How To Kiss Pretty Girls In A Club The Easy Way – Field Report

Thought I’d write a brief field report about how I score make-outs and kisses in clubs to help those of you who are new to this game, or aren’t such novices yet have a problem escalating the interaction to a physical / sexual level. Anyways I hope you get something from this field report.

First rule of club game – Walk In Like A Rock Star!

So I am out with my buddy, he is a 5ft nothing’ Italian dude with a shaved head, goatee. He was dressed with leather pants. A nice blazer, a shirt with a black tie and these Miami Vice wannabe, Euro trashy shades with a white frame.

I was wearing’ industrial, blue/gray suede pants, a black top, 3 chains with gothic pendants, chunky rings, big ass Johnny Knoxville meets Dr. Jekyll glasses with a leopard print on the frame. The shade was brownish/purple on the lenses and a black, rock star…3/4 inch leather jacket.

Needless to say, all eyes were on us when we entered this hot Cougar bar called “Blue suede Sues” in the west end of Toronto. Surprisingly there were a lot of young hot babes in the early to mid 20’s.

Getting Around The Bouncer

Oh did I mention that the bouncer wouldn’t let my buddy in because he had a health card as a proof of identity and age but he didn’t regard that as a legitimate piece of data? What an idiot. I think he feels important and validated by turning down people and abusing his power.

Anyway, I refused to go without speaking to the manager. Once I met the manager, I immediately told him that we work for XYZ, that I was on international radio and wanted to come here to sample the venue for future clientele entertainment as I heard so many wonderful things about the place. I also complemented him on his style and we shot the shit about Montreal as that is where he was from.

Using this logistic “building a kinship with the guy” he said… “Pleasure to have you in our club… go right in.”

So remember, just because the bouncer is a wanker, go to the higher powers that be and butter them up with some sugar. It goes along way.

How To Get Grabbed And Fondled By The Girls

So we step inside of this club. Bright lights, loud music. Lots of MILF’s and Cougars… and all the attention is focused on my buddy and me as we were standing out with our rock star peacocking. Girls were grabbing us, asking us to take off our shades, introducing themselves to us. I must have had four girls start to dance with me and get massively physical strictly on my look.

Why? Because it conveyed that I was somebody unique, mysterious and important, a man of high status.

Also, only a person of high value breaks rapport and not seeks rapport. So by wearing shades, you are indirectly communicating that you are too cool for the crowd, that you can see them, but they can’t see you. It creates and projects a certain persona that is very appealing to the club going bar ho’s.

A Great Opener Girls Respond To

Anyways, we go outside and catch this 2 set… so I immediately open with, “Hey guys is this the most elite club in XYZ… I was told it is.”

I use this opener to imply that I am used to being in elite, A-list clubs and also that I am a traveler and transient as that is why I am asking a question that a tourist would ask.

It HOOKS all the time. The two hot babe’s are all over my style and look, and my buddy’s. They are also intrigued now by my question and are immediately starting to ask me rapport building questions. I know that I must now qualify as I have already attracted me, since the girls are leaning into me, and touch me and my friend heavily. So I start to dance with the cuter hot babe, but only after complementing her male and female friend for their looks and friendly attitude.

I won them over and disengaged them. I then turned to the hot babe and focused on her, with zero resistance. I was dancing with her, showing her cool dance moves, had her grind with me, touch me. I was smelling her hair saying “ that Chanel 5…?” then I made her smell me.

I then put my arm around her waist with no resistance… so I knew it was full on, but I wanted to work the room and gather massive social proof for a while. Anyways I ejected from the set politely as it is much better to leave them with something to want later. I planned on re-engaging the Blonde HB and making out with her.

Here is the key to turning things physical and sexual:

You must lead her down the seduction continuum. Grab her hand and say, “come here I want to show you something.” Don’t just stand idle in one spot. You must “move” her around to establish comfort ability and rapport with you. It also demonstrates to her that you are alpha and dominant and from my post a while back, women want a guy… are you ready for this…

“WHO IS WILLING TO CAVEMAN HER AND RISK REJECTION DOING SO.” See, she wants a guy to not just dominate her, but the interaction with her.

TOUCH, TOUCH, TOUCH. Escalate the touch, from less to more upon calibrating comfort levels of the woman.

Space invading. You must invade her personal space gradually so you end up being face to face and lip to lip eventually.

So anyways, back to inside the club…

Going For All The Girls

My wing and I are being opened like we were rock royalty… girls would touch our shades, our clothes. As soon as I would get any sort of approach signal or signal of interest I would just go up to the girl and TOUCH her massively. Like hug her, hand on ass, smell her neck. I mean why would you do anything less, they opened you and clearly saying “I want you.”

So guys, go get ’em. This is what I do always, when I get any sort of approach signal from a woman, I take that as an “I want you…” and just go and unapologetically touch her like a caveman with zero resistance.

Notice guys, in a club TOUCH IS the KINGPIN of seduction and making a women open to you sexually once she gives you signals of interest. Otherwise you are just an attraction artist or an interesting guy to her. We need to cross that threshold from interesting, to attraction to sexual attraction.

We must have felt up like ten chicks during our raid of this club, dancing with them, grabbing their asses, having them put their hands on our asses and such. It was a blast and it just further skyrocketed our social proof in that place.

The Cute Blonde

This one set opens us and I am talking to the birthday girl and notice a cute blonde sitting next to them. I noticed her because she was very quiet and still so I excused myself from the birthday in real life that I was dancing with and getting very touchy-feely with and said to the blonde, “Hi. You seem alienated from this place.”

She agreed, and said that she hates clubs. I said I do too because people don’t really exude their true personas. I then told her that she has a sexual gracefulness that I just had to comment her on. It was no line, it was a genuine complement. She ate it up. We then got closer and I ran my whole touch routine on her:

  • Smell her hair.
  • Make her guess what cologne I am wearing.
  • Hold her hands while talking to her and saying, “You don’t mind that I use your hands to warm mine, do you? They are freezing.” She didn’t mind.

See, touch her tactfully to test her comfort levels.

NOTE: I ran the same sort of touch escalation routine on the blonde girl form before and she was massively sexually attracted and responded very well also. We’ll get back to her in a minute.

So the blonde and I are getting close, but my buddy is not able to hold or run interference on the friends, so instead of running dry, we left on a high note.

Outside The Club

So we walkout outside talk to some more people. They loved us. I was complementing people and really adding value to the patrons of this club.

The owner came by and actually shook our hand and said, “You guys can come by anytime. I like your style.”

He saw how people, especially the women were eating us up, like a deep throat blow job queen.

We then go inside and want to go outside, and who appears behind me?

The blonde. I immediately engage her with a hug (TOUCH!) and say, “Hey sweety.” I hold her hand.

The Second Club

The bouncer is blocking the entrance to the outside with a rope and is letting only me and my buddy in, so I then grab the blonde’s hand and say, “She’s with me” to the bouncer and he lets all three of us in. That was another test for me to see if she was:

  • attracted
  • comfortable with my touch

So we go outside and at this point I want to build some genuine commonality. So we start fluff talking and vibing. I do recommend guys to just “VIBE and be yourself with a woman.” She needs to know that you are only human. This also strengthens the comfort between the two of you.

Touch Escalation Sequence To Kiss And Make-out

Then I smelled her hair and asked her if she was a good dancer to which she replied “yes.”

I said, “Let me see. Turn around.”

Then I told her, “I can tell by judging the arch of her spine…” so I lead my finger in a gyrating motion down her back just above her tailbone.

See how I am slowly escalating the touch here guys? I got no resistance. Then I put my arm around her waist and massaged her thighs inside just above and beside her ass. NO resistance. Once again I am right now calibrating her comfort levels and she is very attracted to me and very comfortable with me.

So in the midst of a fluffy conversation thread, I say to ger, “Shhh…True or Dare!”

She says “Truth…”

I then ask her what part about my face she likes attractive. What I am doing her is to make her look at my face and focus on the attractive traits. She mentions lips.

I then answer one of her truth questions then asked her again truth or dare. She picks Dare… This is a key sign she is adventurous.

So I take her hands put them around my waist, grab the back of her hair, and lead her into me and we make out and kiss… with no resistance whatsoever. Then I move away, vibe with her and then I am back in there making out some more. All the other guys can’t believe this. I then tell her that I have to go back to my friends but it was nice meeting her and to tell her friends that we will be back next week so we can all hang out.

So as I am walking I see my blonde girl with her friend being gamed by another guy. I then walk up right behind him and make funny faces to her. She starts laughing and then I say, “Hi Baby! Miss me?”

She said, “of course.”

I then immediately say hello to the guy and befriend him. He was very shocked that I just walked into a set like that with another guy. I guess he doesn’t know who he is dealing with. The Blonde hot babe’s friend is all over me because I won her over. This guy didn’t disengage her. I did. So she was all into me and because of that, the blonde girl left the guy to talk to me.

So here I am, with the two girls from my first set. My friend needs to go to the washroom and also wants to leave so I say, “Go get your coat and meet me out here in 10 minutes.”

I then build more comfort with them together. I am talking to both girls and after a minute the same guy comes back but I kind or eclipse him and form a bubble around me and the blonde hot babe. He then is forced to talk to the friend which is great because he is doing me a favor and distracting her while I continue to game the hot babe blonde girl.

Remember what I said about I left them earlier high and dry. Well, she wanted more because of that. She was touching me, and I was hugging her while gently rubbing her ass saying, “Mmmm nice ass!”

She was like, “You’re so bad.”

Then I told her, “Listen babe, I have to go, but it was really nice meeting you. Now I always have a traditional temporary leave ceremony… would you like to see it?

She says “sure.”

I then just caveman her, and we full fledged make out with no resistance.

My buddy comes back and we kiss both of the girls goodbye and they still hang on to my hands as I am shaking their hands. They were hooked. We could have isolated them, but my buddy had to go home. It’s okay though, we had fun.

So here are the sticking points for the club make-outs guys:

Once you have attracted her, usually no more than 5 minutes… lead the interaction, isolate… touch, touch, touch.

Then just GO FOR IT. CAVE MAN her.

Be outlandish with your style and be larger than life. Play an archetype when you enter a club. I play the rock star! And as a result, get treated like one.

When you get an approach invitation from women or a signal of interest, just take ADVANTAGE OF IT. She wants to have sex with me, not just giving me basic signals.

Have short sets, and re-engage them with touch.

Check out Maaximum Seduction for more tips by M.C. Maax.

17 thoughts on “How To Kiss Pretty Girls In A Club The Easy Way – Field Report”

  1. Disappointed guy

    You didn’t take her home? Dude, that guy you were making funny faces of probably took her after she got horny. You want to take her home no matter what. You didn’t take the girl home, you’re not a rock-star.

  2. I also liked how Mcmaax’s opener DHV’d him and made him seems well-traveled and a man of substance.

    He didn’t qualify or DLV’d himself by saying,”I usually go to elite clubs”.He insinuated it.That’s key for newbies.

  3. @Dave- Lol that one totally went over your head bro’.This was Mc Maax’s field report from the cougar joint.

    @Jesse-You made a great point about guys getting annoyed at field reports.Kind of wishing there was another way to women in the bars and clubs[perhaps roses in hand like you eluded to lol].

  4. Solid field report by my man McMaax out of Toronto.

    Hey Jesse,do you advocate peacocking?Some gurus or MPUA’s coaches seem to be moving towards an anti-peacocking stance.

    1. I think peacocking is great, in moderation. Sometimes I’ll wear a cowboy hat. Something that makes you stand out… maybe just one cool thing… but no need to go all-out crazy with it. And if you’re really nervous, peacocking can make you more nervous so I don’t recommend it if you’re new.

  5. Jesse is such a loser, always trying to sound like a player that is so knowledgable about women and other men. You’re just too dumb to be anything better so you validate your existence by making out with trashy girls. Ignore this comment for now but one day you should grow up and realize that being a man is not the same as being a self entitled douche.

    1. This field report is by M.C. Maax, not me.

      Beyond that, I’ve found there’s a particular category of guys that gets really disturbed when they read field reports by other men – the nice guy provider-types that wish hot women responded more to flowers and dinners and just can’t accept the game. They rationalize it away as everyone in the game have to be douches. That sounds like you too.

      However you want to rationalize your own failures with them by beating on MC Maax, doesn’t change the actual facts that he’s a cool guy and pulls hot girls.

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