A Beginner’s Guide to Dominance and Submission

Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey hit book stores earlier this year, a lot more women have taken interest in becoming submissive to a strong, dominant man.

The book has made such an impact that stores started selling out of rope and zip ties, bondage toys were flying off the internet shelves of adult sex stores like Adam and Eve and BDSM sex classes at local novelty shops filled up.

But you don’t need an official class to get started, my site has plenty of articles to get you started sexually dominating a woman and make her submissive to you. (And HOT girls like it even more, because MOST guys only kiss their asses!)

BDSM stands for bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism and is about exploring a consensual relationship of power exchange.

When starting a BDSM relationship, it’s a good policy to come up with a safe word (so that you know when to pull back and give the girl more time to get comfortable). I suggest a word like “red” or “porcupine” or whatever, doesn’t matter!

Start out using ordinary household items to tie the girl’s hands or blindfold her. This will help ease the girl into it without costing you a lot of money. Proper toys can be expensive and you want to make sure the girl is down with getting freaky before you invest any serious cash.

Just grab a tie or scarf and tie your girl’s hands to the bed posts. Girls like getting pounded while being restricted, because it takes all the responsibility for “being bad” off her shoulders.

Collars are really awesome too, because you can LEAD the girl, and nothing turns on a girl more than being led. She wants her man to direct her and tell her what to do- again, to take the responsibility for sex off her shoulders.

Look into restraining her with a pair of cuffs as well. Under the bed restraints are a great way to force your girl into an X position. Toys will help you feel like you really have control over her and being dominated over will make her orgasms harder.

Don’t just use toys, but role play as well. Have her be the horny housewife that needs to get fucked in the kitchen, or the high class escort. Have her dress up in a combination of “good girl” clothes and “bad girl” clothes. Like the June Cleaver housewife that wears dirty lingerie underneath.

There’s a bunch of websites that go really deep into the psychological aspects of dominance and submission like here and here but what’s most important is that you lead the girl, have fun doing it, and don’t react at her every little reaction- remain unreactive, unless she uses the safe word.

Have fun!


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