Seducing Women through the Rituals of Libertinage

Most guys think of the seduction as when the woman is back at your place and you need to get her clothes off.

But seduction can be so much more than getting a woman undressed.

Picture this- she’s alone in your room. She’s forming a first impression of you. Her suggestibility is high.

This is EXACTLY the time you want to start programming her attitudes about sex with you.

After all, you went to all the trouble to get her into bed… why not transform every woman you sleep with into your fantasy?

Cleopatra got Julius Ceasar to sleep with her the first night he met her, but the real seduction, the one that made him her slave, began later.

You can use the Rituals of Libertinage to set any woman free of her sexual hang ups, transform her into the woman she truly desires to be, and fulfill your own fantasies at the same time.

Let me tell you exactly what you need to do it…

For women, it’s oppressive to always have to act the same way, playing the same boring role that work and duty imposes on them. Women yearn for a place where they can break out of their shell, act differently, and play a fantasy role.

Libertinage lures women into an adventure, free of society’s strictures and moral judgments. Libertinage leads them into an intensified present in which morality, judgment, and concern for the future melt away and the body succumbs to pleasure.

Through Libertinage she is plunged into pleasure and play, she can act differently, she can become someone else. She can experience a radical difference from daily life, a freedom from work and responsibility.

The whole business of Libertinage is to strike to the innermost core of the woman. The whole business of Libertinage is to destroy and remake the innermost sexual character of the woman.

The rituals have peaks, moments when something dramatic happens and time is experienced differently. Libertinage has exuberant moments you share together, moments that from them on she associates with you.

To make her bond with you and the experience, you want to give her the feeling that she’s committing a kind of crime, a deed whose guilt she shares with you. Through the rituals, you introduce a feeling of transgression, a feeling of flouting the social norms.

Libertinage too is highly structured around the hypnotic pace of ritual. Rituals heighten the effect and feeling and make you seem powerful and guru-like. They giver her a kind of religious experience and make it seem like a spiritual, mystical union that you share together.

Here are some important principles for a practitioner of Libertinage to follow:


The time you spend with them is devoted to them and nothing else. Make the woman feel that everything comes second to her- career, friends, and all outside distractions are shut out.


You don’t worry about the world or what people think of you and you don’t moralize or judge the woman in any way. Part of your appeal is your total acceptance her. You have lured her into a momentary world of pleasure, soft and accommodating, where all rules and taboos are thrown out the window. The license exists for her to act differently, to be someone else, without any fear of judgment.


In a dance, two people cannot lead. One takes over, sweeping the other along. The Rituals of Libertinage are not egalitarian either. It is not a harmonic convergence. Holding back out of fear of offending or thinking it correct to share in power is a recipe for disaster. Console yourself with the thought that those who give in do so willingly and happily. The pleasure of the woman who surrenders is often greater than that of the practitioner.


Libertinage is a kind of spell, an enchantment. In Libertinage, as in seduction, you are not quite your normal self, but rather you are playing a role and you are strategically concealing your faults and insecurities. Keep everything light and playful, full of distractions, noise, color, and fun. There is no weight and no responsibilities. Never mention work and never allow the boring, mundane details of life to interrupt the fantasy. Your world together is filled with dancing, play, dreams- a place to lose yourself in.


You want to create a playful, light atmosphere, the sense that anything is allowed. The Rituals of Libertinage, like seduction, is a playful activity, not a matter of life and death. There will be a tendency when guiding a woman to take things more seriously and personally, and to whine about her behavior that doesn’t please you. You’ll want to fight this as much as possible, for it will create exactly the effect you don’t want. You cannot control the woman by nagging and complaining for it will make her defensive. Never criticize her directly for that will make her insecure and resistant to change. Never show anger, ill temper, or vengefulness.

You will be able to lead when you maintain the proper spirit. The more relaxed and happy the woman, the easier it is to bend her to your will. Your playfulness, the little ruses you employ to please and delight her, your indulgence in her faults, will make the woman follow you to the ends of Earth. Never try to change her- instead, induce her to follow your lead. Bend instead of resist, be open to influence from her, and women will easily fall under your spell.

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  1. this is absolutely brilliant. it sounds like practicing this lifestyle will not only get you women but also improve your individual self towards life. a better attitude i suppose. Thanks so much for this and all the articles i’ve banged many women because of you.

  2. I’ve been aware of this ritualistic concept since reading the art of seduction many years ago.Great concept bro’.I’m feeling your blog.We need more sites like this in the seduction/PUA community which focuses on sex-Game and fantasies(after getting the girl).

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