Where To Find The Hottest Girls And Perfect 10s For Threesomes

Sometimes the most frustrating part of pickup is actually FINDING the really hot 9s and 10s.

It’s kind of like hunting for a unicorn.

And the question becomes, WHERE can you find the hottest, most quality women, and where’s the best place to find them RELIABLY?

So I’m really EXCITED because this is a BIG giveaway secret…

… to finding young, sexually open-minded hotties like THIS for threesomes.

The Problem With Bars and Clubs…

To start with, clubs, bars, bookstores and malls are often NOT the best places to find really hot, friendly, and sexually open women.

Really super hot girls DON’T go to your corner bar or even out to clubs.  Most really hot girls are actually homebodies that would rather go out with a tight-knit circle of friends.

Most quality hotter girls actually AVOID “meat market” nightlife and prefer hanging out with friends and going to restaurants.

So even IF you’re tearing up the nightlife scene and getting makeouts, you’re still not really dealing with the true 9s and 10s.  The true 9s and 10s don’t even deal with these rough and tumble meat markets.

And you’re still getting plenty of blowouts, bad attitudes, and a swarm of other dudes all around the same girls.

Yes Virginia, The Perfect Pickup Venue DOES Exist

Now let’s look at how one would REALLY want to meet women, ideally.

In the perfect venue, you’d walk into a party where women make up at least 50% of the guests, so there’s more than enough women to go around.

In the perfect venue, the party is “VIP only” to keep out the flood of single guys… but YOU have complete access to the party.  So just by being there, the girls assume you’re a “somebody” worth talking to.

In the perfect venue, the girls aren’t there just to get validation from guys hitting on them – the girls are actually there MEET people TOO.

In the perfect venue, the women are pre-selected for their beauty, friendliness, and their sexual liberalness, so you don’t run into any bitchy or boring girls.

In the perfect venue, 99% of the other guys are at the typical bars and clubs and have NO IDEA that this party is even taking place!

In perfect venue, there’s no waiting in lines, no competing for a few girls by a ton of guys, and no getting “blown out” by bitchy attitudes.

And this is where all the hottest, friendliness, most sexually enlightened women in the city go.

Wouldn’t you like to be at the epicenter of THIS kind of party?

But wait it gets better…

Now imagine that you’re invited to these special parties EACH week and you’re meeting NEW girls each week.

The Big Secret You Need To Know

Here’s the beginning of the big secret.

These exclusive, underground members-only parties take place all over the USA and Europe.

The threesome forecast is looking bright and sunny in all 50 states…

And they’re NOT “advertised”.

And I’ve had someone really amazing experiences at these parties; particularly in bringing a girlfriend and hooking up with another girl for threesomes.

It’s a great way to meet young, sexually free and open-minded women… if you know how to find them and know how to get in.

But once you get access, each month you can go to new parties and meet new women, or just build on relationships with two or three of your favorite girls.

I detail how to find these exclusive parties in my 10 hour program Blissnosis Sexual Mastery.

Because these parties are the best way to meet sexually liberal and beautiful girls to pull into threesomes.  And they really surpass any club, bar, bookstore or the like for the quality and openness of the babes.

So you may be asking, “Okay Jesse, why don’t you freaking post the list of locations?!”

Well for two reasons:

1. You need a hot chick on your arm to get into most of these parties… so just having my list alone won’t help you.

2. Even if you have a hot chick, she may NOT be down for the girl-to-girl attraction “intensity” of the parties.  She needs to be VERY comfortable with her bi-sexuality first.

That’s why I had to create an ENTIRE program to TRAIN girls to be sexy, to dress sexy, and to have threesomes with them without the drama and jealousy.

Click THIS link to grab the program.

And if you still want more on FINDING hot girls…

My 2nd Secret… *Making* Girls Perfect 10s

Sometimes it’s more efficient to work with what you ALREADY have!

And the number one secret for making a woman hot, hot, hot! and sexy are high heel shoes.

A woman’s legs look much longer and more shapely in high heels.

Heels instantly add curvature to a woman’s legs, make her stand taller, and give perk and lift to her butt.

There’s nothing else one can so easily do to add sexual value and attractiveness to a woman than for her to simply slip on a pair of high heel shoes.

Whenever you have sex with a woman, she should wear high heels.

It’s simply THE RULE.

If you’re visiting a woman, tell her over the phone to have the heels on for when you arrive.  Tell her on the phone, “Hey babe, I’m coming over.  We’ll watch that movie.  When I get there, I want you to be wearing a pair of your high heels.  A pair of tall heels.  I want you to look sexy for me when I get to the door.”

Or if you’re coming home from work, tell her on the phone, “Hey honey, I’ll be home in 30 minutes.  When I arrive, I want you to be wearing those red heels I like so much as you’re cooking dinner in the kitchen.  Understand?”

When she puts her heels on, reward her.  Tell her how hot and sexy she is now.  Tell her, “Hmm, I love those heels.  Wow, they make you look sexy.  You’re a sexy girl, you’re so good at pleasing your strong man.” And grab her and make out with her.

The woman’s role is to express her feminine polarity, to turn you on for her, and bring out your masculine side.  And that starts with the heels.

High heels are the perfect contextual cue to put a woman into the mood for sex and to act like your wicked pleasure mistress.  They’ll make her feel confident and make her body look better – all within a few seconds with absolutely no preparation!

So even if you’re not going out tonight, put your woman in some tall high heels, and you’ve got yourself a real hottie!

For more great tips, check out my Blissnosis program by click THIS link here.


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