10 Blonde Fitness Moms You’d Want To Bang

You got to check out these girls…

Last year in my article “Dating Hot Fitness Models Like Amanda Carrier” I wrote that working out with heavy weighs in the gym was the #1 best way for a woman to continue looking smoking HOT through her 30s, 40s, and even 50s.

This is (above) what extreme workouts can do for a woman, and there’s no reason she can’t keep that body into her 50s.  In fact, I met a Pilates instructor who was about 50, but looked hotter then 99% of the women half her age.

An older blonde MILF can even have the tight butt of teenager, like in the photo above.

Older women and Moms can turn still turn heads if they religiously workout and dedicate themselves to a fitness regime.

So I’ve decided to compile a list of some of the hot, blonde fitness Moms and MILFs that have been brought to my attention by some of my friends.

One thing you’ll notice is that these women look kind of freaky when they do competitions.  They’re super ripped up, without any body fat.  It doesn’t look so great.  And yet they look AWESOMELY HOT when they’re not in competition.

The purpose of the competitive training shots is to show you how important it is for a woman to actually HIT THE WEIGHTS if she is going to keep looking stunning, even if she shouldn’t get completely ripped up.

So here we go, in no particular order…

#1. Divine Rae

All I know is that she was born in a log cabin inAlaskathat had no electricity.  She’s got an incredible bubble butt with tight abs, which is a great and very freaky rare combination.


Incidentally, she has some very racy videos of her gyrating, dancing, stripping, and in simulated sex all over the net if you dig a little for them.  In my opinion, the hottest chick on this list.

#2. Amber Evans

Long legs… lean and fit.  She likes to wear color popping lingerie.  Um, what more to say?

#3. Fawnia Mondey


This is a pole dancing chick that teaches other women how to pole dance for fitness.  Maybe you could take her class and meet her!  hehe

#4. Krisztina Sereny

A tall Hungarian body building chick that does nudie shots.  She’s got some freakish plastic surgery going on, but her legs are amazing.  She’s got some sexy videos floating around if you care to investigate.

#5. Michele Levesque

Possibly Michele is my favorite of the bunch, aside from Divini Rae.  Well proportioned, pretty face, takes sexy pics, a dedicated athlete.  What’s not to like here.

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#6. Noemi Olah

Another Hungarian beauty.

Okay, so she’s not exactly old enough to be a MILF, but I thought I’d throw her in to show it’s never too young for a woman to start working out and hitting the weights HARD.  It can only make you look fantastic, even if you’re in your early 20s.

#7. Shawn Rene Zimmerman

Whoa, okay, another favorite here.  Great butt, tight body.  Hot hot hot mommy MILF on our hands here.

#8. Stacy Keibler


Well, she was a wrestler and then dated A-list actor and movie star George Clooney.  Just goes to show that extreme muscle fitness can take you places.

#9. Vicky Vette


Vicky Vette is a hot older porn star from Norway, approaching age 50.  But you wouldn’t know it from her pictures, she looks like she has the body of teenager!!  In some ways, she might be the most SHOCKING of all the women, given her MILF age status, and yet how TIGHT her body is.  No wonder she’s one of the most watched actresses in the world.

#10. Shendelle Shockman

Well, she’s not a exactly an older MILF either but I’d throw her in.  The way she moves and looks and is proportioned is just super bang-worthy.  She’s got some videos of herself bouncing around like a rabbit in a bikini if you go looking.

So Now What…?

Too bad there isn’t a factory somewhere inChinajust pumping these chicks out off the assembly line.  But that’s the problem withAmericaandEurope… too much fast food, too much passive entertainment, and a lazy tendency to seek magic pill solutions and lame-ass dieting.  What women need to do is hit the gym, hit the gym hard, and put in the hours.  That would cause a sexy revolution.

17 thoughts on “10 Blonde Fitness Moms You’d Want To Bang”

  1. Wow, awesome list and yeah, Vicky Vette is absolutely smoking for her age (porn on the other hand is disastrous for the male species.)

  2. Socialkenny PUA

    Lol just missed the “Blonde” part in the title.

    Maybe you should do a Brunette edition soon.

  3. Well I’d have to say I’m a younger guy (20), so being with a cougar, good God, unless you’re gay, it’s a fantasy we all have. #1 and #6 look the best in my opinion.

  4. Jesse sending these email with the pics are pretty dangerous man, my gf sometimes goes through my email when I leave my PC on

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