3 Reasons Why I Lift Heavy Weights Regularly


In this video I explain why I hit the gym and lift weights 2 to 5 times a week. Enjoy!

Hey guys, Jesse charger here, and in this video I want to share with you reasons why I go to the gym to lift weights.

Now first of all, I’ve seen a very strong correlation between men that lift weights and men that get girls.

And I’ve seen a very strong correlation between men that don’t lift weights, they don’t exercise, they don’t work on their muscles in any form or manner, and they don’t get girls.

There’s a lot of reasons for that – they don’t feel entitled for example, they haven’t developed proper habits of consistency and dedication to a repetitive action that you need to take whether you feel like doing it or not.  And there’s a bunch of reasons for that.

So I’m going to my reasons of why I hit the gym two to the five times a week consistently.

Feeling Young And Motivated

So after you hit gym for like three or four weeks in a row, at first it’s pretty hard to build up momentum, but once you get that momentum going, you start to build this testosterone buzz, or what I call sledgehammer arms, because sometimes I feel like my arms are these two sledgehammers like the Incredible Hulk, Like I can tear up the sidewalk or something.

It’s more just the feeling that buzz of testosterone that you get. And what that testosterone does is it makes you feel youthful, it makes you feel energetic, you feel a sense of vitality, you feel younger. You feel like, you know, you were 21 again.

And hitting the weights and getting that testosterone rush, it helps with your sex drive which is particularly important if you’re over the age of 30, your sex drive starts to wane.  You naturally have less testosterone, you naturally have more estrogen. You act more like a chick, just wanting to sit around the house.

You don’t feel that motivation to go out and meet women, even though you might want to, it feels more like, “I should do it”, but it doesn’t feel like “I must do it”, to get this release of sexual energy out.  And hitting the weights, hitting the gym, is going to build up those levels of testosterone, build up your feeling of youth and vitality, build up your sense of motivation that you need to take action.

And even though it’s not going to happen on the first few weeks where you feel a lot of resistance to going the gym, and you feel like “I don’t like doing it, it is really tiring, it’s more wearing me out than building my testosterone”, you actually get into a routine after you start building momentum, you’re going to start enjoying going to the gym, start looking forward to that testosterone rush.

It’s one of the best ways to make yourself younger, to look younger, to feel younger to sexually feel younger to go after women.

Standing Tall Like A Champ

The other reason why I hit the gym is for my posture, to stand up tall like a champ.

Now most men they have really stooped posture, a kind of stoop at the back of the neck where their posture’s all out of a whack, and that’s from sitting at a desk and doing work, sitting at your desk doing school all day, sitting in a chair watching television or Internet, or even standing up. Let’s say, you’re working at a cashier – your posture just goes to shit because your muscles lose their strength, and you can’t hold up your body correctly.

So, when you had a really good posture as a young man you begin to lose it more and more.

What’s great about the gym is you’re standing in front of the mirror for half an hour or 45 min an hour. You’re seeing more, the problems in your posture and you’re more have to correct those issues doing exercises, where you actually hold up your chest as if you’re puppet on a string and you pulling your stomach a little bit or keep your abs tight and you are going to look so much better to women.

Usually, what separates a pretty hot girl from a ten for me is usually just the girls postures-how she carries herself. She’s so sexy, she looks upper-class she looks classy when she holds herself in a super nice, straight, tall posture.

You usually see that with younger women because they haven’t had to go through working in school yet, this can destroy their posture. But sometimes you see it in older women too and it’s super sexy and you want to develop that champ Superman posture.

Having thin muscular body is great, but you want to combine that with posture- champ, Superman posture, where you walk around like you’re the king. Girls sense automatically that you’re the king. They don’t think that you are a worker bee sitting behind a desk. That’s bad postures- an instant giveaway that you sit behind the desk.

So, when you combine weights, looking good and feeling fit and having great posture, women become wildly attracted to that.

The gym is great because when you work on all the muscles in your body, all the muscle strengthen, all the muscles tighten up. You see your problem areas with posture in the mirror, because you are in front of the mirror all-time and you start doing exercises to correct them.

I know that, when I’m not going the gym, if I am off for a few weeks or month my posture automatically slips. ‘It slips’. So gym is great for posture.


Another reason that I hit the gym is for entitlement. Do I feel worthy to go up to the girl and talk to her, have a normal conversation, not trying to impress her? And I have noticed that most guys that don’t hit the gym at all and their body is weak they don’t feel entitled to go up to the girl and talk to her. Or if they do go up and talk to her they are trying to spit all these routines to impress her, make the girl like him.

Because they are coming from a place of lower value, they perceive the girl is higher value and that they need to impress the girl to make the girl like him.

Whereas if you are hitting the gym and you feel younger, you feel more energetic, you feel sexually ready or sexually motivated. And you physically look like you could at least have that girl on your arm, without, people laughing at you. Like, if you’re a super fat guy or you are just a really skinny as a stick guy you know, you are going to looks strange with a hot bombshell on your arm. It is just going to look a little bit bizarre.

But if you are working out, hitting weights and you put on that, you know at least a 10 pounds of that first muscle or 15 pounds of muscle and you can at least get by with a hot girl on your arm, like it looks kind of normal. You guys look balanced. You know, you are going to go, that’s going to go a long way to making you feel entitled to have her.

So you can go up to the girl and have a normal conversation with her without feeling that you got to impress her. And when you’re not trying to impress the girl, you’re not coming cross as nervous and needy. That’s actually what is going to attract the girl.

So, ‘feeling entitled’- having that core confidence, having the sense that I am enough as I am. Hitting the gym is really going to help give you that. That feeling of “I am enough. I can just go up to this girl. I can be normal with her. She is going to like me for me”. I can assume attraction and that’s going to allow you to touch the girl without hesitating.

That’s going to allow you to talk to the girl without going inside of your head. That’s all really important. The gym can really help you with that.

Now, the gym is not like a magic pill solution that is going to get rid of your approach anxiety and make you just utter super confidence. A lot of guys I think that, or they hope that or they want that as a magic pill solution. That’s not the case.

But the gym is definitely something you want to pursue as one angle to attack that problem of not feeling like you are. It can really help out. It can be like you know 10% or 20% of the equation.

What Happens When You Don’t Workout

And for me, I know if I fall of the gym for too long, like if four weeks or eight weeks go by and I’m just not feeling as energetic anymore and I’m, kind of, losing my muscles because in my age that I don’t work out I will lose muscle pretty quickly.

And I just don’t feel like I’m on top my game with the gym. I know, I definitely don’t feel entitled.

I hesitate more with those hot girls. I kind of, go to my head more. I try to think of things to say to impress the girl; Instead of just saying what I think is cool.

And so basically it comes down to an issue of entitlement that I am no longer assuming attraction. The gym is critical at least for my game and I think it will be for use. For you as well, if you hit the gym it’s really going to help you out.

Dedication And Consistency

So, another reason that I hit the gym is because it fills good habits of dedication and consistency, which you need to go out to meet women. You can’t just go out once a week or once a month and expect to get any results- same with the gym.

Going to the gym builds good habits. Not with just going to the gym and lifting the weights, but eating correctly, enough food to build the muscle, skipping out on the hamburgers and pizza and eating more vegetables and lean proteins like chicken.

So you are going to internalize the idea that slow steady actions every day are going to build big results, where you are going to go from average to awesome over a slow gradual amount of time.

When you go to the gym to build the proper habits, you are going to build the proper mindsets- the same kind of habits and mindset that you need to succeed with women. Where, its going to be steady progress by exhibiting dedication and consistency of making the time to go out four nights a week or at lease three or two nights a week and pushing through that initial internal resistance that he might have. Where, you quite haven’t yet built up the habits necessary.

So you feel an internal emotional resistance and yet you take action anyway. You push through that internal emotional resistance because you want to succeed. The same kind of motivation and habits that are going to make you succeed in the gym are the same kinds of motivations and habits that will allow you succeed with women.

All those reasons are reasons why I have seen guys that hit the gym at least twice a week and build on their body and their muscle, you know just entitlement, good habits and so on. Those are the same guys that you see a strong correlation that get women that attract women, that tend to bring women home, that tend to have hot girlfriends.

Okay guys! Thank you for joining me on this video! It was a lot of fun producing and doing it. And getting some of these reasons off my chest – Why I think it is so important that you should hit the gym and of course you can definitely get laid without ever going to the gym. So you know, don’t think that this is a requirement. But I have seen a strong correlation between guys that go the gym and get laid and guys that don’t go the gym and don’t get laid.

So thanks for joining me! This is Jesse Charger and I will talk to you soon. Peace.

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  1. Muscles and a nice body definitely attract beautiful women and give you the confidence to get women especially the hot and good looking chicks.

  2. you are right man.
    hitting the gym is what makes a man feel that he really deserves the best from everything not only women. A man after hitting the gym for an enough time start to feel that he is hot and women are lesser hot than he used to think before building the momentum of going to the gym. I keep going to gym every single day for that feeling youth youth youth that’s what i am looking for and everybody else does.

    thank u man for inspirational stuff.


  3. Wonderful…. Wonderful Video….

    These Videos are so rare !!!

    It definitely gave me something new today…. Not only the GYM but the part which talk about persistence and determination and that little things a day are what make the difference….

    Sometimes we are trying too hard to reach a task to an end. This is not always true but many times impossible. Like playing the guitar. You need to practice and practice does not happen only once….

    Thank you Jessy once more man…. I have been following you since your “early ages” and ordered many of your “early” programs like “Seduction Science 2”, those 3 hypnosis CDs and then the Blissnossis one !!! Old good staff !!!

  4. hey, let me clarify some ignorance about the gym. Heavy weights actually damages your body and your joints in the long run, it tenses your body and destroys your posture, so you need to do stretches and deep breathing exercises 15 to 30 minutes before and after every workout. Just wanted to let you know Jesse, so make sure you do the stretches, deep breathing, and life long exercises a long with knowing the art of food combination. read a few books, my friend.

  5. Yo Jesse, just wanted to say that your webpage ain’t working. I’m trying to enter it to take a look at your offers regarding some teaching packages you’re dealing with but it ain’t loading.

  6. agreed
    i do calisthenics at home with added weight(weight plates, sand,books etc) and i think is almost the same, i am ripped.

  7. great insights Jesse…i always say when talking to the people younger than me:’ I usually don’t regret anything in my life’.. whatever happens I think it happens for reason and in the real life there is no shouldhaves and wouldhaves.. and frankly there’s no much use in it…but if i would to regret anything then i would regret any day without demanding physical activities… any sports, manual labor or the gym….

  8. Hey Jesse…new here but do enjoy all materials I’ve read so far….am in my 40’s dealing with a tryst…met this beau 25…i exercise and go to the gym 2 to 5 times per week and it does really energize oneself…have been totally accommodating to her in every which way…however, feel like in a lull with her…need to take the ante up…do have an idea..would appreciate your input..

  9. hi jesse i am new here. In general could you give me a few tips to feel attractive as i have a very very noticable impared nose. I cant/pull get any girls at all and its very frustrating watching all my friends doing it. Could you please send on basic tips so i can feel better about how i look,build confecence and how to get somewhere with girls. Thanks

  10. Any comment?

    I’d say after seeing you (even if you were muted while I was hiring someone, at least I had some eye candy to look at), I suggest you change your profile pic…you’re hot and you should show it off babes.

  11. Agree 100%
    It makes you feel attractive, therefore you become attractive.
    Nice job Jesse.

    During the video you wince a few times. Do you have heartburn?


  12. The point this bloke is trying to make is: Don’t get fat. This whole video could be completed with that once sentence I wrote above. Maintaining a healthy BMI is the key. That is enough. The rest is maintaining mental strength more-so than muscular strength. Maintaining a healthy weight range ensures your testosterone is naturally at a high level. The more fat you carry the higher your chances of testosterone will decrease. The rest of this video is the guys personal self-esteem issues.

  13. Hey Charger, Do you think weights are more important than a resistance band and calisthenics? I’m not a big fan of free weights and weight lifting machines because of body injuries from it.

  14. nice /.i prefer working out at home ,bodyweight exercises with high reps of around 100 .the point is to get in active state through workout ,which stays throughout the day with you .

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