Bathroom Sex With A Blonde Norwegian Girl

Here’s a same day field report from ForeverMan of the VIP Lounge.   He met a Norwegian girl at the bookstore, and brought her to the bathroom where he did some very explicit things to her.  Turned out she was getting engaged as well.  Oops.  😯

Notice how he gets this girl: by taking action, strong eye contact, strong leading, touching her early on, changing her location, talking about sex, then onto extreme dirty talk, and finally doing her in a bathroom.

~ Jesse

Lay Report By ForeverMan

I spotted a very cute blonde girl in the travel section of the bookshop.

I walkup touch her on the arm smiled and tell her how cute she looks. She smiles and says thankyou. Turns towards me and asks me where i am from. We share where we each of us are from.

I continue gazing into her eyes she remains locked into my eyes.

During the conversation she interrupts and says “you have such beautiful brown eyes i bet you turn girls crazy with eyes like those”.

I thanked her for her kind words.

After about ten minutes of talking I invited her for a coffee at the local starbucks. She agreed we sat down chatted more i touched her each time she laughed and slowly increased the frequency of my touching.

She said no man had ever approached her the way i did in Norway where she lives and she said she likes brave, confident men. She asked me whether i did this to other girls. I told her yes i did she giggled and continued chatting.

I slowly began to “sexualize” the conversation whilst holding her hand and gazing into her eyes. We slowly opened up about sex. I began sharing sexual fantasises with her and told her how one of my previous girlfriends confessed she loved to have sex with Angelina Jolie (i have never had a girlfriend but this was one of the fantasises that the girl i am seeing has). She said she doesnt find Angelina Joli that attractive and would never have sex with her. She thinks she is a bit screwed up in the head.

I shifted the topic back to normal conversation then went back to sexual stuff again. She went onto tell me that even though she loves sex she doesn’t sleep around and would not have casual sex with anyone.

I took her by the hand and we went for a walk outside. I placed my hand around her waist and began stroking her back then moved down towards her buttocks.

I asked what part of her body she loved to be touched on. She remarked my buttock cheek where you just touched your fingers.

I began massaging her butt cheeks she moaned under her breath.

I asked her to describe the feeling she told me each time i touched that area she would get a warm feeling in her pussy .

I spun her around and we began making out. WOW she was an amazing kisser so soft and gentle on the lips. The polish girl i am seeing was alittle too aggressive but this girl really knew how to kiss a man so gentle.

From the logistics point of view it was a 1 hour trek with 2 station changes back to my house. So I kept a cunning backup plan in place. Didn’t want to risk her losing attraction for me whilst we headed back to my place and not doing anything with her.

I had already had a plan in mind. There were two large disabled toilets in the area and a nappy changing room or what the americans call diapers for babies if i could get her into one of these rooms behind locked doors I could do the deal. Before leaving Starbucks I went into the toilet and swallowed some kamagra gel to give me alittle more confidence with my hard-on should we end up having sex.

I said to her come on and led her to a particular hotel area where the nappy changing room was.

I made a dumb excuse and said to her “i got a problem with my contacts”.  She smiled and i led her into nappy changing room locked the door and gave her a smile.

I pushed her hard up against the wall and told her she was my little slut my dirty little slut.

She moaned and said “yes”.

I repeated, “Well me you are my slut and i own your body i want you to say it”.

She repeated what I said then I grabbed her hair pulled it back and began making out with her. I told her i want to see her gorgeous wet pussy. She complied and pulled down her jeans and panties.

I began complementing her pussy telling how good it looked. I told her lie down on the floor. I told her it’s okay to let go and enjoy this moment it’s like an adventure for the both of us.

After lubricating my fingers i began giving her a g-spot orgasm. OMG her body was wriggling everywhere she moaning left right and centre. I checked in and kept asking her how it felt she said she loved it and was feeling so good. Each time i got her to describe the good feelings inside her body.

I pulled out my fingers and she moaned “fuck me fuck me now fuck me please”.  She spread her legs I dropped my pants wasn’t sure what to do but just went with the flow.

I pulled out the condom out of my bag and somehow managed to get her to put it on for me.  As it was along time since i had put one on!

Couldn’t believe how wet her pussy was she was dripping like crazy !!  She maneuvered my penis into her pussy and we began fucking. It seemed like forever before I came but when I did there seemed to be like an anti climax.

We cleaned up got dressed. I gave her a hug and she said “thankyou” and began kissing me. I asked her what do you mean. She said that no man had put her pleasure first and i did and she loved me for that.

I could see tears coming from her eyes. I gave her a hug again kissed her and told her it’s okay.  I told her I enjoyed being so close to her in that moment.

We left and went to a bar and continued to chat. She told me that she was planning to marry this guy in January and she said she wanted to continue being friends with me. I said sure.  I told her that whatever happened today would be our little secret. She said she wanted to invite me to her wedding and have front seating so when we she walked down the wedding aisle. I could get a view of her backside and we could look at each and share a moment together with our eys before she made her vows.

Later that night i got two texts from her thanking me again.

UPDATE:  The norwegian girl texted me again saying she is coming over again next week for a few days and wants to see me again. I have told her from the start that i am not looking for a relationship so she knows where I stand.


19 thoughts on “Bathroom Sex With A Blonde Norwegian Girl”

  1. A last thrill makes sense.

    And I’m also under the impression that this is more common that we may think.

    And knowing how devious girls can get,I can picture her GF’s prodding her on to getting this last fuck before marriage.

  2. What’s the deal with these soon-to be wedded chics giving up the pussy!!?

    Mark Manson aka PUA Entropy wrote a lay report(or almost lay report)on the same thing a few years ago.

    This has happened to me also,but I never broke it down to what’s actually taking place in the girl”s head.

  3. I went to a seminar and ate with this pretty girl at break. I gave her fun sexual innuendos every once in awhile and had excuses to touch her. Long story short i lost my car keys and we ended up eating a restaurant. Chatting more and more, we had already spent 2 days in the seminar and seemed like alot of time had passed, i went for the kiss when we got back to her vehicle. She was reluctant at first and said wow this is fast or w/e then gave in and we made out for a long time.

    The next day which was the last day of the seminar, we decided to go out to eat afterwards. When i got in the car she was already willing to kiss me (which was nice since she seemed like she pretended nothing happened previous day when i saw her this day) She made it clear again nicely that she wasnt going to have sex (i made alot of attempts to get her to come to a hotel room with me, or put her seats down in the back and we go back there and “makeout”) I put my hand at the bottom of her back and pretended like we were going out. and she made it clear no sex would happen she was trying to reform (stupid religious shit)

    Anyways after the restaurant of kissing and holding hands i told her “lets sit in the back seat” she was reluctant, and i pulled her and said cmon we are waiting for our driver. (pretend)
    It was so nice because her vehicle was a huge SUV and it had tinted windows on a busy walking street so i could look out and watch people but they couldnt see inside. After realizing that we wouldnt be seen i continued making out with her and slowly kept touching her everywhere. I eventually got her pants off completely and fingered her for a series of orgasms. She made alot of noise hah. I couldnt get it up unfortunately i think i had performance anxiety but i felt very happy i had the chance to fuck her if i wanted to.

    She only knew me like a day and a half and i had the opportunity to have sex with her. She was very smart and very friendly and even though she didnt want to do any of it from the start, she gave in and wanted it deep down. She knew i was attempting to go inside her and she asked if i had a condom. I told her i didnt and that i wouldnt cum inside her. She would of allowed me to enter but i was limp (o well)

    So in conclusion i know exactly how you felt after an experience like this. The funny thing is the girl didnt want to do anything with me even after kissing and me caressing her, yet after it was all said and done she thanked me as well. It was a one word understanding of what she truly meant by it she just said “thank you”. It is one of the most profound feelings a man can go through, where you convince a girl its ok to let go, and you win her submission and she trusts you fully. The girl i was with i will never forget i have her facebook, and in the parking garage (to go home from the seminar after her dropping me off from eating) when i was about to start my car i thought back on the experience and cried. It truly is a liberating experience to do something intimate with someone new and have full trust in each other to share a still moment of time in bliss.

  4. thanks jess. That sure got my juices going lol and yes I took plenty of notes.

    So Katie, meet me up at your nearest bookstore. I’ll be at the travel section and I have gorgeous brown eyes too. hahaha Im sure we can both make Jesse

    …and I promise no

  5. Powerful message behind the story ,thanks a lot for the the way that was a kind of “love“ that suits its place -loo 😆

    1. Hi Jesse!

      That story is awesome. But you know, some of the girls I know are still conservative and don’t want touching especially from the strangers.

      How can I manage to touch them without the risk of rejection?

      Thanks man!

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