Carol Seleme- The Hottest Babe Ever? My Reasoning, Pics, and Videos

You could make the argument that Carol Seleme from Brazil is possibly the hottest babe ever to walk the Earth.

Now before you contest my assessment, my argument is based on two observations.

#1. Carol Seleme passes the “Disney Princess Face Test”

Disney draws their female characters based on a formula; cupid bow lips, a small nose, and big, bright, expressive eyes, combining the best elements of sexual maturity with young nubileness.

They do this so that you get turned on by the character’s faces and make the heroines naturally more likeable. Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, and all the rest follow the same facial proportion formula.

Most REAL women of course don’t look that hot; they have thin lips, beady eyes, and all sorts of facial deviations that don’t conform to the attractive norm.

Full, “Cupid bow lips” because their shaped like Cupid’s bow- generally considered the ideal attractive.

cupid bow lips

Big, bright, expressive, Disney eyes- some women have them.

Big Bright Eyes

Carol Seleme is one of those girls that looks like she popped out of a Disney animated movie. She has an extremely rare combination of having full, cupid-bow lips AND big bright eyes- just like a Belle or Ariel.

And in this music video, there’s lots of close-up face shots of Carol, where you can see her in action.

#2. Carol Seleme has killer hot body proportions

Carol Seleme also has screaming hot body proportions.

Sometimes you’ll see a pretty girl with that Disney Princess face… BUT, typically she’s super skinny and has no T&A. Or she’s pretty-faced, but has bad habits and is chubby.

For instance a girl like Tori Black has a great face, but her body is on the skinny side.

Tori Black

Or you’ll see a girl with a killer booty-popping body- but up close, her face is just so-so.

Carol Seleme has BOTH face AND screaming hot body.

carol seleme hot body

Her muscular thighs / quads are as thick as her skinny waist (again, very rare).

hot legs carol seleme

Her legs and calves are shapely (again, rare).

carol seleme has a nice butt

And she’s got a popping, tight, and shapely butt.

In this video you can see her show off he body from every angle.

How Carol Seleme’s body proportions conform to the ideal

When animators draw for sexy female proportions, they draw the legs (1) extra long and (2) thick thighs, thick as the waist and (3) shapely, full calves.

pinup sexy leg proportions

This is called the “Pinup Leg Look” that pinup artists use.

pinup girl legs

In this typical pinup drawing, the legs are drawn long, the thighs drawn thick as the waist, and the calves are shapely.

As you can see, Carol Seleme has got all 3 physical traits of the legs going for her.

carol seleme pinup girl

She’s got those “pinup model leggy proportions”- also the same leggy proportions artists use in comic books when portraying sexy female characters.

Carol Seleme almost naked…!

Even with her genetic gifts, she’d look like shit if she ate junk food and was sedentary with bad habits (like oh, about 95% of all American women).

A girl only gets a toned body like that by working out (check out my post on why girls that lift weights make for the hottest bodies here).

Carol most likely has a pretty regimented fitness routine to keep that body lean and tight.

In this video watch Carol Seleme doing a physical workout out at the beach.

A Carol Seleme Fantasy

Okay, so here’s a little bedroom fantasy for this chick.

Carol gets dressed in some sexy lingerie for her man.

carol seleme lingerie fantasy

She comes walking to the bedroom. She’s nervous, because her man in the past has violently and roughly ripped off her clothes, pulled her hair, talked filthy to her, and violated her pussy. She’s anxious, but the rough sex of being urgently taken also excites her….

carol seductive fantasy

She arrives to the bedroom and is ordered to dance by her man to turn him on. Out of nervous excitement, she complies…

carol seleme dancing sexy

Unfortunately, Carol’s pics tend to be pretty tame, so you’ll have to leave the rest up to your own imagination!

Hmm… Is Carol really Persian?

carol seleme with only light makeup

Carol Seleme with lighter makeup

I don’t think she looks very Brazilian (I’ve traveled the country)… I think she looks more Persian or Middle Eastern. Think Kim Kardashian.

kim kardashian teen years

Kim Kardashian in her teen years

Or Persian babe Sara Lime…

sara lime

Maybe more of us need to travel to Beirut or Armenia !!

Is Carol Seleme *really* the hottest babe ever??

There ARE a few girls that may have her beat.

For example, Divini Rae has both that “Disney Princess Face” of cupid bow lips and big eyes…

divini rae disney facial proportions

AND long legs, thick thighs, narrow waist—that pinup girl body. She’s also into fitness.

divini rae hot body

Divini Rae probably has Carol Seleme beat overall though, because if you’ve seen any of Divini Rae’s videos, you’ll see Divini she just MOVES sexier. Most of Divini’s videos have been taken down off the net, but there’s really hot videos of simulated lovemaking, stripping, and undressing… Divini Rae just MOVES like a hot stripper. Carol Seleme doesn’t seem to have that quality

Some advice to the REAL Carol Seleme…

Candid photo carol seleme

Hot girls tend to get lazy. Or let’s say… complacent. Just off their looks, they can get everything provided for them. Really, at the end of the day, they don’t have to do jack shit if they don’t want to.

As a result, you see most hot girls make very half-assed attempts in their modeling careers. They do shoots here and there. They wait for offers to come. But they’re not very pro-active. And their short window passes and their 15 minutes of fame is up.

Carol Seleme Animated Pic

Seleme should make her own website and pro-actively get creative with her shoots and outfits; like Denise Milani. And pump out content. Don’t wait to be put on by someone else; with the Internet, you can create your own TV station.

Some advice to any guy reading this…

And don’t get hung up on the idea of the “Perfect 10”. Because of the Coolidge effect, with time you’ll get a little tired of a girl, no matter how hot she is. Even pretty girls lose their bounce and luster after a few years. Most of them have bad habits and are lazy and “age” far quicker than they would naturally.

Instead, YOU, as the MAN, want to see yourself “as the 10” and YOU want to “be the 10”, where happiness is self-generated from within you. Workout. Eat right. Keep good habits. Be the source of good emotions for yourself and in others.

THAT is what will draw women to you and what will ultimately make you happy.

17 thoughts on “Carol Seleme- The Hottest Babe Ever? My Reasoning, Pics, and Videos”

  1. You’re right about her proportions, but wrong about them being rare. If you come to Brazil (from real, not just as a tourist that only sees the best places), you’ll definitely see that you’re wrong. Brazilian women are amazing and have very hot bodies; it is like this because we Brazilians have a huge amounts of negro genes because of the slaves that composed the majority of our population when we were a colony and after they become free, the miscegenation increased a lot. And, as everybody should know, negro women have HUGE asses.

  2. Yes, she has cankles, but she probably needs them to stabilize those spectacular thighs and glutes. So God Bless those cankles.

  3. Lady Contributor

    You’re right about the Disney prototype! Very good, but it goes both ways. Just as men desire the “Disney Princess,” women desire the “Disney Prince.” You might really have something if you went back and watched for consistencies in the male leads from Disney and developed pickup advice based on them.

  4. Man oh man. All the curves and all Jesse. But look what I’ve found!. . .a very interesting interview Carol seleme had with armandi garcia from Low Rider Girls magazine. Maybe you and the peepz here can check it out and take note. . . .can you believe it? This chick broke her ex bf arm and treated him mean. But was pick up at a club on her first freaking night in L.A and the guy is stil her bf but she treats him good. Theres some photo shots etc. Just thought a peek into her mind might be helpful. . .heres the link.

    1. Yeah, I saw that interview too. A lot of pretty girls are bordering nuts… usually the most grounded, low-drama girls faced a little adversity growing up. Too often pretty girls are spoiled as children or have no real problems and thus lack a sense of perspective and actually have more trouble and emotional problems as adults because of it.

  5. Thanks for the compliment Jesse. I have her full thighs and small hip to waist ratio but I’ve always thought I was disproportionate . Thanks for making my malformity hot. She hasn’t got much tits going either. If you look at the film clip her boobs go from massive (on the skates) to tiny. It’s amazing what a good bra can do.

    One thing though is Carol Seleme has cankles. No disrespect honey

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