Why Muscles Get Girls And How To Cheat Your Way There

Girls want to meet a physically hunky guy but also holds himself in a hunky way physically and internally her perceives himself as a hunky guy.

That’s the kind of guy they can easily imagine having sex with, introducing him to their friends, and introducing him to their parents. And it just makes it much easier to get laid.

What I’ve noticed is that most of the guys getting laid have a physical presence to some degree. They don’t all look like super studs, but they take pride in their appearance, and they have some lean muscle on their bodies.

And while you can get very pleasant reactions from women while being really out of shape, like super skinny and scrawny and it doesn’t look like you take care of yourself, that kind of guy gets pleasant reactions, but usually doesn’t convert into actually sex.

And there’s a big difference between the girl being social and sucking up attention from you, versus the girl actually wanting to chase you down and have sex with you.

Of course, looking attractive isn’t in itself going to get you laid, there’s plenty of body builder types that will go to the bar and club and just stand there talking to no one.

Because even if you’re good looking, girls will generally be afraid to talk to you, or they don’t want to look like a slut in front of their friends by opening you.

But, it does allow you to get much better initial responses from women, so that you can open the girl, you still need to take that initial initiative, but then you’ll tend to hook far faster and then you can more lean back and let the girl do the chasing.

And it’s that combination of being a beefcake that ALSO takes initiative and takes action – that’s where the other two F’s come in – Feeling the Fury and Freedom of Outcome – it’s that combination of those 3 F factors that is immensely attractive to women.

What Lean Muscle Does

Lean MUSCLE is one of the keys to physical health, having energy, and looking attractive.

Just think back to caveman days. Women wanted a physically strong, physically imposing guy. That could go out, find food, have the muscle power to do it, fend off rival guys or rival tribes.

And having muscle is key to all that.

Muscle is a sign of physical health. It’s a sign that you’ll be able to take care of her children and her offspring will survive to pass on her genes. Having muscle means you eat enough food and you’re eating quality meats and quality vegetables, that you have enough status or resourcefulness to bring home the bacon.

ANY evolutionary scientist will tell you that having a muscular or fit body is absolutely a part of survival value.

So muscle to a cavewoman, to the primal brain, is basically like a fat wallet or a big bank account. It says that you have resources to eat well and you’re healthy.

And it’s why a muscular guy creates more of a raw, primal attraction in the woman’s loins than just flashing hundred dollar bills for instance. Because money is a rather recent invention as a sign of wealth, whereas lean muscle mass is a sign that goes back millions of years.

And you can’t wear your money anyway in most situations. You can’t bring your expensive car into the club. You can’t just flash thousands of dollars of bills very easily in front of her at the bookstore. And even if you did, it would look like bragging and you would tend to attract the gold differs.

But your muscle always shows wherever you go, no matter where you are, and attracts all types of women pretty equally including the quality women that are looking for more than just money.

Emotion Follows Motion

Also, getting girls comes down to the principle that your emotions – how you feel inside – follows from your *physical* motions – how you’re physically moving.

Your state, your feelings, follow what you’re doing physically.

Like the physical expression on your face affects how you feel.

So if you just force yourself to smile, it’s going to make you feel happier. Just try it now, just smile. Take a moment to smile and you feel like I don’t know, 5% happier maybe.

That little perk in your feelings is following from your physical action of smiling.

Now if you laugh wildly, “hahahahahaha”.

If you were to do it, you will feel slightly better, slightly happier. I do. Maybe 10% better, I don’t know, but inner state, your feelings, follow what you do with your body, your face, physically.

If you talk and you act as if you have the traits and attitudes of a happy person – like smiling, standing tall, being expressive – quite soon you’re going to feel happy.

And if you were to force yourself to slump your shoulders, to frown, and to not move, pretty soon you’re going to feel blue and down.

But if you were to do 10 jumping jacks, you’ll suddenly feel more energetic, more upbeat, more motivated than if you just sit there and don’t move.

Emotion follows physical motion. And that brings us back to the importance of body workouts.

Most guys, use their brains too much and aren’t exercising their bodies. They think to themselves like, “Yeah I want to meet some hot chicks! I need to find a hottie girl. OMG, that girl I saw today was sooooo cuuuute. Dude!”

BUT they haven’t really moved their bodies much. They haven’t put stress on their bodies physically. They don’t have the blood circulating. They don’t really feel that energetic or alive.

So maybe they feel horny. Or wishful or wanting or dreamy.

But your body in reality feels LIMP. Your body feels LAZY. It feels unused, like it’s been sitting in the parking lot too long. And you don’t feel that much raw masculine energy and drive to just go out there and take what’s yours or kick some ass. Right?

The Benefits Of Being A Muscle Man

Compare that to a guy who is physically conditioned to run distance, to bench weights, or maybe he does extreme sports, a guy who regularly puts physical stress on his body and challenges his physical limits, and eats clean nutritious food to fuel his body.

Yeah maybe that guy too has bad approach anxiety to go say hello to the girl, but at least the physical act of getting out the door and feeling motivated and energized is not a problem for him. He’s in a good state, because the workouts make you feel energetic, young, alive, able to tackle challenges…

Because your feelings, your state, your emotions, follow your physical motions. And body workouts are a great way to jumpstart how you feel.

And the guy working on his body is going to feel more entitled to say hello to the girl, he may have approach anxiety, but after his first set or two, he’ll moved past that approach anxiety more quickly than a guy is just sedentary with his body and not physically very active.

That’s one reason why body workouts and intensive exercise are so, so key to your success with pretty girls. Because your physical exercise is what drives and stabilizes your state and motivation, and you state and motivation is everything.

When you daily workout, your body is moving. The blood is pumping. The heart is going. And then, during the entire day you just feel so much better, so much more alive, with so much more vitality and youth.

I’m not saying you have to feel like the Incredible Hulk like waah, that’s not sustainable. But just feeling relatively good physically and good energetically IS key, and working out gives you that.

And I’ve seen this. That the guys who consistently attract women and enjoy it, and are motivated, and who get the best girls, are the guys that workout or do some sort of extreme sports.

And the guys that are sedentary, that never do body workouts, that are really skinny like sticks or overweight… they tend, not only to not feel entitled to have a beautiful woman, but they don’t have motivation or good state or good energy that exercising would give them so that they could follow through. They’re just not as happy and their state is not up to par to attracting a really hot girl, typically.

This is not always the case, but it’s usually the case.

It doesn’t mean that just doing body workouts, you’re going to feeling awesome all the time or even be pulling girls. B

ut it provides an excellent foundation for feeling happy, for feeling more positive, for feeling entitled to have the girl, for feeling proud, for having a better state that attracts girls. Because again, your state, your feelings, your emotions follow from your physical motions.

And that’s why working out is so key, and I recommend it to you highly.

15 thoughts on “Why Muscles Get Girls And How To Cheat Your Way There”

  1. YES
    This is soo true, Jesse. You’ve just read my soul writing all this, I see it as well very often. People are trying to make up the myth about that “looks don’t matterrr” and so on, but this is a complete BS. I have seen tons of guys in pickup and those who are energetic and simply “bigger” tend to get more attraction. Girls sense that and are naturally more attracted to them.

    AND you forgot one very important thing about working out and being helthy & energetic : sexual problems are more common in those who you call “super skinny and scrawny or overweight” who never work out and eat junk. Obviously these sexual problems destroy their self-esteem and confidence even more and so they feel less entitled to have hot girls. And they do not work out, which makes things worse. If they did work out and ate healthier, the sexual problems like PE and ED would improve, definitely. And the sleep improves as well.

    BTW I have a new site on premature ejaculation, if someone is interested, you can check out my course at: http://10stepstolastlonger.com/

    And on the other side it’s important not to overdue it – I have guys who workout intensively 6x week and they tend to shoot way faster and tend to have more problems with erections. And in those cases it’s the lack of regeneration, so it’s important to keep that in mind give yourself more time for recovery after intense workouts.


  2. The world is not and has never been exclusively heterosexual.

    There are some homosexual guys who likes muscles too although not too big; something that looks more natural and aesthetic instead.

    Most people, regardless of sexual orientation seem to feel disgusted by excessive muscularity.

      1. Homosexuality is part of human nature and muscularity has been since day one more associated with homosexual desire than it has been associated with heterosexual desire. Ancient Greece is one example of how muscles have been exalted through homosexual desire.

        If it bothers you that someone mentions homosexuality get over it.

  3. Jesse, I’ve been working out for close to 27 years – started when I was 15 and yes, I’m 42 years old. I’m 5’10”, white / Italian, bit of a tough guy look and maintain a presence where ever I go.

    I started at 155 lbs and have gone up to 222 lbs. I usually sustain about 210. Born and raised in NYC and frequenting the posh Manhattan club scene I’ve been told that my above average muscle mass is working against me when it comes to attracting women – of any age.

    Putting this theory to the test I began observing the women I found most attractive and then looked at their dates/boyfriends and I noticed they were all the skinny, tight pants, blazer wearing type. Also a bit flamboyant. I further observed the “guys” that frequented the same venues and 99% of them also fit this description. On many occasions I was the most muscular at these venues.

    And despite several years of study and field practice in seduction and major changes / improvements overall I remain generally unsuccessful when it comes to women.

    In all my 27 years’ experience, my physique has proved to help very little when attracting women.

    Your thoughts . . .

    1. No offence. But ur probbly not as in shape as u think u really are … Maybe cut down a little. And dress to ur body type … If nt that then ur attracted to women that are not attracted to u

    2. This is because you’re TOO muscular. You can gain muscle up to a certain extent, but if you keep going, women will begin to think you’re “gross” or whatever. Too much muscle can make you look “unnatural”. What most guys think is a decent looking physique is considered too muscular to most women. Just tone it down, and go for a more “natural”, athletic look rather than a big, bulky look.

  4. Hey Jesse, i;m 17. does this apply to high school girls as well? cuz i usually see those hipster looking skinny dudes dating the girls. Don’t get me wrong, the muscular guys do get girls but they are not the majority. What do you think?

  5. My body fat is next to nothing, I have the “adonis index” shoulder to waist ratio, look better than 99% of the guys less than half my age – hell people say I look better than I did 25 years ago. Friends work out everyday and believe I’m lying when I say I never work out. I’ve got the muscle – I don’t have the attitude that comes from being in the gym and popping close to twice my body weight like I could in 1990. I can’t motivate myself and am more than little embarrassed by how weak I actually am. In a month I’d double my weight but I can’t motivate myself. It needs to be done.

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