46 Tips Of What Attracts Women To Men

Don’t be afraid of women- 97% of women are friendly when you approach them. None of us, men or women, want to come across as jerks

Women are from the same planet you’re from. They need love and acceptance just like everybody else and are looking for it

When you approach a woman, no one is looking at you! No one cares. That people may be watching is all in your head- get over it!

Reality flash: the world does not revolve around you. Others are too busy thinking about their OWN problems than thinking about you approaching a woman

Women LIKE sex. Women WANT to meet men that turn them on and make them feel sexy. Be that man

Women want to meet a man not bound by the normal social rules- grab that opportunity, don’t let it slip by!

So what if you’ve had trouble with women. You are not your past. Today is a new day to be a new you

What holds you back from saying “The past is over. Today I’m going to be a new man- the kind of man who beautiful women love”

Just because you acted one way yesterday, doesn’t mean you have to act that way today or tomorrow or the next week or the next year

Meeting women is a chore for most men. But for you, meeting women is fun, playful, and something you LOVE to do

Do not view women as a task. Instead, get to know this woman in front of you and find out who this woman really is and what she’s really like

When it comes to women strike while the iron is hot!

Nothing can make a man happier than having his beautiful woman wrapped in his arms in love with him- short of winning the million-dollar lotto!

Why the hell wait? Let’s face it- soon you’ll be dead and buried. You have only ONE chance to make the most out of life

One of the most satisfying things you can do for yourself is have a beautiful woman in your lap and in love with the real you

Waking up with every morning with true contentment makes you happy to be alive. Yes, that’s the feeling you have with a beautiful woman!

Soon you’ll be dead and it will all be over. Don’t settle for anything less than what you want to achieve with women

Sadly, most men never reach their life’s full potential when it comes to women and their happiness. They *settle* for their misery

Men fall into the trap of settling for the first woman that falls into their lap, a convenient relationship, rather than going for what they really want

Don’t ask yourself IF you’re ready to have beautiful women in your life. You ARE ready. Commit now to your dream and don’t look back for one moment

The days are going to pass by whether you take action or not. Make the next three months full of new women in your life

Spend 3 or 4 nights a week out in the field, approaching women and getting real world experience. Like a muscle, you must exercise your skills

Becoming good at seduction requires real world PRACTICE. Go out there and make it happen in your life, not just in your head

Experience is the only way to fully rewire your brain for success. Staying at home all day obsessing over every possibility of what might happen won’t

You have to go through the physical motions of dating for the skills to cement in your mind and become living, breathing knowledge- LIVE the game!

If you ask me “What is the #1 secret to being a bodybuilding champ?” I’d say the same thing- persistence, the drive to learn, and a love for the game

As for a seduction magic bullet, there is none. Women fall in love, or don’t, with the man you are and live

The world is full of women- a rich candy store full of sweets and chocolates. You only need to learn how to get the candy out from the jar

Don’t be another miserable statistic- you know, the kind of guy who lived out only 10% of his sexual potential. Have the drive to succeed

Use these skills on women for the rest of your entire life, over and over. These are skills that will never leave you

Don’t wait until you’re “ready”- when you have a better job, a new car, more time. If you wait for the perfect moment, it will never come

When it comes to women, just as in basketball, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

It’s better to approach a beautiful woman and blow it than succeed at meaningless things with no risks

In 10 years you will be more disappointed by the woman you didn’t have than the meaningless things you did do

You rarely succeed unless you have fun in what you’re doing- make meeting women something you look forward to every day

When you crash and burn with women, you learn from your mistakes. Have a bigger collection of mistakes than anyone you know

If you want to be successful with women, find someone who has achieved what you want and copy what they do

Those who truly want a beautiful woman in their life will find a way- those who settle for mediocrity will find an excuse

You’re never too old to have beautiful women in your life if you stay in shape and keep a youthful heart

Don’t wait for a “sign” from her- it will never come. Create your own reality, don’t wait for it to happen. Act!

Don’t always count on your plan. Sometimes you have to let go of plans and live in the moment

If you spend your day in fantasy worlds of sports, games, television, and music then stop it- none of these things will help you get laid

Watching another game of Monday Night Football for the hundredth time will not help you get the woman you want. Focus on your goals and make them happen

When you escape in fantasy, your social calibration declines to the point where you seem WEIRD to women. Get out of your head and interact

You won’t master seduction in a day or even a month. But with practice, dedication, and commitment you’ll reach your destination and your destiny

Build a world for yourself in which you don’t have to rely on “luck”, but a world in which YOU hold the power and control

6 thoughts on “46 Tips Of What Attracts Women To Men”

  1. Love love love this advice! I enjoy reading your advice and articles.

    I’m a beautiful woman and I rarely get approached by men. Hopefully more men will find your website and then maybe I can start getting laid.

    Many thanks!

  2. Hurry up! Make meeting women FUN! Hurry up, quickly, and become somebody else! If you cannot change yourself into this “somebody else”, then you must ( and will) be punished! So get with it!

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