How Well Do Opinion Openers REALLY Work? Where And When To Use Them

The big question is, HOW effective are opinion openers for meeting girls… for REAL?

An opinion opener could be anything like, “Hey there, I need a female opinion on something. What do you think of Jennifer Lopez hosting American Idol, do you think she’s any good… do you miss Simon Cowell?”

Opinion openers DO have a few things going for them.

Pro #1. If there’s a large group of girls walking by, it can stop all the girls.

Pro #2. You can open up a mixed set of a guy with a girl, without impinging on the guy if you suspect the two might be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Pro #3. If there’s a girl from across the room, you can yell at her to come over because your want to get her opinion.

Pro #4. And it gives a girl an excuse to talk to you, at least for a few minutes.

But there’s a lot of negative CONS to opinion openers as well!

Con #1. When you use the same canned opinion opener repeatedly, you don’t grow as someone who’s flexible and you quickly get bored using it.

Con #2. The energy can also dip right after an opinion opener, because once it plays out, it can feel awkward transitioning into a real conversation. Worse, girls instinctively tend to walk off once the question is answered.

Con #3. The opinion opener may get the girl talking, but it doesn’t generate “hard attraction” in the girl.

Con #4. Opinion openers can feel fake and contrived to the girl, especially if you’re not truly interested in the answer because you’ve already asked it so many times. So the energy isn’t there and it feels forced.

Con #5. You don’t practice running off your mouth, so you constantly find yourself “running out of things to say”, and you have a hard time just chilling and vibing with girls normally.

Con #6. Opinion openers breed bad habits because they train you to look for good responses in women (a subtle form of supplication). You become response-dependent. You expect the opinion opener to give you a “good response”, but when it doesn’t work your state crashes.

Con #7. Because you’re dead-set on getting safer responses from using opinion openers, you become too scared to open more naturally by saying “hello” or opening with a compliment.

You can use opinion openers 10% to 20% of the time. The key is not to rely on them!

You want to be able to open up a girl, after all, just by introducing yourself. Which is a great way to open a girl!

Or go more direct and tell her that she’s cute.

Or open a girl using something ridiculous – “I like eating pizza. I like drinking Pepsi. It’s like chocolate and peanut butter!”

Or doing a physical opener – putting your arm around a girl and pulling her into you.

Or open by making funny faces at the girl.

What’s great about constantly switching it up is that it keeps YOU interested in what you’re saying. And that positive, fun energy will come through to the girl and then SHE will be interested in what you’re saying.

Because meeting women needs to be FUN, with variety and chaos keeping things interesting – not repeating the same opinion openers a thousand times over.

Now, HOW you approach a girl doesn’t matter if you can’t do it at ALL. If you keep hesitating, missing ripe opportunities, and are kicking yourself for “chickening out”, then you have an INNER GAME issue, not a tactical one.

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12 thoughts on “How Well Do Opinion Openers REALLY Work? Where And When To Use Them”

  1. i think the key to a great opinion opener is to ask about something more unusual or obscure that you can relate to your own story or opinion so you can ask for the opinion and go straight into a conversation about it instead of having to transition.
    for example if i could ask them to check me out to see if they think i’d make a good super model, if they say no then i can say i’d just be a pimp instead and use that to suggest they can work for me.

  2. Interesting theory, worth trying it out but to get a girl to talk for longer and show interest its the difficult part, but as it is you dont try it one girl try it over and over that gets you smart and you will know what to say next time

  3. Yes do they do work. I know they work to “break the ice.” I have used them plenty of times. But after that it drops like a mobster in a river with concrete shoes.

    The real question is – Do they work to generate real interest or attraction? The answer is no for most guys.

    If a chick is hot and you are not (which is me), it does not matter what the heck you say or do. She is not going to be into you so if you want to make some small conversation with an opinion opener that’s great. But it will not lead any where.

  4. Never tried using an opinion opener. It’d sound very forced because I’m really not interested in knowing what women think of something. I ask women about things they know I’m very interested in – so they actually feel that they’re giving me useful information. Stuff like restaurants, movies, beer…

    🙂 I should try a physical opener sometime…

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