Unstoppable Confidence Using Narcissistic Incantations


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When you feel entitled to being with beautiful women; when you can open them up directly; when you give them full-frontal eye contact without flinching; when you stay positive , talkative and relaxed in the presence of a beautiful woman, a girl will hook up with you if she sees that you feel entitled to have her; whether or not you are rich, good-looking or what not.

A girl just wants to see that you feel entitled to have her.  But guys don’t feel entitled!

That’s why even when they’ve been given everything to do and say, they still don’t take action.

They make excuses for staying home.

They make excuses for not opening.

They make excuses for not touching the girl.

So you need to start cultivating a sense of entitlement; that you deserve these girls; that you are awesome; that you don’t hide from your own greatness or destiny; that you deserve the glory; that you believe deep down to the core, that you are truly deserving of the best and you should have exactly what you want.

But we don’t give ourselves permission to be that cool guy.  The only thing stopping you is your own sense of identity.  It’s the belief of who you are that pulls you forward or pulls you back.

So what we want to develop is a narcissistic incantation loop for you.

Now, you might already know what an affirmation is.  An affirmation is positive thinking, like looking into the mirror and thinking to yourself, “I’m awesome!  I’m awesome!  I’m totally awesome!  Girls love me!”

An incantation is different than an affirmation though.

With an affirmation, you could sit on the couch eating potato chips, getting fat and watching reruns of “The Simpsons” and saying to yourself repeatedly “Girls love me!  I am awesome!”  But your body isn’t feeling it.  Your inner emotions aren’t feeling it.

So just saying something to yourself –  an affirmation without feeling it with your body isn’t going to do anything for you and your mind will reject.

An incantation is different though.

An incantation must be expressed with emotional energy and conviction.

So it’s best to do an incantation while standing up, moving about and saying a little bit out loud because when you’re physically moving, your inner state will peak and feel good.

It will ensure that the meanings of your incantations actually work to reprogram your beliefs and lock them deep into your subconscious mind, bringing about real lasting changes.

Narcissism refers to developing an identity that is purely awesome of delusional coolness, where you’re literally drunk off of your own awesomeness and your own glory.  That’s what will allow you to feel deeply entitled to having very hot women in your life.  To do that, you want to create a loop.

A loop is where you keep certain thought incantations in your mind, repeating again and again.  So here are the incantations.

#1. I am the coolest guy in the world.

#2. Every girl is a nymphomaniac and wants to have sex with me.

These two incantations will cultivate that sense of positive, happy, delusional awesomeness and sense of narcissistic entitlement in yourself.

Every time you see a girl, just think out loud to yourself and with little bit of energy and with a smile on your face, “I’m fucking awesome and every girl wants to fuck me.”  That’s it!  Just do it again and again and again.

You don’t need to be screaming it in your mind like a maniac.  It’s just in a matter-of-fact kind of way, like “Of course that’s true.”  Like, “Yeah, I am the motherfucking shit!”  And ,”Yeah, all these chicks are nymphos!”

Developing such a narcissistic loop is a never-ending well of completely self-generated good feelings of delusional awesomeness and because of your self-generating positivity, you are your own source of good emotions and that is exactly what makes you attractive to girls because you’re always in a great state no matter what’s going down and you always feel entitled to grab the hottest hotties no matter what your circumstances are.

In effect, you’re replacing your old habit of pinging everyone else to determine how you should feel in replacing that with an internally self-generated narcissistic incantation loop.

Now, here’s the thing.  You’ve got to go out there and practice it because it will take time to rebuild your thought patterns.  It’s not something that just because you saw this, “Viola!  It’s done for you.”  You got to start doing it yourself to get the effect.

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16 thoughts on “Unstoppable Confidence Using Narcissistic Incantations”

  1. Fuck your voice and vibe is irritating as fuck, I can’t listen to you because I don’t feel like you are someone I aspire to be.

  2. Jesse, I did cot some of your good advices and in that has come to realised some of my mistakes why – not being a success dreamer of reaching my beautiful girl that has been gone missing almost six months now. She probably got advantage of my moneys. Thanks men.

  3. This video should be called “there is nothing wrong with women so men have to be given advice constantly forever and ever and ever and ever”…. “hot women” are cursed because they are basically useless. they don’t want marriage or children, they don’t want a mortgage or to have to work very hard. They definitely don’t want a husband. In other words they are “cheap” “plastics” and hollow people with no real depth.

  4. Makes a lot of sense. The trick, I guess, is to repeat the incantations often enuff so that they seep into the deepest layers of one’s subconscious. Thanks, Jesse!

  5. Hey Jesse,
    I wanted to know if your medellin and your madrid trips well ever be made into a book. How to approach latin women and the ins and outs of the latiln dating game. Thanks for keeping it real and happy holidays.

  6. Jess, I’ve definitely found this to be true in my experience 🙂 Good advice. If you are happy, everyone around you wants to be with you. I’ve found that if you are narcissistic in a positive way, ie, not arrogant, but still think you are the man, girls will love this attitude.

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