My 5 Essential Rules For Finding Happiness – The Easy Way!

I want to give you five essential rules I like to live by for having happiness. These five points guide a lot of my habits and thinking and they work – so listen up amigo!

Rule #1. Seek Feeling Arousal

Guys have different objectives. Some guys their objective is to find a girlfriend. Other guys want to find a soul mate. Other guys want to fuck 100 girls. Other guys want to fuck 10 girls and then get a girlfriend. Other guys want a threesome with two girlfriends. Some guys want validation from women, to be liked by women in general. Other guys want a blonde, or an Asian, or a girl with a big butt, or whatever.

So we pursue one of these goals in the pursuit of sexual happiness or a sexual satisfaction.

However, my argument here is that they’re all slightly off goals in a way if you’re seeking maximum sexual happiness.

The secret to living a fulfilling happy life for a man is, instead of chasing a type of woman or a type of relationship, what you should instead seek is arousal.

Creating arousal in yourself and creating arousal in women.

You’re going to feel the most satisfaction when you’re feeling increasingly aroused or creating arousal.

Examples of Arousal

For instance, let’s say that your next door neighbor is a 45 year old woman, and you’re not particularly attracted to her. But if she goes out of her way to seduce you, like show up at your door dressed in high heels and lingerie, and she’s wild in bed – that will arouse you. And you’ll have an awesome time and an awesome experience, even if she isn’t “your type”.

Or if you’re at a club, and you meet this girl that you would rate a 7 out of 10… let’s say cute, but nothing special… if she falls head over heels for you, and starts making sexual advances on you, that will arouse you and you’ll start liking her a whole lost more. You’ll experience a lot of happiness.

Or seeing a girl walking down the street in high heels and a tiny dress… that can arouse you. You suddenly feel pumped up, alive, energetic.

In all 3 cases, it’s sexual arousal that brings what I would call “happiness”.

Arousal at its most basic level would be taking interest in someone, then feeling stimulated or excited, feeling a connection with someone, and at a higher level would be physical arousal and feeling turned on.

That’s why I really like clubs and bars. There’s lots of opportunities for creating arousal in women and feeling arousal yourself, particularly physical arousal.

You can meet many women quickly and get physical and feel that arousal of connection and physicality, even if the girl you meet is, on the surface, quite average looking or no model.

And that arousal, I believe, to a man, is the root of happiness, feeling that arousal is the highlight of the day.

Same with having a new girlfriend. You meet a girl, and early on in the relationship and she sexually arouses you. You want to bang her silly every day. Being sexually aroused, stimulated, excited gives you that “being in love feeling” and sexual arousal and pleasure, and that’s when we feel most happy.

Indeed, in surveys people report that they’re most happy when having sex – the height of being aroused.

Now, the problem with long-term relationships is that after a year, you can typically get bored fucking the same girl day after day, she doesn’t turn you on like she used to, and you start to miss all the girls you could be meeting. What you’re really missing however, is that feeling of arousal… feeling aroused yourself, and the joy of creating arousal in women, that mutual arousal.

So you start longing to meet new women, for the fun of the hunt, for the fun of having sex with a new girl.

So, my recommendation is, instead of looking for a girlfriend, a soulmate, or looking for a particular type of girl like an Asian girl, a blonde, or a girl with a big butt, or whatever you tend to like – think about happiness in terms of creating AROUSAL both in yourself and the girl.

It’s actually that sexual arousal vibe that will bring you happiness and good feelings, independent of whether you’re in a relationship or not, independent of the physical characteristics of the girl.

In other words, just be creating arousal in women in bars and clubs, even on very average-looking girls, anywhere in the world you are, you can have a lot of fun. You DON’T need to be chasing a particular kind of woman of relationship to be happy.

Rule #2. The “Testosterone Buzz”

I call it the “testosterone buzz”, or having the “sledgehammer arms”.

One of the best feelings in the world is having a low-level testosterone buzz that makes you feel manly, energetic, and young. It’s something you had naturally as a teen, but lose quickly in your 20s.

So what I do is I hit the gym and hit the gym HARD. By working out fast and hard, I get this awesome, completely natural, testosterone rush or “buzz” that I can keep through the day which keeps me feeling energetic, enthusiastic, motivated, masculine, and sexual.

I also call it getting “sledgehammer arms” too because when I work out consistently and workout hard, I feel as if my arms are two huge sledgehammers that could break through a concrete sidewalk if I felt like pounding it apart.

And note it’s a gut *feeling* and not a physical characteristic of my arms – the feeling can come and go.

But a testosterone buzz can make you feel like a giant walking cock, as if a girl alone with you is in danger of being roughly fucked without mercy.

Now, lifting heavy weights and eating clean is KEY to my game.

Besides looking good and buff, working out makes me feel alpha, dominant, action-taking, and generally not giving a FUCK.

So instead of trolling around looking for permission to talk to a girl, I step up, naturally.

Getting ogled, stared down, eye-fucked, approached, and complimented by girls doesn’t hurt either. It feeds and fuels your narcissistic fire and deservedness.

The gym also fuels a champ posture. Looking in the mirror a lot and having all that blood rush through your body while pounding the weights makes a guy stand up straight and proud like a Superman. You walk like a King. And girls notice that – and notice BIG.

So yes, I love the buzz high the gym brings, and how the girls react with their wide-eyed “splay my legs and raw-dog penetrate my pussy” look.

Rule #3. Indulging All Your Sexual Fantasies With Women

The testosterone buzz from hitting weights like an athlete also fuels a man’s drive for hot, rough and wild sex.

Instead of “connecting” with a girl, you’re driven to simply bang her wet dripping pussy, into multiple O’s.

It fuels sexual fetishes, like having the girl dress herself in sparkling or bright stiletto heels and a super short micro mini-skirt to show off her legs and manicured pink nails.

And taking her out in public or to a hotel room and give her rough, nasty sex while talking dirty to her, or having her talk filthy back.

Rule #4. The Giddy Freedom Of An Anti-Girlfriend Nihilism

99% of men who get into pickup are “nice guys”, who want to find a “nice girl” that will “like them back”, and get a girlfriend … and be done with it.

Even the “players” and “PUAs” secretly just want to find a “steady girlfriend” or a “Perfect 10” or “soul mate” and drop out of meeting girls.

But there’s WAY too much variety out there, and it’s never been better to be a single man!

I call this particular approach “anti-girlfriend nihilism.”

This means no desiring of a girlfriend, on any level, for any reason, whatsoever!

According to this frame, women have one role – to fulfill a man’s sexual fantasies. Nothing more, and nothing less.

What’s more, being an unrepentant sexual carnivore takes a HUGE weight OFF of a man’s shoulders. It means you can chase down and fuck ANY girl, plain or pretty, as there’s NO chance it will ever be taken further.

It means you have NO fear and NO outcome dependence, because even if you met your “perfect girl”, you’re not invested in how it turns out anyway.

And since you’re not “searching” for anything, you actually get GIDDY on a daily basis… that the world is your oyster and ALL women are fair game!

So when I hit up a city, my attitude is that I’ll indiscriminately bang my way through the entire town.

P.S. It doesn’t mean you CAN’T have a girlfriend, but you DO need to be free from the outcome of trying to impress her, win her favor, or make her like you.

Rule #5. Every Day Free From Bullshit, Drama, and Time-Busters

Most guys fill up their life with time-consuming drama and bullshit. As Anthony Robbins says, “Most people major in the minor things of life.”

A guy buys a new car and he’s now a slave to his job to make the payments.

Or a guy is worried about how to approach girls “correctly” and instead dicks around the issue for years.

Or a guy watches the entire 100 hours of “Heroes” or whatever.

It’s even worse when you get a girlfriend.

Most guys want girlfriends – not just for the sex – but because they’re bored with themselves. They need something to do, like dote on a girl’s “needs”.

So instead of frittering away his time, he begins frittering away his time on the girl.

Girlfriend wants you to drive her here and there. Girlfriend wants you to hang with her friends. Girlfriend wants to watch lame movie. Whatever – it’s typically endless. And guy loses his time playing provider for his time-sucker vampire girlfriend.

No way.

If I’m not doing what I love – getting outdoors, working out, meeting girls, or having kinky sex with them – all fun, relaxing, and pleasurable for me – I’ll have nothing to do with it.

So my anti-girlfriend nihilism keeps my time my own – and free from the usual time constraints 99% of other guys have.

That’s my core philosophy… five great rules to live by. Give it a try.

9 thoughts on “My 5 Essential Rules For Finding Happiness – The Easy Way!”

  1. while others do the free reality real ghetto surrounded by the wolf pack – instinct. Instinct can m ake you feel better than a numbers game also

  2. remember some guys like girlfriends becuase they enjoy striving to keep up with the people that are succeeding in life, they people doing the family hero race so to speak

  3. I like the workout tip… i really need to get going with that

    I would categorize my rules for happiness differently
    – You decide to drop the daily worries and what’s left is happiness
    – You regularly step out of your comfort zone (you workout rule helps as motivation here)
    – grow as a person (even if it is in little steps)
    – create beautiful memories: stories from pickups, great sex and fun flirting definetly fall in here

    I like the post, it made me stop and wonder about this again

    Go go Buster :D. It’s amazing how direct you can be with women and how good it feels when you do it
    Sometimes you get a little resistance but if you sten control the frame strongly and she then comes into your reality instead of you backing off.. that feels really good

  4. (15 minutes from greeting to fucking. Fucking about 30 minutes. Stuck in a 30 minute groove on the dancefloor. “what’s that smell?” “Oh that’s that PUSSY.”)

  5. Verge of a Big Breakthrough Here with #53. Met woman walking back from bus. She mentioned her phone problems and I mentioned I LIKE TO FUCK. We went at it w really no foreplay behind a maintenance shed near a cemetary, took about 15 minutes. It’s a Zone. “Some people are good at baseball, some people play guitar. I really Like To Fuck.” Very Direct. No dating or girlfriend or friend games. Just tell the ladies Sex is a Major Hobby.

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