Reduce Cancer Risk With My Awesome Anti-Cancer Diet – What Jesse Eats

While nutrition is not directly related to meeting women, what goes into your body affects how you feel.

If you’re eating badly, you’re going to feel like shit physically. And if you feel like shit physically, you’re going to feel like shit emotionally.

And if you feel lousy emotionally, guess what – girls are going to feel how you’re feeling. The state you feel is what women will feel from you. If you’re feeling happy and excited and with energy, that’s how girls will respond to you, happy and excited and with energy.

But if what’s inside your body is dragging you physically, if what you’re eating makes you feel lethargic or down, and that affects your emotional state, girls are not going to respond to you as well. That’s if you feel good enough to get off the couch to go meet women in the first place.

I mean I can give you techniques, tactics, pickup up lines, but none of that is really going to matter if your base state sucks, if your emotional thermometer is low because of what you’re eating.

So I want to share some of my eating tips, things that you can do that are fast and easy and make you feel better.

I mean we’re guys here, I’m not going to give you a bunch of cooking recipes, I want to keep this really simple. Changes you can make right away, that will make a difference in how you feel and your energy levels.

The Anti-Cancer Diet

The first thing you have to understand about the way I eat is I actually eat an anti-cancer diet. And it’s an anti-cancer diet because, well, 1 in 2, 50% of all guys will get cancer sometime in their lifetime.

Now of course not all cancers are deadly. Skin cancer and prostate cancer are common with men but they’re easily detectable and treatable generally. And if you’re not a smoker or heavy drinker, your chances lessens as well.

Still, we all know someone who has died of cancer and whatever diets we eat, not only do we want it to make us feel good inside, we want it to make our immune systems healthy and cancer resistant and reduce cancer risk.

And since researches now believe that 20% of cancer is from your parents, your genes, its preprogrammed to happen no matter you do, the other 80% of cancers comes from your environment, what you eat, and what chemicals you’re exposed to.

And the scary thing is cancer is on the rise, not just because we’re becoming older as a population, but cancer rates have doubled and tripled over the past 30 years even when taking an aging population into account.

In rural societies maybe 10% of men will get cancer and in the U.S. and Europe that number is closer to 50%, and that’s because of what we’re eating in our diets.

In the west we eat large quantities of highly refined sugar in our diet. 56% of your average American’s food calories comes from either refined sugars, bleached flour, or vegetable oil, foods containing no proteins, no vitamins, no minerals, no omega 3 fatty acids too keep our bodies functioning.

And previous to 100 years ago, back to the caveman days, back millions of years before that, our ancestors ate NO refined sugars, NO bleached flour, and NO vegetable oil. These are foods we never evolved ourselves as organisms to be eating. 0% of our diet in all of previous history consisted of these foods. And now 56% of diet consists of these foreign, alien foods basically cooked up in a laboratory. We’re not evolved to handle it.

And these sugary foods, not to mention they make you feel lousy over time, lay the fertile ground for cancer, and here’s why.

When we eat sugar or white flour, our glucose level, sugar in our blood, rises rapidly. Also known as the sugar rush. The body, in response, releases a dose of insulin to enable the glucose sugar to enter and feed our cells. The secretion of insulin is accompanied by the release of another molecule called IGF whose role is to stimulate cell growth.

BUT insulin and IGF also promote factors of inflammation, which stimulate cell growth and in turn fertilize the ground for cancer tumors. Microtumors, cancer cells grow more rapidly when your insulin system has been stimulated by processed sugars, especially when you are having quick peaks, when you’re blood sugar is low… eat soda and bread… spikes… falls back down… eat pizza… spikes!

Most people eating a can of coke, a bagel, a hot dog for lunch thus have an explosive combination of white flour and sugar, together with animal fats, hormones, and environmental toxins going into their body.

Experiments done with mice, when injected with cancer cells, after 10 weeks, 65% of the mice which ate a high sugar diet with frequent blood sugar peaks died, while only 5% of mice which ate a low sugar diet where their body sugar held steady were dead.

That means eating no more than two or three deserts each week, eat oatmeal or rye or flaxseed instead of white bread, eat beans, peas, lentils instead of pizza. Replace cereals like corn flakes, frosted flakes or rice crispies with oatmeal or muesli. And get rid of the soda.

Not only is cutting down on the sugar and white bleached flour in favor of healthier foods going to make you feel better inside, but you won’t experience the highs and lows in your mood and energy and you reduce cancer risk.

Eating Low Sugar

So to begin with you want to switch to a low sugar diet so that your sugar glucose levels in your blood isn’t doing the wild rollercoaster rides of lows followed by highs followed by lows. This is the most important thing to remember of all.

For breakfast, eat oatmeal or muesli instead of cereals like cornflakes or Rice Krispies.

Replace sweeteners like sugar with raw organic Agave Nectar. Agave Nectar is three times sweeter than white sugar but it will not spike your blood sugar levels like white sugar will.

Replace soda. What I do is I’ll find a 100% juice, and whenever I’m thirsty mix it with water so that I have one part juice, and two parts water. So I have a very light, lightly sweetened, natural fruit juice.

And instead of eating cake or ice-cream, for something sweet I’ll eat a portion of organic dark chocolate. Chocolate has many antioxidants which slow the growth of cancer cells and limit angiogenesis. You want to use a bar of 60% to 70% cocoa, not a Hershey’s bar which is mostly processed sugar with maybe only 20% cocoa. So I’ll take a few squares of dark chocolate along with a green tea sweetened with organic Agave Nectar. That combination really takes the edge of your appetite and sweet tooth without spiking your blood sugar.

Reduce Chemicals

In addition we’re exposed to dozens of pesticides and chemical products on our foods that didn’t exist before the 1940s, which are sprayed directly onto the fruits and the vegetables that we eat, or are fed to livestock, or chemical hormones directly injected into cattle.

While pesticides make the foods we eat cheaper to produce and buy, all of those chemicals over time wreak havoc on our cells, particularly in fatty areas on our body where cancer-inducing substances tend to accumulate over time.

A study on children who ate convention diets showed that they had 4 times the maximum recommended limit by the Environmental Protection Agency of toxic pesticides in their urine, while children who ate exclusive organic diets had no detectable traces of pesticides. The toxins had disappeared from their urine completely.

So I urge you to begin buying organic foods, and I’ll give you a few tips on what organic foods to buy to maximize your bang for the buck.

First, I’ve cut milk out of my diet completely. Milk is loaded with hormones and synthetic chemicals. What I drink instead is Silk Soy Milk, which actually is a bit sweeter than regular milk and actually tastes better. And I replaced yogurt with Soy Yogurt. That’s a biggie, to eliminate dairy products. If you do one thing organic, eliminate dairy products from your diet, they’re terrible for you. If you really need to drink buy, buy organic milk, not the regular milk, it’s not good for you.

Another thing that you should go organic with are eggs. Regular eggs have a lot of Omega 6 fats, the bad kind of fats. But organic eggs have much more of the omega 3 fatty acids, the good kinds of fats because of what they feed the chickens.

So number one, go organic with the milk. Number two, go organic with the eggs. You’ll pay a little more, but at least you won’t be wreaking havoc on your body and your poor cells.


And that brings us to fruits. Any fruit with thin skins, it’s a good idea to go organic. Like apples, pears, peaches, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, grapes. Conventionally grown, these fruits have a lot of pesticides on them when they get to your kitchen and washing them under the sink for 5 seconds does not get rid of the pesticides like your Mom might have taught you. Go organic with those.

Fruits with the thicker skins like bananas, oranges, pineapples, grapefruit, mangoes, papayas and watermelons, not so critical and you can get away with eating conventionally grown.

Then you get to your Super Foods. Foods which have many anti-cancer properties, either they’re anti-angiogenesis, or they detoxify your body of carcinogenic substances, or they support your immune system, or they promote the suicide of cancer cells.

What To Drink

Every day I’ll drink a cup of green tea for its ECGC and anti-angiogensis properties.

I’ll drink a cup of soy milk, because the soy has anti-cancer properties to reduce cancer risk.

I’ll drink a cup of organic pomegranate juice which is picked with antioxidants.

And I’ll drink a cup of red wine for the resveratrol among the other polyphenols in the wine that protect cells from aging and block cancer development. One red wine glass a day, Pinot Noir is particularly rich in resveratrol. No more than one glass a day, otherwise the negative effects of the alcohol on your brain cells and body cells outweigh the positive effects of the polyphenols in the wine.

And obviously if you have any alcohol problems, drinking any wine at all just for the resveratrol would be a complete disaster, stay away from wine completely, or any alcohol completely if you’ve had a problem with it before.


For supplements I’ll take a garlic pill, garlic which has powerful anti-cancer properties as well as capsules of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Berries, like cherries, cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries all detoxify cells, blocks environmental carcinogens, and have molecules that signal cancer cells to commit suicide.

I’ll also every day eat an enormous green salad of organic baby greens that gives you lots of minerals and nutrients to feel healthy and good and boost your immune system, and also if eaten at night, really curbs your appetite for those heavier foods which you really don’t need at night before bed.


For desert, instead of chowing down an ice-cream or piece of cake or candy or cookies, I’ll instead have a few squares of organic 60% or 70% chocolate cocoa. The chocolate gives you that sweet rush while curbing your sweet tooth, and the cocoa itself has a lot of anti-cancer properties. Now if you eat a normal Hershey’s chocolate bar, its only about 30% cocoa, has lots of sugar and processed milk, so that’s no good. You want to get a bar that is at least 60% cocoa is not 70% and it will curb your appetite for deserts and sweets.

So everyday for me, cup of organic pomegranate juice, cup of organic soy milk, cup of green tea sweetened with organic agave nectar, glass of red wine, a few squares of organic 60% dark chocolate, garlic capsule, and an Omega 3 fatty acid capsule.

Most days I’ll eat a big green salad of organic baby greens, and lots of organically grown fruits. Oatmeal for breakfast usually or a whole oats cereal like Cheerios in Soy Milk. Often a few organic eggs. I’ll use as well olive oil instead of regular canola or vegetable oil, olive oil is definitely more expensive but its so much better for you.


Each day I’ll eat maybe a single portion of chicken, fish, or turkey, and I almost never eat red meat, once or twice a month at most. And I actually don’t eat organic meat simply because its so, so expensive. But if you eat one portion of white meat a day you’ll be alright. It’s the red meats you really have to watch out for and best yet, limit the red meats to once a week or better yet cut them out of your diet completely.

Combine all these anti-cancer foods into your diet, cut out the refined sugars, white flour, and vegetable oils, and you reduce your chance of cancer from 50%, down to more like 15% to reduce cancer risk.

By following an anti-cancer diet, you’ll also not have the swings of highs and lows in your energy that comes from eating a high sugar diet. And if you feel better from what you’re eating, you’re more likely to want to get off the couch and go out and meet people. If you feel better and have more energy, even after a long day of work you’ll still have the energy afterwards to go out and be social.

Remember, girls are going to respond to you based on your upbeat energy level. If you’re down and slumped and tired, girls are not going to reciprocate much of anything to you. So your diet, what you’re putting into your mouth is of vital importance.

There’s a lot more super anti-cancer foods and for a far more complete list, I recommend the book “Anti-cancer a new way of life” by David Servan-Schreiber. In “Anti-cancer a new way of life”, he gives you a more complete list of all the foods and exactly how they’re healthy for you and affect your body.

Green tea and angiogenesis

Now real quick I want to explain a process in your body called angiogenesis.

Your body is creating cancer cells all the time. At any given time you have thousands of micro-tumor cells, renegade cells, throughout your body. But normally your immune system kills them off right away. And your immune system is really good at it, it kicks the micro-tumor’s butt. Normally, micro-tumors really are nothing to worry about, they’re harmless, and they get their ass handed to them by your immune system.

But these micro-tumors send signals out to the nearby tiny blood vessels called capillaries that provide all the cells in your body with nutrients and oxygen. The micro-tumors produce a chemical substance called angiogenin that forces the capillaries to approach the cancer micro-tumors and to sprout new branches and feed the tumors.

In other words, these renegade cancer cells send signals out to these capillaries, “Come over here, feed me, feed me!” And if the cancer cell is successful, if it can hijack some nearby capillaries to feed it nutrients and oxygen, allowing the micro-tumor to grow in size and eventually transform into a dangerous cancer.

So micro-tumors, in order to grow and become dangerous, must create a network of blood vessels to feed them, before your immune system has a chance to kill them off. This whole process of signaling the capillaries to supply them with blood is called angiogenesis.

But through your diet, through what you eat, you can kill off these micro-tumors by cutting off their supply lines, by scrambling their messages to the small blood vessel capillaries. Foods that have anti-angiogenesis properties signal the little blood vessels, the capillaries, to refuse to supply the cancer cells with the blood they need to grow.

And there are many natural anti-angiogenesis foods. For instance, Green Tea. Green tea has a molecule in it called for short EGCG. Drink a cup of green tea and EGCG is distributed throughout your bloodstream and spreads throughout the body by means of the capillaries, the capillaries which feed every cell in your body.

The EGCG molecules then block the micro-tumors from issuing commands to the capillaries to feed them and the capillaries no longer respond to orders from cancer cells.

Again, I recommend the book “Anti-Cancer” for more on what you can do to proactively reduce your cancer risk and at the same time begin enjoying a diet that will maximize your stamina, energy, and good feelings.

The Assignment

Okay your assignment for this week is to make a list of all the bad foods you’re eating, you know the sugary foods, the white bleached flour foods like white bread that you’re eating that make your blood sugar and energy levels spike and crash. Write down that list.

And then, write down all the foods that you could be eating instead, that you know you should be eating instead. Maybe organic foods, maybe more fruits and vegetables, maybe slow burning carbohydrates like Oatmeal instead of frosted flakes… write down that list as well.

The best way to start eating the right foods and not the wrong foods is not have the wrong foods in the house in the first place. So it begins with your shopping habits. Write down in addition how you plan to change your food shopping habits so that the bad foods don’t get into your refridgerator in the first place.

So you’re going to make a game plan here; first, list the bad foods that you know you shouldn’t be eating that are probably affecting your feelings and mood for the worse; second, list all the foods you know you should be eating; and third, write down a shopping game place to discipline yourself so that the bad foods don’t end up in your kitchen in the first place. And put it up on the forums for others to take a look.

After all, you may have some good ideas that others didn’t think of. And others are going to have tips that you didn’t think of.

So make those lists and get them up there.

6 thoughts on “Reduce Cancer Risk With My Awesome Anti-Cancer Diet – What Jesse Eats”

  1. Hi Jesse,
    Great information, I enjoy many of the articles on your site.  I thought this article was very informative.  I am a Registered Nutritionist and wanted to clarify a few things that could do some harm to your body.  Soy is not a healthful as the soy industry would like us all to believe.  Unfermented soy should not be consumed.  It can lead to colorectal cancer (in both sexes) and stomach cancer (in men).  This is published in the International Journal of Epidemiology Oct 2000;29(5):832-6.  Also Soy increases IGF, Journal  of Nutrition 2002 Sept;32(9).  Soy increases estrogen.  Organic Fremented soy products like Tempeh and Natto have amazing health properties and is worth looking into.
    Yogurt that is organic full fat and plain(raw if you can get it) is very healthy and contains probiotics.  Soy Yogurt I can’t name anything that healthy about it.
    Organic Grass fed meat is very healthy is high in Omega 3’s.  Make sure it is organic grass fed as organic meat can still be corn fed which is usually gmo, and increases inflammation.
    Omega 6 fats aren’t bad for us, the problem is that the typical diet of US/Can have a higher ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. We want Omega 3 to Omega 6, 2:1 ratio.  Omega 6 gets broken down and converts into PG1 which aids in the anti-inflammatory response.  Omega 3 converts into PG3 which helps to prevent inflammation.  It is the foods that contain arachidonic acid which promotes PG2 inflammatory and allergy responses, and luekotrienes in the body.  Of course PG(prostaglandins) play an important role in the body we need all 3 PG 1, 2, and 3 but we want mainly 1 and 3.  PG2 is important in small amonts because inflammation is part of the healing process.  Unfortunately when inflammation is chronic it can lead to disease.
    Agave syrup is highly processed.  It has the highest fructose content of any commercial sweetener higher than high fructose corn syrup.  High amounts of fructose led to insulin resistance.  Use Maple Syrup, honey and stevia.  Before Agave Necter hits the shelves it is actually named fructose syrup from agave. 
    Hope this helps

  2. Jesse Man , you r awesome , prolific , i am an avid reader of ur stuff , but hey have you read THE BOOK OF THE DAMNED. I completely cut the red meat and smoking , hit the gym a bit , but hey am gonna stick to my one and only shottie and attend every Sunday church service.

    hats off to JC

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