Meeting Single Girls At Clubs – 10 Easy Pickup Openers That WORK

Here’s how to meet more single girls at night clubs using extremely effective openers that WORK.

First, Your Frame of Mind

To meet girls in clubs you need to have the right frame of mind.

Frame #1. We are Vegas pimps, already sexing Super Hot Babes 10’s of not just beauty, but quality… and women who have power and choice but they chose us because we are the highest on the status and survival value hierarchy.

Frame #2. We own the place – the bar, club, lounge, mall, street. It is ours for the taking. Those are our women, as we are the tribal leaders and the men who are at these venues are just entertaining them until we show up.

Frame #3. Believe that whatever a woman says is just a shit test. Misinterpret it, ignore it if you have to, dominate her logic with your own conversational threads, but more importantly, with your more dominant reality and frame that she wants you. She just needs you to pass her little tests, all women are down for sex.

I even say that to women straight up. I say, “Listen, I know you are being all nice and conservative but there is a darker shadow inside of you that is the REAL YOU.”

Then I show them a cool routine that involves massive kino, like making them hug me, touch me. If you are not initiating touch in clubs within the first 20 seconds, you are considered Beta and a wuss, so through my own personal experience in clubs, TOUCH is very important, being playful (means smile, great fluid chilled body language, and a loud dominant voice).

I also do this technique whereby I will go into a group of two with my wing, and just gradually position myself between the girls with my arms over both of their shoulders, calibrating their attraction and comfort levels of course first, so it looks like I have two chicks with me… BOOM instant attraction.

Ass Touching The Girls

I also make girls grab my ass as an opener and say that I am considering ass modeling, “What do you think, don’t be shy.” Then once they are done, I will say “okay my turn,” and grab theirs.

Two possible outcomes.

Outcome #1. If they let me in which was the case last night 3/5 sets were open to this then I have just touch escalated massively in 2 seconds. I’ve gone from opening to touching her ass. So in the interaction I can get very physical and it is okay because I have just accustomed her to my hand on her ass.

Outcome #2. If they say, “no, or “nice try.”

I say, “Hey honey I was just being playful…I didn’t know that you had hang ups about sex or with your body… pleasure meeting you”.

As soon as I say that, they say, “No, just kidding… what’s your name?” or were all of a sudden nice. Every time a chick shit tests you, or tries to take your power away, your job is to never let that happen. You come back with a cocky/funny remark, a neg or just ignore it and game her with new material and then re-engage the ass grabbing touch routine later.

Re-Engage Old Sets

Another really important thing in clubs guys is to “Re-engage previously opened set” with more kino and act like they are your girlfriends,

This is what got me and my friend four make outs on New Years.

Let me explain.

You go up to a group.


Attraction material like rapid fire threads. In the club it is all about nonverbals, fundamentals and less structure. Use structure only to handle contingencies and to have a tactful way to escalate the interaction.

So open, attract and then:

If they have to go to the bar, or washroom, let them. When you see them again, act like they are your girlfriends and get all up on them. I hug them. I smell their hair and say “mmm, did you miss me baby!”

All groups… even the ones that were a little abrasive, perhaps brushed you off will warm up. All girls love persistence from a guy who is alpha. Remember that. Gotta persist with the re-engagement of touch escalate each time. You will be surprised how their whole demeanor changes. They won’t even remember what they said to you the first time as she will be too busy enjoying your hand on her hips or around her.

Also be really cocky/ballsy/push the envelope in field.

Here are a few openers that I have come up with and some are from others. Credit will be noted where due and they open 10’s like a bulldozer and instantly create attraction.

Club Opener: “Where do I find Hot Women”?

“Hey, do you know any places where me and my friend can find some really attractive women…?”

Say this to a 10 and she will immediately find you attractive because it indicates that you are pre-selected, must have mad social proof. Remember you are sexing 10+ Vegas show girls. She will also start qualifying herself to you. I have on a number of occasions had girls responding with, “Well, you got two beautiful women right here…”

…AHHHH got them in my reality..

Then you can segue into screening / comfort / seduction.

Club Opener: “Grab my Ass!”

Say to the group, “Hey guys, on a scale of 1-10, how adventurous are you?” If they say “5,” I say… “try again…” if they then say “6”, I then know they are qualifying themselves to me. Compliance from her = perceived value from you.

Then after they grab it, I say “Okay, your turn,” then turn them around and grab theirs. This conveys to them that you are ballsy, aren’t afraid to touch a woman’s ass or have her touch yours. You are a sexual animal and playful. This is the state always to project in clubs. It will only work if you have the right non verbal fundamentals down. I cannot stress that enough. Meaning eye contact, smile, fluid, chilled body language, playful attitude, etc.

Center of Attention Routine for clubs

This one puts you in the centre of two women, and it flashes to other sets that you are DA MAN!

I go up to the two set.

“I want to show you guys a cool magic trick.”

Them: “Okay what is it?”

I then go in the middle of the two set. I invade their space with each chick on either side. I then plant my arms on their shoulders like arm rests and say “Thanks my arms were getting tired “.

I always get major signals of interest, they laugh their asses off, or call me a jerk. But we both know what that means. It means you ballsy, alpha male. You are different than the average Joe.

You can also initiate touch right off the opener and set up the interaction that you and the girls have rapport as you only do that with your woman or your girlfriends.

You can then segue into qualification. That is an attraction pinging routine. This means you are pinging their level of attraction using TOUCH. If they refuse it, or abruptly remove your hands, then you know they are not that attracted. Now must men will walk away, but not us. We will then comeback with a neg.

If she doesn’t respond so well, you can tell her, “I see that you have hang ups with your body and about issues about being touch. sorry for making you feel socially awkward.”

I am essentially telling her that she is socially retarded and insecure with her body. A big no-no for a woman. She will then let you game her and touch her to qualify to you that she isn’t.

The Camera routine

I cannot tell you how awesome a camera is an opener. Just go up to girls, start posing and that’s it. What I learned is that the only thing that is more stimulating to a woman in a club over the loud music and lights and all is a fucking FLASH!

It is a money way to bust open sets. It also is awesome for you to use as social proof as you can show new sets pictures with old sets generating mad social proof.

In Montreal the only way we were able to successfully open/attract women in the loud ass clubs was to accompany our verbal game with picture taking. The minute the convo would fade or the girls or some stupid ass song would come, just distract the girls, pull them aside and take pics. Always be distracting the girls with new routines, picture taking, moving them around, touch, etc.

The Anti smokin’ opener

“Hey I guess everyone in this town smokes… In LA the women are so hot as they don’t smoke at all, they take such good care of themselves. ” She will then read that as she is not up to your standards, you have standards and that you date LA women. I always do this and it busts open sets all the time.

I also wear dark glasses when I go out and I had a lot of women try to fuck with me and tell me to take them off to see if they could get me to jump through their hoops.

I say, “no thanks, I wear these to protect my eyes from disgusting smokers like you.”

Once a woman tried to pull them off of me… I would say… “hands off baby!”

She became immediately attracted.

People would ask me why are you wearing those glasses? Always have a canned rebuttal for these type of frame weakening questions.

My responses sometimes can be,

1. “In case you bore me to tears… you won’t have to see my eyes water. I don’t want to hurt your feelings.”

2. “It allows me to see through your blouse! They are special 007 glasses! “

3. “You like me. Why would you even notice them if you didn’t want to talk to me. Come on babe…come original!”

4. “Is that supposed to be a pick up line? It is not very good.”

The point here guys is just to keep your frame and always misinterpret or ignore what they say and just maintain your own frame and reality that you are the prize. People will always try to fuck with your frame but that is only because you are projecting a stronger reality than theirs and you are seen as a threat.

Don’t ever let them take that power.

Jerk Routines For Clubs

You can say, “I am an asshole and I am too cool for this club and if you want to hang with me, you better have a lot of money and be able to give nasty oral!”… Say this shit to hot women.

Or, “I’m an asshole, I make girls buy me drinks. Is that bad?”

Them: “Yes it is.”

“Good!!! Thanks for the compliment.”

I use these jerk routines or comments on really hot women that like jerks. Remember the first phase of the pick up, is not the opener, but rather the PRE OPENER VALUE CALIBRATION PHASE. You must calibrate your approach and nonverbals to the set. If they are high-strung party girls, be more ballsy and cocky. If less, then just tone it down and deliver more intrigue based material and game.

When talking to a group and things start to fizzle, say “excuse me…” and go talk to girls adjacent to her. You need to show girls that you are a lady’s man… not her man if you want be her man or have her attention focused on you.

I expect girls to fuck me, makeout with me, let me touch them, or grab them. If they don’t, I call them lame or socially awkward. My game in clubs is that of a hardcore, jerk natural.

I even say, “I’ll tell you this or that if you give me a hug.” They say “no,” and then I say, “I knew you were boring.” Then they qualify themselves to me and I get my hug. Then I know she is into me now and I can further escalate by implementing this punishment / reward system.

Guys you need to be harsh and punish girls that don’t comply with your values and what you want and reward them when they do. I have found this to be a surefire way to create massive sexual attraction in clubs and in other high bitch shield venues. This is because most guys just let the women dominate their reality. Not us.

A Complete Club Formula For Seduction

I go for time bridges. Like set up a second day to meet. I don’t do that until I have spent good quality time in qualification and comfort with a woman. Last night I didn’t as it was all about plowing the club open with massive opening and attracting of sets and touch escalation. Remember that will land you a lot of makeouts and one night stands, but I am more into setting up second meet right now and then continuing the seduction sequence in a comfort/seduction place. The club game is all about calibration too.

If you approach a group of women, they may just want opening-attraction-closing, makeout, instant pull to sex. No requirement for qualification or comfort. These are for frolicking club hoes and if that is your cup of tea then the game to be played is:

– A very ballsy, cocky, alpha attitude

– Cool body language

– Lots of touch, like within seconds. Hand around her hips, then just pull to the dance floor or to another area of the bar, club. Makeout and then more touch escalation.

For most high quality women, and especially if you want to see her again as a girlfriend or fuck buddy, then follow this model:

– Pre-open value (nonverbals)
– Opener
– Attraction
– Move her around… either body angle or actually distance moving.

Here are the real key phases:

– Screening / accepting
– Comfort.
– Time-bridge to second day

Then Seduction the next day.

NOTE: On the day two date, the touch escalation curve will be less steep. It needs to be more gradual.

Run this sequence if you want to have something longer than a one night stand. For club ho’s just go alpha caveman, heavy touch escalation and a steeper touch escalation curve.

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