How To Seduce Younger Girls 20+ Years Younger

There’s nothing like dating a 19 year old girl when you’re in your mid-30s (like myself) and I imagine even better once you hit your 40s and 50s.

Young women are just hornier, their pussy is more wet, their asses more delicious, everything in their body is just so perfectly scrumptious.

I’ve dated a few younger girls almost half my age and let me tell you the rewards of hot sex with a far younger woman is worth it. There’s nothing like kissing a young, fresh face and looking deep into the eyes of a younger woman.

It’s better than any car, house, money, or tropical beach you can imagine!

Our male brains are evolutionary wired to go crazy for them.

And most very young girls are like unmolded clay. They’re open to all kinds of sexual experimentation like wet blow jobs, taking it in the back, and dressing in kinky lingerie.

The trick is how do you GET these younger types of girls in the first place?

The other day I was at the Department of Motor Vehicles and there was a shocking amount of younger women there getting their driver’s licenses. ** Note that the age laws in many U.S. states is actually 16, not 18!

But almost ALL of these young women were being chaperoned by their Mothers!

Sucks, right?

So how does one FIND these cuties, approach these girls without being “creepy”, make the girl respond well despite your older age, AND make the parents cool with it?

That’s a hill to climb, and that’s why you see so FEW older gentlemen with a young lady on their arm.

Because the fact is, these younger girls LOVE older guys. They want to get fucked by older guys. Older guys can offer them SO much more like security, fun, and better sex, just for starters.

Brett, a young book editor who falls for an older man (Baldwin)

It’s just that society is neurotic about “roping off” these younger girls from real life, making it hard to meet them.

But it CAN be done.

Like here’s just ONE quick tip:

I know this sounds rather “obvious” but most older gents feel uncomfortable setting foot on a University campus and aren’t taking advantage of it.

The girls are AWAY from their parents, they want to try NEW things (experimental sex), and they’re looking for both fun AND security an older guy provides.

The Freshman girls start in at 17, going up to 22 for the older girls.

Many of the girls are BORED out of the minds.

AND it’s not as difficult as you’d think, because younger women easily get sucked into your reality because she hasn’t been exposed to men with strong realities yet.

All you’ve got to do is learn how to “blend in” and socialize the easy way that doesn’t require the frightening bugaboo of approach anxiety.

My system is far too much to explain in a quickie post, but that’s why I created the 15 hour Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program.

I guarantee you’ll be able to pull a far younger lady, no matter what your age, even if you’re in your 30s, 40s, or 50s. Check it out for yourself.

Just click THIS link to download the program.

66 thoughts on “How To Seduce Younger Girls 20+ Years Younger”

  1. You shall none of us anything the stuff that you promised in the beginning of your video you did not do and if it was true that you had a year to pay why would you ask for credit card information and charge immediately. What I want to see is one piece of information that actually works from your supposed instructional program I don’t believe that’s true I think you just an internet pirate. Go ahead you enjoy doing plenty of people but I’m not going to be jumping that quick I need to see something from you that proves what you are saying is true that’s just a video or a bunch of talk just something that actually works and I’ll believe you

  2. I’m in my 20’s and I love to meet old man in their 50’s ad 60’s just to have a great fuck… As the writer said: Young women love old men!
    Kind regards from Spain!

  3. There’s more than the sex, although the sex is about 95% of it for me. Cooking her a great dinner sets these young ladies on fire, they’ve never had a 4-star meal most likely. candle lit dinner at home, another first for her. Sitting in a bubble bath together reading her poetry by candle light and drinking mimosas. Watching old movies like “I was a male war bride” while cuddling on the couch. All these things bring her close into you and your further into her holes. Last girl 19 when we started 21 when she left, sex was under the covers with the light off. In six months she wanted to act out her ‘rape fantasies’ by being tied to the bed and taken anally. When something that sweet and fine with perfect skin and a little pink asshole the size of a pencil eraser want to be violated in a way that would make a 45 year old hooker blush, you’ve found the secret. THEY ARE FUCKING WILD!! You just have to open them up. When they stand up on shaking legs holding their little butts with makeup running down their cheeks from crying and tell you that the first time they ever had a real orgasm and the sheets look like somebody busted a water balloon under her. That’s what it’s about. She left to pursue college, i got her an apartment (security deposit), furniture etc. and wished her well and was glad to see her getting on with her new life. She in return hooked me up with her girl friend from school in a very bold way. She brought Tabby over to introduce us and have dinner, followed by mimosas, followed by hot tub poetry, followed by hot tub BJ, followed by bedroom BJ as an instruction session from Cassie. “you’re gonna be doing this a lot with me gone” she said right then I started thinking of the possibilities and seeing her nervously suck me into her mouth with wide excited eyes looking right into my stomach I exploded, she flinched back Cassie put her hand on her head and pushed her back down on me and said,”take it all in your mouth and when it quits spurting swallow it all at once’. Never in my life had I imagined a woman would do something like this but I truly underestimated these young girls. Sure they run off with little boyfriends for a week or so here and there, I let them, and when they return I tell them when there blood test comes back clean we can start having sex again. Also the first ones the hardest, I pressured a super hottie Michelle way too hard and too fast, she was also 19 when I was 31, next one bought her way too much crap to show affection (she ran all over me), but when it sticks take her out in public and make her smile, laugh whatever it is to have her force others attention and don’t even look at another girl…EVER! Why? because when she’s heading out the door you can feel easy about approaching her replacement, knowing sh’es probably seen you with a girl her age and she was having the best time ever, and that you never looked at other girls. Been doing this since 2003 successfully, the 25 – 28 crowd is still the hardest to land, the 17 to 20 are the easiest.


    I guess all the older guys will be going to the Miley Cyrus tour next year then to see if this plan will work!

  5. Some people are clueless. Younger women prefer older guys and older women prefer younger guys. Now only if the society would catch up and remove the age stigmas; we would all be happy.

  6. Hi, i m 25 years old , i hve an affair wd my 20 yrs old studnt nd i m unable to seduce . Plz tell sme tricks for sducing nd attrackting her.

  7. i am 48 now and have had an affair with an 18 year old.. took her virginity .. she wanted it and i wouldn’t change a thing..

  8. I have been with young girls since i was 25, I am now 34 and still got about 10 girls between 18-24 that I rotate every month, none of them know each other and its great. Older women are too much into marriage and settling down drama, I ain’t open to that so living like us men were suppose to be as nature intended it to be is the way of life for me!

  9. Older guys can offer better sex?

    LOL!! No is the answer. Definitely not. For the same reasons younger girls are better.

      1. As a very attractive woman… I can attest to the fact that young men, like young woman (and I have had/do have both) are seeking guidance and reassurance in the bedroom. They WANT to learn, and they want to feel what they never have before… And I am always there to help them!

        I like sex, no, I love sex. Just wish society would be able to catch up and realize that sex is not bad.

    1. Some guy got his feelings hurt. Most younger girls just lay there. Like most younger guys just pump and cum in 5 seconds.

  10. Right now I have a 19 yeaqr old girl living next door wih her boyfriend. I’m married and…well to be honest, it sucks in the bedroom. I’ve been wondering how to go about seducing this little beauty and from what I’ve read here I’m on the right track. Oh, btw, I’m 50.

    I also know a 21 year old who I have known since she was like 15. She has blossomed into a gorgeous young lady. We text each other a lot just BSing and I have gotten to the stage of making sure she gives me a hug when we see each other. She is even nore than confortable with giving me a kiss on the cheek. The other night I told her that her hugs were addictive. She said that there was nothing wrong with that, Right now I’m really hoping that was a nice strong sign of things to come

  11. When I first started reading this article I was a bit grossed out and I normally worship the ground Jesse walks on (and can’t wait to have sex with him one day).

    But after reading the comments, I can see we are talking about women and not children. A 16 year old is a girl men, a 20 year old is what you are aiming for if you’re older than that. You are being abusive to us women/girls if you aim too low. It’s creepy because it makes you look like you are unable to get older women (when I say older I mean 20 year olds). For a root, sure no problem but to have a relationship with someone who doesn’t get you, that says a lot about you.

    I am guilty of dating someone 10 years younger than me but he has the knowledge base of my ex husband who was 5 years older than me. I just have the benefit of his young hot body with the stamina to die for. Delicious. Now to find myself a younger woman to join us!

    1. You are grossed out because most Americans hold onto truly bizarre Puritan concepts of everything while they only pretend to be sexual and open minded. If America was truly open minded and sexual, we would have topless women giving baths to their naked babies on prime time TV commercials like they routinely do in all of Europe.

  12. I recently had sex with a younger girl and it was the best sex I’ve had in 20 years! I’m 47 and married and the the college down the street offered some prime 19 year old ass haha!

  13. In reality every men desire a young women! They pretend that it is no good idea to date younger women. Because society do not except that. Me myself always have relation with younger women. They make you feel alive, more fun.The sex is awesome and playful. Older women are more boring and rotary. But in mind, one day the young women she can leave you. Enjoy every moment with her! They will keep you young.Have fun with them and go with the flow! And very importance give them space!

  14. forget the books go pick up a camera and read online how to use it and start making portfolios for young models. you can score at least 10% of them. so if you shoot 30 girls in a month you have your hands full. also, dont go older than 20 …..they start to be a pain in the ass after this age….money, ….

  15. This is a great article.I agree older men have the wisdom,life experiences,maturity and are ready to take care of and love a younger woman and give her a happy life.There are a lot of men in their 40`s,50`s and 60`s that have a great sex life and happy marriage than people who got married in their 20`s when they were young and naive and not commited and didn`t know what they are doing in life.Also women who are young look a lot better than women who are old.Elle macpherson is in her 40`s,she still looks hot,but she is old and looks like an aging Supermodel.

  16. I’m 61, and just married a 34 year old, GORGEOUS slim intelligent woman last November. She is from China, where the culture teaches them to honor their elders, and it’s not at all looked down on for a younger woman to be married to an older dude. I am bald, and they think that shows I am “clever.” We met on the internet, thru one of the many asian/western dating sights. Yes, it took a while to sift through the scammers (both the agencies and the girls) and those who were just corresponding for kicks. I found many who acted interested in me, until I actually set a date to travel to China, and then the truth came out. If you take your time, and be wise and cautious and “trust, but verify,” and be honest, and keep your list of desirable qualities ever before you, you might just hit the jackpot, as I did. There will be cultural, generational, and language adjustments to work through, so I strongly recommend that you not add the conflicts of a Buddist/Christian mixed marriage. And if you go for a girl beyond age 28 or so, and accept one who already has one child, you will be so rewarded! email me for personal coaching….

    1. Henry confirms what Danny says ….
      I am 74. My Asian wife is 55 . We have been married 25 years and it has been fantastic . Wished I met her first.Why is it a success ? I married a 29 year old widow with 2 children .She saw goodness and
      security in me and could envisage a better life for her and the children . I did my best for the kids and they love me more than my own kids .I treat her well and she will do anything for me . Now I need a carer and what a wonderful carer I have in my lovely wife . Treat your spouse well ,bring home a bunch of flowers so now and then and best still …Learn to give her a surprise …It does wonders. I took her to the airport to farewell her sister going to see her Mum in Asia . Unbeknown to her I had a packed suitcase in the boot and a return ticket and passport in my pocket .Only at saying goodbye at immigration ,did I produce the travel documents ….She has never forgotten it . Now I reap the rewards ….

  17. When I was a teenager, and in my early twenties, I lacked confidence and never seemed to be successful with girls. With increasing age, more experience, a more flippant, careless attitude, and a less-desperate approach, I became one hell of a success with females of all ages. At the age of 46, I had a hot hot hot girlfriend who was 24 yrs of age. At one point of time, I had phone nos of 150 females of all ages, mostly whom I had approached on the net, through social websites, messengers etc. Many were ready for a romp in bed – no holds barred. After few years of this crazy life-style, I sorta cooled off.. (even now, I am gettn’ missed calls on my cell from a gal).. but yeah. Females are mostly boring, whatever their age.. and they get even more boring once they start dreaming of marriage etc. So one should be very, very clear, right from the beginning, to avoid the marriage trap. Be confident, a tad cruel, flippant, careless, forgetful and selfish. The formula may be bad, but success rate will be immense. And most of all, never, never take any female seriously, unless you are contemplating marriage. Best of luck, guys!!

  18. I am 47 and have an intern who is 25. She is so eager to please me all the time. How do I cross the line? What is the best way to do that? I think about taking her to bed all the time. Someone have any good ideas? Strategy? Thanks.

  19. Well, Ibelive in houmor, health and desire. At the age of 64 i visted a very beautifull girl of 20. We fall in love and married. Now i am 68 and she is 24. We have 2 babys. We have a wonderfull life. A perfect sex and perfect confidence we offer each other. When i was 32, i had a girl friend of 19. We were 2 years together. Those 2 years were the best of my life. As the younger girl accept your requirements more easily than elder. one. One thing more . The younger girl will keep you young even at the age of 90.

    1. Your wife is very lucky. I want a boyfriend who is in his 60`s. I find men in their 60`s very sexy. I am 31.

  20. especially this type of girls should be sentant to death punishment Islamic law.and Islamic countries. they should be major age require. any way nowadays most of the girls even young age they are compelled to sex life.

    1. You are an Islamic bastard who has no place in modern society. Fuck you, Allah, and Mohammed, who by the way was a pedophile.

  21. The post by Jesse only says ‘much younger’ woman, it does not specify an age as such. So 16, 18, etc are only ages created by certain people here. A much younger woman/girl could be 15, 16, 18, 20, 25 or whatever depending on who’s seeing from his perspective. Of course it’s much more fun. I had an affair (short lived though) with someone who was 10yrs younger than me and it was lively and hot..they love their sugar daddies and also the sparkle n their eyes when they encounter someone who is so much more knowledgeable than them is just awesome. Cheers to more of them!

  22. Being only 28 myself, an 18 year old doesn’t really appeal to me most of the time. I find somewhere around 24, they reach an optimal level. I don’t want someone too young to understand my references to anything. I also enjoy older women. This lifestyle is about having choice, whether that’s old or young or black or white or whatever!

  23. right now im 36 and i have a gorgeous 18 year old russian model girlfriend. my sex life right now is spectacular.

  24. I have dated mostly young girls, they are mad on love and sex, they are experimental and I am totaly agree with Jess. they are very sweet, funny and they want to get fucked in every action, if you dont show actions, then it will suck also need to do romance. Its superb, having sex with young is the best.

  25. yeah, I would like to date girls between age 18-23, but am not interested in marriage!!
    I would have jumped on this DVD offer right away, however, I do not want nor feel compelled to marry, nor mislead by indicating that marriage is my intention.

  26. @Insightful lias,

    Great false beliefs you have there.

    Two words: Hugh Hefner.

    By perpetuating bullshit limiting beliefs like that you’re only harming others who read your posts. I am not going to tell you what to do, but it is not very useful to go around saying X is creepy.

  27. @ Insightful Ilias: Let’s not generalize… I know countless women in their 30s and older who are extremely boring, and only care about getting ahead, paying the bills, etc. It all depends on the person. I have met young college girls who are the most interesting people I’ve ever talked to; they can discuss any intellectual topic with you, they are into politics, the arts, they enjoy the music scene, concerts, etc. etc. If you meet one of those and you find them boring, maybe the problem is you!
    I don’t think this article is about creepily hunting for jail-bait underage teens, but quality younger women (and like Jesse said, colleges are full of them) who are experimental, fresh and fun. Alpha older men have had their pick of younger chicks since the beginning of time! More power to those who can pull it off (and good times!) I’m not saying that seniors should date chicks the age of their grand-daughters (although it’s their choice! – look at Hugh Heffner!), but I agree with Jesse in reminding us not to cooperate with societal norms that only end up castrating men.
    Who in their right mind doesn’t want a hot-bodied young beauty???

  28. Insightful Ilias

    Dating younger women is great. Especially in your late 40s and 50s and 60s.
    Except for the fact that physical development, teanage girls aren’t women yet. There are enough women in their 20s and early 30s that satisfy the biological imperative of wanting young fertile beautiful women.
    Besides, unless you are in your teens or 20s, dating a teenage girl really is creepy.
    It’s one thing to date someone who is young enough to be your daughter; Its another thing to date someone who is almost young enough to approach the age of your grand-daughter.
    Except for their firmer and better bodies and face, girls in their teens are boring and are not very interesting to be around simply because of the generation gap and they haven’t seen, done, read enough to have anything interesting to interact with a guy in his 40s, 50s, 60s.
    If a female is still being driven around by her mom and dad, most of the time she isn’t a woman yet.
    Go after 20 and 30 year old women without children. They still have their looks and you can enjoy their company outside of the bedroom.

    1. m an 18yr old guy…n my neighbours daughter is too !! sexy ,sweet n loving…v r close frnds. nw d problem is dat she is 24 and since last 3 yrs i have been totally attracted towards her….so i jst want her, n i wanna fuck her too…so guys plz suggest me what should i do ??

    2. I am a 56 year old white man who is having an affair with a hot 19 year old black girl. I have to tell you she is the best thing I’ve ever had. Beautiful, devoted, often innocent and naive yet so, so dirty too at times. She gives amazing head and her body is amazing. Her heart is pure, her mind is mallable, and she loves me desperately. Oh, and by the way she is so, so tight and can do some amazing things with her vagina–things I didn’t know a vagina could do.
      All in all its well worth dealing with all the acne, wisdom teeth, teen age drama. Sure, we get a lot of disapproving looks from nosy busybodies, but that’s a small price to pay for my little bit of heaven on earth.

      1. There are a lot of firsts in a relationship like this, and that leads to some interesting situations. For example, I had to work on her for moths to get her on proper birth control so I could do her without a condom. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes the first time she felt me coming inside her. She looked so sweet, so vulnerable, so overwhelmed. I held her while she cried herself to sleep afterward. It must have been a powerful bonding experience for her because she has been emotionally dependant on me ever since. That’s okay though–I don’t mind a clingy girl who lives to please me.

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