Why Mark Anthony Had Sex Behind Jennifer Lopez’s Back

So Mark Anthony and J Lo are splitting after 7 years married.

The media is calling this a “Big Surprise”, but anyone with half of common sense could have seen this coming.

99% chance it’s because Mark Anthony has already been caught sexing up other women, multiple times.

Just doing what any red-blooded alpha male would do when presented endless opportunities for quick sex with young, star-struck  women.

Mark Anthony has opportunities at every turn.

First, the guy is RICH. Renting a top-of-the-line Playboy Playmate for $500 an hour is like buying a Starbucks Latte for this guy. It’s like paying PENNIES to him.

He’s FAMOUS. Girls will have sex and spread their legs just because they’re attracted to his fame and face recognition and because he walks around with an entourage.

He’s ALONE. Jennifer is busy on American Idol and her music recording. Mark Anthony has his own career to attend with. This means plenty of nights away and alone hundreds of miles apart. He has every opportunity to cheat.

Far from being “The Most Beautiful Woman in The World” according to People Magazine, 99% of these female celebrities look just like anyone else underneath the hair, make-up and lighting.

Mark has an A-type personality. That’s what has helped make him so successful. It also makes him horny as hell and want to accumulate pussy. Driven, successful men want to fuck tons of chicks, period.

On the other end of the spectrum, Jennifer Lopez can only LOSE value over time.

The Coolidge Effect kicks in. Men get bored having sex with the same woman over and over again hundreds of time. This works against any woman’s favor, and usually why women try to reign in their man and control their man to compensate, to prevent him from straying.

But in Mark Anthony’s case, the Coolidge Effect would have a strong effect to make him sleep around at every opportunity.

Also, Jennifer Lopez is aging. She’s not as youthful as she once was in her face, and after children and working long hours her body probably isn’t what it once was 10 years ago when they first met. Her sexiness value slowly decays. And men tend to want younger women.

Compare that to men, who typically grow more attractive in terms of their status and power as they age.

As women age, they tend to lose sexual value. As men age, they tend to gain sexual value. Another reason Mark Anthony is probably straying.

Celebrities should know better. For all these reasons, it’s why typically the man strays, having sex with many young women, and most of celebrity couples eventually break up.

And it’s why study after study shows that relationships that last are between men who marry UP to a “hotter” chick and when women marry slightly DOWN.

When a woman like Jennifer only chases top celebrity alpha-males, it’s certain formula for eventual relationship failure.

Chris Hansen Getting Laid With Young Blonde Kristyn Caddell

Looks like Chris Hansen of “To Catch A Predator” fame has been caught sexting naked photos of himself and cavorting in a fancy hotel with much younger reporter cutie Kristyn Caddell.

NBC news reporter Kristyn Caddell

And she’s pretty cute. Kristyn looks like she’d be a fun romp in the sack.

Overall it’s pretty stupid of him to be mailing out naked photos of himself, especially just weeks after Anthony Weiner got caught and publicly humiliated for it.

But it’s not surprising either. Men are driven biologically to sex-up any young female that gives them half the chance to do it.

Men want to spread their genes far and wide, and if a hottie blonde wants to spread her legs for you, most guys will jump at the chance.

Even the fear of being caught and consequences is overridden by the reptilian sex-nerve center of the brain that screams to put your erect cock into the ripe, young, wet pussy of the younger girl.

And you can see here that his wife is pretty decent for an older woman.

But it doesn’t matter; no matter how physically hot your girlfriend or wife is, you’ll still feel that pull to spread your genes.

It’s only a matter of what opportunities you’ve got to do it.

And if you’re a relatively wealthy, good looking guy like Chris Hansen and spending many of your days and nights alone on the road, you’ll have your fair share of opportunities to bang young women.

The moral of the story? If you’re good looking, wealthy, and traveling… stay single and have your fun!

And if you get married, remember you’re putting yourself at risk – of acting on your reptilian brain for sex, programmed through millions of years of natural selection… and being severely punished for it!

13 thoughts on “Why Mark Anthony Had Sex Behind Jennifer Lopez’s Back”

  1. Look, the ancient Greeks went for boys. The men of Afghanistan are doing the same today. Many in this country, albeit underground, are doing it. Boys don’t get pregnant, they grow up to be beautiful young men, and they are your worthy equal. They also are not afraid of being labeled a slut. You don’t have to work hard to get them to sleep with you! Viola! Happy fucking man wh

    Look the ancient Greeks went for boys, the men of Afghanistan are doing it today. All due to fear and revulsion of the “inferior woman.” Boys grow up to be young men, so they increase in value! They are your equal! And they don’t get pregnant, they’re good looking and they are not concerned with being labeled sluts, but of course they are. You won’t have to work so hard to get them in bed!!! Happy fucking manwhores!!!

  2. So because a bunch of farm animals are biologically programmed to screw different females that means that humans too should accept and be like this. Pathetic argument. I read that the more intelligent males are monogamous. And good men don’t stare at other women. So I take it the writer and subscribers of this attitude make up the percentage of pathetic low brow losers of this world. Scum bags.

    1. It just is what it is, despite if it makes you upset. Guys will still be chasing girls long after you’re dead and gone, and they’ll still be chasing girls 10,000 years from now. That’s how the human race has been so successful– so maybe look at the bright side of it.

  3. Hasn’t there been entire biographies on J Lo being in love with love? She seems to be the one who gets bored. And doesn’t her monetary worth make Marc seem like a poor man? I’m sure that really helped him feel good about himself…

  4. what a bunch of crap again… mark anthony is ugly as fuck and his dick probably got softer with aging and so did his belly and other muscles… only gold digger girls would want to have sex with an old celebrity like him, other girls and women who know their worth and can take care of themselves go for hot, young studs with rock solid erection who can fuck the hell out of them. like magic mike. and tons of others. no wonder jenny went after young guys after she left mark anthony, she looks sooo much better than her husband. you with your double standards are very ridiculous, it’s time you learned that most women want to have an incredibly attractive guy to fuck, not a old bag with a big wallet.

  5. Well Amy, the fact is we all keep running like the donkey after the carrot tied to its head. Nobody can make you happy but one person. You.

  6. well I’m always arguing with my boyfriend about this, I get so depressed over it, even though I’m an incredibly gorgeous blue eyed blonde (I model but i’m short and curvy/thin) and have uni degrees, sure, right now i am “the bomb” at 22, lol but I WILL get old, as we all do and that is the inevitable fate! dang.

    I want to have a family and all oneday, but will I be heartbroken eventually? I don’t think this is the rule at all. There are men who don’t stray, sometimes the wife is bangin and the guy is average. Everyone masturbates to porn and shit, but thats different to actually fucking other people.

    JLO is a diva bitch, she is fake and she is nasty- we all would find it a nightmare to date her, same as madonna! I’m telling you guys, it had nothing to do with her looks and everything to do with her selfish personality. She and Marc fought non stop. Jlo is insecure because her entire self worth is based on her looks as all celebs are crazy, face it- and thats why it never works.
    When women invest more in themselves than looks it works out and not every man is that much of a catch- i find none of them are, maybe 1 percent?
    You get the Samantha’s of the world, the beautiful, confident strong older women ALOT these days, and you also get the happy couples who are best friends as well as partners. It’s not impossible.

    Iv’e known types of women and men who are that type and it never works. Iv’e known intelligent people (like myself) and they work out because their relationships are deep and have more to them.

    My dad had everything taken from him by a woman like that.. look at all the men who have..but that’s another story! Its horrible to need to validate yourself that way anyway. You need someone who loves YOU not your image, lame!
    I would find it very hard to love a person like JLO, she would be a nightmare. Her and marcs relationship was entirely based on money and power and publicity. You can tell they wouldnt of liked eachother otherwise. Marc is fugly anyway, I wouldnt touch him with a ten foot pole.

    Money means nothing to girls like me, girls worth having that is. And girls like me don’t get “left”. It really depends on who you are and what you have to offer. Girls like me have a lot to offer, (Must be cause i’m Aussie.. magical ladies we are :)!) because we value education and personality, and have a great sense of humor, love videogames etc. We are one of a kind but so are the men who are good enough for us to love.

    The amount of stupid, ugly, fat men and women out there are equal to eachother- most men become fat, bald, ugly and gross after 35 too ya no. So stop saying it’s all women, thats a load of crap.

  7. very true, good article. i have the problem of getting bored of a woman after a few sex sessions, any way to stop that? otherwise i’ll never get married..not that that would be a BAD thing..

    1. Part of your boredom may come from just having too much opportunity and choice. Having lots of choice, studies have shown, can cause a level of unhappiness because you can’t be satisfied.

      It’s in a man’s drive to desire other women, the “Coolidge Effect” as well.

      So maybe you should just keep a few girls on rotation and accept it. 😕

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