The #1 Reason Why Guys Don’t Get Laid

Our parents and teachers have taught us since our childhood that you have to prepare, study, get an education, and study some more so that when you grew up you could have a beautiful house, a nice car, get respect from others, have success, have money, and attract a wife.

You were taught that to get this success you will have to pay for it!

You will have to sacrifice your childhood and your youth, studying, with your nose to the books, so that when you hit your 20s and 30s you’ll have all the pleasures of the world.

Of course, then you reach middle-age.  Now you’re expected to keep sacrificing and keep working so that you can support yourself for when you retire.

And then once you’re old and ready to retire, people will tell you that you could die at any moment, so prepare for the NEXT world and to prepare for the afterlife.

So we go on sacrificing our youth for old age. We go on sacrificing living life today for a future fantasy others tell us we have to achieve.

But then your whole life is gone in always preparing for something else!

And in dating and attraction, we’re always preparing and studying “what to say” to the girl and putting off the adventure of tonight for a fantasy future where we’re “pickup supermen” in our imaginations.

And yet while we study pickup, we grow older, we lose time that we’ll never get back.

And the more you prepare, the more skillful you become in preparing.

You end up training your brain to get really good at preparing, at being in the mindset of always preparing, of always having your nose “in the books” or more likely at the computer screen.

But although you become skillful at preparing, there’s no time to enjoy tonight. And that’s how our lives are missed.

So, if you want to enjoy love with women, less preparation is needed then you might imagine.  In fact preparation will get in your WAY.

If you want to enjoy yourself tonight, go enjoy it!  Go out and just TRUST in yourself that you’re ENOUGH.  Accept all your flaws and foibles.

Do it tonight, do it this weekend.  Make THIS day glorious, even if you gloriously “bomb”.  See what you can do dropping your preparations and going out with the purpose to have FUN, no matter what happens

Mr. Bean gets the ladies!

For if you write out pages of pickup notes and memorizations, you will always be preparing but you’ll never go on the journey.

Showing up is what’s important in life, not the preparation.  You know what you need to do.  Show up and make life happen… make it yours!

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23 thoughts on “The #1 Reason Why Guys Don’t Get Laid”

  1. jessey how and where to look for dates in a country like india where there is no night life in most of the cities

  2. Jesse this is the best Post from your side ever.
    It shows a Deep, Rare & Remarkable understanding of Human nature.
    &. Sums up all the feelings tht we wants to convey to any person.
    Yes Never be Planned.
    That’s what Humour is…

  3. Jesse is wright, we live in the future thinking not in the moment. If we have that a nice car a new autfit, than we go after the ladies. It’s crazy but the truth. Look for possibility in the moment.

  4. Let me put it this way. Sex is just that and becomes unfulfilling at a point but making love is so much more incredible than looking at women as sex objects. A hand or plastic doll can do that but when a real connection is added it becomes more like merging from two to one person and the hard wait work can b worth it. But understanding them impossible just knowing wat working

  5. There is no point in trying to really understand women but what they say they want isn’t wat they actually want like being nice. Yea its ok some of the time but be you and make em miss you and ur gold. Btw hooking up can come back as a big regret in the future when u see the damage in women late 20s or so and you want something real and it’s become harder to stop bad player habits. Maybe its just me but I don’t like having fd up emotional shit in girls BC that’s wat u get w a player mentality. I reap wat I sow I guess.

  6. serenade a girl with songs,Music helps you get laid.If your conversations are not bland and boring and you know how to make a girl feel happy and you have a physically fit body and your in good shape she will desire and fantasize about you.

  7. Well, it is very useful to read how to attract a lady when you want that.
    But none writes how to make yourself to want a lady.
    I don’t want to have dates or some bed relations.
    Maybe it is something wrong with me…

  8. go out and have a fun time, if have postive energy and just concentrate on having a good time. You will see a change will responses with girls. Go out and don’t look for reject, instead take it has a desire to keep on knocking on the door, like it does not bother u, u will be suprised.

  9. I agree, don’t lose your edge. Going out to places you enjoy being and socializing is very important. You will learn things everyday.
    Someone told me a story about what a gigolo does. He keeps his game-on by practicing.

  10. Once the right place or few places to hang out is found, make a conscious point of GOING OUT 5 HRS PER NIGHT EA NIGHT, and keep exploring new places.

  11. D, great reply…

    I like that last part of your last paragraph “it needs real field experience”.
    So true mate… 🙂 Great point…

    The only way to catch fish is to go fishing!
    Sit there, take the rejections, but LEARN as you go..FORWARD!

    Great article …

  12. Raj, part of the problem is knowledge and understanding is state dependent.

    So if you are memorizing material in a quiet room behind a desk, you will not be able to memorize it or access the information in a loud club with the music blaring and the lights flashing. Your mind will draw a blank.

    And if you’re dancing and having a great time on New Year’s Eve and someone is yelling spelling words at you, the next day when you are sitting behind the desk to take the spelling test, you will have forgotten everything.

    Study has limited value all by itself; it needs real field experience.

    1. the next mexican

      So why do you post all these advice articles if we must drop everything and just go out? I mean good grief.. there is a very small margin for error, and yes I realize it’s easy to get laid not knowing everything but… what will be the quality of your results?
      There is a small margin for error for attracting hot chicks.. fair or not. One slip up and it’s over

  13. That is truly very deep !! actually so counter-intuitive.Ever heard of –fail to prepare and you prepare to fail.
    But here it simply denotes fear of the outcome. Preparation becomes the refuge of the fearful.Preparing for the D-day becomes an end in itself. But it is a self defeating exercise because it is assumed that the more you prepare the better you get.That sounds so logical. The overprepared chump lands in the battlefield only to have his legs cut from underneath him as he steps on a mine.His streetwise mates sidestep the mines with ease.He sheds a tear as he wonders about all the hours of sweat he had spend in his drills.Surely he has to be better than his lesser prepared peers.But his lesser prepared mates seem to have better luck.He wonders -truly this world is unfair ! Or maybe he simply lacks the talent.Maybe he thinks the latter is true.He really is no good.With that he packs his bags and walks into the sunset with his head bowed never to return again.

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