Dress Girls In Tight, Hot Pink, Micro Mini Dresses For Rough Sex – A How-To Guide

Here’s an easy trick to have an otherwise good girl show up at your door, dressed in the sexiest lingerie imaginable – a too-short, hot pink, micro-mini dress, that barely covers her – and immediately bend her over and fuck her living brains out.

Pink Micro Mini Dress

It’s a pretty naughty technique, but girls get off on it too, because she’s used like a cheap prostitute by a powerful man – that’s the dark, secret wish of most women!

Pink Micro Skirt

She may not orgasm during the encounter itself, but she’ll masturbate herself furiously to multiple orgasms for months to come, re-imagining the hot and dangerous encounter over and over.

Short Pink Dress

You can also apply this technique to your hot wife, to your hot girlfriend, or to casual fuck buddy girls that get off being treated like hot tramps who spread their legs fast and easy for the man that demands it.

Why Hot Pink Micro Dresses Are So HOT!

To make it really hot, have your date or woman to show up at your front door, knock, and you open the door for her. She should be there dressed in a long over coat that’s covering her.

When she steps inside, she drops the overcoat – and from one moment to the next, she reveals the full glory of her hot pink micro mini dress.

Short Clubwear Dress

That’s the thrill of it, getting the impact of the pink micro dress and you girl’s hot body in it—all in one visual shot, like a bolt of lightning.

How To Sex Up A Girl In A Super Short Micro-Mini

hot legs short dresses

Next up, examine the goods. Turn her around to look at her. Grope her, cup her ass. Notice how the pink accentuates the curves of her butt.

Short pink stretch micro dress fishnets

Start thinking how hard you’re going to pleasure yourself in her.

Next, get behind the girl so that you can place your bulging crotch up against her buttside.

Come from behind her

From behind, fondle her roughly like a perverted sex felon and grind your bulging pants against her panties. Start talking dirty to her how she’s been a bad girl for dressing so naughty, that it must mean she’s horny… and that she needs a strong man.

Keep grinding on her and dry humping her on her and talking rough and dirty until she’s really turned on (no “Mr. Nice Guy” here fellas!!)

It’s hot for the girl, because her mini micro skirt is so damn short, that she’ll feel her fine goods are dangerously exposed and can be desecrated by you at any moment.

Foreplay: Pull aside her panties and start fingering pussy here to make her super dripping wet (you can also make her pussy squirt at this point if she’s a squirter).

(Optional) get on your knees and violently lick her out.

Foreplay her

Don’t insert quite yet, but just rub your bulge now against her steaming ripe pussy. TEASE her. Make her think, “Is he going to do it now?” Make her think, “Please, I want it inside of me.” Give her a little uncertainty. Get her womb aching to be poked. You can also start commanding her to say to you, “Please fuck me, Daddy…”

Once you’re sure she’s hot and wet, bend her over by pushing her head down.

Foreplay is OVER!

Start fucking her doggy-style, but STANDING UP.

Standing Doggy Position

DO NOT take off her hot pink mini dress. Leave it on!

What makes it hot to her is that you’re so eager to fuck her, you have so much urgency, that you do not bother to undress her, you do not bother to take her away from the doorway, and you do not bother to lay her down or do foreplay!

You fuck her almost immediately… like a DOG!

Bend her over and PULL HER HAIR while you fuck her, and yell dirty naughties like, “Everyone thinks, you’re a good girl, but I know the REAL you… you want to be fucked hard by a REAL man! Don’t you!”

Hair pulling a girl

She might cum right there!

You can also turn her to face you and continue to fuck her, with her clothes still on.

Couple standing sex

Look into her eyes and move close to her like you’re going to kiss her, but DON’T KISS HER. Leave her wanting the emotional intimacy, but don’t give it to her.

Hold the frame you’re the tyrant pimp that gives her the rough sex she craves, and tease her with the tenderness by hinting at it, but holding it back.

Instead of kissing her, just continue whispering a bunch of supremely dirty, nasty talk as you look into her eyes unapologetically like an evil bastard. Tell her hardcore stuff like, “I own that pussy,” and “You dress up like that cause you want to get fucked by your strong man…” and “You like bad men, don’t you?” and so on.

Afterwards, cuddle a little.  OR, if you really want to be a bad ass, after you cum on her, put her coat back on her and kick her out the door.  A true-blooded booty call!  (Careful though… better to only use that on girls who you acclimate wild sex to).

Why Good Girls Like To Dress Like Hot Vamp Barbie Dolls

Too small skimpy dress

The girl will likely cum by being teased out and then forcefully taken and fucked so urgently and aggressively. It’s thrilling excitement to her… like being on the roller coaster at Disney when she was a kid!

Girls simply find it hot to be dressed cheaply and exposed, and then just bent over and fucked. Dogged.

It doesn’t matter if the girl is super religious, a “good girl”, a company executive, barely of age, or mature… she’ll dig it.

In fact, the more of a “good girl” she is, the more she’ll get off on this.

It also allows you to be a “lazy lover”. You don’t need to warm her up much. Just have her show up at the door, and jump straight to the good parts.

Getting Advanced With Hot Pink

Once you’ve done the scenario once with a girl, you can make it hotter by adding more accessories in hot pink.

Tell her to go to the salon and get a hot pink “gel nails” manicure. Gel nails are an artificial nail, but they look the most natural and the colors will really pop.

Hot pink gel nails manicure

Also buy her (or tell her to buy) a pair of hot pink pumps / stilettos that will really pop with color.

Hot pink pumps

As you can see from the picture, the right shoes can make ALL the difference with the screaming-hot sexiness factor.

girl in pink pumps and vinyl pants

Once your date is wearing the hot pink micro tube dress, the hot pink pumps, and the hot pink nails… she’ll look instantly orgasmic. With this formula, just be careful not to get so hot and out of your mind that you start shooting big loads into her without protection!!!

Where to buy short clubwear, tube dresses, and micro dresses

It’s a specialty item, so you’ll want to shop online. Try the search terms “Pink” in combination with these terms:

  • fishnet dress
  • short dress
  • clubwear mini dress
  • mini dress
  • tube dress
  • micro dress
  • halter dress
  • stretch micro dress

You can even find dresses for chunky girls.

BBW short mini dress

If you’re really adventurous, look for hot pink “club wear”. Take your girl to an upscale club or restaurant (or hell, even a dive bar), pull her into the bathroom and fuck her dirty there… or take her to a sleazy cheap motel room after dinner and fuck her.

Short clubwear pink dress

Or if the girl is really kinky, invite some other female friends over. About 50% of women are natural-born freaks and will spring for some group action if they feel comfortable enough with you.

Mini dress too short


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  1. pink miniskirts never fail 2 get me hard the best fuck i ever got was a 15 year old with a tight pink leather mini such a ramming that poor girl got she could barely walk after

  2. Hard to tell whether it was Blissnosis or the girl I found, but we’ve been having LOTS of fun with the ideas in the program. Jesse, I’ve trained her to cum for me on command, and now she’s trained to cum whenever she takes my cock down her throat. She’s a professional during the day, but my special submissive girl for me. Guys, it’s all possible with the right girl and the right program!

  3. So I tried this with my girlfriend, who I live with, and things took an unexpected turn. I called her at work and told her to get ready, and when I got home, there she was, in all her slutty glory. – keep in mind she is generally a sweet-type girl – I could see everything from her nipples poking her tight dress to her small cunt barely showing under her dress. Here’s where the turn is; while I was grinding against her, she grabbed me, threw me on he recliner, and gave me a lapdance! She started rubbing here bare pussy against the bulge in my pants, getting my crotch area wet. Then, she pulled down my pants and told me to take off my shirt, and SHE started kissing MY nipples. After that, while I had no idea what was going on, she pulled out a long, furry scarf and tied me to the chair. Then, she grabbed my cock, sat on top of me, and started RIDING THE HE’LL OUT OF ME! With how much my cock had been through, it was a fairly short ride. And when I warned her that I was about to cum, she shouted, “Stop being a pussy,” and I exploded inside her. Then, she just untied me, and scraped some of my cum out of her pussy and started sucking on her fingers, and walked away. I, on the pheromone hand, just sat in the chair for a while, dazed. About five minutes later, she shyly walked back in the room, and asked quietly, “Did you like it?”

  4. So I tried to do this with my sweet, “tender,” girlfriend. We live together and we had the required “equipment” so I called her from work and told her to get ready. When I got home, everything was going great when I got home, but while I was grinding, she started to tak things on her own track… She grabbed me, threw me on our recliner, and started giving me a la

  5. I love to do this to my girlfriend. I have her dress in a bubble gum pink, super short see through dress that barely covers her ass, slutty makeup, 7 inch platform heels and her long hair in pigtails. She knows when I have her dress like this she is submitting to everything I say. I have her serve me dinner and then afterwards kneel before me. I roughly fuck her face, grabbing her pigtails and shoving down her throat. I end the night with her in doggie position, holding her head down on the floor, while I roughly ass fuck her. It’s amazing. Makes me feel totally dominant and in charge! She doesn’t take the initiative and dress this way herself but when I tell her to she does without question. And she falls into submission beautifully.

  6. Thank you Jesse. I am definitely going to use this on my master. When I start talking to him again. I am not talking to him because he wouldn’t tell me what the most submissive thing he wants me to do. Clever little things and I can make the situation turn out just how I want. Which is being roughly fucked in doggy. I am such a slut. Lol.
    Any way. Thanks!

  7. Girls don’t wait for your guy to initiate this…do it yourself! My boyfriend took me shopping and bought me an outfit like this…a tight slutty hot pink micro-dress and super high platform heels. Sometimes out of the blue I will dress up to the nines…the micro-dress, super high platform heels, hair/makeup/nails. He comes home to find me waiting to serve him dinner dressed like that.

    It’s not often we actually make it to dinner…I’m more likely to end up face down over the table getting the roughest fucking of my life!!! The outfit is like a signal to him that he has total control and believe me he embraces that. He totally loses it…he’s so rough and dominant, taking what he wants, however he wants it. I feel so thoroughly dominated and used when he’s finished and more often than not I’m concerned the next day that the neighbors heard me screaming in pleasure!

    It’s also a great code for your boyfriend to let you know he wants it rough. When he has a hard day at work he will call me and tell me ‘be in the pink dress when I get home’ and that lets me know what he wants and I can be ready and waiting.

  8. There is nothing like getting your girl into some sexual spanking, if you manage to have them in the mood, she ends up loving it as much as you. And then, the sky is the limit…

    With my girlfriend we have games of she behaving wrongly and then I have to punish her for the misbehavior. Is something natural at some point so she accept me as some kind of jury.

    When she wanted to be on a diet, she even suggested me to control her, so we agreed on a weekly target. We made a ritual of the scale moment, women love this kind of stuff. She have to paint herself, pink as primary color and use a micro dress, exceptionally a short skirt.

    If she pass the mark, I invite her for dinner, if not, she is my submissive slut. She doesn’t feel guilty with herself, so she adore the treatment.

  9. Argh! it’s been weeks I am looking here and there on the internet to find a dress like the first 2 up there. Anybody?

  10. OMG thos dresses are really sexy, i promise you man that i will make My GF were somthing like that for me 😀 ! wich me luck.

  11. yes but i see nothing about asking for their consent in all this. Should you make a column on how to go about asking your girlfriend if she’d been into this?
    Or am just supposed to force her into it cuz im a big strong man. So masculinity, so man’s man.
    and what source did you pull this from “About 50% of women are natural-born freaks” i’d love to read that study.

  12. Jesse, I like your site. I was wondering if you had heard about some of the research on porn’s effect on the male brain and why a single man should “reboot” his mind by stopping the use of it. Gary Wilson has spoken about the issue on http://yourbrainonporn.com/ at length.

    This is not a religious dogma or women’s liberation issue, it is about men’s best interests for staying healthy verile and sensitized to real life and women.

    You’ve used some porn on this site, and it might help your viewers if you would post the images behind “spoiler” tabs or just remove it.

    1. Thanks Mike. I’ve actually seen Gary’s Ted talk and he is spot on in my opinion.

      There’s suggestive images on the site, but no porn I’m aware of. Please provide links to help me out.

  13. I dress them up in 8″ platform heels. Tight mini dress. Bare shoulders. Ponytail.

    I love to start these sessions tenderly, then work her up to the slut role. Sometimes ill bathe my giirl and wash her hair. Ill shave her armpits, legs and then her pussy while fingering her. Then i might paint her nails.

    Then its dress up time. Heels and minidress.

    I do love to apply the lip gloss. We do this in front of my full length mirror. Then she drops to her knees and puts that lip gloss to work.

    Its a several hour routine, but its super fun. She gets nurtured at the start, then roughly throat fucked at the end. I completely sexually dominate her. We both love it.

    1. I like white and red kimonos and a ponytail. Easy to tear off, revealing, and the ponytail is easy to grab 😉

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