A Killer Pickup Line That Gives Girls That “Swept Away” Feeling Every Time!

Before I give you this awesome pickup line, you need to first understand something about female psychology…

YOU lead a woman’s state.

If you want a woman to feel that urgent “I-wanna-fuck-this-guy” feeling, YOU have to go there first.

If you want a girl to feel that rush of lust for you, YOU have to beat her to the punch.

On some level, the girl has to feel like you are deeply attracted to her.

On some level, the girl has to feel she’s in imminent danger of having her legs spread open and being fucked!

On some level, the girl has to feel like a sex object and this is going down at ANY moment…

And on some level, she has to feel like you would pursue her to the ends of the Earth!

So you want to OPEN the girl with sexual INTENT so that she FEELS that sexual tension from you.

How To Make Her Feel “Swept Away” On The Opener!

When you first spot a girl, on some level you want to fall in love with her.

You want to look at this girl and believe to yourself that she’s someone SPECIAL.

Pick her best feature and pretend that she’s the most beautiful woman on Earth because of it.

Or imagine that this woman is the future mother of your children.

Fall in love with the girl enough to have that drive to go GET her!  And so that she’ll feel YOUR “swept away” enthusiasm for her.

Maybe she’s not exactly your type and maybe she’s not your dream girl.

But when you talk to her, she’s got to FEEL like she’s your dream girl.  She’s got to FEEL like she’s the hottest girl you’ve ever seen.

That’s what will attract the girl FAST, when she gets that “love-struck” vibe from you.

Stop, pause, and drink her in for a second.  Imagine her naked in your bed.

And say to yourself, “Oh man, I’ve gotta get that!”  Or think, “God I want to have sex with THIS girl!!”

Then go up to her, and tell her,

“Hi, my name is John.  You’re absolutely adorable, like an Angel.  I just had to come up and talk to you.  By the way…”

And change topics.  Speak relaxed and normal, with a smile.  Look her right into her eyes.

A powerful compliment tells the girl, “Hey I’m not afraid to express my desires as a man, I’m not backing down, and I go for what I want when I see it!!”

And if you go in with nothing in your head except the compliment, it will feel spontaneous to both you and to HER.

All that beaming energy and core sexual intent inside you will be translated through your state and she’ll open right up to you.

Because now she’s met a man who isn’t afraid to express his TRUTH, who is being REAL and honest with her, and who’s not looking for her permission to express himself!

And when you fall in love with the girl a little, the woman can get attracted FAST because she rarely gets that vibe from ANY guy, ever!

And with really beautiful women this works even BETTER.

Because although beautiful women get hit on often, it’s NOT done in this kind of direct, no apologies, “Lovestruck” manner.  So beautiful women appreciate it even MORE.

Pulling it off all comes down to your sense of entitlement.

Do you feel entitled enough to “fall in love” and express your sexual intent to the girl openly and unapologetically so that she gets that “swept away” feeling from you?

Or do you just get nervous, run, and hide your true feelings away?

That’s why I created the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program, so that when you see that perfect cutie, you step up to the plate and take what’s YOURS.

Because a guy who goes for what he wants and openly EXPRESSES his desire for her is what a woman wants in a man.

Woman call that, “Finding a REAL MAN.”

Just click on THIS link to download the program.


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  • Thats the nicest “line” I’ve ever read on a pick up artist site! i was just reading this for a goof but this article is actually a good one. Just walk up and be nice and introduce yourself.

  • Man you have killer tactics, I did this trick in less than 5minutes the girl called me back because I wanted to see if it works so I told the girl that I left my phone at home so she took my number.
    5minutes she called me and asked me out. Looking forward for some more stuff

  • Guys, you need to look somewhat good or else the line won’t be as effective. It just shows women are still shallow!

  • Jonathan’s comment is the best by far and completely nails it…
    Dont bother with all the other ones, this is all you need to undersand!

  • The problem lately is that I have tried all your steps but I am either looking desperate or a idiot whenever I came across any type of girl basically so I want to know how I can change all that and become someone that can get and win a girl. 😐

  • The problem lately is that I have tried all your steps but I am either looking desperate or a idiot whenever I came across any type of girl basically so I want to know how I can change all that and become someone that can get and win a girl.

  • So how what do you say after by the way. I tried this 5 times already but i ended up dragging the conversation on then it became boring.

    • No, it’s just what you say to let her know you’re attracted to her and to show sexual intent, but you need to back off from that and start qualifying her to make sure she’s got more going for her. Put her into the buyer’s frame.

  • I am guessing that you don’t advocate the use of a neg?

    Also I have been trying to project a sense of not being outcome dependant as if I like her, but don’t really care if anything happens because I have plenty of options after all.

    This idea goes against these that I have learned – do you think these approaches have value or are you saying its better to just go up and tell her she is a beautiful angel in every case?

    • You want to be outcome independent, but also EXPRESSIVE. So you can compliment a girl but *also* not care about the outcome. That’s why a compliment can really work, when you’re just expressing yourself with non-neediness for a reaction – then the compliment can be devestating.

  • man o’ man. you have no idea what you’ve done. these days i get into a room full of ‘hotties’, walk straight up to the hottest of them all, isolate her and ‘Charger’ her. before she knows it we’re exchanging numbers and moments later someone’s begging to be cocked up… and man i fvck ’em big and dirty! and that works for them, anytime, all the time like instatnt coffee.
    theres nothing these beauties dread and succumb to as a confident man who walks in and out of their privacy carrying away the ultimate prize i.e. a steamy, gruelsome fvck on the very first date!
    Jesse you’re the one!

    • Nathan are you a good looking taller type guy? I mean I love what Jesse is saying here but I just have not seen this work at all. Especially with say the 8 to 10 crowd. Not at all. There has to be something more to what you are saying but I could be wrong so let us know so you can back this

  • Jesse I totally understand. I have done that in spades. I make good eye contact, I smile, I look cool and confident. In total words I am into it. It still does not work. Delivery is very important. Totally. It just seems that hot women just want what they want and it just has not been me.

    Can you write an article about this? It just seems that very attractive women have it made. They can date who they want, all kinds of studies have proven that beautiful people make more money. I know that not all hot women have it made but from what I have seen on the whole they seem to have it all

    How can an average guy overcome that?

    • Hey Bruh, jesse’s right.. It’s all about delivery but here’s the twist – it’s not about delivering the line it’s about delivering higher value meaning when you approach her you need to delay gratification – apply the push pull technique e.g.

      “Hi, my name is John. You’re absolutely adorable, like an Angel. I just had to come up and ASK YOU ON A SCALE FROM 1 – 10 HOW CUTE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” They normally ask me “How can you ask me that?” Then I’ll say it’s a simple question that requires a simple answer babe but I can only stay a minute becase I need to get back to my friends (Put them at ease again).

      Last girl claimed to be a 9 then I said See i knew we woudnt get along becuse we wud disagree all the time, she laughed and asked me what score I gave her and I said 4 and she could not believe it but live in the moment just go out with positive people and enjoy yourself and feel the vibe

  • Well our line….“Hi, my name is John. You’re absolutely adorable, like an Angel. I just had to come up and talk to you. By the way…”

    I have used this line countless times and it has never really worked, especially with really beautiful women. They usually just say “oh thanks” and leave. They have heard this so many times before so why would they be positive I guess. So I guess it really does “sweep them away” literally.

    • It’s not the line. It’s the FEELING the girl gets from you projected THROUGH the line.

      So if you sound nervous or needy, it has less impact. If you don’t make eye contact, it has less impact. If you don’t smile, it has less impact.

      If you’re not FEELING it for this girl, and you’re just opening the girl out of obligation to open, it will have less impact.

      Delivery, delivery, delivery.

      • Its exactly the same with me! I mean I used the tips so many with confidence and the sexual intent but they just say thanks And they blow me off. Man women really break spirits.

  • Man ,u are good!i’ve done some of yo stuff and guess what?it works more than i imagined!!!inow look forward to receiving yo hot tips…..

    • i am a woman and i cannot agree more with what you say here.

      “Because although beautiful women get hit on often, it’s NOT done in this kind of direct, no apologies, “Lovestruck” manner. So beautiful women appreciate it even MORE.”

      i think that my boyfriend is special and a real man because he is very forward and direct. i had that kind of lovestruck feeling when we started dating and have loved him since.