Advanced Pickup Artist Game – 18 Awesome Tips

Here’s 18 awesome tips that will really amp your pickup game fast…

Tip #1.
Calibrate your value versus your friend’s value before you plan your approach.

If she is a 9 and you are a 7, use High Octane Material.  Be more assertive.  Give her at least 3 negs.  Do takeaways at emotional spike points.   Push and pull more.  Open loop her.  Qualify her.  Get her seeking validation, acceptance and approval from you.

If her value is lower than yours, do not need to use negs.  Instead, be more playful.  Show more insecurities.  Make a sincere compliment.  So always calibrate who, what, and where you are picking up.  CALIBRATION is the name of the GAME.

Tip #2.
Approach a one set with an opinion opener.

It has to seem like you only want an opinion from a female and she just happens to be in the area. If you actively look at her, with a smile and ask her for an opinion, her anti slut defense and anti pick up mechanism will kick in and you will be blown out. After you have successfully opened her and she believes through body language and other subtle things that you just want an opinion.  You can hook her with stories, routines, and ball busting.  Qualify her. For example, take her answer and bust on it.

Tip #3.
Remember women do not sleep with men who choose them, as this violates the anti slut mechanism.

That is why women chase and have sex men who play “Hard to get.”  Basically by you playing hard to get and making a woman chase you, you seem to convey that you don’t want to get down her pants desperately, you have other chicks because you play hard to get.  When you switch the tables on a woman like this, she doesn’t feel guilty about sleeping with you because SHE CHOSE IT.

In society it’s the women who choose so she won’t feel like she is violating societal convention and will be more apt to justify playing with you. She will say “yeah but I chose him”.  She did because you pushed her buttons, acted like a challenge, did takeaways, pushed and pulled her, and this made her chase you so it seems like she pursued you for sex. This is what you must do in a pick up.  Play hard to get. Meaning ball bust, and qualify her. Then screen and accept her.

Tip #4.
Approach at 45 degree angle.

Only close the angle if she earns it by responding to your opener and material. If she doesn’t, turn your back to her and just walk away. Women do this to guys all the time and it makes guys follow and chase them to find out “hey what the hell” what’s wrong with me or what did I say to seek her validation.   The same thing will happen when girl or set give you a “I’m not interested” response. Immediately disqualify them and turn your back. They will chase you.

Tip #5.
Do takeaways at high emotional peak points.

Once you deliver your high octane material like Cocky/funny, and she is engaged or laughing at the peak of the laugher. Turn your back slightly away from her and break eye contact. She will attempt to re-engage you to chase you because she wants those feelings you gave her. Remember people will chase to re build rapport with you when you attempt to break it. Also, people of higher value break rapport, while those of lower value try to build it.

Tip #6.
Always follow these steps in your pick up:  Approach-Show value-Attract-Rapport-Extract

There should be touch throughout. Less to more but she has to earn it.  Your body angle gets closer as the pick up progresses.  Remember, anytime she does something that you do not approve of, re open your body angle, lean away, touch her less.  This way, she becomes dependent on seeking your acceptance or approval.

Tip #7.
Handling Two sets:

Engage the cockblock a little more than the friend.  Complement and socialize with her. This will build social proof and her friend the “Friend” will go “wow this guy is cool!”  Value Zing the friend and give her less attention. You must constantly check to make sure that she is still in the game. Don’t completely ignore her otherwise she will think that you and her friend are hitting it off.  So always make sure the friend is still in the game. The ratio of attention to CB/Friend should be 70:30.

Tip #8.
Talk slowly and from your diaphragm. Use deliberate pauses and delays.

Do not say “Right” or “You know” when you speak

Tip #9.
If a girl asks you a question, do not be too eager to answer it. Shows too much interest.

Just ignore it and she will say “Hey ….did you hear my question” which means she is eager to seek validation from you by you answering or communicating with her. That is the position of power you want to establish… where the tables are turned.

Tip #10.
Do not smile too much when you meet a set or a girl.

It shows approval seeking, AFCtendencies. Only smile as a reward to what she says if it impresses you. This will condition her to seek your validation . She has to earn it!  Then she will become like an approval seeking guy.

Tip #11.
Grab a cell phone talk on it like you are on the phone with a chick and then open a set with an opinion opener.

Say “Hey let me ask these girls’ Jennifer” like you are talking to Jennifer on the phone….and let the girls hear you talking to a girl on the phone. This will build fake social proof. Also it makes you appear that since you are in the area where the girls are you just happen to be asking them.

It comes across as the girl on the phone with you or the imaginary chick also wants to know the opinion and girls will not detect this as you trying to pick them up.

Tip #12.
If you go up to a girl and she starts to act rude, or uninterested, just turn your back and reject her.

Girls do this to guys. Slam the doors in their faces and what does the guy do try to re-engage. Do this to chicks. When they give you a reaction you do not like, turn your back, break eye contact, treat them the way they treat us. They will chase you.

Tip #13.
Only do handwriting analysis, palm reading or strawberry fields type stuff after you have gained some prizability in her eyes.

This is more mid game. The first 5-20 minutes you should be qualifying her:  busting on her, breaking rapport with her, and getting her to seek your validation.  Once you have attracted her, you must then screen and accept her.

Then you can go for comfort and rapport. In this stage, turn down the high octane Cocky/funny with more subtle take-aways.  If she busts on you, just go silent and break rapport. Do not go back to the attraction phase. You got this far so keep it at the rapport level.

Tip #14.
Use situational openers. Notice something she does or is reading, and just make a cocky/funny remark.

Do not say “What are you reading?” or “Are those split ends” and other rapport building questions.  Do not ask functional, boring everyday, AFCquestions, but unique, emotionally engaging questions.  Make cocky funny remarks.

Everything out of your mouth should challenge and invalidate who she thinks she is. She will try to validate herself through your acceptance.

Tip #15.
If you missed what a girl is saying, don’t say “What did you say?”

This shows too much interest. Who cares? Just stack routines and engage her on your terms.

Tip #16.
Bring her closer to you and then push her away.

Once you have attracted her, push and pull.

Tip #17.

Always touch a woman. Go from light to more. She has to get used to your touch.

Tip #18.
Wing with guys who are good, not AFC.

They will rub off on you. Find people who know what they are doing.  Record and audit your pick ups in a journal.

You need to find out what you did wrong and what you did right.  Get into the habit of recording your activities. Otherwise you won’t know what to do, or what to change, what works and what doesn’t.

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48 thoughts on “Advanced Pickup Artist Game – 18 Awesome Tips”

  1. This all sounds really sad. As a woman, it has gotten me to rethink all the effort I put into being attractive, all the bells and whistles. Like, is makeup any better than staging a phone call to “build rapport?” Except, a lot of these tactics explained here go into breaking down another person’s confidence. It seems so bitter and small. It’s really sad guys.

    1. It indeed does break another person’s confidence. But think of it this way: The society we are living in is currently moving in such pace. I appreciate the effort you put into wearing makeup and take care of you appearance, but I believe your judgement is one-sided. Men also put effort to be pretty, but on top of that, men have to face an extra defense mechanism caused by the “offer and demand” situation. So I agree that some of this might not be the best approach a man should do, but it is by definition the “social adaptiveness” of our era.

  2. HEY GUYS , I’m looking for fellow (experienced or inexperienced ) guys in Brisbane Australia to sarge with and hone my skills

  3. You’re too pushy and needy with those vids… if your method is so useful you shouldn’t be that desperate.

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  6. Cant agree nemore on wat the writter said. Btw magellan, i think irs important to know when to smile and when not to smile. Smile is a proof of confidence but also an indication of interest. Use it properly. Know when to smile.

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  8. the lot of you are so up yourself. I mean girls let face it you rather go for a guy with abs then a guy with a belly, due to the sexually drive. those let face guys with abs basically cheat, cause they have options, guys with belly are a 50 50 some will cheat other wont. guys seriously let face some guys who use pick up lines are player, other guys basically want a girlfriend cause really they don’t want to be alone. let face it guys hate beening a long just as much as girls but we will never say that instead we need to prove our self to the small amount that are player, cause u see they have girls on the go and if u are going to find a partner u go where the most girls are which mean u need to gain the respect of dicks. I am a guy the amount of time I started a conv just cause I wanted to meet new people, but instead I get people assuming I trying to score. girl of the world basicly stop bitching about not finding a guy because seriously the guy that most likely is good for you, is near you maybe as a friend, or a co worker. and guys if you are just out to score be my guess but every player at some point will want to settle down and find his partner, cause no one want to be alone.

    1. Not wanting to be alone is actually an insecurity that women can sense quite easily. You become more eager you text more and think about her more and you chase. A real man does not fear being alone he welcomes it because he is confortable in his own skin and doesn’t need anyone to further validate his existence. He knows a women’s mind and is able to attract them without care of the outcome or consequences. Reading your comment I see it’s coming from a space of personal experience and I’m sorry it hasn’t been a good one but women are not logical they are more emotional. Their attraction mechanism is not their choice. They don’t think and get attracted they just get attracted. So my advice rid all weak insecure jelous negative traits and adopt men like alpha behaviour. Their attraction will not be their choice it will just happen no matter how beautiful or ugly they are

  9. Come on guys, I know that some guys have more trouble than others at picking up girls, but this shit is ridiculous. And to call it ADVANCED GAME? I hope Anyone who even considers this is completely out of other options. I’m sure for guys who haven’t had much luck, it’s hard to believe…..but shit like working on ur confidence, social skills, appearance…etc. is literally the only way to have more LASTING success….I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. You just HAVE TO PRACTICE AT IT. The only reason these BS pick up artists even have a market for this shit, is bcuz it’s easier to try to learn stupid mind tricks than it is to put the work in that it takes to make progress with women. After every attempt, it will slowly become more natural and become easier….your doing more harm than good trying to learn… “rule #1-50 high octane, peak point,situational opener in a fucking strawberry field”…..WTF? Ask any guy who u come across that has had real “easy” success with women if they’ve ever heard of this shit and I bet they feel sorry for u……and I’m not saying this stuff can’t get u 1 lucky pick up every now and then….but bottom line is its BS! Most of the “artists” probably even know this deep down, but this stuff is a lot easier to pitch…..and just to clarify, I know that they’re are some legit coaches/artists out there that are helping ppl, so don’t give me some “hate da game, not da playa” BOOOOOL SHITTTTTT!

    1. I agree with you. Besides who could learn all these “tactics”.. Be yourself and if it is not good enough move on. Who wants to be an actor to get a girl? Do you think Bad Boys go by all these rules? Besides, I have heard that women care about looks, money and status. If you don’t have these, forget it.

    2. Pasquale Argenio

      use pauses instead of “right” and “you know” is excellent advice as is the part about self-confidence, not chasing and avoiding mundane topics
      If you are out having fun, people will be attracted. Non-pickup conversation starters are certainly sensible also. Otherwise I quite agree. And the terminology is just plain weird.

  10. People with negative thoughts… Have negative results… And dont understand… REAL PUA’s do all of these…if you dont know then obviously this is too advanced for your beta little brain… Have a growth mindset and open your mind !!

  11. 😀 This is hilarious! If a man rejcets or ignores me I usually forget him at that minute. Why shoud I bother? I also hate when strangers try to touch me too much. And I always know if someone plays a game. Why not just train your self confidence and be who you are? It´s MUCH more fun if you act spotnatous, trust me :).

    1. It’s years of societal and social conditioning from parents teachers and the system that strip men of their confidence and replace it with ideas of what a man is suppose to be. So one must recondition the mind to erase negative self sabotaging traits then they can be themselves and spontaneous. It’s better to focus on different areas of your life including women then to single focus on just women.

    2. I agree with you. Why would anyone want to learn all these a tactics? Approaching at a 45 degree angle? Why is that going to make a woman attracted to you? Nothing is more draining and exhausting than being someone you are not.

    3. Poor mortal… I only wish we coincide one of this nights here in Austin Texas, I will show you if this is hilarious or not… Yeah I have an accent, a motherfucker sexy cuban accent…

  12. hahaha you lot are LOSERS – this sh*t may have worked on me . . .when i was like 12! lmao! face it douchebags – if you aint got natural raw sex appeal you will be a loser whether you have your lame ‘game’ or not lol. deep down you all know that too! must hurt to know youre so sexually undesirable to women that you have to try all this unnatural bs in hope of getting you some! hahaha sad lonely losers!

  13. I think what this man wrote is brilliant. My most successful pickups were women I became uninterested in. The less attention I gave them, the harder and harder they tried to get my attention back. They were pretty much willing to do anything for me by the end of the night (;
    I can’t believe I never noticed, so I thank the author for pointing out that out. It’s a game changer and it plays a brilliant role in reverse psychology.

    1. I never get laid

      Thats what im saying… People who think otherwise havent gotten laid…(in a week) yes im counting seven days… The females who hate on this site or list got played and fucked by one of these techniques and they are just player hating… And the rest of these punk ass mothefukkas are not confident enough to pull any of these advanced techniques… Dumb shits!!!’

  14. I am a woman and I have to agree with this article, im a sexy very confident woman and most men I just don’t give the time of day, to easy to boring, but I have to say one guy actually did all this to me a week ago and honey, I loved it. challenging and im a challenge so for me it worked, infact when I send my pic he says something like, why are you sending me your catalogue of pics, I find this funny as I know what hes doing and hes not complimenting. lol!!! really he fancies the hell out of me but is pretending otherwise. its a game and I enjoy playing it especially when I know the rules.

    1. Yeah, being denigrated and invalidated is SO HOT! I would much rather go home with someone who will likely ignore what I want in bed than with someone who seems genuinely attuned to my needs.

  15. Strong, honest and decent is attractive in men and women. You have to be real. And picking up people for sex dehumanizes them, making you less human and pathetic. Selfishness is not strength.

  16. As a woman reading all of this bullsh*t,it makes me grateful that I am not into playing senseless games.Moreso,since I know my own self worth,I would never tolerate the d*ckhead behavior mentioned above.If anyone is seriously thinking about following such ludicrous advice,its because you’re sort of on the short yellow bus anyway.It takes far less energy to just be in the moment when meeting someone,than trying to remember rule #5,#11,#10….etc.To the author of this post,you’ve just wasted your damn time even bothering to write this out.It isn’t being well received ,and you might want to consider deleting it.Good day. 😕

  17. thi article is a complete flop as it provides no real insight as to how a guy is suppose to pick up a girl, all you read about is smile less, do not not show her that you are interested in her, i mean its all so very confusing to me.

  18. THIS IS DAMN CONFUSING!!! I’ve tried some of what Maax wrote before knowing Jesse’s site and I can say it’s so FRUSTRATING. All the objections raised by fellow readers are valid. This tactics turns you into a fake, robs you of your true being and transforms you into a total WRECK. Been there, done that; totally sucks. Take it from someone who has tried things, ok guys: THE ‘BE YOUR TRUE MASCULINE SELF’ PHILOSOPHY OF JESSE CHARGER IS THE REAL THING. IT WORKS AND ITS NOT FAKE. I can’t say the same about Maax’s. :yucks:

  19. @Magellan-It’s been a while since you made your comment,so I don’t know how your program went,but dudes must understand that there are different school of thoughts when it comes to seducing women.

    Just because Jesse post an article doesn’t mean he advocates it 100%.

    And in fact,McMaax is a rockstar at Game,so it’s not to say that this info is coming from a no-Gamer.

    How can YOU allow it here?

    What you teach is “NON B.S.” knowledge which is zillion times better than this Novice article.

    Im doubting that someone has hacked your site.

    I know its such a HATER Comment but honestly: This article deserves it

  21. Hey Jesse,

    I’d love to hear your comments on what magellan wrote as I was thinking the exact same thing while reading this article.

    I love your stuff and ever since I discovered your website last week I’ve spent hours over the last few days reading all your articles but this ones really got me confused as like magellan said, everything you say here seems to contradict all your other articles.

    In other articles you’ve written about guys who relaxed and smiled who picked up girls even tho they were older yet here you say don’t smile.

    Same with congruence tests… the han solo article you show us the video and say to just pretend their tests don’t even exist but here you say turn your back on them or worse walk away (which if they not attracted tends to end the conversation there and then).

    Same with all the talk about playing hard to get and letting them choose you whereas your reckless method involves going up and escalating hard and making your intentions known.

    Same with several other things as well. It’s like almost like 50% of this article is anti-Jesse’s teachings lol.

    So if you could please clarify this would be really helpful as like magellan I’m really confused right now.

  22. yeah jesse I have the nonverbal sexual mind control program (which is awesome by the way) and most of the stuff in this article seems to directly contradict the things you say in the program. The writer of this article mentions using routines and talks about how you can build up social proof when I thought you were supposed to just not worry about that stuff. and i thought you WERE supposed to smile a lot. and as for the whole approach at a 45 degree angle thing your whole bit about beating congruence tests says that you’re supposed to stick around and be positive right through an “im not interested” type of comment rather than just walk away, which actually makes a lot more sense to me. I mean if a girl blows you out and you just walk away that tends to be the end of things. Idk im just starting the whole transformation i got the program a couple weeks ago and you sending mixed messages is not helpful. I mean no offense. I think the work youve done and what youve put together in that program is amazing. But this makes no sense

  23. i’m just having trouble understand why ANY of this matters after reading your Self-Accepting Male topic.

    It could be just me…but everything seems so irrelevant now. I’ve been learning game techinques for about 2 1/2 years now. and honestly i’m just tired of all this ‘neg her, approach 45 degree angle,push pull qualify’ stuff.
    You know? i doubt god really meant Game to be that damn complicated..

    1. @Kid Kaz- Pick up can be simple,but the way I see it is,you can either seduce a girl in a weak fashion,or you can woo her and sweep her off her feet and make her think that you’re the most intriguing guy she ever met.

      Which do you prefer?

    1. you dont have to learn how to pick up woman…. everyone could do with some polishing which is why i even came across this …. but honestly dont need tips you dont need angles or reasons to smile… just entertain the dam woman and make your intentions very clear…. let her decide

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