How To Learn Game Fast, Cheap, AND Well! The Magic Triangle

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In this video, I want to talk about how to get good with women quickly and efficiently.

There are really three factors we’re considering here.

It’s the fast-cheap-good triangle: Learning how to get good with women fast; learning how to get good with women cheaply and learning how to get good with women well.

The general rule is that you only have the luxury of two of three of those factors working for you.

The newbie goes for fast and cheap, but he doesn’t learn to meet women well.  He discovers pickup and of course, he wants to learn it fast and as quick as he can.  He wants to get the information for dirt cheap or free and he’s expecting that he’ll also learn it well – pulling girls for lays out of clubs and bars or getting dates to dates on day game on his first night out.

Well, if you go for fast and cheap, your training isn’t going to be good.

Fast and cheap is like doing a free search on the Internet for a magic pool of solution like some cool pickup lines or you read some posts on a forum for a few hours.

But your training is no good and you don’t get results because you know, some pickup lines or some theory doesn’t change the guy’s deeper inner game issues like not speaking loudly enough or emotionally reacting to every response that women give them.

So he learns for free some quick tips and then he instantly crashes and burns on his first night out.  So fast and cheap, but it’s not good training.

Or you’ve got the other alternative, learning game cheaply but also learning it well.  But learning cheaply and well comes with its own price.

You don’t learn to pickup women fast that way.  Here, you are going out in the field.  You are meeting real girls.  You are testing what works on your own and you quickly realize that this could take you years to get handled, if you’re going out 3 nights a week.  You can get enough free tips off the Internet and if you put in the sweat, the grit, the consistency and the determination, you can learn it well.

But again, it’s a long, slow, slog of a process that can take you years.

Of course, you want to learn to meet women well but say that you also want to learn to meet women fast.  You don’t want to spend years at it.  No.  You want to learn this stuff in a single weekend if you can.

Well, if you want to learn fast, good and get results quickly, it’s not cheap.

The best way to learn well and fast is with a one-on-one personal training from a professional instructor who has trained hundreds of other guys already before in the field and an instructor who gets real results in making real personal transformation.

That will typically cost you hundred dollars an hour for the instructor’s time or a $1,000-$2,000 or more for a weekend.  Expensive!  But with the right instructor, it’s fast and effective.  You can get handled in a weekend what may have taken you months or even years doing all on your own.

So reading magic bullet freebies of the Internet, fast and cheap but it’s not good; not effective.

Or spending years in the field, figuring out for yourself with freebie tips off the Internet – cheap and you can learn it well but it’s not fast.

It can take you years of your time or training with a professional instructor who corrects you in the field fast and good but it’s not cheap.  It’s very expensive – thousands of dollars.

See the choices?  You have the luxury of choosing only two of the three from the magic bullet triangle.

Fast and cheap won’t be good.

Cheap and good won’t be fast.

Fast and good won’t be cheap.

You can apply this principle in most tasks in your life.  Let’s say you are producing a movie for example and need to cast the actors.  You can cast your own friends or family as actors in your movie and casting process is fast and they’ll work for free but your friends and family are not professional actors and the movie is going to suck like a bad porno flick.  Casting fast and cheap comes with a price.  It won’t be good.  Or you can just hire Dustin Hoffman as the lead actor by paying him a huge sum of a millions of dollars.  If you have enough money, he’ll jump at the chance and the acting will be great!  It will be fantastic!

It’s fast and good but it’s not cheap.  Paying a top actor his full worth is expensive, but let us say you’re on a tight budget and you need your actors to work for free but you also want good actors.

Now, you got to go about finding professional actors that will work for peanuts.  You got to personally research all the actors out there with good reputation.  Start making phone calls, sweet talk the actors into working for nothing; kiss their asses and face a lot of dead ends and rejections.  Eventually, you could put together a great cast that will work for free but the process could take you months, if not years to get a great acting cast to work for nothing.

Again, if you do it fast and cheap, it won’t be good.  If you do it cheap and good, it won be fast.  If you go it fast and good, it won’t be cheap.

What I’m trying to do with my new program here is strike a balance with the fast-cheap-good triangle.  The hours upon hours of my lessons are very cheap.  It’s a fast way to learn and it’s an effective way to get good.  That’s why I like doing audio lessons because they’re more effective than reading but still very inexpensive and a relatively quick way to learn.

So just click on the link below to download my new program and get all three benefits of the magic triangle.  The program is covered by my 100% money back guarantee so you risk nothing.

Just give it a try and I guarantee, it will transform your dating life 100 times for that better.

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  1. Real men know how to talk to women and have stimulating conversations with women and seduce them and understand how attraction works with women and get women to be their lovers,friends,sexual partners or slaves.

  2. Sounds good but my blackberry bold 900 sucks video link doesn’t work dunno. Develop a blackberry compatible app and apple app. Keep up the good work will check it later

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