters together.  Most guys should use it to grab a hottie girlfriend.  And I think if he had stayed in the field longer, he would have had more options without resorting to slaying two sisters.

Did Martin cross the line. Technically, he wasn’t boyfriend with either girl when the activity occurred.

26 thoughts on “How I nailed two Sisters right under their Mom’s nose…”

  1. Dude, this guy is the luckiest man in the world, I think not only should he try this to get both sisters together but why not even try it on the mom too, then he’d have a whole house to play with yeah buddy!!!

  2. Maybe if he gets the two girls together like he said, they all should ask MOM to show them how they should do it – just a hair-brained random thought….

  3. I been in a similar situation with twins but I did not lay any of them..Although I was on first base with both of them I wanted a tbreesome with them but one single (the one I was into)the other in relationship. I was not looking a relationship. I am an AFC and its killing me. Help a brother out Jesse

  4. I been in a similar situation with twins but I did not lay any of neither. Although I was on first base with both of them. I wanted a tbreesome with them but one single (the one I was into)the other in relationship. I was not looking a relationship. I am an AFC and its killing me. Help a brother out Jesse

  5. You could have left out the part about taking a shit. It wasn’t really necessary. It just made you sound like more of a jerk than you already are. And that brings up another concern. Maybe you guys can shout out on this topic. Has anyone ever been having mad sex and right in the middle of it have to take the worst shit of your life? What do you do? What do you say? How do you stop having sex gracefully and excuse yourself to take a dump? She’s going to know and that’s going to kill any future sex you might have with her. Also, when is a good time to introduce farting into a relationship? Some say, never but I have seen couples who are comfortable farting in front of each other. For me, farting kills the romance and the moment and you become more like brother and sisters.

  6. Hey Jess:you’re a friggin devil bro’ lmao!

    Just kidding,but I’m a bit confused about something here,the first sister you laid was actually your 3rd.lay EVER?I’m confused.So you were able to pull off such diabolical feat as a guy without Game?

  7. Being seduced by the game… The game becomes an end to itself instead of a means to an end. I guess it goes on what you want from a relationship. Though I would offer, our actions makes us who we are. I’m not getting on my high horse here, I’ve done bad Sh1t in the passed and probably do bad sh1t again, but I learnt from it, and hopefully will learn from anything I do in the future.

  8. I never new the secret of naiing my lady untill & I applied non verbal communication lol. Its so powerful than just expressing yourself with a million words to a woman. Am”yet to apply it outside the box. Thank’s alot Jesse c.

  9. wtf? a girl refuses some action, so he pulls out his cock?
    Great way to get charged with sexual assault, pal..
    And no, I’m not morally against the two sisters thing (done it myself a few years ago, albeit a couple of days apart), but this is a seriously risky manoeuvre.

  10. Jesse,

    what about your earlier teachings? The Volumes of seduction science. Have you superceded them or something beacuse you don’t talk about them anymore.

  11. Gentlemen,

    I beg to differ. I think there was something unethical about, “The only reason I was with Blondie for a month to get her sister.” That means she trusted him and he betrayed her trust, didn’t he? Once he knew he had this amazing power he didn’t need to misuse it. If I had it, I’d use it to get a girl who actually had an intention of being with, that is after getting to know her and being sure that she was what I was looking for. Using it just to sleep with a random woman just because she is hot…Therez something just not right about that. Especially if you are breaking somebody’s trust and intentionally hurting them.

    1. I hate when moral ethical people are so right and I end up feeling bad.

      Initially I was each to their own but is there are rule where men need to state their exclusivity or not or are siblings and best friends out regardless?

  12. Its asign of victory on martins side but agreat misfortunes for the gals too.Its better not to try it as in african satire such anomalies dont work.

  13. No, Martin did not cross the line. He was one lucky guy. I would have done the same in his situation and if Broken Leg is now free, I’d be happy to take the referral. lol

  14. No, he didn’t cross the line. As stated, they weren’t a couple so there were no boundaries crossed. I wouldn’t be surprised if Martin posts again saying he was with the mom next, since she was aware of both daughters romp with him. Her curiosity may get her cat to purring.

    1. perhaps if they live in a caravan and their surname is trash but does Martin really want to be with a woman with no teeth?

      My question is why did his dick stink if he did a shit, is it that long he sticks it up his butt? Sorry but that just turned me off the story… can we keep the stories a little less disgusting…there are horny chicks on this site too.

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