How The “Reckless Disaster Method” Attracts Fly Girls

If you really want sex with hot girls then you need to present her with something that she can NOT get from other guys…

You need to step into the archetype of the man that she craves to be railed by each night!

Hot women want to be dominated, want to feel cheap, and want to be used by a strong man who isn’t looking for her permission or approval.

She doesn’t want a girlfriend in you.  She wants a hard member inside of her while she gets her hair pulled and her ass spanked.

So going up to smoking hotties and just being all “nice and sweet” with conversation will not cut it.

The quickest way to hard attract women is to go into the set of girls hard, talk from your gut without thinking, illicit as many shit tests as you can, and then show her that you’re congruent with the man who goes up to hot women and takes what he wants unapologetically!

“Reckless” means acting first without thinking, stepping on toes, and creating what looks like a social disaster, regardless of the consequences.

“Disaster” means trying consciously to create a mess. Going into the most difficult set of girls, not knowing what to do or what to say, and trying to create a disaster situation!

In other words, you take Reckless Action to create a Social Disaster – on purpose!

“Reckless Disaster” game is simply expressing your sexual intent without shame, and communicating to women that you are the kind of guy that makes shit happen, regardless of what they think.

It’s NOT taking Reckless Action to be “liked by girls”… it’s Reckless Action to create Social Disasters!

You WANT to create the social mess.

You WANT the girls to throw the girls off.

You WANT the girls to feel the social pressure.

And you WANT to go in there and have some girl SLAP you across the face!

That’s being the BAD boy.  And the bad boy is the guy that attracts the hotties.

That’s what creating hard attraction is all about, and that’s where all the FUN is in the game.  To create that chaos with the girls and AMUSE yourself with it.

Now is this an extreme form of game?

Yes it is.

But it WORKS and it gets MAD results in clubs.

I detail the entire process of the Reckless Game Method in my 15 hour program Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control.

The program shows you how to think, how to feel, and how to be the “bad boy” that goes right up to girls and gets noticed and gets hard attraction from the start.

It’s raw, it’s effective, and best of all, it’s duplicable by ANYONE.

Have fun!

Just click THIS link here to download the program.

21 thoughts on “How The “Reckless Disaster Method” Attracts Fly Girls”

  1. I think you are doing a good job making guys feel more confident and attractive. Yes, a dominant man is always hot but it is something subtle. You repeatedly mention how girls want to be spanked but that is very superficial. For example, in our culture children are not spanked and I cannot associate it in any way with arousal. In fact I find it silly, funny and even a turn off because in my mind it has no relation to sex. Pinning down and pulling hair on the other hand is arousing. So it can really backfire depending on the girl’s upbringing and what she subconsciously finds dominating and sexy.

  2. There’s a guy in my office that runs one of our divisions and gets a big percentage cut. He’s about 5’7″, fat (always been fat), and not good looking, and, oh I forgot: has a lazy eye. Well that guy married a 6′ tall Blond (stunning, absolutely stunning) when he was not rich: now he is: very rich. He occasionally OFFENDS. When he was a kid he must have found a way to cope, to be noticed, to show he had some balls. For example, I’m 6’4″ and 220 and had just received a compliment about how good & fresh I looked after a transatlantic flight the night before – I walk into his office 15 min later, he looks at me and says “You look like hell”. He does it instinctively and continually but he often steps out of bounds. It’s only now that I have an understanding of game that I see where he’s coming from.

  3. Jesse i read a lot hear,now yes i am too confused,as to where to staart… If u could just give me a plan and i’ll make sure everyday i stick to it..,thanx in advance.

  4. Have you got some examples of the type of things to say or do to create the mess. Eg hard negging, grabbing them and laughing in their faces when they protest.

  5. To the average minds,this sounds counter-intuitive.

    But I know first hand,that the guys who get laid the most are the ones who wreck sets(be it inadvertently) who aren’t pulling off the perfect,smoothest pick up.

  6. Always wonder how to pick up women in a clubs. I’m not the greatest in loud places when pulling women. I more of a bar or anywhere where I can hear myself speak. Thanks for the article Jesse 🙂

  7. Jesse,

    I had to :: Laugh:::: Creating HAVOC for most people is difficult @ best.

    I agree that the deep inner game requires a realization of basic humanity: Females are born to serve. Period. End of story.

    Sadly, too many religious and social dogmas which are taught from childhood, are nothing more than the proverbial white picket fence existence. Would you agree, Sir?

    I have found that a reckless game is a very good thing. However, let’s keep in mind that many males who are socially inept and further, immature, regardless of physical age, are looking to you for definite parameters in the game.

    Folks, Jesse is simply providing an outline. A really good one.

    You need to find it within yourself to let go of all your pre -conceived notions, and for the more advanced, you should take heart in knowing that no matter how many you have done/will do, think in terms of:

    Are you truly happy with simply conquest, or is there more deeply within you to not only master others, but truly to master yourself?

    Ponder that for a few whiles……, men.

  8. Have you ever thought about doing an in field video l demonstrating this Jess? I think that’d be really helpful.

  9. Have you ever though of doing an in field video demonstrating this Jess? I think that’d be really useful.

  10. The Machismo style is intriguing , but more of a film strip for the avarage or below average guy. Carl Max say we have two societies , the haves and the have nots , but we can visualize a spot were we can kick it, chaffing girls with no one bickering over trick shit

  11. So if you are not seeing any results (or solid results as Artie posts) how can this work for the average guy? The guy that truly needs the help?

  12. yep you are right my man, this shit works amazing for me, at first it’s hard to overcome some mental obstacles with this type of game but after a short time when you begin to see solid results your perspective changes quickly and you become a bad boy naturally! as long as you have good inner game no women can stop you.

    thanks jesse you changed my life bro.

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