28 Pickup Tips For Bars And Clubs To Get Laid

Once you tell a story, don’t wait for the girl’s permission to go on to the next one- just launch into the next one and the next

Drinking may give you “liquid courage” but it makes you sloppy- practice without the crutch of a beer and you practice true confidence

Women’s attraction to you is largely determined by the attractiveness of the other women with you.

When you can learn to talk to beautiful women in a club, other women will assume you’re a famous actor, rich, or have a stunning personality

Be aggressive, direct, invade a woman’s personal space- it’s that “I don’t give a f– who sees me, I’m here and I’m talking to you” attitude

Lead a woman’s her peer group- if you control her group, what they’re doing, where they’re going, and what they’re talking about, women will swoon

As soon as you enter a club, talk to the first girls you see. There- it immediately looks like you have friends

As long as girls see you talking with other girls, they will mentally note this and be more open to talking with you themselves

If a girl is leaning against the bar, take her hands and switch places with her so that you lean back and she faces you- effectively locking her in

Join separate groups of girls together by saying, “Hey ladies, my friends here were just talking about such-and-such… what’s your opinion on that?”

Always be talking to a group of girls. Jump from group to group until ALL the girls in the immediate vicinity see you as being social and attractive

Qualify a woman- throw tests at her that she has to pass in order for her to win your approval

“You know I like you, but you’re not a stalker are you? You’re not the type who checks her messages five times a day will you?”

Establish that YOU are the chooser and that SHE is the chaser. She must work for and win your approval and acceptance of her

“You would be so much trouble for me. You look like a handful. I can see it in those eyes. You sure you won’t just drive me up the wall?”

As long as a woman must work for and earn your approval and attention, dopamine hormones responsible for love and desire flood her head

A girl has interest when she makes eye contact, laughs, positions herself close to you, touches you, smiles, strokes herself, or asks you questions

After a girl has proven herself to you, accept her for passing your tests so that she’ll feel worthy of being your lover

Tell her how you feel like you can really open up to her and be yourself with her- that she’s different than all the other clubber girls you’ve met

Really make her work for your approval. Leave her hanging in suspense for your acceptance

Give her many screening tests in rapid fire succession– she lives too far away, you don’t date girls you meet in clubs, she will probably stalk you

Don’t look at the dance floor- it’s a hypnotic distraction that all the guys without girls do

Some hot women have never felt what one would call infatuation or lust- be the first man she has to prove herself to and feel the rush of the chase

You want to have some value to a girl before you show interest. If you have no value to her, she won’t care about your approval

You need to show her that you’re not just an interesting club guy, but that you’re a real human being- build a bond and connection with her

Tell her how amazing it is that you met each other. Talk about destiny. Talk about that wonderful connection that you have together

Take that connection that you share, have her give it a color, have her visualize it expanding over the both of you and through each other’s bodies

Have a story ready to tell her about some intimate experience you’ve had that you “don’t normally share with girls.” Like the day your puppy died

5 thoughts on “28 Pickup Tips For Bars And Clubs To Get Laid”

  1. Gotta say, a lot of these tips will just turn women off completely. Normal women, that is. Locking a woman in is the best way to make her feel trapped…which isn’t sexy, it’s threatening. Threatening gets you security or at the very least, girls wandering labeling you ‘the creepy guy who had me against the bar’.

    1. You’re referring to this tip specifically, “If a girl is leaning against the bar, take her hands and switch places with her so that you lean back and she faces you- effectively locking her in”

      If the girl has been talking to your for a minute and she likes you, this is a great little move to lock yourself into the conversation. It’s done playfully. It can even be done from the outset. It conveys a lot of attractive qualities too – that you lead, that you take action.

      Have you tried it? Please give a specific field report about how it’s backfired on you.

  2. Yeah pretty smart. There’s a lot of things we do without thinking about it and a bunch of good tips for guys with difficult to meeting women.

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