Narcissistic Incantation Loops For Tripling Your Confidence!

Most guys don’t feel ENTITLED to having a beautiful woman. Not really, not deep down.

It’s why guys don’t take action and make excuses for staying home.

It’s why guys don’t escalate physically and just talk “nicely” to the girl.

And that’s why you need to cultivate a a delusional sense of entitlement!

That you fucking DESERVE these girls.

That you are fucking AWESOME.

That you deserve all the GLORY.

That deep down, you believe to the core that you are the coolest guy on the planet!

In other words, delusional confidence!!

But we don’t give ourselves permission to be the cool guy.  We don’t feel entitled to it.

The Big Problem With Affirmations

Affirmations suck.

And this is WAY better.

Affirmations are positive thinking like, “I am totally awesome!  Girls love me!”

You could sit on a couch, eat ice-cream and watch old re-runs of The Price Is Right and think to yourself repeatedly, “Girls love me and I’m awesome, beee-aaatch!”

But your body won’t feel it.  And your rational mind won’t believe it.

Instead, you’ll just feel fat and lazy there on the couch with your mind rejecting the affirmation.

Instead, you need to do my narcissistic incantations.

Narcissistic Incantation #1

Incantations are different.  You express incantations with emotional energy, intensity, and conviction.

Express incantations with conviction, even if you fake it a little at first.

There are two incantations to cultivate that sense of happy, delusional awesomeness and sense of narcissistic entitlement.

The first is,

“I am the coolest mother fucker in the world.”

Express this incantation out loud to yourself with conviction, while you’re at the mall, bar, club, or bookstore. You say to yourself out loud,

“I am the fucking BOSS!  Everything I say fucking ROCKS!  My shoes are so COOL because I make them cool!  My hair is so COOL because I make it cool!  I am the coolest mother fucker in the world!”

And you just LOOP that.  Whatever is going on, you just think or say yourself how cool and awesome you are.

Delusionally think of your ‘flaws’ as cool features, because YOU make them cool.

And if you feel self-conscious about a flaw, just think to yourself, “Being shorter is COOL because I make it fucking cool!”


Full-force delusional narcissism!

Narcissistic Incantation #2

The second incantation to remember is,

“Every girl is a nymphomaniac and wants to fuck me.”

And whenever you see a cute girl, you express it out loud to yourself or think it with some energy and conviction. Like,

“Oh yeah, that girl wants to fuck me.  She’s only pretending to be bored so that I go after her.  She’s only bitchy because I haven’t talked to her yet.  She’s a nympho and just wants to bent over.”

And you run these incantations throughout the day.  Again…  And again…  And again!

You don’t need to be screaming them like a maniac.  Just say them in a matter-of-fact, “of course that’s true” way, like you’re Mr. Smooth.

That’s how you develop a delusional sense of self-awesomeness and entitlement, where you get drunk off your own sense of glory.

And then you’ll find yourself approaching girls easily and pushing the interactions much further than before, because you’ll feel ENTITLED to having hot girls and taking what’s YOURS!

I give you many more secrets for rock-solid entitlement and confidence in my Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program that you WON’T find anywhere else.

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Until next time,

27 thoughts on “Narcissistic Incantation Loops For Tripling Your Confidence!”

  1. To Cheeky Mary:

    You can escalate, if you know how.

    Guys are naturally dumb concerning who women are and what they like. Perhaps in the past, they made a “grab,” it didn’t turn out well, and they are paying for it with every interaction since then.

    Learn how to subtly approve and encourage a guy that he has permission to escalate, (because I’m telling you, no matter how cool and together he may look and act, if he’s not escalating it means his heart is racing and he simply can’t push past it with confidence.)

    Nothing says a woman can’t show her approval of some guy by touching him. In fact, it’s something we crave – a cute woman compelled to touch us just because we’ve done something she likes. It’s very confirming.

    So ladies, help us out. If you see a guy you like, it’s okay to let him know touching is acceptable. Don’t just continue making your breasts beautiful and your pouty lips kissable. Act like he turns you on so much you want to touch HIM and then do it. Arms, light traces on the chest, hugs around the waist. He’ll get the message that touching is okay.

  2. That’s real good stuff there.everything I say or do is kool…
    I walk kool…i smile kool…i talk kool..and I F••k good…i am the greatest…

  3. Hey Jesse. I’m an average 5 footer and I’m not by any means a man wuth drop dead gorgeous looks. Till now I have dated only average chicks. I somehow feel intimidated in front of the hot ones and just chicken out. Think I can score better?? Pls help!!!

  4. Have women is zo damn simple! Work on your self. Leth the focul point by you. Yeah you! Take the tv and give it away. I wash that guy sit on a couch and watch tv often. One day a say to myself, its onoff. I hit the gym, bicycle often to the beach. Wallha! Have a better shape. and my face get smoter and nicer! Yeah! I feel more confident. Buy new style clothes.look fresh and put a little parfum and bamm.. your da men! Often i see men with beautiful faces, and not in shape and dress awful and sometime smell bad. Women do not wanna by with you. Jesse you help a lott! Thanks bro..

  5. positive reinforcement,overhelming belief in yourself,psychologically and verbally empowering yourself to succeed in life or love.

  6. Jesse, what’s exactly the fucking difference btw affirmation & narcissist incantation. Is it the case of conviction and/or belief or expression. Pls elucidate further.

    1. Affirmations you just think silently to yourself… usually at home. Incantations you need to be out and moving, and often you say them out loud, or at least think them with some energy and intensity.

  7. Jesse man the time i really reckon am cool as Barack Obama stepping into the white house and making the inaug speech is when everything goes wham slam,my heart races like i am ridding at 300kilos per hr on highway, hey i cry and the heart juss bleeds to hell for those 9/10 s thats NIPD sad it actually rimes as New York Police Depart. Juss to flash a badge to gain confidance , like NYPD i got a couple of questions to ask aproach, trying to kill cold feet man

    1. Can I just add, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE escalate. I’m fed up of being told I’m hot and that’s it.

      Unfortunately if I escalate it ruins your chase…far out…next life I’m going to be the hunter and show you guys how its done.

      1. If you’re ever in Brisbane let me know. I’ll escalate you to a whole new level.
        The “hunter” will be hunted. Just be ready for the end of the chase. You won’t be able to walk for a week.

      2. does every girl feel this way? Because out here in Indiana the girls are rather dull especially in the day time

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