9 Reasons Why Dating Younger Girls Is Better!

So you’re attracted to younger women… even far younger women? Here’s 9 valid reasons why dating far younger women is GREAT for the older gentlemen like yourself…

#1. Younger Girls Are More Sexually Experimental!

Younger women are at that life’s stage where they want to try new things and experience new adventures. And having experimental kinky sex, like having a threesome or trying to deep throat, is just another one of those experiences she’s looking to have.

Model Kari Sweets

She’s in that experimental age and she wants to explore.

But by the time a woman hits her late 20s and early 30s, she feels her biological clock ticking. She may be interested in fun sex to win you over in “the dating phase”, but she’s really more interested in having babies and making money to support those babies – and less about being kinky.

#2. Younger Girls Have Tighter Bodies!

Unless a woman lifts heavy weights and hits the gym daily to build lean muscle mass, her body begins losing it’s sexy shape by her mid-20s.

In contrast, younger women can eat poorly and still keep their lean muscle tone.

Thus younger women’s bodies are tighter. Even the chubby ones have tightness and elasticity in their skin and bodies that feels simply… great!

#3. Their Pussy Looks Great In Relation To Their Butts!

Okay, this may sound funny, but I’ve noticed that younger women have great looking butts and pussies, even the fatter ones.

It all has to do with their lean and elastic tissue. Nevertheless, it looks fantastic! And something most older women lose.

#4. Young Women Are A Sexually Blank Slate!

True, young women are typically inexperienced in the bedroom.

But I actually PREFER it that way, because they’re ALSO a blank slate and haven’t developed any bad habits either!

Younger girls are usually VERY eager to please

Young women are eager to learn all kinds of kinky sex like giving deep throat, trying threesomes with other girls, or being sexually dominated! In short, they’re closeted sexual deviants.

And because they’re inexperienced, they’re also eager to sexually do what you say to win your approval, as they see you as the older authority figure.

#5. Young Women Are At Peak Sexuality

General wisdom is that women reach their “sexual peak” in their mid-40s.

But my theory is that older women get hornier as a way to compensate for their flagging looks that no longer attract men like they used to. So older women flaunt their sex drive, instead of their looks, to win men over.

So the truth is, women reach their sexual peak in their late teens. That’s when their sexual ripeness hits its peak, from fullness of their lips, to best hip-to-waist ratio, to optimum hormone levels. And young women typically look great without makeup.

Most young girls FEEL very sexual too. They’re just too scared and inexperienced to openly express it. Draw it out of them though, and your young girlfriend become a crazy sex-cat in bed!

#6. It Just Looks… Wrong?!

Let’s face it, the taboo excites us men. Like a hot blonde making out with a black guy. Or a MILF seducing her buff, younger boy toy.

And there’s just something exciting about a fresh-faced 21 year old girl with her pink cupid lips around your balls as she attempts to swallow your shaft down her throat.

Imagine that 🙂

#7. Younger Girls Have A Refreshing, Unspoiled Energy!

Younger women have a youthful, carefree, unspoiled energy that’s devoid of the bitterness and negativity that often comes to women of older age.


Each woman develops differently, but younger girls tend to be more positive, optimistic, and lively than their older counterparts.

#8. Yes, You Live… Longer!

Not only are young women at the prime of their lives, virtually free from disease or illness, but studies show that men with younger playmates live longer too!

I guess there’s just something about having a much younger girl that keeps your heart beating with less stress and more strength. After all, when you’re having tight sex with a younger woman, it’s got to keep you want to keep on living!

Hugh Hefner, at age 85, credits his longevity to having beautiful, young women around.

#9. Young Women Mean LESS Drama!

Yes you heard me, I said LESS drama!

It’s true that younger women tend to be less emotionally mature due to their lack of life experiences.

On the other hand, young women respond well to authority figures and strong leadership from their lovers. A young girl will typically jump back into shape more quickly than an older woman, who consider themselves fully independent.

So with younger women, they have more “improving” to do in relationships.  But on the other hand, they’re often more eager to improve to please you! As a result, you get more frequent drama, but with some discipline younger girls more easily quiet down and become sweeter and more attentive to your needs.

75 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why Dating Younger Girls Is Better!”

  1. Everything this article states is true. Young girls look better, smell better, taste MUCH better, feel better, act better, and fuck better. All that old ass used up pussy is nothing but some other guys blown out left overs. Yuch.

  2. Maybe so, but older women don’t yell, don’t swell, don’t tell and they’re grateful as hell.

  3. Jfc this is the single most offensive article I’ve ever read.
    A 18 yo cheerleader who REALLY doesn’t want anyone to take me to “pound town”

    1. So…..what your saying is your not very good in bed? Are you sexually repressed or just not very horny? Sexuality differs from person to person, perhaps your just not a sexual girl? What the old folks call “frigid”? Or perhaps you’ve just never been properly played with? Either way, I can tell you 100% nobody on Earth gives a single fuck about what offends you. Facts.

  4. I have an addiction w teen pussy…..i have a sexy thick 10incher ( and sexy myself ) i can get alot of women,women give me looks all day long ( its nice ) but i also get tons of looks from teen girls ( Mmmmmm baby ) teen girls make me so hard,those tight shorts they wear w those tight teen pussies begging for my monster…last week was hanging outside this college neighborhood,was this sexy hot asian teen girl standing a few feet away ( she was 18 i wont give her name ) and she was staring at me,instantly i got hard ( i love teen pussy ) and she noticed my dick was hard,so i stared at her tender teen pussy ( we never met before ) so i walked over not saying a word and took her hand and took her in the alleyway,and proceded taking off ( ripping ) her shorts off,within seconds i was pounding this little girls teen pussy,she was screaming ( biggest dick she ever had or will ) i stretched her teen pussy to new limits ( teen pussy feels so good ) i had to hold my hand over her mouth so nobody would catch us,i filled her teen pussy w so much cum.

  5. younger women don’t actually like older men unless they have money. sorry, but it’s true.

    a beautiful 19 y/o girl

    1. Btw baby im very attractive and have a sexy thick 10incher ? i just have a thing for teen pussy ? reply if interested,ill make your little pussy feel so good.

    2. Not true. I was dating 19 to 24 year olds regularly and although we did not work out my wife is 23 now and I 45. She came on to me while I was in low income housing with 2 kids and very little money

    3. Some younger women (like the one making this comment) don’t understand the simple fact that they are not the only person on the planet and their opinion/preference is not the only one in existence.

      What IS true is that not EVERY younger woman likes older men, AND not every younger woman is a gold-digger/whore looking for money.

      But some do, and some are.

      I’m just now hitting 40 and I’ve dated almost exclusively 18-22 year old women (more than 80%) for the last 20 years. I tend to have relationships/interactions that vary from one night stands to year+ relationships. In the last 10 years I would say I have been romantic/sexual with over 20 women ages 18-28 and I am not the type to pay the check every time or give any money/gifts/etc to try to win a girl over. Yes, I buy flowers here and there or treat a lover to a nice time, but I also expect the same thing and if it’s one sided she can kick rocks.

  6. I met the love of my life 3 years ago. I was 53 she was 21. She is beautiful both on the inside and on the outside. Every day i say how lucky i am to her as She says the same to me. We have never lost respect for each other and we keep our promises to each other. We have had 3 years of bliss together. It will only work if you both truly love each other. It all started as a one night stand like most of us i guess and the love followed. We make love for hours and it is not about fucking…. we make love and we smie, we giggle, we laugh, we look into each others eyes. We play. We both cum and fall asleep in each others arms. It is amazing for both of us. We will marry and the only regret I have is that I wish I was 20 years younger so I could give her myself everyday like I do now. Take out the mucho, the ego, the bragging to your buddies because if your like that your not in love your just a user… Any young women will gladly be with any man once they fall in love. A women wants more than wood and attitude. Love them, cherish them give your heart in return and they will be yours. As you are there’s. If You have any Intelligence you’ll keep working on you love for your women everyday not just when you need to unload…. si ? mi amor….. te amo.

    1. Yeah… your comment at first glance sounds genuine, but unfortunately, you can’t convince me that you have anything in common with a woman who is barely legal. You are 32 years older!!!!!!. She will want kids someday, and how will you be a father to her newborn when you are almost 60? She might not want kids till she is in her 30s, and by then you will be in your mid-60’s!!!.. In fact, the quality of sperm goes down by that age, so her kids may have birth defects…… It is quite selfish what you are doing, and yes, you are just using her, and not really thinking of her best interests in your heart. Why do you think she deserves to be with someone whose body is already wrinkling, and whose organ functions are already declining? There is PLENTY OF TIME for that later. .. She will look back on these years with regret, after you are gone.
      I am sorry, while you sound genuine, and you may even THINK you are being genuine and “in love”.. but it is still a form of abuse and a form of manipulation and self-gratification, for you to “date” a woman who is 32 years younger. Some things are legal, but still not right. Like the USA tax system.

      1. Harold Blackwater

        Trump had Barron at 60 and his wife was 36. . Trump is now 70 years old and Barron is 10 and his wife is 46 if didn’t know. Who are you to call this man selfish without knowing how he lives his life? This info you posted here from some medical study does not apply to everyone. We all take care of ourselves differently. Money makes anything happen in this country and if you don’t like our Tax system, then get out or stay where you are and don’t come here.

  7. Really interesting comments and insights… i have 3 women which i keep as wives. Between ages of 19-30 . i myself am 45. sex is great, children with all 3 wives. Each has a home of their own and i support them…..i love them and intend to continue to enjoy good family life. There are both emotional and physical needs. There duties and rights….They adore, serve and obey. it is not only about sex…Enjoy!

  8. I agree totally..I am 47 and having regular sex with a 21 year old girl..best sex of my life.I have never felt so alive in my life!!!

  9. p.s Just wanted to say not all of us look “older” I’m 24 but in compare to white teenage women (16-18) i look younger. different races mature differently. at the end of the day this article is very American. cheap made and trying too hard” you guys are so low.

  10. ^^W** Peter you don’t sound like an old man, if so then you’re probably a dumb old man, who believes in astrology nowadays? also 60 looking for 20something is disgusting no matter what, what does a 20something have in common with you? nothing, you lust over her but keep it in your pants please no one wants to know about your “Ability”, also this whole article is so messed up just like your American society. American men are so into justifying their stupidity with evolutionary physiology every now and then i read about how “men can’t help it they have to cheat” or “men can’t help it they have to lust over every teenage girls out there” it’s all excuses said by American men even women feel the same they know younger guys are hotter than older one they know that no matter what a six pack of 20something guy is better than 30s 40s but they don’t complain why? because your women aren’t bold enough.

    1. Jimmy Coltrane

      F**k you, you narrow minded ***t.
      Men don’t need to justify being attracted to attractive women.
      Why? Because only ****ing idiots resist the obviousness of the logic behind it.
      ATTRACTed to ATTRACTive women. Get it, you retard?
      You can’t even string an intelligible sentence together.

  11. Yes,i agree,cos i’m68y.o.,and still having very errection a few times daily and feel very young so inside and outside of my body, and i love a younger women,cos i’m a tipical capricorn,and capricorn love to search younger women20 y. younger or even more.


  13. Hi Jesse

    Wonderful article. I am 46 yrs old and after meeting and dating women of different ages I felt exactly what you mean and wrote in a very communicable way. I feel older women nowadays are more gold diggers, cold, controlling and are very insecure in relationships.

    1. Foreign Love Web

      I do see your point, Kevin, regarding older American/Western women.

      If they find out that their former husbands, boyfriends, or other men in general are turning to younger women or even women in Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, etc., those older women may give the men a hard time and a bad reputation alongside the media, society, and rest of the world.

  14. As always you found awesome photos and wrote a great article 🙂

    Reasons are quite significant.. but I’m young and I’m attracted to older women. Is that weird?

  15. This is a lame article. I am a woman in my 30s, and my slightly older bf is the one pushing for kids. I workout every fucking day, because I love it, and he does not. I am the one who talked him into a foursome, and I am asked out nearly every day by some random schmuck I couldn’t care about less. Furthermore, if you’re reading this article and you have a younger woman dating you…that is the exception. Personally, I don’t date younger men, but I won’t date men more than 10 years my senior. So I guess you could reverse this article and say “9 reasons why women should date younger men,” and it would all hold true.

  16. Veronica, I am sorry for your pain… all men are not like the guys above (some of them). Porno is an addiction and some of us fall in to that trap but some unfortunately don’t get out of the fantasy, they keep living it every day.

    I believe respect is the number one thing in human relationships, men and women are no different in the way they think about the human issues. Yes, they see things from a different perspective some times, due to frequent hormonal changes (LOL, this meant to be a joke) but so do men, do all men think alike? I don’t think so. Women are not sex objects that we use and dispose after we’re done, because that, as you very well implied above, creates hatred and resentment and there’s nothing worst than human beings living their lives with their hearts full of hate and resentment, that’s why we have the animosity we have now a days..

    Keep telling your story girl, that’s how we change the world, one story at the time.

    Respectfully yours

  17. Look as an HONEST information to men…….. some women dont like sex period, but most can learn to love it if they have a man who actually makes it worthwhile to them. Most men blame women for not enjoying sex with them when thy make sex pure torture to them. I know bc I did escorting for soooooo long and even had boyfriends who made me hate being with them. POINT! is that most men only go for sex for what they need….. so if your woman isnt enyoing it, what do you expect the response to be?

    Honestly 87% of woman have to fake it…. even if you have a good guy? Why?!!!! Bc guys are usually so selfish and if they cant make her happy blame the woman…. so women learnt to just sacrifice themselves for the sake of keeping the mans ego happy…… as a result what do we have…. women faking and keeping men in the dark…. I am 28… and men like younger women undoubtedly because they are firmer and sexier but also bc they are all about making a man happy….. therefore they fake it.. … Younger women want to prove their worthiness….. while more experienced women have been dealt their field and come to realize the reality that men only want their bodies to self utilize ………and they grow resentful… I speak from the perspective of once being a young Playboy featured nimph who made use of her looks to pay for a Stanford PhD.

    Boys………. the tip is this. If you want a woman to stay with you…. find what works for her and dont deviate. It may seem boring to you…. but if you give her that without pain she will never leave you. As a former sex worker I have seen it all…… and while i didnt want to engage in most things I did it….. Too many men watch to much porn and when they have sex with a real woman think this is what will excite her……….. EXACT OPPOSITE…. porn is meant to excite depraved men who need more an more to cum. Try that on a woman and she will be disgusted, fake it with you, and never call again. If you find a woman who like fetish then good for you……. but most women are not into that…. the problem used to be with women feeling to repressed and not being adventurous enough but no the issue is most likely in the fact that their partners expect unrealistic sex due to the unrealistic pornos men are accustomed to masturbating to….Modern pornos are really hurting men,,,,,, I say this as a former sex worker.

    If you want a clue watch pron for women…… it will show you that most women don’t fantasize about various men using them and then cumming on their faces and them spitting it into another woman’s mouth…..

  18. Southern Crooked Halo

    Jesse, I’ve been reading your articles about being with older women and it’s not very accurate. I am 42 and younger guys chase me all the time. I have been told my pussy was just as tight as my ass,which is a no fly zone unless there is a special request, and I was crazy sexy in bed. I can go from the girl next door to the wild sex kitten with claws. Cute pink thigh high’s and pigtail’s to leather and stilleto’s and so on. I’m not exactly sure who you guys have been meeting, but not all women over a certain age are boring or not interested in sex. Ever have a woman leave you shaking to where you couldn’t even walk or experiment in public places during day light? What about changing the entire bedroom to match any fantasy that you ever had, just so you could live it? Ever have a women drop your pants as soon as you got home then put you in a recliner, take your shoes off and serve you dinner while you watched whatever you wanted and so much more.I’m flirty, fun and a complete optimistic. I love having fun and being adventurous. I haven’t had many sexual partners, because we have so much fun. Less that 6 to be exact, so I don’t understand why you are all putting women who are a bit older into a category of being less fun, witty, experimental, excitable or wanting less sex? I used to be married to an older man and the way you are describing older women is how he ended up to be in time. I’ve also been with someone in their twenties who couldn’t keep up with me. I tore him up so much that he came prematurely. Guys you need a wake up to older women or you are picking the wrong ones. Also, there is also something else that I read about younger women not having bad habits or willing to please? That’s funny. Any woman who truly cares about her man will do whatever and however he wants it until he can’t take it anymore and passes out with a grin on his face. That to me is pleasurable and exciting. Just knowing that I did that makes me feel great, not to mention him as well. Anyways, just letting you guys know that even though you think you know about older women, you really don’t. There are just as many men who can’t do this or that as there are women and there are also good and bad in every category. You just have to find the right one for you and go with it. Oh yes, I need to mention, Jesse…love your writing 😉 Either way guys…just choose who is right for you. 🙂 Enjoy 😉

  19. He with the youngest toys wins…. Young Females are like doritos, eat all you want, they will always make more of them. There are 100,000 girls a day turning legal, every day, so never worry about running out or trying to please any over 25. Don’t forget to befriend her little sister for she too will soon be available and her friends. Happy Teaching…. always fresh, perky, and flawless skinned, nothing older can compete, and you dont ever have to engage or interact with anything older than 21. heaven on earth, why eat hamburger when you can legally have filet mignon every day. :o) its good to be a man

  20. i’m 27 and just pulled an 18yr old girl today. I had forgotten pussy can be so tight! she experienced her first orgasm while I was pile driving her, and that was just special. tomorrow she wants to swallow my load, then ask me how to improve on it.

    on the other hand, my super intelligent, witty 30 yr old girl friend is always too tired or not feeling well to put out much. she’s really bummed that i’m disappointed in our sex life, but she cant do much about it. as great as the company is, I’m generally unhappy..

    so yea.. i’d have to say younger girls is where it’s at. Cause at the end of a long hard day, i’d much rather have my cock worshiped, than talk..

    1. If pussy is all you have in mind then you think with your dick’s brain and if you do that you’ll be in trouble sooner or later. Your 30 year old girlfriend maybe has a job with a boss that screams all the time or she’s is in a personal mindset that can’t find a way out and that’s why she doesn’t want much from you because all you probably want is sex. There’s more to it then sex, how about a mature and intelligent conversation, about politics, the economy or business? Can you have it with a 18 year old? Don’t think so! But on the other hand, you think with your dick so the above don’t matter to you. I just hope you don’t bring any children to this world and if you have, I feel sorry for them if their dad is a dickbrainer.

      Good luck

      P.S. No offense

  21. Lol, this goes both ways. As a woman in my 40’s I dated a man in his early 50’s and was not satisfied. I am now dating a man late 20’s and I am so happy to find a cock that stands straight up and not out. Somebody that can cum and be ready again. A man not stuck in his ways with spousal support and a gut. A man that’s happy I believe in swallowing and I dont have to be convinced cuz I love it..

    Go for whoever you want. Its your attitude that determines what you get. I love your stuff, Jesse !!!

  22. you sound like a bunch of immature excuse makers. older women cheat on their husbands? i dated A lady my age and it didn’t go well? wtf are you boys even talking about? older women are MUCH more experimental, smarter, sexier, and WAY less drama! that one made me laugh. yeah, women in their 20s aren’t dramatic AT ALL. pfft.

    grow a man boner and find a WOMAN. not a girl. if you wouldnt trust her with your car overnight, you shouldn’t give her your dick. that things a gift, not a piece of trash.

  23. Younger women are more sexually attractive and sweet and innocent compared to older women.Older men are more sexually experienced than younger guys.Young Guys are bad boys that cheat on women and break their hearts.Old Guys are good husband and relationship material.Older woman cheat on their husbands with younger guys,because they appreciate it men still find them attractive and beautifull and young guys make 40 year old plus women feel young again.

  24. I meet a girl she’s 19but she talk ab $ and she told me she like to be spoiled I’m 28 and I don’t know what to do I hang out with her 3 days we make up but no sex what should I do?

    1. I’ll put my input on this since I am one of the younger girls haha. I’m 19. Do older men chase me, yes. It’s weird that older men like younger girls but lets be honest: we don’t like you guys back. We only see you guys as a profitable gain. If you don’t have money then why would we settle for a 40 year old with a gut, saggy skin, and limp penis when we can have a 20 something guy with a firm body and room to grow. I’ve been with a older man before (he was 42) and it’s not the best thing in the world. He was stuck in his ways sexually like most older men are, and I am not so how could we make a good match? We don’t.Older men: Stop living in the fantasy that younger girl want you for you just you because you are just that smooth.No, we want what you can provide for us until we find a way to provide that stuff for ourselves.

      1. Also 19 y/o girl here; she is right on point. We only see older men as profit. Why sleep with an older, wrinkled man who has a wife, kids, and can’t keep a boner. Young men are where it’s at. They’re tight, fun, and more relatable to us. Most older men are in terrible shape, but they can AFFORD to be with beautiful young women like us. This is why we bother. Otherwise, there’d really be no point.

  25. I myself really like younger women. I love this article and yeah, I would love to date one sometime. But it has eluded me. Getting attraction with them is real tough. I am in my 40’s and take care of myself, stay fit and look pretty young but have a real hard time getting cute younger women interested. Its tough.

    I feel like I have to compete with younger fitter guys. How does one do that?

    1. I’m a 26 year old woman, and I LOVE an older man. I’ve always found myself attracted to much older men, and in my case it’s because I want a man. I think that men are sexiest when they’ve matured into their bodies and looks. I love the texture of their skin, and their strong hands.
      As for sex, I want a sexually experienced man to dominate me. When I pass older men on the street I’m always fantasizing about all the naughty things I would do for them. I want to be that fantasy, and I know there are other women like me out there. Don’t give up, you’ll find her and she’ll be phenomenal! 😉

  26. You are right Jessie. I dated a lady my age and it did not go well. It seemed she only was in bed with me to win me . When I told her the truth about how “it ” was , she stopped calling and responding. I never had that problem with younger girls as they seem happy to please you because of the pleasure and not the end game. I will avoid this attempt at manipulation. Sincerity is important and I found none of it with women of my age or older. As I see it, there is a reason your last boyfriend dumped them. Hopefully it is not something I also dislike .

    1. one thing is really true. younger women = less drama.
      i;n 30’s , its really annoying sometimes to pickup gils at my age who are always complaining about their past with assholes and making drama , and always thinking you’re an asshole and unfaithful just because “all men are like this”. i really hate this feminist hypocrite society we live where women have this speech that “what matters is inside” when we know they look for power , status , money and good looking. At least we men look for good looking women and we admit it, desiring a beautiful women is natural , desiring someone for power and status and denying it like women do is pathetic. my actual gf is 17 , she’s great , i really dont give a fuck for what people say about it, sex is fantastic and have fun together, we laugh a lot we we see people whispering about us , what a bunch of morons haha

      1. Yea dude you’re gross. I like younger women too but not babies like you do. People are whispering about you because they know you are a pedo. I can tell now that you only date younger women because the ones your own age won’t give you the time of day so you have no other option!

    1. Young women don’t all fall in the same basket when discussing things like emotional stability,experiences, maturity versus older women so we can draw only generalizations. Obivously there are certain attributes common to all young women such as their physical youthfulness. In my case I’m 30 and I’ve had a 22 year old girlfriend who just wasn’t mature enough for me. She had no self drive, couldn’t hold an intelligent conversation and would turn to me for EVERYTHING. It felt almost like a father/daughter relationship in that sense which I found a huge turn off regardless of how phyically attractive she was. I like experienced, independant women who can do their own thing, have formed their own opinions, a strong character and sense of self worth. It is possible to choose a women based on compatibility after all. Due to my experiences in dating much younger women I find myself drawn to women of my age when seeking out someone for a serious relationship and leave the young women for short term fun.

      1. You have matured. I think we all learn different things from relationships. Older women are more experienced and we feel more comfortable. I would like a younger woman only because they are often are so sweet and innocent and have not experienced much in their life yet. It doesn’t have to be long term just long enough for me to show her the pleasures of life that she has not yet expereinced. I met a younger woman recently and had a huge crush on her. I new I was too old for her but felt I could still have a short term relationship. I think I could have pleased her and taught her things she was probably curious about. It would have been an experience I would remember fondly. And there would have been some real love there and it in the end aren’t wel all just looking for love?

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