How To Palm Read Girls To Get Laid – Jesse’s Ultimate Guide!

Here’s your ultimate guide for using palmistry to seduce and attract women, complete with full illustrations!

Palm reading is an ancient art that influences women on a very deep level.  Some scholars have traced its origins back over 5,000 years and many palmists were considered to have fearsome occult powers.  Throughout history, both men and women alike have been fascinated by how accurate these readings can say about their work, relationships, and health issues.  Most of the information, however, was shrouded in secrecy, and only a few select people learned the occult art.

Fortunately, in today’s modern world, with the readily available high speed flow of information, we have the unique luxury of having many reliable sources on palm reading from which to choose if we want to learn this very interesting, intriguing and curious art.

My aim in this post is NOT to educate you primarily about the lines of a woman’s hand…

Since there is ALREADY an enormous amount of literature already written on the subject, my purpose here is to get you thinking of palm reading as part of your seduction arsenal, and show you how to smoothly incorporate palm reading into attracting and seducing women.  There’s no need to become an “expert” to make it work; all you need are the basics to pull off a good show.

Many guys studying this assume that reading a woman’s palm is only about noticing what’s on the lines of the hand, or becoming some fancy airy fairy new age wacko.

First, you must realize that every woman wants to be loved at a certain level… at the very least.  That is the frame you should be operating from if you want to be successful with the opposite sex.  Giving and receiving love is one of the most transforming experiences we have available to us.

By opening this door in your experience and interactions with a woman you desire, you will become part of the overwhelming powerful effect on her, at many different levels. You can get to discuss and explore personal issues with her that she never really shares with anyone else in her life.  This fact alone makes you a special man in her world.

Don’t take this too lightly… soon, with practice, you will come to realize that using palm reading to your advantage can lead to direct, powerful connections with a woman if you allow it to happen.

On Not Being a “Clown”

For the purpose of seduction, I’ve cut straight to the chase and extracted all the essentials you need to read a woman’s palm with sufficient skill to be accurate, but more importantly, to understand the structure and the elements necessary to segue the reading into a seduction… while at the same time distancing yourself from the “goofy guy that reads palms” frame.

Overly eager guys get lumped into some kind of “entertainer” category in her mind.  Once you get into that temporary entertainer category inside her mind, any next move you make will come across as “weird,” in most cases.  That is the power of first impressions.  You want to be very careful what slot you put yourself in her mind, because all subsequent interactions with her will stem from this initial seed you plant.  You want to come across as someone who just “happened” to pick up a little palm reading while traveling, or something to that extent.  No big deal.  It’s not your career.

In fact, you have other very exciting things occurring in your life at the moment.  This is the energy that you want to convey to her.

Part 1. The Hands

First, you’ll need to understand the various types of hands, major lines, and markings found in palm reading that will help you get a grip on the subject fast.

I won’t give you a lot of superfluous information.  What you’ll find here is what I personally have learned to look for, and what has proven to me to be the most effective in reading a woman’s palm.

First, look at her hands….  What do they tell you about her?  Even before a woman offers her hand for you to read it, you will immediately notice a few things about them.

You can just be innocently walking around in a bookstore or store at the mall and notice a woman’s hands from only a few feet away.  From that initial observation, you can come up with just about anything to say to initially to get the conversation going.  In my experience, these hand types are “tendencies”.  They are not clear-cut and dry.  This allows for the tremendous power of being vague as you speak to her.

Intuitive Hand (Element Water)

Thin Hand, long, thin fingers, kind of pointed

This woman is a very sensitive and emotional creature.

She is able to pick up subtle signals very easily and she is highly intuitive.  This woman is not a logical person.  It is an easy task to get this woman attracted to you by concentrating on her emotions.  She is very interested in spirituality, psychology, and the occult.

Some of them even have an uncanny psychic ability, or sixth sense.  These women are very caring, and love good old-fashioned romance.

Think of all the women you have ever met, if possible, that have this kind of hand.  How did they behave?  What was their personality like?

Outdoor Hand (Element Earth)

Short, thicker fingers, square looking palm

This woman loves spending time outdoors.  They are very physical women, and sometimes impatient.  You can depend on these women to be emotionally stable.

They have the ability to have many great insights, particularly due to their ability to look past the surface and see something much deeper in life.  Family is important to these women, and they tend to be very pragmatic and practical.  They are realistic and honest.

They are planners, which means they look beyond what’s happening right now and into the future.  So you can already see them imagining themselves with you if they like you… just something to watch for if you are scared of commitment.

Just get this picture into your mind.  Think of all the women you have ever met, if possible, that have this kind of hand.  How did they behave?  What was their personality like?

Dynamic Hand (Element Fire)

Long Palm, but short fingers… has a conical look to it

This woman is a people person.  She is fun, dynamic, and alive.  She needs a constant challenge, and lives fast.  She is excitable, and often exudes an almost charismatic, sexual presence.

These women need a lot of physical activity, and love to be the center of attention.  They are incredible lovers and romantics, but have the tendency to fall in love rather quickly.  Unfortunately, some of these women and get bored easily in relationships if they’re not being stimulated enough.  They are the artistic types.

Just get this picture into your mind.  Think of all the women you have ever met, if possible, that have this kind of hand.  How did they behave?  What was their personality like?  Were they artists, poets, or dancers?

Creative Hand (Element Air)

Long, sometimes thin fingers, and short, square palm.  Spatulate looking fingers.

These women are very intelligent.  They have a very sharp, quick mind that needs constant stimulation on an intellectual level.  They are always on the hunt for new experiences and can also get easily bored with repetitive routines.

You can find many of these women in bookstores and are a great source for interesting friendly conversation.  They’re extroverted, talented, inventive, futuristic and fun.

Just get this picture into your mind.  Think of all the women you have ever met that have this kind of hand.  This is also a rare hand to find.  How did they behave?  What was their personality like?

Knotted Hand (Mixed Elements)

Knotty fingers and knuckles highly, visibly pronounced (Mixed Elements)

This woman is philosophical, idealistic, and a seeker of knowledge and truth.  Sometimes she can be very critical, and remains distant emotionally.  Sometimes they can be overly analytical and logical.

Just get this picture into your mind.  Think of any women you have ever met, if possible, that have this kind of hand.  This hand is very rare.  How did they behave?  What was their personality like?

How To Use The Hands For Initial Conversation

Now that you know the different types of women’s hands you will encounter, you can see why palm reading is not just about looking at lines on a woman’s hand.  You can tell some preliminary things about a woman just by looking at the shape of her hands.  You can do some soul searching and determine the kind of woman you tend to be attracted to and then figure out which hand she most likely would have.

Just what I’ve given you up to this point alone is enough for you to make progress both in approaching women and in starting a conversation without having to actually “read” her palm.

Then go around and practice honing your intuition by doing things like looking at a woman’s hand, determining her hand type, and asking her a qualifying question.  A qualifying question means a question that conveys you’re screening them, based on what you see.

For example, you might ask, “Are you an artist?” or “You’re into spirituality aren’t you.” To make “Are you an artist?” a qualifying question, look at her, squint your eyes slightly and ask her the question in a suspicious, fun way.

Don’t put any pressure on yourself.  Just see what happens.  Don’t get caught up in the outcome.  The skill is what’s important here.  You don’t even have to say you read palms.  For example, you can incorporate a variation of the following into your regular conversation with a woman:

You to an Air Hand:

“You know, to me, you feel like someone that enjoys really interesting, intellectual conversations…. Is that true?”

She’ll probably say yes.  Then you can proceed to listen to what she has to say.

If she asks why, you tell her that,

“I just had this flash of intuition about you… and you she SEEMED like a really cool person and I wanted to find out more about you.”

To a Fire Hand:

“You know, must be really popular…. You seem like a really fun and exciting woman.“

To an Earth Hand:

“You know, you’re very down to earth… it’s like you’re real… you don’t pretend to be anything other than what you are.  Has anyone told you that before?”

To a Water Hand:

“You know you’re like this cool mystical person… are you into spirituality?”

Try these out or come up with your own…. They are great conversation starters and you’ll be honing and refining your intuition at the same time.  The best thing is that you don’t even have to get into the palm reading issue if you’re not comfortable with it yet.  You’ll just seem like an intuitive guy who is interested in her as a person.

Part 2. The Fingers

Now let’s learn to read the fingers.  Again, realize, these readings can be made without even holding someone’s hand.  The more you practice, the sharper you’ll get at it.  Of course, in the best scenario you’ll actually hold her hand and have a closer look at it.  But don’t worry; you’ll inevitably will be doing that in time as you get more and more comfortable with the process.

The Pinky

To read the pinky, you want to look at its length.  The longer the pinky is, the more self expression and intelligence the woman is capable of verbally, emotionally, and physically.  The shorter it is, the more inhibited she could be with you, and at many other levels as well.  Say to her,

“Wow, you’re a very expressive person.  At first you might be a little quiet when getting used to this person but as soon as you allow your self to let go, you are very expressive on many levels.”


“Do you always express yourself in every way with the person you love?”

The Thumb

This is the most important finger to determine how sexual she is.  Take her hand and spread the index finger and the thumb apart.

The farther the thumb goes, especially if it goes beyond a 90 degree angle, the woman will tend to be HIGHLY sexual.  If it doesn’t bend that much, and the distance between the thumb and the index finger is less than 90 degrees, the woman will tend to be very inflexible, rigid, and cold in bed.

Let go of her hand like if you saw something that scared you, but do it in a funny way. “Oh my god, you are trouble!  I have to watch out for you!”

She’ll laugh, hit you, and ask you why.  Tell her that you can’t tell her why.

She’ll ask why again.

In a funny and cocky way, you can tell her it’s X-rated and you don’t know her well enough yet to tell her.  Don’t tell her unless you have excellent rapport.  If you just met her or you’re getting to know her, let this teasing mystery hang out there to raise her curiosity and enjoyment levels.

Also, look at the fleshy part of the hand by the thumb.  If it’s full and fleshy, this woman will tend to be an excellent lover.

Index Finger

What I look for in the index finger is the bend.  If it bends to the right, check the pinky.  If the pinky is bending towards the direction of the index finger, this woman is the kind of person who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Say to her,

“It’s like, when you want something, and you make the decision that you want this right now, you stop at nothing to get what you want.”

Also, notice the length.  If the index finger is short, she can lack self-confidence or even suffer from an inferiority complex.  The longer the index finger is (check the other fingers to compare), the more authoritarian and self-assured she will be.

Middle Finger

For the middle finger I also look to the bend.  If it bends towards the direction of the pinky, check the RING finger.  If the ring finger bends toward the middle, the woman loves to spend periods of time in solitude to replenish herself and get grounded.

Say to her, “You like spending time alone…” and let her talk.  Continue with, “It’s like you need to replenish your energies and just get rebalanced by spending a little time alone.”

Ring Finger

A long ring finger shows a dreamer and a risk-taking woman.  So if you’re into adventure, she could be very much worth your while.  A short ring finger shows a materialistic woman frustrated at a deeper level.

Part 3. The Major Lines of the Palm

Finally, let’s discuss the lines of the palm.  As you will see, you will be aiming to keep your conversational direction in the areas of romantic matters, occult subjects, and her personal qualities.

First, notice how there are three major lines in each woman’s hand.  They are the Heart Line, the Head Line, and the Life Line.

The Life Line

For the purpose of seduction, we will ignore the Life Line for now.  You may tell them you don’t like reading that line, as you never know what you will find… and since the information could be so powerful, you’d rather stay away from it.  The reason for this is that you don’t want to be predicting bad health or even death.

Giving a negative fortune is programming someone’s unconscious negatively, even if it’s not your intent to do so.  Some women will put a lot of authority in your words, so you want to make sure that they only associate good feelings with you in their mind.

The Heart Line

Since our palm readings will be done within the context of seduction, you will want to concentrate on the Heart Line.  All the love issues are found here, as opposed to the Head Line, which has to do with career oriented issues.  If a woman asks you about the other lines, you can tell her you didn’t study them enough because the romantic aspect was the aspect of palm reading that has always interested you.

Shorter Heart Line: This woman wants to enjoy fun times.  She wants to avoid commitments, and often marries later on in life.  If she could have a discreet affair, it would be great for her.  She could be selfish and even miserly.

Curving Heart Line: The more of a curve the Heart Line has, curving up, the stronger sexuality she expresses.  She loves hot, steamy, passionate sex.  The more physical contact you give her, the better.  She’s very aggressive and sometimes takes the initiative in a sexual encounter.  She is sincere, and marries only for love.  If it curves down the woman will have intense issues of jealousy, so beware!

Straight Heart Line: This woman needs intellectual stimulation and needs a man that can be on her same level and wavelength.  She is very patient and is willing to wait before getting into any kind of serious relationship.  It’s very important for her to know the man she’s attracted to on a very intimate level.  You may not want this woman if the line spans the ENTIRE length of the palm, due to the fact that she will always choose work before love, and be jealous, possessive, and even short tempered.

Heart Line ends anywhere beneath the Index Finger: This woman is very romantic and generous in love.  You will feel very good with this woman if you get more intimate with her. The index finger, according to palmistry represents the planet Jupiter, a planet that is associated with generosity.  This kind of woman makes you feel like the most attractive guy on earth.

Heart Line ends in the between the middle and index finger: This woman is extremely affectionate.  You’ll notice that she does things to prove her love and devotion to you, but is not as expressive verbally.  Nevertheless, she is a mature, devoted woman who will tend to be realistic in her expectations of love.  She’s a great woman to spend time with.

Heart Line that ends with a fork:  Two or three pointed forks mean that the woman is kind, compassionate, sympathetic, romantic, and is a good listener.

Heart Line ends on the edge of the index finger: This woman has very high standards of her lover.  She gives a lot, but she expects a lot from him too.  They are very picky.

Branches, islands, and breaks

Sometimes we encounter women with line markings branching out from the top of her Heart Line.  Some lines branch out, some lines circles, and some lines break within the Heart Line itself.

Branches: Flirty, sexy, charming

Circles: This woman could be keeping secrets

Breaks: Numerous disappointments & inconsistencies in her experience.

Lovers Union: Just count the lines you see here and they will tell you how many powerful love connections she’s had or will have.  You can go anywhere with this because she will attach all the feelings associated with these past, present, or future loves to you as you do this.

The Head Line

For the purpose of seduction, we look at the Head Line in relation to the Heart Line or the Life Line.

Some Head Line – Heart Line relationships:

Space: The wider the space between the Head Line and Heart Line, the more of an extroverted, fun, people person she is.  The narrower would be the opposite: introverted, quiet, shy type.

Emphasis: When the Heart Line is thicker, more detailed, more pronounced, or deeper than the Head Line, the woman tends to rely on her feelings and emotions primarily.  The deeper it is, the more sexual, giving, and impulsive she can be.

If the opposite of the above is true, when the Head Line is dominant, the woman is much more left brained and logical.

Lines that are even tend to let you know the woman has a balance between her emotions and her logic.

Some Head Line – Life Line Relationships:

Look for space between the Head Line and Life Line, close to where the thumb is.

When space exists, the person may take many risks and is very trusting.  Sometimes they even make impulsive decisions without considering the consequences.  If there’s NO space and the Head Line and Life Line meet, the woman tends to be on the cautious side.  It may take time for her to trust people.

Part 4. Conversational Context

In order for you bring the subject of palm reading up, you want to bring it up as a subset of ANOTHER story.  This way, she won’t see you as only a palm reader (or at worst a one-trick pony clown), but rather sees your overall value as demonstrated by the story you’re telling her about, and she happens to get intrigued by the fact that you can ALSO read palms.  Inevitably, she will offer her hand to you.  Here’s an example of how you can bring palm reading up:

“You know it’s so interesting how, the other day, while going shopping with my girlfriend, I ran into one of my sister’s friends who I haven’t seen in over a year.  Back then she was having some challenges in her life and we did a few things… energy work, I read her palm… and it was cool how she told me how she felt totally alive… totally present… totally different from before.”

Just casually throw it out there as “bait” and watch what happens.

The surrounding story does the work for you.  Get good at storytelling.  Make sure that you build an emotional state in the story that is upbeat or exciting in some way.  You’re not eagerly offering your palm reading services to her.  Instead, you’re simply telling her a story from your own experiences that you found interesting and exciting.

Most likely she’ll be intrigued enough by the “bait” that she’ll want you to read her palm too.

Take her palm slowly, confidently and relaxed, with no pressure to perform at all.  After all, you’ll be reading her palm because SHE wants you to, not because you’re overly eager to prove you have conversational material.  You also need to put on a non-serious, fun, no-pressure face and attitude.

Cocky Playful Attraction Dynamics

Here I’ll show you how to apply cocky playful tactics very easily.

Look at her palm and act like what you just saw SCARED you, but in a funny way.  Say to her, “Oh my god!  I AM NOT reading your palm!”


You: “I can’t tell you!”

This raises her curiosity.  At the same time, she realizes that you’re fun, light hearted, and not just some overeager type who wants only to impress her, or you have some type of weird hidden agenda. You’ll also notice an immediate feeling of comfort between the two of you.

At this point you can tell her that you’re just kidding, or go into the 90-degree angle thumb rule (see the section on “The Thumb” for details).  You can also say to her, “Oh my god… you’re a BAD girl.”

Laugh a little with her, she’ll probably hit you, it’s a perfect time for getting comfortable and just touching each other as if it’s the most natural thing to do.

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Questioning To Establish Deep Rapport

As you read her palm and notice something about it, instead of just telling her that she is a “curious type” or whatever, phrase it into a question.  This way, it will get her talking.  For example, you might ask her, “Can you tell me some things in your life that stir curiosity in you?” or “What is it that you like to learn?  Or you studying anything in particular right now?”

She will tell you about whatever aspect of her life you ask her of.  As she talks to you, listen to her answer from a place where you can take her experiences and relate them to your own personal experiences.  This way, you’ll be moving away from actually reading her palm to getting conversational rapport with her, because you’re relating shared experiences with one another.

Let’s examine the steps.

Notice something about her palm.

Ask her about it.

Allow her to talk about it.  She will tell you a mini-story.

Relate her mini-story to your own experiences.

This pattern will establish a conversational dynamic apart from the palm reading.  You’re leaving the palm reading for a tangent and talking about each other.  At this point the conversation usually takes on a life of its own and you can usually branch out the conversation after just one or two palm reading observations.

After all, you don’t want to make the whole interaction about reading her palm.  Make the interaction about getting to know each other.  The palm reading is merely the grease in the gears to get things going, to ease the conversation into places where it normally wouldn’t go otherwise.


You need to be what I call ”artfully vague.”  The trick to being artfully vague lies in not being too specific about what you say in the palm reading.  Tell her as little as possible while remaining accurate.  I’m at the point where I can give as little as two or three observations and the rest becomes deep conversational rapport.

In fact, try to make your questions so vague that you can go anywhere with them conversationally.   For example, in the Lover’s Union (see the section on “Branches, islands, and breaks” for details) you notice she has two lines, each line meaning a meaningful relationship, you might say, “When you were 19 years old, your boyfriend of two years broke your heart.  Why did you guys break up?”  But this observation is too specific, factual, and quite possible wrong.  Instead you’d want to be vague and say, “You’ve had some very meaningful relationships so far in your life.  Can you tell me a little bit about them?”

Vagueness is hypnotic because she can attach any meaning HER mind comes up with to your observations.  To her it will seem like you have psychic powers.

Most tarot readers, palm readers, and any of the occult readers employ this vagueness tactic.  Just pick up a horoscope book or read the horoscope in the paper.  Every astrological sign can be applied to your situation, even if you are not that particular sign.

For example, if you notice there’s a space between her Head Line and her Life Line begin (by the thumb) it lets you know she trusts people very easily.  She’s not cautious and takes uncalculated risks.  You might say instead, “This space here means you’re a not cautious person, you trust very easily.  You must be an adventurous person aren’t you?”

This observation is so vague – and most people consider themselves adventurous in some aspect of their life – that it applies to anyone.  Yet it makes you look perceptively psychic.

The Touch Stroke

As you progress into deeper and deeper conversational rapport, you can stroke her hand gently as you both talk.  Be smooth and natural about it, as if you’ve stroked her hand one hundred times before and that in your reality, it is perfectly normal to be holding a woman’s hand in yours.

As you get comfortable touching each other, you’ll notice that later on when you hold her hand it will seem very natural since you’ve already developed this physical bond during the palm reading.

Touch Stroke Into Anchoring

Okay, a word of warning.  This section in anchoring is ADVANCED and you do NOT need it to be successful with palm reading seduction.  Consider it something to play with if you’re already using palm reading on women left and right.

From Seduction Science, you’ve learned the value of anchoring, meaning attaching a state to a look, a word, a touch, or even an object.  Palm reading provides an excellent opportunity to further attach the good states you elicit from a woman to you since you’re already holding her hand (a touch anchor).  Just stroke her hand lightly when you notice that she’s in a good state.

For example, let’s say you’re talking about attraction with her and you want to anchor the state of attraction to her ring finger.  Simply take her ring finger, touch her nail, and begin to slowly, yet innocently slide your finger(s) up her ring finger towards her palm as you say to her,  “You know it’s so interesting how some people in our life make us feel attracted… and others make us feel even more attracted, and others make us feel so attracted, that we always remember this person… it’s really special when you feel that, isn’t it?”

Part 5. Relating her answers to your own experiences

Most guys have trouble keeping a conversation going.  They just can’t find the right words.  What you need here is a conversational structure you can fall back on, have the flexibility to hold up your end of the conversation, and steer it in such a way as to establish rapport with her.

Conversational Structure #1: Searching your own experience

Whenever a woman tells you something, you need to listen carefully and then search your own experience for something that relates to what she is saying, and then tell her about it.  Once you have an experience that relates to hers, tell it as a story to get your point across.

For example you might say to her, “Wow, Linda, it fascinates me to hear you say that, because as you were telling me, I remembered something that happened to me in a very similar way, bla, bla, bla.”

What you’re doing is establishing a commonality between the both of you, which creates a state of rapport.

Conversational Structure #2: Telling her a story

Women will not resist a story.  A story is not about them so they can relax and just listen to what you say.  There’s a mechanism inside us human beings that tends to put us in a receptive mode when we hear a story being told.

This is a perfect time to embed the emotional states like excitement, playfulness, and fun you would like her to feel when she’s around you.  Certain topics automatically put women in a good state of mind.  By getting genuinely interested in these types of conversations, the emotional states will be embedded in the woman without you even having to consciously think of them.

These conversational themes in particular give women emotional highs:

  • Connections
  • Attraction
  • Love
  • Relationships
  • The occult
  • Spirituality
  • Powerful Experiences
  • Feelings
  • Adventure
  • Travel

Pick any of the above and begin to talk about it out loud to yourself.  Notice that just by talking, you may experience some of the feelings involved with each.  Look at each and find out what’s interesting to you about it.  What’s sorts of experiences have you had?  Free write about any of these topics to get the info flowing into your consciousness.

Also, be sure to listen to the specific words she says when describing some of her own experiences.  For example, some women might like to talk about “adventure” and other women like to talk more about “friendship.”  Go with the flow of the conversation and the themes she seems to bring up most.   In other words, don’t fight her emotional themes.

Here are the three story structures you can use to relate the list of themes above to give women an emotional experience.

Story structure #1: Recalling a story from a television show, newspaper, seminar, or the Internet.

“Wow, it’s so interesting you said that…. I was in a seminar once and they were talking about how when you feel attracted to someone, there is nothing that either of you can do about it… it’s almost as if there’s a light switch in your mind that gets turned on, and it keeps on going, over and over.”

Story structure #2. Remembering a friend’s experience

 “Really?  I remember my friend Jackie had that experience.  She was telling me how she went through a period of loneliness, during which she took the time to work on herself, go to classes, and travel.  After just a few months, she met this guy, who was just the picture of everything she could ever want in a man.  After going out for just a few months, they went to Vegas and got married.  Today, they are the happiest couple I know!”

Story structure #3. Recalling your own experience

“That’s so cool.  I remember when I was going through something similar when I was young.  I thought that there was no one out there really for me.  I mean, I had gone out with many people, but there was something missing in these relationships.  Just as I was about to lose hope and give up on finding a powerful love connection, I met someone who made me feel so good, so wonderful, that it allowed me to just let go and be myself with this person.  I was never the same after that!”

All these story structures produce emotional states related to the direction she’s taking the conversation.  As long as you stay within the bounds of something that generally creates wonderful states and feelings for the both of you, keep going with it.  Palm readings may be a “gimmick” to get things going, but with practice transitioning to conversational themes, you’ll find yourself able to powerfully connect with any woman you meet.

Conversational Structure #3: Transitions

In order to keep the conversational flowing smoothly, you’ll want to be able to transition from her stories to yours as well as jump from story to story yourself.  Transitions smooth out the conversation and keeps it natural and flowing sounding.  Some great transitions are:

  • It’s like…
  • It’s like when you…
  • It’s so interesting how…
  • It’s so interesting how when you…
  • It’s so interesting that you are saying that… in my experience…
  • It’s so interesting that you are saying that… I remember…
  • It’s so cool how…

You can just take this simple transition formula:

It’s so [insert adjective] how…

For example, if she’s telling you about how she a bug flew into her cup of water, you might normally think what a stupid conversation topic and how would you talk off of that?  Simple. Transition.

Her: “You wouldn’t believe what happened today.  A bug flew into my water and I almost drank it.”

You: “Yeah, it’s like when I found this fly in my soup…” (transition underlined)

Transitions are a wonderful little secret.  I love them.  Transitions magically and instantly turn you into an excellent conversationalist.  Use them.

Part 6. Qualifying Her

Qualifying is the general mindset you want to take on that shows her you’re the person doing the selecting.  Even if she is selecting you, and most probably she is, you must adopt a qualifying mindset.  Why?  Because you must show a woman that you have standards.  You’re screening her to see if she is the kind of woman you want.

Qualifying questions don’t even have to do anything with a woman’s palm lines.  Make believe your reading her palm and you notice some “interesting things” about her.  Ask her a question that covertly gets her to work to live up to your expectations and criteria.

For example, with a curious and playful, yet suspicious, laidback look on your face, say to her, “You’re not some kind of stalker are you, whose going to follow me around all day for free readings are you?”  Or say to her, “Wow you’ve had too many boyfriends; I better keep away from you.”

Again you want these energies all together:

  • Playful (most important)
  • Relaxed confidence (second most important)
  • Curious
  • Suspicious

This will get her trying to work to make you like her since you’re subtly making fun of her all in the context of an innocent palm reading.

Give her a self image to live up to

When palm reading, remember that as you discuss certain aspects of her life, she’ll begin to form a self-image about herself depending on what you tell her.  For example, if you tell her that her palm indicates that she’s very sexual, most likely she’ll agree with you that she’s sexual.  She’ll also feel compelled to act consistently with the self-image you give her.

It’s like if your teacher ever told the class what a great student you were, you’d feel compelled to live up to that image and be a good student so as not to let down your teacher or look like a class dunce in front of your friends.

If a woman agrees with you that she’s sexual or adventurous, she will feel compelled to act out that image of herself you’ve given her.

By the way, if telling a woman she’s very sexual is too much and you want to be more innocently flirtatious you could simply tell her she’s a “bad girl.”  Look at her palm, let it go rapidly, and say, “Oh my god…!  You are bad!  You are a bad girl!”  She’ll admit to it, and may even wink at you.

To Finish Off…

By now, you should realize that you don’t have to study palm reading for ten years, let alone ten months before using it for seduction.  It’s perfectly okay to come across as just someone who picked up a little palm reading while traveling.  You’ll come across as more interesting and attractive that way without seeming weird or goofy.

Palm reading will add value to your overall persona.  People will consider you multi-talented since you know even just a little bit more about it than they do.

Incorporate palm reading and these conversational structures during your seductions.  Like everything else, with practice comes mastery.  You’ll be amazed how great palm reading fits into seduction once you become comfortable and practiced doing it.

And if you want even more great strategies for touching women and getting women horny the “covert way” check out my 15 hour tips and tactics program, Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control by clicking on THIS link here.

17 thoughts on “How To Palm Read Girls To Get Laid – Jesse’s Ultimate Guide!”

  1. 😕 😕 jesse if a line starts between plnky and ring finger but it is really short but strong, do you no what is that means

  2. From a girl’s perspective, this is a rather insightful guide.

    Now, I’m not saying that, were this to happen to me, the guy would manage flawlessly to get into my pants that night. He might get a phone number at best, regardless of how “bad” I am. 😉

    As for the stroking of the hand; it wouldn’t matter if he was spewing evident BS garbage over my palm, just as long as he/or she, stroked my palm. Being one of those girls who enjoys a good massage over kissing, if you can get my skin to “come alive” with goose-bumps, you’re golden.

    Palm reading= great ice breaker and potential access of a phone number
    Hand stroking/massaging= phone number and potential steamy romp in the proverbial hay.

  3. You know why I don’t wanna read this article in its entirety?Because I have my own palm-reading routine(same concept),and I’ve been planning on writing the article for my blob.But if I go ahead and read this article,it would just so happen that subconsciously,my routine would then read exactly like this one.

    It happens like that subconsciously.I don’t know if you get my drift Jesse.

  4. Man, what are you… filled with enormous valuable knowledge. Seriously, most of the gurus in dating and sex field, I personally feel, are little children in front of you.

    1. Hey Jesse,

      I’ve been using palm reading as part of my game before I read your article and I have a really funny story. I was at a glo-paint rave on Saturday night. It was at this bar with a back patio. After chilling in the bar for a while, I walk out on the patio to find two friends hitting on some familiar looking girl. I sit down, they introduce me. She asks what my horoscope sign is and the table gets into this big discussion on horoscopes. Eventually my two friends live me as the girl seems more and more interested in me. She askes where I’m from…

      “Mars.” … I say in all seriousness.

      “Really? I’m from Pluto… we aren’t even a planet anymore!”

      Grade A… pyschobitch over here

      I ask her if she’s had her palms read before.

      “Never! Oh do it! DO IT!” and she sticks her hands in my face. I spent the next ten minutes reading, divining, bullshitting, having this girl keeping trying to KISS ME. Fucking crazy. Well eventually I live because I tell this girl, “look this other girl I’m kind of dating is around here somewhere and I gotta go, I’ll see you around”

      Later at the glopaint station she walks up to me and askes if I will paint her. Just as I’m about to… this buff guy walks up and says “Touch her again and I’ll break your neck!”…

      “The fuck?”

      “You heard me!”

      “No bro… Mind saying it a little louder? I don’t believe you’re that dense.”

      He points at me and makes a breaking motion with both his hands. I make a jerking off motion and put my hands up going “WE GOTTA BADASS OVER HERE!”

      Later I discover that the dude was eye balling me really bad when she was getting her palms read. Ooops. So watch guys. Palm reading bitches creates enough attraction to piss off douchebags.

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