Quick Sex With ‘Good Girls’ – 7 Point Formula

This is a model I follow to successfully approach, attract and seduce women.  It is modeled after some of the most successful models of PUA in the world.

Most of the phases you will recognize but I have included two new phases as I think they are crucial.  The two new phases are 1. Pre open value calibration phase and 2. The hook phase.

#1. Pre-attract Her

Clothes, social proof, body language, etc.

You must calibrate your social value to the set before you even open your mouth. A lot of guys shoot themselves in the foot before they even open their mouths and get blown out, simply on nonverbals.  If you are going to open a 10, you must raise your “PRE-OPENER ” Value before the set will even let you game them.

#2. Open Her and Negging

Must be non sequitur and must not convey any interest. I always use “Guys first impression these rings”.  I wear these big chunky rings… Blows open sets in clubs like crazy.

Or you can use “hey guys first impression these necklaces.” I have some weird, gothic style necklaces that I wear.  Or “How tall are you?”

In a mall, I use an opinion opener and have stacked routines or stories that segue from that. Each stacked routine has very little or no relationship with the previous thread. This idea of multiple threading, or stacking routines is an art form and we must get good at this.

NOW REMEMBER with a 10 you must neg her to disqualify yourself from appearing like a potential “hitter” or “suitor” to her and her peer group if they are there.  I will say things like:

“Too bad you’re not my type because you are really pretty.”  Or “Hey guys my name is McMaax. I just had to come by and ask you guys something.  Let me see I need the most interesting one here. Not sure about you… (Pointing to the target) but how about you to one of the cockblocks?” Do you believe in magic, or whatever.

I will also sometimes give an HB ten “the finger” and she will usually say, WTF?, but in an attracted way. If they say, “You’re a jerk,” you have to be prepared for that contingency.  I reply, “Look knucklehead, in my country that is a sign of affection!!!! I am being social, come on get up to speed. !!!”

I will also say, “Look I’ve been wanting to talk to you but you are surrounded by all of your friends, I don’t know why yet I mean you are pretty but who cares beauty is common, so who are you or what do you have going on for you besides your looks?” If she says, well I’m smart. I will say “And that is special because…….”

Once at this high bitch shield club, we had 7 girls hanging off of our arms. How? I gave the 10 a finger and this baited her to open me. See this type of stuff immediately conveys that you must be getting laid because who disqualifies themselves like this. NO one!!!   Only a real alpha male who is already getting girls, socially proofed through the roof.  That’s how you quickly attract for faster sex.

OK so now once you have opened, you need to,

#3. Attract

How to attract for her to jump into bed more quickly?  By demo’ing higher value to the whole group which stands for demonstration of higher value.

The best way I have found is by telling stories. I have a few stories at the bottom that I will tell the whole group.  Storytelling is an art and must convey that you possess characteristics of an alpha male, like

1. You are pre selected

2. You are the leader of men and

3. I have standards for myself and for women I date

You may also show higher value using cool things like a massage technique, palm reading, cold reading, dance moves, show her cool massage tips, etc. But I reserve these more for when I am alone with her in the comfort or rapport phase or if she is in a two set with another chick or guy.

When you are showing higher value to the group, you must “falsely disqualify” to the target, to disarm her friends by letting them know that you can’t possibly be there acting as a potential suitor for her, and to get her seeking your validation.  Now if someone goes “yeah right or whatever…” because your story is canned and they don’t believe you, you say “Please get a life”, and then continue.  This will get the girl to chase you.

If I’m telling a story about how my ex gave me coupons for various sexual favors for Valentines Day which she made, (True story by the way) and one of the girls goes “ewww that is gross!” I will say, “Whatever….too bad you’re not my type” and continue with the story.

Always maintain the set.  Own the set.  When you own the guys the girls will follow one by one too.  Also when you demonstrate the mentality of “I am here conveying my personality and if you don’t like it, go fuck yourself” that is very attractive.  So always maintain your frame.  The purpose of the attract phase is to get set to reach the Hook Phase.

#4. Hook Her

This is the point whereby you have peaked the groups or set’s interest so much they do not want you to go. I usually do this with 4-5 killer stories I have (some real and some made up) and also by stories to the group about my knowledge of certain things, facts, geography, or places I’ve been.

Also with lone wolves or 2 sets I will hook them by saying “Holy shit your hand…” and then go into the palm reading or hand structure routine. They always respond with curiosity and say “What, what, tell me!”

See how they are all NON SEXUAL, I ain’t hitting on the girl.  I’m just being an interesting guy to the group.  If there are males or other females in there, I have just by having them listen to me, conveyed higher value than the males because I am controlling their frame, disengaged any fears that I am there to hit on her from the male/females by lowering the self esteem of the target.

Remember the real purpose of the neg is to disqualify yourself “falsely” from appearing like a potential suitor.

NOTE: Attract phase is only 2-5 minutes. Most guys make the mistake of staying in this phase way too long. They appear like dancing monkeys.  Always remember to phase shift guys.  So after 2-5 minutes, you will see interest being generated, then you can test to see if you are in the screening phase by “baiting the girl” so go into the next phase.

You can also see if she is attracted by doing certain touch escalation tests and see if she passes (trust test, tension test, sticking out your hand and see if she grabs it).

You can also use verbal baits and see if she will bite. Baits are verbal questions that bait her to provide illusionary input to your screens.  Usually if a woman is attracted to you, she will want to jump through your hoops or pass your screens.

Some of the lines I use are, “You are very pretty, but so what, looks is common, it’s like winning the lottery in the gene pool. I’m curious about you. What do you have going on for you besides your looks?”

If she answers, then I know I am in this Hook phase. If not, and she gives me a cocky response like “Why do you want to know?” or “I am not answering that,” then you need to then neg her because you are still in “Attract her” phase.  You can say “Truthfully I was just being polite… I really wasn’t interested” then stack another story to her peer group.  This will get her chasing you and will create attraction.

Then when you go into screen/accepting her, she will jump through your hoops.  I am calibrating what phase I am in and using various gambits, value zingers and stories to make sure that I move her along the 7 point escalation model.  So once she is biting the bait you are in the next phase which is,

#5. Screen and Accept

Or “she needs to attract you” phase. So you have showed higher value to her and she gave you signs of interest, now she needs to attract YOU.  If you want quick sex, the girl has to chase YOU.

So you bait her and allow her to DHV to you. You accept with touch or space invading and then release and say “Wait shit. I can’t even talk to you now” and do a back turn or look away. She will reinitiate if she is attracted and will start to game you.  In fact you need to be switching the screen/chase switch in the attract phase to get her contributing to the pick up to prevent her circuits from being overkilled by being in a reactive zone.

You then also do this cycle a few times in the screen phase to make her feel that she is working to win you over and to make her feel that your signs of interest to her have been earned and are legit, not fake. After the 3rd cycle, you finally accept and go into the rapport/comfort and trust stage, where you can state your interest. This phase is signatured with touch escalation, location changing and comfort/rapport building routines.

#6. Create Rapport and Comfort

This involves getting more comfortable with each others touch, closeness, so touch escalation is the key here and comfort building routines.  You can then 1. Bounce or isolate to another venue or 2. Time bridge to a second day when you can hang out.

A few killer routines are shift to makeout, grounding your identity to her reality, role playing, pair bonding, saying to her “I think you’ve hijacked my brain babe” etc… Once the comfort building and touch escalation is in progress it will get more intimate, more sexual…until it leads to a…

#7. The Quick Sex Close

You will have to deal with last minute resistance often but the more venue changes you make, and the more time you spend with the girl, she will believe that she “got to you emotionally” and you will stick around, not just go in for the kill and leave.

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