8 Reasons Why I Read Naughty Nomad And You Should Too

Reason #1. Naughty Nomad keeps it real. Smoking Weed. Crassly banging multiple chicks across the continents. Morally sound? Questionable. 100% Real? Yes.

Reason #2. Naughty Nomad “Goes Where No PUA Has Gone Before”, to *war zones* in Congo, to earthquake ravaged Haiti, to his “Journey From Hell” on his quest for pussy. WTF?? But that’s why he’s the best there is.

Reason #3. He looks like Colin Farrell’s little brother (on the far left). And he wears a fucking PIRATE HAT when he goes out. What’s not to like?

Reason #4. His “Top 10” lists here and here tell you exactly where to go around the world to get the best beaches, the best weed, and the best girls. So save yourself the money and just read Naughty Nomad.

Reason #5. In a drunken stupor, he banged Miss Dominican Republic. NICE!

Reason #6. He also bare-backed a girl who had HIV. As Borat would say, “it’s Very NICE”!

Reason #7. He transformed “Rape Game” from instant 20 year prison sentence to legitimate pickup technique!

Reason #8. Naughty Nomad even spins his own, beautiful-to-the-soul poetry. Next up he’ll be writing the Illiad and Odyssey!

So now you understand my fondness for the Naughty Nomad.  May we all live life’s adventure like he. 😉

7 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why I Read Naughty Nomad And You Should Too”

  1. Lmao I just found out about Naught Nomad from his blog the other day lol.If I’m correct,he was in Cuba not too long ago banging some HB’s down there(or that was Mexico)?

    Didn’t know you were a fan of his Jesse.

  2. I may have to pass on the hiv positive girls. I’m funny that way.

    I wonder if when he gets old he will regret traveling the world instead of becoming a corporate drone? I Don’t think so.

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