Women Just Want To Be Bent Over And *!^#@!

Remember the golden rule of pickup: women just want to be bent over and have her hair pulled.

When you’re at the nightclub and you see that stunning girl in the sparkling dress, remember… she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.

When you’re talking to your friend’s Mom and she’s hot, remember… she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.

When you’re at the beach chatting to the girl in the bikini, remember… she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.

When you’re looking at a stripper who just came off the pole, remember… she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.

When you see that school girl nose deep in her books, remember… she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.

This should be a mantra in your head every time you see a woman that stirs your loins… “She just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled!”

Here is the difference between men and women…

Men produce millions of sperm every second and we can make babies with new women every day.  For that reason, we are down to fuck any girl, any day.  We are down to bend girls over pretty much without any argument.

Women want to be bent over and fucked hard.  BUT women can only carry one child a year more or less.  So, it’s a bigger investment for them.

They want a man’s sperm, just as much as we want to give it to them.

But because of their reproductive limitations, women have to be pickier about the men they sleep with, even though they want the act of good sex as much as we do.

And how do they choose that man?

They want the guy that takes action and doesn’t give a fuck.

So if you don’t take action, they don’t want you.  When you don’t action and just look at the girl and stall out, it’s proof right there to the girl that you’re not high value enough… that you see the girl as higher value… or you see yourself as being too low value.

But when you DO take action, you’re instantly attractive.

That also means you want to physically escalate.  Grab her hand, twirl her, make eye contact and keep it, lean in close to her ear to speak to her, and give her a hug.

So remember, women want sex just as much as we do.  The catch is that they want sex from the guy who has the balls and cajones to go up to her and take her.  Women want to be bent over.  And they want to be taken by a guy who goes for what he wants.

Your challenge then is to go on the journey of tweaking your self-identity to be these kind of “take what’s mine” kind of guy.  And that’s the fundamental shift in self-reality you want to start getting laid.

I give you dozens of tools and exercises to do in my Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program.

With the 15 hours of lessons you’ll be able to tell which women are most sexually receptive, approach so as to generate an instant spark of attraction, and physically escalate to the kiss.  The entire process is laid out step-by-step for you, so it’s a no brainer!

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85 thoughts on “Women Just Want To Be Bent Over And *!^#@!”

  1. Got the part about just bend her over and fuck her, but is the deal or psychology about the hair pulling bit? Is the hair pulling important? if so, why?

  2. Jesse you said eleswhere stop watching pornography .t looks as though some of these pics are pretty close to porn. The main thing that suprises me about these pics is that they look very brutal I would not think of treating a women that roughly but maybe im missing something do women really like to brutalised by having their hair almost torn out by the roots.

    1. Most of us don’t. What turns us on, though, is male dominance. I think a lot of guys equate dominance with violence, but you don’t need to be that brutal. Most of us aren’t that strong so it doesn’t take too much effort on the man’s part to be physically dominant. What will really get them going is you showing authority like, “Take daddy’s cock” or “bend over.” Verbal domination is so much more effective and gets to her core.

  3. Compadre you are right, I noticed women don’t give a shit about guys who wait ‘their turn’, women want guys who grab what’s theirs.

  4. This is more to nonsense cant you earn a living by posting some stupid matha!! This is shit cant you get into things lyk religion .FOr ur information not everybody is into sex lyk ur disgusting now adays girls are of respect bend over take it to hell


    I am Wheelchair Bound due to the fact that I had one of my Legs, the Right One Amputated 15cm below the Knee. I am Horny All the Time and live in a country City in the Bush of Australia. Will this help me at all, I have not $69-95 to play around with for no result.
    Thank you for your time.

  6. So women want an asshole who takes action – pumping in sperm. Then 12 months later, they are looking for a serious man who can take care of the asshole’s kids and pay the bills. This is fucked up. No wonder there is a lot of single mothers these days. Maybe rape should be legalized if women just want to bend over. Those rapists in jail are innocent victims of their natural desire to copulate.

    Women must start a movement to FREE ALL THE RAPISTS now!

  7. I have always known from a young age to party up and mix it up with as many attractive women in one nightclub in one night. Once jealousy sets in, the night gets older, more alcohol is consumed, inhibitions are eased, and friends start to lose eachother in a crowd; GAME OVER.
    I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve yanked girls away from their guy or girl friends and literally had a hardcore porno night with them on the low! Nobody has to know!

  8. the email’s you are sending is very useful for me as i have enjoyed experimenting your suggestions and i have been successful 😉

  9. “that you see the girl as higher value… or you see yourself as being too low value.”

    Or you see the girl as too low value.

  10. This is true. ALTHOUGH, if you polled 50% of the woman – those 50% will say this is NOT what they want..But notice “they SAY” Subconciously and deep down inside- they want it– but just dont want to admit it in front of ANYBODY..They dont want people to think they are a tramp, slut, loose,easy etc, etc..

  11. I tried some of this and it was going great until I went out on my own and started slamming her head against the wall – guess it pays not to improvise

  12. sachin ghadage-patil

    Res ;& Dear
    This Is true & original Fact for copulation So Special thanks for Sharing ur Valuable Information here


    Sir, what you told about the ladies are 100% true but the Dangerous True……Ultimate world’s Top Secret

    1. ❓ ❓ ❓ Rip, you didn’t say what your ways are…If you have to ask if you’re too old you might try experimenting once or twice. I will tell you women like to be bent over you knee every once in a while too. Go for it man. Put the books down and turn some rock music on !!!

  14. Here’s some advice:
    Never trust a guy to tell you what women want.
    Conversely, women who think they know it all about men are full of shit.

  15. this is true enough at the beginning. But where does pleasure lead? Does free sex lead to good things? Man I have the lust more than anybody but when I think of all the times I have had it without a plan of a long term marriage relationship, the end was frustration and heartache if not in me then for her. Thank God there has never been pregnancy, abortion or std but heartache and psychological effects are nothing to be so light about. I think they are not understood. Marriage is supposed to be a pleasure garden with the fruits being wonderful children- song of solomon. Otherwise we always have unfulfilled lust- and also in bad marriages. This is how I see it even without religious belief. But since I am single I experience the lust so greatly. But I know just sex doesn’t satisfy it. I will always crave more. I crave permanent fulfillment, that is what I crave! It must exist or I will find it. Marriage and or faith and self mastery. But it is true, what you say is true. Just as men have lust to bend women over and pull their hair, so women desire a man that will do that! It is in our nature, and that also applies to many other desires we have for them- that they cook and serve and submit in a way- if we are also loving to them! That is really the good news. A real man is more than just dominant but is true and steadfast, a leader and a provider and a man of honor. Ok we on these sites have studied step one to the point of overkill. But why not start working backwards, or at least move on to step two! I love and respect you all, never judging but always seeking wisdom and insight in all things. Peace and love

    1. Dude I don’t know who you are but I like what you say. Eventually this has to lead up to something like marriage or a relationship with the one you love and honor. These techniques and mindsets are by no way to be be construed as and to be used in a mysogynistic manner. I assume Jesse implies that in his program. As long as you are honest with your partner, this program should sustain the attraction in any relationship. Afterall, a tool is only as mora/immoral as it’s user. Nonetheless, great blog dude, and thanks Jesse for your hard work.

  16. Every body needs love.Women love strong handsome men who sexually take charge of them and ravish them and are dominant and sexy and who are experienced sexual studs.

  17. Jesse…man ur 100% right…i act like a bad ass and dont give a fuck about what gurlz say about me. I have a way of playing wit dem like bending them over like im fucking dem like a caveman…touch dem everywhere in from of everybody…and dey dont seem care cuz all dey want is having fun.One day, a classmate asks dem why they are so cool wit me…dey told him dat ” dey like men who are confident and hate men who fuck like a 10 years old boy” 😎 😎 😎

  18. You are so right – I was discussing with a friend this very topic and he said, “if I had just known what I know now – twenty years ago. . . .”

    The young guys here don’t have to miss near as much if they listen and get the mindset.

  19. Good call! It is a mantra that we should hum to ourselves in time of need (and when there is no time of need really) so you got this one nailed jesse… \m/

  20. I like ur information jesse, its true that woman respond to caveman fucking. I throw them against the wall n mix it with soft passion n a grimace on my face with deep animal sounding grunts n growls n it drives them crazy!

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