The Ultimate Guide To Hypnotizing Girls!

Fortunately, you DO NOT need to be a highly trained hypnotist to induce hypnosis in a woman. After all, women have been practicing self-hypnosis all of their lives. She has already had the experience of going into a trance when watching an engrossing movie or getting lost in a good book.

Also keep in mind that ANY woman can become hypnotized. How suggestible she is has no relation to how gullible, trusting, submissive, compliant, or how much of an active imagination she has. An imaginative, submissive girl will not necessarily go deeper into hypnotic trance than anyone else. (However, if she is the kind of person that becomes easily “swept away” when reading, listening to music, or daydreaming you may have an easier time hypnotizing her.)

However, although hypnotism is surprisingly simple once you get the hang of it, you must follow a few important rules to successfully and quickly hypnotize her.

Hypnotist’s Rule #1. She must want you to hypnotize her

You cannot hypnotize a woman if she does not want to be hypnotized. If you lack rapport with her she will not relax or be suggestible to your commands. Therefore, you must have RAPPORT with her. Rapport is the feeling between two people that they can relate to each other and the foundation of two people liking each other. The deeper the rapport you have with her, the more likely she’ll trust you to hypnotize her.

Hypnotist’s Rule #2. She must believe she can be hypnotized and that you can hypnotize her

Do not tell her you are studying hypnosis or that you are going to “try” to hypnotize her. The point of hypnosis in the first place is to remove her critical mind from the decision-making process, not excite it up by introducing doubt in her mind. BE the hypnotist. Act utterly expectant and confident that your suggestions will occur. Inspire confidence in her. She will be much more suggestible and follow your commands if you’re 100% confident in your abilities, no ifs ands or buts! As Yoda says, “Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Also, do not show her this book. If you do, it is more likely her critical mind will get in the way for one reason or another. It suggests to her that you are a student when she must believe that you ARE a hypnotist, and a good one at that.

Hypnotist’s Rule #3. She must feel comfortable and relaxed

She must be emotionally and physically comfortable and relaxed when you hypnotize her. Put her into a comfortable chair or sofa, not on the dusty wooden stool you found in the attic. Also, if she feels you are going to make her squawk like a chicken or make her reveal secrets to you she will be very uncomfortable. Part of making her feel comfortable and relaxed involves explaining the process of hypnosis to her. What you should say to her to make her feel comfortable is spelled out in the next section for you.

Your First Induction – The Elman Induction

The first time you hypnotize a woman, you should only bring her deep into a relaxing trance, and then back out. No more. She must get use to the feeling of being hypnotized by you and see first hand how relaxing and enjoyable the experience will be. She should understand that you won’t give her any commands other than to relax her and to take her right back out and nothing more.

Then IF she is a good girl and falls into trance easily and deeply, THEN, and only then maybe you will hypnotize her again and give her the sexual experience of a lifetime.

Before you put her into trance the first time you should give her a brief explanation of what you’re going to do to her. You have to make her feel comfortable, trusting, and want to be hypnotized by you. She may have fears that you’ll be able to take over her mind or make her divulge her deepest secrets against her will.

To begin with, you should first ask her, “What do you think it would be like to be hypnotized?”

She’ll tell you what she thinks and you can tell her,

She cannot be hypnotized unless she wants to be hypnotized.

She will remember absolutely everything.

Her subconscious mind will always protect her, even under hypnosis. She cannot be made to do anything that violates her core beliefs or sense of safety.

All of her senses will be heightened.

Her normally noisy, babbling conscious mind will got to sleep and she’ll feel completely relaxed.

Here is a basic “Preparation Pattern” you can use to prepare her for hypnosis.

The Hypnosis Preparation Pattern

For simplified purposes, your mind has two parts; the first one is the conscious mind. That’s the part of you that makes judgments and criticizes whatever comes in. That’s the part of you that’s usually listening, that you use to concentrate and pay attention with.

The second part of your mind is the unconscious mind. This is the part of you that’s on automatic pilot; it controls your heart rate, your breathing, your blood flow, and the chemical reactions in your body.

Before the age of seven you’re basically a learning machine; the conscious mind is missing something called the critical factor. So anything that gets inside your mind at this time becomes true, becomes a belief.

Most people always try to change things inside their mind on the conscious level. But that’s the level they make their mistakes on so the change does not occur. Hypnosis bypasses the criticism of the conscious mind and makes changes directly at the subconscious level, creating new beliefs and behaviors so that they become automatic and you don’t have to think about them.

The subconscious mind tends to give you what you rehearse instead of what you intend so the only way it has to know what to do is according to what you pay attention to and what you repeat or do all the time. Those repetitions could be persistent thoughts or actions – for example, smoking, washing your hands, driving your car, or tying your shoes. You don’t have to really think about any of those things because you’ve done them so many times that your unconscious has learned to give them to you, like your own personal assistant.

Some of these things, like eating junk food, might look like a bad thing to other people. But to your unconscious you’ve done it repetitiously for years so it doesn’t know that it’s a bad thing. It can’t. Your unconscious doesn’t know right or wrong, true or false, fantasy or reality.

So what we’re going to do is I’m going to teach you how to relax your mind and body to the point where you have a direct communication line from you to your subconscious mind. Relaxation is useful because it allows the conscious mind to step aside and allow the unconscious to work.

After you’ve familiarized her with hypnosis so that she’s, #1: Willing and eager to be hypnotized by you, #2: Believes that she can be hypnotized and that you can hypnotize her, and #3: Is comfortable and relaxed about hypnosis and not nervous or fearful, you’re ready to move on to her first induction.

Introducing The Elman Induction

The Elman induction is fast and easy and will turn her critical mind off within a few minutes. It’s long, so we’ve broken it into three parts. Delivering the first part to her may be all you need to send her into a deep, relaxed trance. If you need to take her deeper and more relaxed, deliver the second part. And if she needs more relaxation, deliver the third.

You can memorize the Elman induction straight out but most people have a far easier time by practicing the Elman induction on themselves until they get the hang of it. And besides, how can you expect to know what she’s feeling from the induction unless you’ve first experienced it for yourself?

So grab a tape recorder, read the script out loud and record it. Do NOT speak in a monotone voice like you may have seen in the movies or the only trance you’ll go into is one of boredom. Speak in a commanding voice. Speak slowly and in a relaxed manner with certainty and authority. Lower your voice tonality, speaking deeply from your chest.

Put some feeling behind your words. When you say, “…deeper relaxed…” squeeze the juice out of it like this – “…deeper relaaaxed….”

Once you’ve got the Elman induction in your head (you do NOT need to have it perfectly memorized… it is far more important that you speak confidently, with a soothing voive, and with authority in whatever you suggest to her), have her sit in a cushioned chair or sofa. Make sure it’s cushioned so that if she slumps over she doesn’t fall flat on the floor!

Sit in another chair positioned by her side, look straight into her eyes and say,

The Elman Induction Part 1

Now, are you ready to be hypnotized? If you follow the simple instructions of your voice in the tape recorder, no power on earth can keep you from being hypnotized. You can resist if you want to, but that is not why you are doing this. Prepare to enjoy a very pleasant, relaxing experience.

Rest your arms limply on your thighs like this. (Place your arms on your thighs to show her)

(Hold your hand right above her head, sticking out your little finger) Now, I want you to look up at my hand, and fix your eyes on my little finger.

I will soon ask you to take a long, deep breath, and to hold it for a few seconds. I will then pass my hand down in front of your eyes at which time you will begin to release your breath, as you keep your eyes fixed on my little finger. As I pass my hand down, that will cause your eyelids to close down.

Now, take a long, deep breath, and hold it for a moment.

I’m now passing my hand down in front of your eyes, and as I do, let your eyelids close down, and let go of the surface tension in your body. Just let your body relax as much as possible right now.

Now, place your awareness on your eye muscles, and relax every muscle and nerve in and around your eyes, to the point that they just won’t work. When you’re sure, they’re so relaxed, that as long as you hold onto this relaxation, they just won’t work, I want you to hold on to that relaxation and test them, to make sure they won’t work. (wait)

All right, that’s fine. Now stop trying and just relax, go deeper now, with each and every breath you exhale go deeper relaxed.

Now, this relaxation you have in your eyes is the same quality of relaxation that I want you to have throughout your whole body. So just let this quality of relaxation flow through your whole body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Now, we can deepen this relaxation much more. In a moment, I’m going to have you open and close your eyes. When you close your eyes, that’s your signal to let this feeling of relaxation become 10 times deeper. All you have to do is want it to happen and you can make it happen very easily.

OK, now, open your eyes… now close your eyes, and feel that relaxation flowing through your entire body, taking you much deeper. Use your wonderful imagination and imagine your whole body is covered and wrapped in a warm blanket of relaxation.

Now, we can deepen this relaxation much more… in a moment, I’m going to have you open and close your eyes one more time. Again, when you close your eyes, double the relaxation you now have. Make it become twice as deep.

OK, now once more, open your eyes… now close your eyes, and double your relaxation… good. Let every muscle in your body become so relaxed that as long as you hold onto this quality of relaxation, every muscle of your body will not work.

In a moment, I’m going to have you open and close your eyes one more time. Again, when you close your eyes, double the relaxation you now have. Make it become twice as deep.

OK, now, once more, open your eyes… close your eyes, and double your relaxation… good. Let every muscle in your body become so relaxed that as long as you hold onto this quality of relaxation, every muscle of your body will not work.

In a moment, I’m going to lift your right hand by the wrist and drop it. If you have followed my instructions up to this point, that hand will be so relaxed, it will be just as loose and limp as a wet dish cloth, and will simply plop down. Once your hand touches your body, I want you to send a wave of relaxation from the top of your head down to the tip of your toes.

I will now lift your right hand. Just let it hang and plop down as I let go… deeper relaxed… that’s good…

Now, we’ll do that again with your left hand. When I lift up your hand, just allow it to hang freely, as loose and limp as wet dishcloth and plop down as I let go. When it touches your body, send another wave of relaxation from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, and double your present level of relaxation.

I will now lift your left hand. Just let it hang and plop down as I let go…
deeper relaxed…

The Elman Induction Part 2

Now, that’s complete physical relaxation. I want you to know that there are two ways a person can relax. You can relax physically, and you can relax mentally. You already proved that you can relax physically. Now let me show you how to relax mentally.

In a moment, I’ll ask you to begin slowly counting backwards, out loud, from 100 like this:

100 deeper relaxed…

99 deeper relaxed…

98 deeper relaxed…

Now here’s the secret to mental relaxation, with each number you say, double your mental relaxation. With each number you say, let your mind become twice as relaxed. Now, as you do this, by the time you reach number 96, or maybe even sooner, your mind will have become so relaxed, you will have actually relaxed all the rest of the numbers that would have come after it, right out of your mind, there just won’t be any more numbers.

All right, begin counting:

100 deeper relaxed… those numbers will leave if you will them away…

99 deeper relaxed… allow all those numbers to just fade away…

98 deeper relaxed… now, they’ll be gone … dispel them…

97 deeper relaxed… banish them, push them out. Make it happen. Complete amnesia of all those number. Are they all gone?… Good.

I know how relaxed you are, but even in your relaxed state I’ll bet you sense in your own mind that there is a state of relaxation below the one you’re in right now. Can you sense that?

You know that you can clench your fist and make it tighter and tighter and tighter – and you might call that the height of tension. You can relax the same fist until you can’t relax it any more. You might call that the basement of relaxation. I’m going to try to take you down to the basement.

To get down to floor A, you have to relax twice as much as you have relaxed already. To get down to floor B, you have to relax twice as much as you did at floor B, and to get down to C, you have to relax twice as much as you did at floor B. But when you reach floor C, that is the basement of relaxation, and at that point you will give off signs by which I will be able to tell that you are at the basement. You don’t know what these signs are, and I’m not going to tell you what they are, but every person who has ever been at the basement of relaxation gave off those signs… Let’s get started.

You will ride down to floor A on an imaginary elevator and you will use that same elevator to get down to the basement of relaxation. You are on that elevator now. When I snap my fingers, that elevator will start down. If you relax twice as much as you have relaxed already you will be down at floor A. Tell me when you are at floor A by saying the letter A out loud.

(Snap your fingers) The elevator is starting down… now.

(Wait for her to say “A”)

(Snap fingers) Continuing down to floor B… now.

(Wait for her to say “B”)

(Snap fingers, wait, and watch for signs of depth)

Keep doing just the Elman induction on her until you feel comfortable with it and it works.

Again, don’t try to add any elaborate commands to the Elman induction the first time you hypnotize her. You build trust with her – a critical element for performing fast and effective inductions on her in the future – by putting her into trance and taking her right back out just as you promised you would do.

In time and with practice, she’ll go into trance more and more easily as she learns how fun and relaxing trance is and you can dispense with reciting the entire Elman induction.

One final tip: don’t get intimidated. This is all easier than it looks once you get the hang of it. The key is to relax and allow yourself to experiment, play, and “mess up”. Believe us, regardless of how it goes she’ll enjoy the experience no matter what!

Hypnosis #2: Hand Locking

Once you’ve brought her in and out with Elman induction she’ll understand the powerful effect hypnosis can have on her and she’ll trust you that you can hypnotize her and take her back out of it.

For the second induction you’ll do exactly what you did the first time; put her into a deeply relaxed trance using the Elman induction. But this time you want to show her that anything is possible with hypnosis. Locking her hands together so that she cannot take them apart will give her a taste of the amazing things she’ll experience without going in an overtly sexual direction just yet.

Have her sit down in a chair. Put her into a deeply relaxed trance with the Elman Induction. Since you’ve already successfully put her under using the Elman induction before, she should drop into trance extremely quickly.

Say to her,

The Hand Locking Induction

In a moment, I’m going to count from one to three. And when I count from one to three, you’re going to open your eyes and look at me. Ad when you open your eyes and look at me, you’ll be even more relaxed than you are now.

Counting one… relaxing down two… and three! Look straight into my eyes. Place your hands together with your fingers interlocked. Now push your hands tightly together. (Place your hands on hers firmly together to emphasize your suggestions that her hands are firmly pressed. Look upon the root of her nose directly between her eyes. Fire your commands at her quickly and with authority.)

Squeeze your hands tighter and tighter together. Think of how tightly they are becoming locked together… so tightly that you cannot take them apart! The more your mind locks those hands together the more you can focus on my suggestions! Lock them down tight now! Tight! So tight! So tight that you’ll find that if you’ve concentrated correctly, your hands will be so tightly locked, so tightly sealed that by the count of five that I can’t pull them part, that you cannot pull them apart! The more I try and the more you try the more they lock down! One, squeezing down like they’re super glued welded shut. Two, locking down tighter and tighter, squeezing down. Three, with every sound, with every breath locking tighter and tighter, they won’t open! Four, the more you concentrate, the more your hands lock down, squeezing down, locking down! Five, try hard they will not pull apart. Locking and locking tighter and tight they will not open!

Now you will find your hands are fastened tightly together. They are stuck, stuck tight! They will not unlock try as hard as you will. Pull! Pull! Pull hard! They are stuck…. They will not come apart no matter how hard you try!

(Keep repeating the suggestions – suggestion gains strength with repetition. Give the suggestions in a forceful manner, throwing more and more energy into the process until the climax is reached in a challenge when the subject is told that he cannot take his hands apart. After she’s proved to herself her inability to unfasten her hands, clasp your hands together making a sharp sound and say positively,)

All right now, the influence is going away. Relax. You can take your hands apart now!

You’ve now proven to her that you’re in complete control. She’ll know that anything is possible with hypnosis and she’ll want to experience more amazing things. In the future, when you move into sexual hypnosis, her critical mind will accept whatever you tell it as you’ve successfully and powerfully demonstrated your authority over her.

Hypnosis Tips and Suggestions

Here are some general tips and language suggestions to improve your inductions even more.

Speak confidently

Act utterly expectant and confident that your suggestions will occur. Inspire confidence in her. This is the #1 rule you must follow at all times.

Do not use a monotonic voice

Do not use a monotonic voice as you might have seen in the movies. Rather, use a commanding voice of certainty and authority. Lower your voice tonality, speaking deeply from your chest. A squeaky, nasal voice from your throat isn’t good for inducing trance.

Use Permissive Suggestions

Avoid “you will immediately”, “in five minutes you will”, “it will feel completely gone”. Instead use words such as “soon”, “before long”, “yet”, “beginning to notice”, and “shortly”.

For example, “Soon you’ll sense a lightness starting to develop in your leg. And you can begin to notice just when you first sense a sensation of movement. And that leg is becoming lighter.”

Use repetition of suggestions

When you repeatedly suggest and reinforce a command, it’s more likely to be accepted by her subconscious.

Reinforce and compliment her in and out of trance

Let her know how well she’s following your commands. Tell her, “You’re doing that very nicely,” or “Good. You’re doing that well.” Giving her compliments enhances rapport and her liking of you, increasing her obedience to your suggestions.


Rather than directly suggesting a command, you can simply assume that it will take place. Be sure to avoid words like “if” and “try”.

Use truisms to create an accepting mind-set

A truism is an undeniable fact like, “All of us have had the experience of being touched and feeling warm hands on our skin,” or “You’ve felt that feeling of emotional connection before and it felt so good.” Truisms create an acceptance mind-set in her.

You can also interact with her using a truism. “And I’m sure you’ve had the experience of being touched and feeling warm hands on your skin, haven’t you?” Then wait for a nod.


Accept whatever occurs with her under trance and then use it. Thus, if she yawns in a tired way, say, “Have you ever noticed, how after a yawn, your whole body relaxes more deeply?”

Cover all possibilities of response

You can create a fail-safe response situation where any response she gives is hypnotically successful. For example say, “Shortly your clitoris, or perhaps it will be your thighs, will begin to feel sensitive and warm up, or perhaps it may become wet or maybe you won’t even feel anything at all at first. But you can simply notice very carefully what begins to happen.”

This is especially valuable when you don’t know her well and are exploring their hypnotic talents.

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