The Rapid-Response Horniness Elixir For Getting ‘Good Girls’

You may never of heard of this magic female “horniness elixir”.

This stuff makes girls, even sweet “good girls”, straight up get WET.

It’s called the “Oxytocin Response” and almost NO one in the pickup community knows about it.

You see, touching a woman causes her body to release a powerful sex hormone called Oxytocin.

Here’s what it does

Effect #1. Oxytocin instantly sends a wave of testosterone through the girls’s body, giving her a jolt of sex drive, the same high sex drive a MAN feels.

A similar testosterone rush as working out with heavy weights.

Effect #2. Oxytocin causes a woman to feel a powerful bonding feeling with whoever is touching her.

Effect #3. AND it creates a desire to be vaginally penetrated; a woman spiked with Oxytocin has a sudden desire for intercourse with you.

What guys DON’T realize is that it doesn’t take much; even a few SMALL touches on a woman’s arm is enough to release a FLOOD of Oxytocin hormones into the girl’s body!

What’s more, Oxytocin gives the girl a desire to be touched even more, producing yet even MORE Oxytocin, a reinforcing cycle of sex hormone escalation.

So if you KEEP touching a woman, Oxytocin hormones rush through her veins, followed by waves of testosterone, until she wants more and more touches and eventually vaginal penetration.

The Other Very Strange Effect

And here’s the strange but wonderful thing about the Oxytocin Response; it’s FAR more powerful in WOMEN than it is for men!

That’s because Oxytocin affects the brain ONLY when in combination with ESTROGEN.

Without estrogen, Oxytocin has little effect.  And women have FAR more estrogen in their bodies than men, particularly young women!

Have you ever noticed how a girl may have touched you before on the hand or shoulder, and suddenly you started to think about her in VERY sexual way?

Well, in women, that effect of a single touch is literally TEN times more powerful!

Casual touching turns you from the “nice guy” friend into potential lover, instantly.

You can’t underestimate how being touched gets women in the mood for sex very FAST.

Melting “Bitch Shields”

Oxytocin also directly blocks mental processes, and takes a woman outside of her head.

That’s why hugging a girl will instantly melt away her “bitch shield” and changes her state to friendly and flirty.

That’s why TOUCHING a girl right away is so effective, even if she’s trying to blow you off at first.

When you persist and you’re touching her, she’ll “turn around” and become massively hard attracted to you.

And that’s why when you DON’T touch a girl and it’s merely all “conversational game” you RARELY will get the girl into bed.  She may find you interesting, but without triggering the Oxytocin response, it’s not enough to make her physically CHASE you down.

A Four-Move Formula

That’s why I created a formula to trigger the Oxytocin response based on these 4 moves:

1. Talking, as an excuse to stand there

2. Touching the girl, shamelessly

3. Stay in set no matter what

4. Persist in the face of her congruence tests

I break down this formula and how to initiate touching in exact, step-by-step moves in the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program.

So you can initiate touching getting very little resistance and how to KEEP touching a girl with ZERO resistance, even if she’s a “Perfect 10”. It’s all in the art of exploiting this Oxytocin Response that all women have.

Just click THIS link to download the program.

34 thoughts on “The Rapid-Response Horniness Elixir For Getting ‘Good Girls’”

  1. Dicarlo Escalation Ladder is an old list of where to touch first, and then next. I’m sure that Jesse’s book covers that and much more. It works, guys!

  2. Dude stop letting the cats out of the bag! For years now i’ve been going into the clubs, touching all the hotties, and leaving with 11 girls in tow! Whenever they get hungry or want to leave my house i just touch them some more. When they get too skinny i just head to the club and touch some new girls.

  3. Hey Jess isn’t touching someone called “kin”?

    Anyway, yes, it works.

    A good trick(or w/e) for getting a woman to touch you is to say you can read palms.

  4. I touched a tall beautifull lady once and caressed her arms and she liked it.I think I triggered some kind of attraction switch with her and she got interested and started desiring me and she wants to be lovers and go to bed with me.Physical touching is just as important as conversational ability and gets girls excited.The guy has to make the first move.

  5. I’m a girl, and i get the frequent, intentional touching moves on bisexual girls more than guys. With guys, it’s always just a friendly tap on the arm or shoulder. Anyway, i’m attracted to some of the girls that do that to me, but i never get horny at all when they touch me. Even if they intentionally and hardly rub their arm on mine. (of course it started as light brushing on the arm, then the rubbing became more hard and obvious as days go by). They touch me any chance they get, sometimes just resting their arm on mine even when we’re not speaking to each other at all. I suspect they get horny, that’s why they continually do it. So i think this oxytocin thing isn’t applicable to every female, i guess. The only effect that it had on me is that i get the signal that they’re interested and i start to see them as prospective gf’s.

    1. I also love touch but dont get that feeling when I’ve just met someone. If that guy has been giving me the sexy animalistic eye sex (Jesse has written up about) then I’m more likely to fall for this one.

      I’m aware of oxyto”xin” – it’s why women fall in love with you when you give us the BIG O…noticed how we are all cocky until after the act and then we are all needy and shit….jesse is onto something here.

    2. Not to insinuate anything Chelsea, but there are certain kinds of people that aren’t effected by Oxytocin at all, they may not even produce it; the people of which I speak are commonly referred to as Psychopaths. Now, an actual Psychopath is not the ax murder on TV, an actual Psychopath is more along the lines of a fearless, uninhibited person who doesn’t care about anyone but themselves, this last part being because they don’t form actual bonds with other people due to their not being effected by Oxytocin. Most Psychopaths are functional and are more likely to be found rising through the ranks of a powerful company then inside a jail cell for being a stupid ax murder type, so being one is not necessarily a bad thing.

  6. Jesse,

    but I noticed that a lot of women resist touching them when it’s only the first interaction. So how do you handle that in your program?

    1. Iceman — I would propose that you can touch a woman the first time but not in an overt way. I have never known a woman to resist a a light touch on the elbow when making a point, or a brief hand-on-top-of-hand touch when you discover a mutual like or she makes you laugh. Or the “grooming” touch when you pick a (non-existant) piece of fuzz from her hair or off of her leg. Are you someplace noisy? Pretend you can’t hear her very well. “What was that?” you ask, leaning closer — and placing your hand very lightly against the small of her back. (This not only activates the touch response but triggers a sense of intimacy as well!) Even the “accidental” touches — your elbow toches her, your feet under the table, hands briefly brushing when walking or when yo uboth reach for something. Be very casual about it all and watch it work wonders.

      1. I’m a band manager and when if I’m talking to a girl at a show (it tends to be pretty loud on the show floor) doing the hand on her shoulder and pulling her closer to you absolutely works. It creates intimacy, physical contact *and* makes you seem confident and like you’re in control despite your chaotic surroundings. It works every time.

  7. jesse, i study chemistry in the university and i’m just impressed and fascinated by the chemical structure of oxytocin you put there.
    u see, ur so knowledgeable that learning anything from you is soo easy.
    i’ll forever remain a fan of ur site.
    keep up the good work

  8. Touching a woman in a sensitive way can be so powerful. I ve met women that confessed that touching their palms is almost as if I was doing the real thing

  9. I have a possible exception…at work with a co-worker who is damn cute and totally, well…a sexy target. I am in a leadership position, over her only.

    Now, at work, there are safe zones to touch (i.e. elbow, shoulder, sometimes forearm…)during the course of a conversation. I have touched this female co-worker during the course of a conversation, and rather infrequently as I do not want to condition her and potentially be predictable. But I do want to gently surprise and see if any sparks fly non-verbally.

    Now, there is no open refusal from her and she welcomes the touching. She is not intimidated, she knows her rights and such. But there is no such opening up from her in spite of the touching. We get along very well, regardless of subject being talked about. She smiles and such and we get along. But it does not develop any further.

    I have known her for two years now. She dates, as far as I can tell. But she does not seem to be “into anyone physically”.

    She is chinese and hot and has not lived in china for over 15 years now. She’s 25, speaks english well and has a bit of that “i don’t care” aspect to her personality. That tendency predominates her character. She only does what is expected of her on the job. Interpersonally, this tendency she has shows as “minimal interest” during any conversation I have with her, regardless of topic. She knows me and feels safe around me. I might be friend material to her.

    She can get excited about things, but it is rare. She is generally pleasant but is as demure, soft-spoken and unassertive as they come. My boss has had her do assertiveness training endlessly and nothing has changed in her personality. She somewhat respects her dad ( a big reflection on how she treats men). And she does not respond to cocky and funny humour. She is silent. She dates but admits she’s into the date for the free food. Very much a freeloader, I have jokingly made these observations about her (a freeloader, a taker, a sugar daddy hunter, etc), to which she agrees with a laugh.

    My boss wants me to teach her to show her assertiveness with clients and business situations. I am losing my zeal because nothing seems to work, except urgent business matters. However urgent business matters mostly confuse her.

    I am no longer interested in her as a girlfriend at all because her character flaws are so many and she turns me off. She lives at home with mommy and daddy and has no sexual confidence. To other guys, she could be a hot target because she’s potentially gullible. To me, she has no sense of self at all, which a big turn-off.

    The C+f, touching, does not get her going. She may not like me all that much. But I wonder when her eyes get dialated when she does talk to me and she unconsciously plays with her hair as we talk. A curious sexy smile crosses her face as we talk. She holds eye contact only for a few seconds with me. And I am guessing she has little skill with intimacy.

    The instance described above happens without warning and you could say it is a “window of opportunity” because of the suggestable state she is in. I drop some hints about what she specifically needs to know and do. For a few lingering days I think I have had an impact. But no results predominate.

    There could be much more to this than what I have offered, but the touching does NOT get this girl going.

    The reason I go as far as I do is because I am expected to lead this girl with on-the-job projects. She somewhat follows. When I make something fun (something she considers fun) all responses stay the same. When I don’t make something fun because there’s no prep time (we work in a demand-based business), her character is consistent with what I have said.

    Motivating her is very difficult.

    And the only thing that motivates her is the opportunity for sleep and to earn money.

    So, aside from paying her to have sex or something and give the promise of blissful sleep, I think my efforts to motivate and lead this girl with always be short circuited.

    Oxycotin has no place here. it is something deeper than that that has to happen. She refuses to go out, even if it’s something she would love to do.

    The problem may be me. So….I bought your course.

    Before I get into what I have applied from your course, this girl does not have answers to deeper questions, like what makes living worth-while? or asking her if she had all the money in the world, what would she do?

    Answers like “i don’t know” or “i’d do something fun” are the typical answers.

    Asking her deeper questions garners the same kind of responses. Trying to get an idea about her mindset is difficult in spite of “spot on” cold reads that seem to point to the timing of when I attempt to lead her.

    With that said, making her comfortable in the work environment is easy, but nothing more comes from her personailty.

    She’s so damn passive and clueless about what she likes in relationships, I have no idea what to do next.

    I have not wanted to have sex with her or anything (at one time I did, but no more). I have wanted to understand female psychology to get through to her.

    Your course has been instrumental as a starting place. But there is some underlying issue she has that makes my leadership efforts (using your course) fall flat.

    Oxytosin does NOT make this situation better.


    1. You have to let her come to you; touch her more inappropriate, if she protests against the shameless touch, but does not leave, just don’t respond and a little later touch her shamelessly again. If she leaves, let her leave, don’t run after her in any way, she’ll come back, i promise.

    2. Weird vibe!! If you were her relative instead of her boss, you’ll be the creepy uncle trying to molest somebody lol

    3. Um, sounds like a sexual harassment report waiting to happen. I think the power dynamic here is a big problem. What if things go sour and she exposes your behavior towards her, which would probably be considered inappropriate in a professional setting, to get you in trouble? Happens all the time. Honestly, I’d say don’t go there…

  10. Best advice ever was the back of the arm in that “zone”… even by accident or intentional you can literally see the change in their eyes an the mood… i learned that years ago from jesse an wow never fails to get them warmed up

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