16 Awesome AMOG Destroyer Tactics And Other Mixed-Sets Magic Bullets!

I find that a lot of us are used to seeing a hot chick with many people around her like a complete entourage or something.

So what happens when you see a hot woman with her boyfriend or in the presence of male friends or any other friends? Let’s say in excess of two or more friends?

Or let’s say you’re talking to a girl and an AMOG (alpha male other guy) comes and makes you look like a dweeb in comparison?

Here’s 16 Amog destroyer lines and tactics, along with tons of advice and real examples of how to handle “mixed sets” – where the girl is with another guy or male friends.

How To Approach Girls With Guys

I am approaching girls with male friends, with mothers and fathers. Now onto a few notes and rules of thumb and some sets I opened today. You will see a cool pattern or strategy to open any heterogeneous set (meaning girl with guy).

Before I get into this, I just want to say that when I go out to pick up women I am not so dependent on the outcome anymore, I just want to have fun and I find that the side product or byproduct… SEX!

Whereas when you go out with an agenda and make picking up a focal point, women read into that desperate motive and snub you. So although it is crucial to have a goal, it’s important to ENJOY THE PROCESS. So at the mall today, here’s some of the fun playful stuff I would do.

I would just extend my hand and say “my name is…”

And most, if not all just dropped their guards and said, “OH Hi!”

But you have to be really congruent with it, with a playful smile. I would walk up to random girls and say, “Okay, that’s it, we’re broken up. You’re a cell phone junkie always on your phone. I’ve had it. I’m moving in with Sally!!! I want a divorce.”

The girls would smile… in fact this one chick was like, “Okay, go ahead divorce me.” I thought kind of pissed off, but then three minutes later she walked past me and gave me the sexiest come-get-me smile I’ve seen in a while.

You see, I engaged her reptilian brain that she can’t control. How many guys walk up to her and bust on her like that or role-play with her. None. It tells her that you are a sexual guy.

I noticed this when I would say, “You know what, you’re such a girl.”

The girls would all smile and say, “WHY!!! Why Do you say that?” Or “no I am not,” in a seeking-rapport way.

I had a blast today, with all kinds of crazy ballsy experimentations of approaches, alpha body language and a very warm, playful, indifferent mentality.

Just be crazy, and go all the way no-holds-barred. It will really change your reality of social norms and constraints. Once they are free, you can do anything with any woman anywhere.

Here is what I did and I will make certain key points of group approaches later.

Example #1. Hot tall girl, two big muscle heads

I approach their group and ask them a question that “BAITS” her to opening me. Why? Because it has to do with shopping. I suckered her in.

Once she tries to interrupt I say, “SHHH, hon. I can’t hear your friends. Her face turns red and I see major SIGNALS OF INTEREST from her. I exited, as the two dudes and the chick were on some drugs or something and I couldn’t understand what they were saying as they had strong accents.

Example #2. Girl at Starbucks

I walk up to a guy on a date with a girl at Starbucks and say, “DUDE, you look like Neville’s brother….No way. This is cool.”

The guy is like, “Who is that?”

I tell him, “My long lost friend from LA.”

The chick says, “ARE YOU FROM LA?” See I baited her again, by talking about chick-interests like travel locales. I ignore her, and then tell him that he is cool, and that I had to come over.

Because, “Some energy told me to come here as you have the same energy as Neville’s brother.”

Because, “I am into spirituality and palm reading.”

Once again I hooked the girl and she asked, “You read palms?”

It was instant. Like here I am befriending the guy, ignoring the chick and the more I do that, the more she wants in. But I’ve given her a little acknowledgement then push her away.

Befriend The Guy

So guys. So far the rules to group approaches is this: Befriend the guy, show active disinterest to the girl until she opens you, then you give her a little attention and then do a takeaway… until she is chasing you!

So when you approach a guy with a girl, talk to him, but talk about stuff that will bait her to open you. You are actually communicating to her subconscious reptilian brain by the words you are talking to her boyfriend with. And because he is a guy, he will not make any sense as to what effect these mere words are having on the girl because he is so logical and they will just appear as nonsensical threads and topics for him.

But little does he know that to a woman, they are deadly.

How to Out-Alpha Guys

Now sometimes you’ll be in situations where you want to out-alpha the other guy, especially in a club situation where you open the girl, and an alpha guy tries to muscle is way in and take over the set.

This stuff is the real deal and is 100% field tested countless times. Hope this helps you guys who are stuck when you see a hot girl or girls being gamed by a big, alpha players.

AMOG Tip #1. Just go up to a girl that you were previously gaming and put your arm around her while he is talking to her. This will make the guy look beta if he continues talking to her with your arm around her.

You can also say to him, “Hey man, she just came out of a bad relationship…nice effort though!”

AMOG Tip #2. Just go up to the girls and hug them and say “Heeyyy baby,” right in front of the guy.

AMOG Tip #3. Tap her on the back of her shoulder if she is in a non-familiar social circle or being gamed by alpha players, so she can turn around and turn her back to the guys and face you instead.

Once she does that, just take her by the hand and bring her closer to you and start gaming her. Most guys won’t even believe you did that stuff and won’t even mess with you.

You can also just go up the guy, put your hand on his shoulder and say, “Hey man… let me show you something (do the dollar bill trick) or let me ask you something….you look pretty trendy.” That will show the girls that you just walked up and owned him in your frame and reality. Look at the example below from last night’s game at a posh Night Club:

The Posh Night Club Example

I stole four chicks from eight big muscular guys, right in front of them. Just walked up to the guys, showed my dominance by putting my hands on their shoulders while talking to them, treated them like my little brothers, owned the stuff with my superior body language, and vocal projection. I taught the guys things about women and showed the guys how to read a woman’s palm and what certain things about a woman tell about her.

They were like my students and the women were all over me. In fact girls totally ignored the guys and were right up in my face in no time. The guys eventually ejected with their tail between their legs. It can be done gentlemen, if you have the right dominant alpha mindset and confidence.

But what if you see a mixed set with males who DO have a relationship with the women (like brothers, friends, chaperones)… what do you do? Read below.

Handling A Girl’s Male Friends

AMOG Tip #1. If she knows the guys, then just own the group through stories and “DHV’s”. Lead the guys and the women will follow.

AMOG Tip #2. Show the guy cool things about women and teach him stuff, right in front of the group and in front of the women. You will convey that you are the tribal leader. The guy will then qualify himself to you and want to build rapport with you to redeem his self esteem and status within the group. This happened last night where a big body builder dude was asking me, “What’s your name dude, you are cool and stuff.”

AMOG Tip #3. From yesterday, a two set was being gamed by some blokes. I then see the female friend is getting away from them and checking me out, so I immediately open her and she is in love with me. I then say to her, “I need a full panel female opinion, can you call your friend over, or is she busy being picked up by those guys.”

This immediately activated her anti-slut defense for her friend and she called the girl you want over… and away from the other guys! So use a girl in a two-set to call her friend over, saying you need to talk to both of them, and the friend will do the cockblocking for you.

AMOG Tip #4. Say stuff like, “You guys are cool… especially you man. I love that hair. You should become a rapper!” Only alpha male talks like this.

AMOG Tip #5. Say to them, “You guys look like brother and sister.”

AMOG Tip #6. If a guy is buying girls drinks, tell him “Hey can I have free drinks too man!” I used this line a lot and got two hot chicks all over me.

AMOG Tip #7. Trade girls off to other guys and say, “Aww, he is such a nice guy. I am sure he is willing to buy you free drinks all night.” She will automatically become more attracted to you and less attracted to all of the guys you try to trade her off to. This stuff is perhaps counterintuitive but it works.

AMOG Tip #8. Tell the girl, “Wow, this guy is really into you. Give him a chance.” It will activate her “boyfriend prevention” system and she will blow him out.

AMOG Tip #9. After the guy says something to the girl, tell her, “So how was he on a scale of 1 to 10… we should give him a 2 for effort what do you think?”


AMOG Tip #11. Teach him cool stuff in front of the girl about a big city and about traveling and success.

AMOG Tip #12. Tell the guy in front of the girl, “See a woman loves to be touched like this…” and demonstrate on her.

AMOG Tip #13. Tell a big alpha-looking guy, “Wow those are big guns dude, I’ll bet you spend a lot of time at the gym… come on flex for me. Show these girls what you got… this guy is the man. But homey, how do you work man or go to school dude, I mean you must spend your entire day at the gym right? Good for you man. We are looking for the next guy to win the Olympic body building championship…”

Check out Maaximum Seduction for more tips from M.C. Maax.

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  1. Who would let you put your arms around them? Are you trying to say if you don’t get punched right away for getting in someone’s face then they’ll be subservient?

  2. if your VGL, opening your mouth in a nightclub=needy; no need to open hot chicks, they will come up to you and ask the most retarded questions LOL

  3. What if the girl thinks” this guy is obviously trying to attract me by out-rightly ignoring me. He’s not worth my time” Then she just ignores you until you explicitly show your interest for her and then she’ll become the “superior” one instead

  4. hey thanks for the above tips they’re great,would be even more awesome if there was a truelife infield demonstration video of this available.

  5. Donno’ what its like in the US but where i live some of the tips are recipes for getting your ass kicked and handed to you

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