The #1 Problem With Your Game

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In this video, I want to talk about what really turns on a girl; not just making her laugh or entertain her.

But what really gets her wet and makes her want to show you off to her friends as a hot catch?  Because the advice out there right now is basically that, “Your looks don’t matter at all.  It’s just about learning a bunch of tricks, tactics and memorization to play mind games on the girl.”

That idea is really appealing to that nerdy guy inside of us, where you can just learn and book-study your way to having hot girls drool all over your out-of-shape body and your nerdy brain.

As a former computer programmer myself, that idea is very appealing to me too; the idea that I could just write a computer program in my basement and insert it into girls’ brains like a mind virus.  The next thing you know, they’re bouncing up and down on my lap and that I can just retain my old nerdy self; my body can be weak; my skin can be turning the color of the wallpaper white and I can just spend all day in front of my computer otherwise if I want.

All I need are some routines or memorization or mind virus; you know, to dupe the girl by kind of momentarily covering up and hiding myself from her until she’ll sleep with me.

That’s kind what most of the game out there revolves around; that idea that you can just learn your way mentally into a really hot girls pants, but the problem with those kinds of methods though is that you have all of these stuffs spinning through your head that you’ve learned and then you see the hot girl there in real life and you’re like, “Ah!  I’ve got all these killer material that I should be using somewhere in the back of my head but I can’t move.  I am still nervous!”

Or you go up to her and you’re like, “Hey girl, look at this cool thing I want to show you.  This cool thing that I memorized off the Internet so you are going to like me.”  There is like this certain level of not being real or not being authentic or kind of “gameyness” that comes across the girl and has this, “Hey girl, please like me” energy to it, where you’re essentially putting her up there above you on a pedestal just by pulling out you’re A-game.

Yeah, it’s kind of funny to the girl and she can even think you’re cute for that, even if you have that “Heeyyy!” stuff, you’re still doing more than most other guys will but that’s not really like a super sexy, get-the-girl-wet-between-her legs approach.  You are still this guy who’s trying to cover up his real self with some memorized material.

Like you think you’re going to somehow trick the girl onto thinking you are the stud or the sex-worthy guy with a magic bullet, but that needy guy underneath is still coming through the girl and how you come across like, “Hey girl!  Look at this.  Please like me.  Let me make you laugh with these tricks that I can get your approval.”

But the reality is that you don’t really get the 9s and 10s that way by doing these conversational-based, tactical mind game approaches and tactics because for one, they’re not fun.

You see the girl and you freeze up because the method you’re using puts you so far back inside your head and it’s just too complicated to keep everything there at your fingertips.  So you get this terrible performance pressure and anxiety.

Listen, that’s a crappy feeling.  It’s not fun.  And the girls don’t really respond to that “Heeyyy!” approach very well either because you’re nervous, cautious and you’re wanting to be liked so badly and you get lame responses from girls that just feels lame to yourself.

Why are you doing it if it’s not fun, if it’s a pain in the ass and it doesn’t really get you concrete-hard results like the girl actually coming over to your place to rip off her clothes so you can screw her silly?  No, it just doesn’t happen with most of the game out there because instead of having a real transformation from the inside, you’re just covering yourself up with some tricks and tactics.

I put this new program together to get at the heart of what girls really want and what really attracts them because come on, we don’t want just random successes based on being a kind of dorky guy with a layer of memorized material as a buffer between the real us and the girl, alright?  No, we want to become naturally, excellently attractive to women so you can just go up to about any girl and boom! she’s attracted right away on a primal level.

We are not even using any routines or running game per se.  You are just attractive from second 1 and it’s already over and maybe, even the girlfriend has a boyfriend or a husband already but the sexual attraction is still there no matter what; it’s palpable and you’re not being all like, “Heeyyy!  I want you to like me.  Look at what I have to show you to make you like me.”

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  1. i have watched and downloaded all of your videos i have watched.are u god because man you speak the truth.i have a problem getting your materials because in my country nigeria i don’t know of any bank that issues credit cards and the value of your product in naira is 16000 units.guy i must tell u that is so much but like u said in your tutorial fast,cheap, learn it well and fast it just isn’t cheap.hope to hear from you.take care

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