How to Make The Girl The Aggressor And Chase After YOU

Look, it’s NOT enough to game the girl!

You also need to give girls the opportunity to game YOU.

Because unless she’s chasing YOU, she’s not going to jump into bed with you.

“It’s time to game this cute guy!”

And here’s HOW to do it.

You can hug her, spin her, put your arm around her shoulder, poke her, and pick her up off the floor…

But if you’re just touching her and touching her and never relent, it will start to feel awkward.

Imagine a cute girl comes up to you and she hugs you and takes your hand.  She tells you she’s madly attracted to you.  Nice right?

But then, she just kept hugging you and squeezing your hand excessively.  It would start to feel socially weird… and a little needy.

As much as you liked the girl, you’d want some physical space.

That’s why it’s so important to PUSH the girl away, so that the touching feels more natural and she has SPACE to game you BACK.

So here’s HOW to push the girl and create space.

First say to the girl,

“Oh my god.  Your EYES are so CUTE.  And your lips… wait.  Wait.  What are you doing to me?  You’re like this temptation that I have to resist…”

And then you nudge her back away from you with a slight PUSH.

Next, grab her hands and pull her back in toward yourself and tell her,

“Wait… On the other hand, you’re EYES are so cute.”


“Stop it!  I shouldn’t be doing this.  What are you doing to me…?!”

And you push her back away AGAIN, in mock rejection.

Now you’ll find her attraction SPIKE because you’re being UNPREDICTABLE and she feels she could LOSE you.

And a simple push and pull like that gives the girl the opportunity to chase YOU.

In fact, you’ll find girls start pawing you, following you, and initiating conversation when there are silences.  And that’s when you know a girl will sleep with you.

So effective pickup is not, “I love you girl, I love you, I love you!”

It’s more like, “I love you girl!  Wait… maybe not!  I love you!  Wait… maybe not!”

That keeps the girl guessing, on her toes, and trying to win you over.

So even if you’re doing 80% or even 90% of the chasing, you still have to give her those opportunities to chase you back.

And that makes all the difference between getting mild attraction… and getting LAID!

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26 thoughts on “How to Make The Girl The Aggressor And Chase After YOU”

  1. if a girl doesnt wanna talk to you because of arguments in the past and she thinks its best you just stop talking
    is there something you can do to change it and be friends again or even more

  2. Hi how do u go to club or mall and see how chick walking pass and approch her wile everyone is watching that hot chick u have to follow her to what store she goes and then speak to her please advise.

    1. Just do it. If you don’t get her, it’s not a big deal. And if people look at you weird… you won’t die… in fact.. nothing will happen.

  3. That is really good and of course it works with girls, because that causes lots of sensations on them. Besides, they love being intrigued with something. So it turns on their curiosity and they start to seek for more information about your judgement about her. Amazing!

  4. You know I always thought South African woman are difrent and what you teach will never work on them.. Hehe I went n did your magic during the day n it worked like crazeee! Lol at night !? Not even at a club! I was picking up my targets at malls! Jesse every man reading your scripts has to thank you man! No mater were on earth they are! 😀

  5. Ummm… Sometimes when trying this in a overly excited manner we tend to push and pull with much energy and jerk… hehehe… that spoils the game..! 😀 Can we have some more natural ways to use this trick during a normal less flirty conversation jesse ?

  6. If you want a good girl this will not work. In time it will push the girl away. This is taking a girl on a emotional coaster ride, she will get tired of it, and say BYE BYE

  7. Hey, this does work, I have used this many times myself. Though I hadn’t relized it til reading this Article and thinking back to many memories.

  8. Jesse are you that ghost behind my seduction life. Your posts are just in time with my needs but wait, are you human or ghost!!.I don’t know wether to trust you or not.Your posts are just a perfect coincidence.
    Hey everyone this Pull and Push Works just like in fishing using a hook.Don’t pull for along time,the fish might realize it …….

  9. I do this when pacing and leading, it works Bill 🙂 It’s called fractionation I think. Is that right Jesse?

  10. this post made me want to re read again and at the same time listening to motley crue’s “kickstart my heart”

    Haha now thats what Im talking about… 😉

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